Thursday, October 26, 2006

Roundabouts in Oconto County

What or who is in charge of the highways in Oconto County?

Roundabouts on a major Highways?

a) one in city of Gillett by the curve north of Gillett by the Shell Station.
b) one at the Hwy 22 / 32 intersection 3 or 4 miles east of Gillett.
c) one just west of downtown Oconto Falls by the feed mill.

Latest news in the Times Herald.

This is not Europe, this is Wisconsin.
Why would the state highway dept. put roundaboutsin our area.
I can see if it is a non State highway but this is a little over the top!
What will these roundabouts do for the city of Gillett, Oconto Falls and others small towns along State Highways 32 and 22
Most people will find a way to bypass Gillett, as if the city of Gillett doesn't have enough problems with small bussnesses.
Remember the survey the city had with high School students.
What did they tell them, "when we graduate we are gone"!
No future in this area! No Bakerys etc. , yes, thank you Subway but we need more bussiness.
The state may be thinking about cheap ways to update the highway , but how will the trucking industry take these changes?
Highway 22 is a major road through Gillett going north from Shawano , get ready CTH R , most people will bypass Gillett in Cecil and take CTH R to Suring. Will bussiness traffic bypass Oconto Falls and Gillett all together?
We only need to look at enrollment at the Gillett school system to see what is happening in our area.
What was kindergarden numbers this year ( I was told it 34) . What will it be when more quality of life issues keep leaving Gillett and the area?
I would hope our elected officials in Gillett, Oconto falls and Ocounto County are looking at this closely! Is this the case highway funding , use it or loose it?
Did you ever notice why we have curbs out in the counrty at most intersections? I was told highway money has to be spent or the counties loose money in the next budget.

THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAKE UP PEOPLE, ITS OUR TAX MONEY , not elected or state beauracrats.

Call your elected officials and ask them if we have any other options .

Would stop lights be cheaper?

Ice On Berry Lake

October 26,2006

Winter is just around the corner.

Along the south shore was a thin but some ice that formed.

Ice skaters , get your skates sharpened.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

David Zucker Video

From the Wisconsin man that brought us
Scary Movie 1,2,3 .
Here is what it will look like if congress changes
in the November election.

Thanks to charlie sykesfor the tip.

These are great.


Fantacy Football

How pathetic are the Dallas Cowboys.

Did you see the Monday night game? How pathetic are the Cowboys

My team has two players to win , Drew Bledsoe and Terry Glen .
How could I go wrong .
Then they pull Bledsoe and then don't even throw to Glen.
Good for the Cowboys, they could of won if they didn't pull a good
quarterback for a rookie.
Does't seem like the Tuna wants to win.
End result another lose for "Crazy Old Man"( thats my fantacy team name).

T O is not worth the money their paying him.

Monday, October 23, 2006

David Obey Makes New York Post

Wisconsins own David Obey get some limelight in the New York Post.
The left leaning liberal Democrat is mentioned , if the dems take over
congress what he would do as chairmen of the Appropriations commitee.

"The Appropriations Committee's David Obey (Wisc.) is a tax-cut-hating,
old-time liberal ready and willing to spend federal dollars. Under Obey,
basic domestic spending would likely see hikes of $75 billion to
$100 billion - to start."

There they go again , raising taxes and killing the robust economy.

Hold onto your wallets / purses .

Taxes- It's your money not the people in Washingtons money!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you New York Post editorial - LINK

Where Is The Press In The Valley

Where Is The Green Bay and Appleton press tv and newspapers on this .
Dr. Steve Kegan makes racial slurs about the Onieda people! What are
the people in the 8 th district thinking by puting this guy on the ticket?
Even Nancy Nusbaum would of known better for this. I don't think the
Green Bay and valley media will cover this and if they do it would not be
the same if John Gard had done this!

Links and thanks for the information ,
From John McAdams and Charlie Sykes

Steve Kagen Gaffe: “Injuns” versus “Warriors”

Via Sykes Writes, the the fact that Democratic congressional candidate
(running in Wisconsin’s 8th district) excused his being late to one event
by saying

“Our excuse, uh, in Oneida was, well we are on Injun time. They don’t
tell time by the clock. Our excuse here is I’m a doctor and we’re never
on time.”

Referring to American Indians as “Injuns,” of course, is the sort of thing
that has to be viewed a derogatory and offensive.
Especially when they are portrayed as being unable to be on time because
“they don’t tell time by the clock.”
But more interesting to us is the question: is there outrage in the
American Indian community at this slur?
Apparently not.
One of Sykes listeners asked a local TV station in northern Wisconsin
whether they were going to run a story on the gaffe, and they got this response.

From: “FOX11 News”Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 9:39 AMSubject:
RE: Story IdeaThanks for writing.
We are aware of the comment referring to “injun time” it was not a reference
to any one person.
A spokesperson for the tribe said she believes he was trying to be funny.
She was not personally offended, and she is a member of the tribe.
We are considering a story.
Brian KerhinAssignment managerWLUK-TV Green

So a tribal spokesperson “was not personally offended.
”But these same “tribal spokespeople” claimed to be sorely offended
at the fact that Marquette University was considering changing the
nickname of its athletic teams back to “Warriors.”
By any reasonable standard you honor a group when you name your
team after them.
By any reasonable standard, you demean a group when you say that
they can’t tell time.
But politically correctness has nothing to do with reasonable standards.
Being “offended” has nothing to do with objective offensiveness.
Rather, it’s a tool to be used by activists to bully people.
But they only want to bully certain kinds of people.
They are – and they know that they are – clients of white liberal elites.
They are the pets of the liberal elites, and if they play the game the way
the white liberals want, they get rewarded for doing so
(with lucrative gambling monopolies, for example).
So they don’t use the race card against their patrons.

I am a voter in the 8th district , waiting for coverage .

Update 4:50 p m -Milwaukee Journal- LINK for full artical

JFYI - I live a half mile from Menominee County.

Menominee Tribal Chairwoman Karen Washinowatok said the term
"Indian time" is commonly used among Native Americans, whose
concept of time traditionally was much different from European settlers.
"It's not at all derogatory... it's the time we were meant to be there," she said.
Oneida Tribal Chairman Gerald Danforth said "Indian time" was
"one of those cliches for why you might be late for an event."
Danforth said he thought it was humorous that Kagen had used the term.
"I had to laugh.
I didn't give it much more thought than that," Danforth said.

Washinowatok, however, said if Kagen had used the term "Injun,"
it would be derogatory.

Karen , I respect your political beliefs and enjoy the casino when I can, but,


I know a lot of people from Menominee and they always say

"They are a Proud People"

I know and believe they are.

I do not have any respect for Mr. Kegan.

From This Past Weekend

Maybe I did have one too many adult beverages
this past weekend !

Now What did I do???????????????????????????


World Series Baseball


Detroit Tigers,Gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo.

What a game last night !

They call him mr Freeze. Go Kenny Rogers.

Moses parts the water, but Kenny Rogers turns the tide.
On a night when the weather said it's time to stop playing
baseball, Rogers took the mound and said no, we play on,
we play like Game 1 never happened, we play like this magical
Detroit year is still, well, magical. For the third time in this
postseason, Rogers lifted his teammates' chins, said,
"Watch the old man do it," went out there and hurled a masterpiece

Read the rest of the artical from the Detroit Free Press - Link

Game 3 Tuesday Night.

Yes, my basesball hero is Ivan Rodriguez.

Here's a LINK to get your Tiger face cutouts.
Thanks D.F.Press

What a Weekend

Weekend thoughts

Just thought i would thank my wife, son , mother , brother , sister and Ace for one heck of a weekend. I think I had one too many adult beverages on Sat., but had a spirited conversation on politics . It's great to have good conversation with a GREAT family. Truely blessed by God to have good people like good family. Yes I may have crossed the line sometimes but i hope all took it in stride. Family is too important to loose.

Sunday morning church - Thanks Father John for a GREAT service.

Nascar- Jeez , what does Mark Martin have to do to get a break.

My two great sons helped with chores , don't know what we will do when they leave for there future education.

Wondering how my daughter, her fiance and our grandson are doing? Truely blessed for having them!

What do I have to do to win at fantacy football.

Haircut day- yes I got the Mark Martin cut again.

Thanks for having the best neighbors on both sides of our house .

Thanks to having such a GREAT Lady for my wife , what did she ever see in me.

Wisconsin Gasoline Prices

Daily gas price check in Wisconsin. 1:09 p m
Gas prices in 50 states - Link

Wholesale price = 1.4525 gal
Wholesale Market price - Link

Green Bay Lowest = 2.24 gal

Appleton Lowest = 2.24 gal

Wisconsins lowest price- Kenosha Wi. = 2.12 gal

Taxes on one Gallon of Gasoline in Wisconsin = .47

Wow -------- Jackson Mo. = 1.83 gal

It's Your Tax Money

Just thought I would post information on taxes that
all of us pay on TAXES!

Do regular people realize what they see on T V or
hear on radio or
read in newspapers or
talk to their relitves and really know what they will lose
if they vote for a canidate in the upcoming election.
Can you really say you don't care about canidates ,
or all canidates are crooks ,
or it's a master plan by dumb George Bush to get votes
( he did it for the election).
Can you really say you don't care if you loose $1000.00 's
of dollars in tax breaks.
I'm sorry, but I am not rich enough to vote for people that
will raise my taxes!

Please don't miss the last part of information at the
bottom of this post!!!!!!!

Tax reform bills passed in 2001 and 2003 .

Failing To Extend The Tax Cuts Would Result In

115 Million Taxpayers Would Pay An Average
Of $1,716 More A Year;

84 Million Women Would Face An Average Increase
Of $1,970 A Year;

48 Million Married Couples Would Pay An Average
Of $2,726 More A Year;

42 Million Families With Children Would Face An Average
Increase Of $2,084 A Year;

o A Family Of Four Earning $50,000 Today Would Owe An
Additional $2,092 A Year -
A 132 Percent Increase In Their Tax Bill;

12 Million Single Mothers Would Face An Average Increase
Of $1,062 A Year;

17 Million Seniors Would Pay An Average Of $2,034 More A Year;

26 Million Small Businesses Would Owe An Average Of $3,637 More A Year;

5 Million Low-Income Individuals And Couples Would Again Be Subject
To The Individual Income Tax. (U.S. Department Of Treasury,
"Without Permanent Tax Relief, Millions Of Americans Will See Their
Taxes Go Up By Billions Of Dollars In 2011," Fact Sheet)

Thanks to Media Matters for the quote from Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) " Link

On the October 10 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, Fox News political
analyst and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) falsely claimed that
Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) "promise[d] to raise taxes" if the Democrats take
over the House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections. After
co-host Sean Hannity asked Gingrich what advice he would "give the Republicans
in the 28 days between now and Election Day," Gingrich responded that
Republicans "need to take Charlie Rangel's promise to raise taxes and consider
every single tax cut for a possible tax increase and say to the country, 'Do you
really want your taxes to go up that much? Do you think that's the kind of
House you want?' "

In fact, as Media Matters for America noted, during a September 26 interview
with host Neil Cavuto on Fox News' Your World, Rangel, who is in line to become
chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee if Democrats gain a majority
in the House after the November election, stated that a House controlled by the
Democrats "would not raise taxes" and "would not roll back" President Bush's
tax cuts enacted by Congress and set to expire in 2010. Rangel added:
"The president has -- had allowed these things to expire in 2010 ... and I would
not advocate or support a retroactive increase in taxes."

Taxes , it's your money not the money of the people of Washington !!!!1

Think about your wallet / purse - think about your vote!!!!!!!!