Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Know Who Will Be In the Chase

From NASCAR.com

Michigan, Bristol, Atlanta and Richmond -- those are the final four races before the Chase field is set and the 10-race postseason begins. The top 11 in points all have a 100-point cushion from 13th, so barring a major collapse, look to be in the Chase field.

So there is one spot up for grabs, with two drivers, Mark Martin and Clint Bowyer, separated by just 10 points. Two drivers, one position, which one will end up racing for the championship?

As Owen at B & S would say, "OFF DUTY till Tuesday.

Taking my LOVE to MIS

Monday, August 09, 2010

Steve Kagen, Tammy Baldwin Want More Body Bags

From the Green Bay Press.

Kagen said the U.S. can’t afford to keep the military in Afghanistan without making drastic reductions to the standard of living at home.

Picture is of Nancy Pelosi puppet Steve Kagen.

So we bailed out Wall street, G M and Chrysler and Steve Kagen tells you we would have to cut back on your life to protect our troops. Stop wasting money on buying votes and we could give our troops in Afghanistan the help they need.

It's your president, Mr. Kagen who is in charge of the war. Why doesn't he tell his president to crap or get off the pot! If Kagen wants our troops to come home in defeat and get spit on as what happened in Vietnam, then bring it on. Kagen and Baldwin are in campaign mode and is looking for support from the loony left.

Kagen and Baldwin were among those who voted last month against further funding for the war in Afghanistan.

So Kagen and Baldwin didn't propose a vote to cover body bags for our dead hero's?

So will vets stand with Steve Kagen and Tammy Baldwin in the upcoming election or take a stand and denounce these two politicians from Wisconsin. Pity for those vets who are die hard democrats and will sell out their brothers for the sake of electing the likes of Kagen and Baldwin.

Kagen and Baldwin just want more body bags to get re elected.

An Angel To Heaven

My favorite brother in law's ( the only one I have and will always be my favorite) mother passed away this afternoon at 3:00 pm.

God bless you dear.

For you came into this world and gave me the chance to meet your son.

How blessed am I to have been able to know you.

Lord, now take her soul to heaven.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

What a GREAT Day

Been kind of light on the blog lately. Sorry about that.

Friday had to go pick up Mrs B in Milwaukee, did some power buying at Woodmans in Green Bay for the upcoming week. Mrs B bought a Colman 327 can, yes, that's a little over 27 12pks of beverage's of your choice, (keeps food and drinks cold for up to seven days) cooler. You almost could bury me in it. Maybe we should call it the coffin.

Saturday, picked up a new fridge and freezer. Thank God I have some GREAT neighbors across the road and a great daughter and son in law. What would we do without you. The old Berry Lake neighbor hooked up the ice machine and we were good to go. Cut up bears campfire wood and it was nice to have Berry Laker daughter and family stay for dinner.

Up this morning at 5:00 am. Coffee and off to be at our church's parishioner's picnic, set up at 7:00 am. I got to help cook elk and beef burgers again this year. We are a small parish (Catholic church) but for parishioners and family, all was free. No big raffles, no fund raiser for the church, just something nice for those who belong to our parish, Thanks to cousin Julie and husband Gary for doing BINGO. Just a nice time. Berry Laker daughter talked to Father Jim about joining the parish. Good for her and her family.

I have to tell you about Father Jim. He is a John Deere fanatic. Don't tell him my son in law has a Simplicity lawn tractor. I think he is seventy and could pull apart and fix any tractor, sink or anything mechanical. When he does his sermon, it's to the point and helps us understand what the day's reading should mean to us and us to God. Some how belonging to a church where my grand parents are buried some how is bringing me closer in my faith to God. By the way when cousin gets pictures up on the web site I will let you know what we all enjoyed today.

2:00 pm, took Berry Laker's mom home and had to leave. I felt bad for leaving early (didn't get to help with the clean up after the picnic) but had to take Mrs B to Milwaukee and switch vehicles and bring the truck back to the compound to get ready for the upcoming pilgrimage to MIS Speedway.

Oh, I almost forgot. The # 5 took 19th and is 12th in the chase. YAHOOOOOO!!!!!

Well after over 400 miles on the road and a great day with the people of Krakow Wisconsin, I thank You Lord for all the good things You have given me. I know at least You read my blog and I just want to say thank you.

What a great, but long day.