Friday, November 16, 2007

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Something from Dad 29
and from Cavey

God Acts Through Earthly Instruments
Heh.A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments.
He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU.
One day the professor shocked the class when he came in.
He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, “God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform.
I’ll give you exactly 15 minutes.
”The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop.
Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, “Here I am God. I’m still waiting.”It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform.
The professor was out cold.
The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently.
The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence.
The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, “What the hell is the matter with you?
Why did you do that?”The Marine calmly replied, “God was too busy today protecting America’s troops who are protecting your right to say stupid shit and act like an asshole.
So, He sent me.”

God Bless the Marines

Deer Hunting Weekend

Well, the wife is going out Saturday and hunting with the neighbor lady.

Please stay out of the woods till at least 8:30 am , they should be done by then.
No, just kidding. Good luck to the girls on Saturday.

I am not hunting this year because my two GREAT boys had surgery and can't hunt this year.

Hopefully they will take there dad out next year to bag the 30 point buck!

Good luck Deb and Kim.

Whats in a Headline ?

Here's a headline from the Green Bay Press Gazette.
Not a positive story about Wisconsin but it is a story.

Plainfield still haunted by Ed Gein 50 years after crimes
50 years ago, nation rocked by gruesome crimes in small Central Wisconsin town

By Karen Madden Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers
PLAINFIELD — It has been 50 years since the town learned it was home to a man who would inspire nightmares, horror movies and a pop culture following.
Ed Gein robbed graves in the Plainfield area and killed at least one woman, acquiring a macabre collection of body parts that he turned into furniture, ornaments and clothing. News of the gruesome scene shocked central Wisconsin and the entire nation after Gein, 51, was taken into custody Nov. 16, 1957.

You can read the whole article in the link below.
Before you read the whole article , can you tell me where it gives evidence that anyone in Plainfield is still haunted by Ed Gein?

I just bring this up to show how the MSM will put things out there and not really give the whole story.

To the Green Bay Press,
did you leave something out of your article? Did you talk to anyone in 2007 and ask them if they were still worried about Ed Gein? No not really!

The bottom line is most people get brainwashed from the MSM and they are ignorant to know the difference!

Link to Article

Where is Hillary, Obama, and Edwards

What is going on here? How can someone take away someones SS money.
Where is the outrage for the poor, the elderly?
Why won't this be addressed on the Democratic ticket?
Why was this not brought up at last nights debate.

But seriously, this just doesn't seem right.
If our senior citizens only have their SS money, how can the bank let someones money get frozen and taken away.

From Yahoo Finance

Unholy Alliance Fleeces Social Security Recipients
by Laura Rowley

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2007, 12:00AM
Virginia grandmother Ruby Fauntleroy, 74, knew something was wrong when her rent payment bounced shortly after her Social Security check had been direct-deposited into her bank account.
Fauntleroy went to the bank, where a teller told her that the account was frozen following notice of a court judgment and garnishment order by Capital One. Fauntleroy had been trying to pay off this $4,000 credit card debt for years, but dropped her monthly payment to $100 after her husband died and her income declined. Capital One sued, and won a judgment.
"I was just numb, I couldn't believe this could happen," said Fauntleroy. "I told the bank, 'You know nobody is supposed to take a government check,' but they did. I couldn't sleep at night, I couldn't eat. I thought, why are they doing this to me when I was trying to pay [my debt]?"

When Exempt Isn't
Legal aid agencies across the country say they've been flooded with calls from seniors and disabled people whose accounts have been frozen by bill collectors. This is happening even though the federal government specifically prohibits the garnishment of exempt funds such as Social Security and veterans benefits.
In the worst cases, seniors go hungry or without medication because they have no access to funds -- in some cases, for months at a time.

I'm just wondering when this will be blamed on the republicans and for sure Bush, just a matter of time.

Link to article

Sorry, I am Embarrassed

This sure makes a person crawl under a rock when you have to admit you are from Wisconsin when Russ Feingold talks.
From the Washington Times and our good buddy Russ talking dribble about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Fixing the surveillance law
Russ Feingold November 16, 2007
Before leaving town for the August recess, Congress bowed to pressure from the administration and significantly expanded the government's ability to eavesdrop without a court-approved warrant. The situation was eerily similar to enactment of the Patriot Act in 2001, when Congress rushed through a bill that gave the executive branch overly intrusive powers.

Wow, he starts out by saying "before leaving town"! Someday, anybody can we vote this guy out so he can leave town for good. What a putz!

Because the new law expires in February, Congress now has the opportunity to fix its mistakes. This time, Congress should pass a bill that lets the government spy on suspected terrorists but also protects the communications of law-abiding Americans. And it should reject efforts to block the courts from ruling on the legality of the administration's warrant less wiretapping program.

Fix mistakes, hey Russ, If we didn't listen in on terrorists , the London bombings would of been a lot worse. Only the Clinton administration or lib democrats would ease drop on U S citizens for no reason or if maybe if they didn't like them. Russ , why don't you take February off and let the right people take care of our security. I think if we can fix voter fraud in Wisconsin , Russel may become a lobbyist or something. He sure won't be working in Wisconsin! Maybe the democratic candidate will pick him for the veep job and we really will see how dense good old Russ is !!!!!!!!

Link to full article

Am I really from Wisconsin?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Guardian Angels

From Patrick at Badger Blogger.

Guardian Angels begin patrols in Milwaukee
by Patrick @ 7:46 pm. Filed under Home
Guardian Angels from Green Bay (I didn’t know they were there either) and Chicago will be patrolling the near south side neighborhood where last weeks gang shootings included two police officers.
On Saturday, Ald. Zielinski said the Guardian Angels will announce the appointment of a Milwaukee chapter leader, Derek Smith, and a chapter spokesperson, Willie Brooks. Both were original members of the Guardian Angels when they were here in Milwaukee in the ’80’s. They have also acquired a building for a headquarters and training facility.
Read the Zielinski/Guardian Angels press release here.

He mentioned that he didn't know the Guardian Angels were in Green Bay.
God Bless the Guardian Angels in Wisconsin to help change the way it was to the way it should be!
I did a search and pulled up this article from 2003.
I know that no one reads this blog site but to my maker , Lord thank you for the Guardian Angels.
There are people that do care for what is right.
My wife works in Milwaukee during the week and the company I work for is from Milwaukee.
I hope that the Lord will change the ways of Milwaukee.

From the August 8th, 2003
Article reproduced from:
Gang prevention forum to hit Green Bay
Founder and president of the Guardian Angels will speak
By Monique Balas
The Guardian Angels, a network devoted to gang-crime prevention, will be in town Wednesday to meet with the
community to determine whether it can make an impact in Green Bay.
The forum will be presented by the Hispanic Advisory Council, headed by Alex Zacarias.
"One of the issues that's been coming up in the last couple of years that we felt needed to be addressed was the gang
issue," he said.
Zacarias said the issue came out of a series of forums with area high school kids and the Green Bay Police Department.
"The message that was strongly heard was the gang issue was not just a police issue but a community issue - the
community has to take part in the prevention of gangs," he said.
The Guardian Angels incorporate participants from different age groups and protect people from gangs through a
community-based philosophy, he said.
"It's the looking out for the neighbor idea - if an elderly person needs help, they can call on this group of kids and say,
'Hey, can you go to the grocery store,' or wherever there is gang activity, their presence can deter any kind of violence
because they know, 'Oh, there's the Guardian Angels,'" Zacarias explained.
He said the forum will be one of a series to raise community awareness of gang problems, as well as to present ideas for
addressing those issues. Once people hear and learn about the Guardian Angels, he said, they can decide if it's
something that could benefit Green Bay.
"The Guardian Angels are not here to impose their program into our community," Zacarias said. "They basically want to
come here and say, 'Hey, this is what happened in other cities and it's worked for them.'"
He emphasized successful gang prevention would only happen in connection between the community and the police
Gangs aren't a major concern in Green Bay right now, said Natalia Rios, Hispanic liaison officer between the GBPD and
the community - but they could be, she said.
"The sooner we start doing something, the more benefits we're going to have in the long run," she said. "It's an issue and
it's growing. It's something we have to start looking at."
Ray Hutchison, chairman of urban and regional studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, said he remembers
about 12 years ago when Green Bay was home to several hundred gang members. Although the situation has gotten
better, the problem could reach that level again, he added.
A community-based forum would be a good way to address the situation before it gets to that point again, said Hutchison,
who has researched gang problems in the Fox Cities.
"(The forum) is a good idea and about time this is done in a sustained way," he said.
A gang prevention forum for the community will be held from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday at Green Bay Metro, 901 University
Ave. Curtis Sliwa, the founder and president of Guardian Angels, will speak.

God bless the Guardian Angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gasoline Prices

November 15, 2007 4:20 p m

Wholesale NYMEX Crude Oil - $93.43
Link to Energy Prices
Wholesale NYMEX Gasoline price - 233.62 gal

Link to Gasoline prices
Lowest Retail Gasoline - Green Bay 3.19 Velp Ave.

Lowest Retail Gasoline - Milwaukee 3.05 Waukesha

Lowest Retail Gasoline - Appleton 3.18 Wisconsin Ave.

Lowest Retail Gasoline - Wisconsin 2.99 Kenosha

Lowest Retail Gasoline - U S 2.69 Washington Missouri

You Wonder Why..........

................I am not a #48 Jimmy Johnson Fan.
I feel bad for Junior next year working with those two girly men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here's another reason. Even though they apologized it still happened and I still will not shop at Lowe's,
Update 8:30 pm.
Does this means if Jimmy Johnson wins the cup we can say
he won the Go Cart trophy( to be P C )?

From Cybernews,com

Lowe's Apologizes for 'Family Trees' in Christmas Catalog
By Randy Staff Writer/EditorNovember 14, 2007( - An early skirmish in this year's "War on Christmas" ended on Tuesday when the nationwide home improvement chain Lowe's apologized for referring to Christmas trees in its holiday catalog as "family trees.""That was a complete error," Maureen Rich, a spokeswoman for Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse - which serves more than 13 million customers a week in its 1,400 stores across the nation - told Cybercast News Service. "Right now, we're extremely disappointed in this breakdown in our own creative process.

# 48 GIRLY MAN, what a bum.
There is not much reason to watch the 48 or 24 win this Sunday

Too Much Time on His Hands

Diamond Jim needs something to do. He has his priorities screwed up.
Good thought that Jay Weber was making about Diamond Jim.

Can someone tell Jim to work on;

Wisconsin businesses that are leaving the state,

Higher taxes to the people of Wisconsin,

Wisconsin politicians raiding more money, ( recycling funds, transportation funds, and doctors liability funds).

Raiding consumer energy savings programs.

On and on and on.

Jim, stop grand standing and do something for the people of Wisconsin.

Emissions pact wins backing
6 Midwest governors to sign accord
Posted: Nov. 14, 2007
Six Midwestern governors and the premier of Manitoba will sign an accord in Milwaukee today that will commit those states to working together to slash emissions linked to global warming over the coming decades.

What a bunch of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a second agreement to be signed today, all 12 governors will approve an energy security and climate stewardship platform that is designed to set goals for the entire Midwest to reduce use of electricity through energy efficiency, boost renewable energy production and develop next-generation coal-fired power plants and underground carbon dumps for carbon dioxide emissions generated by coal plants.
The agreement calls for studies of the region's power line network to enable more renewable energy from windy regions of Iowa and Minnesota to reach less windy states such as Wisconsin.

Link to article

From Pepsi Max- Wake Up People

Kagen Watch

You have got to give Dr K credit for planning ahead.
How long before the election?

From the Appleton Post Crescent

Posted November 15, 2007
Kagen to join other lawmakers for U.S.-Mexico border tour
Eight Democrats plan to check out security issues

By Ellyn Ferguson
Post-Crescent Washington bureau

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen and seven other Democrats will head to the U.S.-Mexico border this weekend to see firsthand how America handles border security.

Kagen, of Appleton, leaves for the border on Sunday and returns Tuesday.

He plans to meet with Border Patrol agents in Nogales, Ariz., inspect detainee facilities and observe vehicle and cargo inspections.

Kagen will make a similar tour of Border Patrol facilities along the Rio Grande and in El Paso, Texas.

The first-term lawmaker said the trip would familiarize him with challenges facing agents along the 2,500-mile-long U.S.-Mexico border.

Senate efforts to pass a comprehensive bill that included border security and a pathway to legal residency and citizenship for illegal immigrants failed earlier this year.

The House is not expected to vote on immigration-related legislation this year, but the volatile issue of an estimated 12 million people here in the United States illegally could push immigration enforcement bills onto the congressional agenda. For example, Kagen is among 100 Democrats and Republicans backing a bill that would require employers to verify their workers are in the United States legally.

Massachusetts Rep. Niki Tsongas, a Democrat scheduled to make the border trip, knows the power of illegal immigration as a campaign issue.

Tsongas won a closer-than-expected special election in October against a Republican opponent who made illegal immigration a centerpiece of his campaign.

Wow, you have to go to the last sentence in the article to get the campaign slant.

I'm tough on immigration will be the caption with a picture of Dr K in front of the border fence.

Some other ideas for Dr K on the next election;

Dr K holding a AK 47 with his right hand - "I am tough on immigration". ( you will have to look close on the picture , he will have his fingers crossed behind his back with his left hand).

Dr K with a shovel in his hand filling in a whole that some illegal dug to get into our country. Caption- "I will fill in our problems". What you don't see, there is an out house on the other side of the wall.

Dr K frisking an illegal against a ICE truck. Caption - "We need to clean up immigration". What you don't know is that the guy he is frisking is a ICE employee. He doesn't want him to have a gun to protect himself and hurt an illegal coming across the boarder.

Dr K holding an illegal on the ground face down with hand cuffs behind his back. Caption will be "If you break the law, we will catch you" ( what you don't know is that the guy face down on the ground is a republican congressman from one of the boarder states.

Picture of the eight Dem's standing in front of the fence in Texas. Caption - "we know immigration is important to you". What you don't know is they are on the Mexican side of the fence and are talking to citizens of Mexico and not to the people that elected them.

You know he will use this little trip that by the way we are paying for (our tax dollars) for his upcoming election. When the libs want to pull the wool over their voters eyes, they will do anything to get a vote. Even if it is just for show!

Monday, November 12, 2007

No Respect

Just a comment about the 8 and 1 Green Bay Packers.

While watching the Dallas / New York game Troy A. makes the comment
that there is no better team in the NFC like Dallas. Dallas and New England in the Super Bowl. Wasn't the Green Bay score 34 to 0 , did I miss something.

Oh, that fine with me. The real season begins in January and we will have to wait for the play offs. If Dallas wants to keep taking the headlines , so be it. Troy we know where your heart is, you should not hide it.

Th Pack does not need to get big headed all of sudden.

Go Green and Gold,

Busy with company meetings , keep me informed.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank You

The Eleventh Hour
of the Eleventh Day
in the Eleventh Month

To all the men and women

that has served and is serving

today to protect our Freedom.

Thank You for all you have done .

Go out today and thank a vet.

Lies, Distortion and More Lies

What are you libs thinking of by putting this candidate in the mix.
If this was a Conservative, they would of been hung out to dry!
No, not Mrs Clinton.
What a bunch of CRAP!
Will you true blue Dem's vote for her after she does this?
What will be the next shoe to drop with Mrs. Clinton?

November 10th, 2007 3:51 PM Eastern
Another Question Planted by Team Hillary?
by Aaron Bruns
From Major Garrett, a Fox News Exclusive:
In a telephone interview with Fox, Geoffrey Mitchell, 32, says he was approached by an operative for the Clinton campaign to ask a planted question about standing up to President Bush on Iraq war funding. The encounter happened before an event on a farm outside Fort Madison, Iowa. The Clinton event was hosted by Iowa State Sen. Gene Fraise.
Mitchell tells Fox that Clinton campaign worker Chris Hayler approached him and asked him to ask Sen. Clinton a question about how she was standing up to President Bush on the question of funding the Iraq war and a troop withdrawal timeline.

Link to full article

Still too early in the election cycle.
It should be interesting to see what can and will happen.

Passing The Torch

Being Packer Sunday it's interesting to see who will take over for Bob Harlan.

It seems that the scuttle butt from Lombardi Ave is Harlan is not involved in the decision making process.

I have always said the 2nd greatest G M the Packers have had was Ron Wolf, the first being Mr Lombardi. So Mr. Wolf's comments have some meaning. His decision to trade for Brett will have to be the biggest and most important trade in Packer history. Being 50 years old and remember standing outside about a mile from Lambeau when Bart went across the goal line in the ice bowl. Now living through Brett Favre's historic career is something a lot of people in this world will never comprehend. I feel blessed to live through the last forty years.

Here Ron's comments,

"Pro sports is different than your average business," former Packers general manager Ron Wolf said. "What about football can they ask (a potential candidate)? It's not just football either. Green Bay is a different place.

"If they're not using Bob Harlan, they're failing to use an asset. It's disappointing. I'm a Green Bay Packer through and through. I think if you take a guy who sat in that chair and was a vital part of the franchise and you put him on the sidelines, it makes no sense to me."

Wolf said that one of the reasons he did not accept the Packers' offer to become their general manager in 1987 was because he thought the interview process was flawed. He said then-president Judge Robert Parins didn't want to talk about football, and he knew right away that there would be no definitive lines drawn on how the football operation was run.

When he interviewed with Harlan four years later, Wolf said Harlan asked the right questions and assured him there would be no interference between the executive committee and the football operation. He said Harlan may have erred in selecting Jones, but you can't ignore the moves he's made to turn the Packers into a winning franchise.

"Let me put it to you like this, do you think (general manager) Ted Thompson has done a good job?" Wolf said. "They're 7-1. Where would they be if some outside committee had to choose who the next GM was going to be? Unless you know the NFL, you're going to have trouble making that choice.
"You have to know a guy inwardly and know the person for years and have an intuitive feel for personnel. That doesn't come from hiring a search firm out of Los Angeles or New York or wherever."

Link to J S Online article

Well I think the future of the Green Bay Packers will change over time. Hope they do find someone with a football back round and the will and beliefs that started with Curly Lambeau

Good Luck, Green Bay over Minnesota. G Bay 32 Minn. 18