Saturday, March 05, 2011

What They Didn't Tell You About Dan Weidner

So this story from the Shawano Leader talks about how Mr Weidner is there to protect teachers from losing collective bargaining. Oh, what courage for a guy going to Madison so many times. 

I sure wish Tiffany would of let her readers know Dan is or was on the board of WEAC, (the teachers union) and a top leader in the Shawano County Democratic Party. Hummmm. And he's even friends with Rep. Gary Tauchen, R-Bonduel. I don't trust Tauchen anyway. I meet him at a Underhill town board meeting and he seems to be in the RINO category. I'm rambling, read the story.

Bonduel teacher on budget battle’s front line

By Tiffany Wilbert
Bonduel High School teacher Dan Weidner was back in Madison last weekend.

Weidner was there to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s bill limiting collective bargaining for public employees.

That is not too unusual, as thousands of people have descended on Madison since news of Walker’s proposal spread throughout the state.

Weidner, however, has been there six times, including the weekend.

He took an “Association Day” absence Feb. 16 to lobby local legislators on behalf of the Bonduel Education Association, the local teachers union. Two days later, he jumped in his car after school and made the trip again, staying in Madison as the protests grew even larger Feb. 19-20.

He said he is committed to making sure the voices of the teachers are heard no matter how many times he needs to go and demonstrate.

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