Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bud Shootout, 7:00 pm Central


One Proud Dad, Berry Lakers One,Two,Three And Four

A year and half ago I gave Berry Laker daughter away in holy matrimony. What a day that made Berry Laker choke with pride. Today she is climbing the ladder of success with a transportation logistics company. Her favorite color is orange. We are one proud mom and dad. To our daughter we love you, work hard and good things will happen to you.

Then Berry Laker went through a hard time seeing Berry Laker son # 1 go off to UW Milwaukee last year. Son # 1 was home last night and started speaking in foreign tongue. Language and thought process never conceived of such hereditary traits of Mr. and Mrs. Berry Laker. History, economy, stimulus bill, speaking in language never uttered by eldest son in all nineteen years of existence. Uttering such words as stimulus bill in present form is a mistake. What was I to think? I thought I was in some time warp. Dam Proud, where did he get that from? Son # 1, I will not always say but am proud of you more then you will ever know.

Up at 4:00 am to make the trip to Marquette U in Milwaukee. Berry Laker Son # 2 was accepted and let me tell you not cheep but well worth it to Marquette University in Milwaukee and was taking written exames to get scholorship money at the great MU campus. One part of the exam was to do an essay on what started the cold war, it's late and not sure of exact question but dam proud of his right answer. He wants to go for Computational mathematics, the blending of computer science with applied mathematics. Way over my head. Son # 2, I may have been hard on you sometimes but you make me proud, DON'T SCREW IT UP! Follow your dreams!

Son # 2 is also dating Penelope. They are both young but her sights are to become a doctor. She has had a hard life but we have grown close to this young lady who has a great future and hope she can withstand the hardships of life. She will have to gut it out to survive. I know that will happen. She has become our second daughter and we try to give her guidance and direction that she so desperately needs in this time of her life. Life comes in so many unexpected ways and we are so blessed to have her be a part our family life. We love you dear. Penelope, don't tell anyone I said that, I have to keep up my reputation as an evil right wing conservative. We will always love you.

In all the fifty one years of existence I would never have thought this Berry Laker could have off spring with such potential and drive. I take that back, Mrs Berry Laker is the inspiration that changed my life and is behind our two great sons, one great daughter and a special young lady. Love You Dear. What an angel.

Now back to MU.

Never in my wildest dreams I would of thought that son # 2 wanted to go to MU. NCAA championship in the 70's, Al McGuire, Big East, Jesuit school. Where did we go right. Well, test at 9:00 am for junior and parents orientation. It was good to hear MU wants students done in four years and let them plan their future from there. I am a strong catholic but from reading the Marquette Warrior and other information, I am concerned about the radical left even at a Jesuit school. That conversation is for another day.

We had the chance to go on tours or go to more information on financial aid, scholarships etc., no need, Mrs. Berry Laker has all her ducks in order, done for the day by 11:00 am. What an ANGEL. Picked up Penelope and headed home by noon.

I have to say it was a humbling moment for a kid that grew up in Pulaski Wisconsin to see his family do so much more then the old man could ever dream about. A dumb kid back then who's family is doing so much more then he could ever think of.

I am speechless, choke, choke. Psst, don't tell anyone.

The one constant in all this is the belief in and great love of God Almighty. How one man could be so blessed is beyond comprehension. Thank you God.

Going to MU was a moving experience.

I am truly blessed.

Thank you Lord.

Joke Of The Day 2

Sorry, I had to pass this on.





Alzheimer's Test


This Alzheimer's Test was developed as a mental age
assessment by the School of Psychiatry at Harvard University .

Take a few moments to see whether you can read each line
aloud without a mistake. The average person over 40 years
of age cannot do it!
1. This is this cat.
2. This is is cat.
3. This is how cat.
4. This is to cat.
5. This is keep cat.
6. This is an cat.
7. This is old cat.
8. This is fart cat.
9. This is busy cat.
10. This is for cat.
11. This is forty cat.
12. This is seconds cat.
Now go back and read the third word in each line from the top

I bet you cannot resist passing it on ...

"So What" Obey

From NPR
"Leaving out the earmarks does mean Congress will have less control over how the money is spent. But, Obey says," "So what?
 Earmark-Free Stimulus Bill Lacks Spending Direction : NPR

Why would anybody from his district put up with him. No need to admit you are from Wisconsin with people like this!

You will not get what you voted for!

SURPRISE!!!!!!! Hang on to your money and Obey will say "SO WHAT"!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Area Fishing Report

"Ice depths are in the 18 to 22 inch range on most lakes. The erratic and constantly changing weather of the past week has made for some tough fishing action. Walleye anglers reported inconsistent success, panfish action has continued its mid-winter slow period, with most anglers moving around quite a bit searching for the active fish. Success has been low but a few fair catches of crappie and perch have been reported. The best action in the past week has been for northern pike, with some decent action seen during the mid-day hours.

There has been some action for perch and northern pike at the Oconto Harbor area. Along Door County many anglers were targeting whitefish, with the best catches have been in 10 to 15 feet of water. Perch fishing also improved somewhat this week with most angles caching perch in 20 to 30 feet of water. "

WCSFO: Wisconsin Outdoor Report as of February 5, 2009

Sheboygan, What Happened

From the Sheboygan Press.

Just an observation.
"Local News

* Standoff with Sheboygan police ends peacefully Post a Comment
* Going Red: National day of awareness reminds of heart disease Post a Comment
* Plymouth police seek removal of supervisor Post a Comment
* Candidate makes rare run at two jobs Post a Comment
* Area United Way to cut funding to local affiliates Post a Comment
* Sheboygan Falls man charged in second theft from ice shanty Read Comments(1)
* Sheboygan man, 24, charged for sex with girl, 14 Read Comments(1)
* Cascade man charged with stealing, crashing truck Read Comments(1)
* Howards Grove woman injured in drunken driving crash Post a Comment
* Falls man hurt in one-car rollover Post a Comment
* Sheboygan man, 44, to serve 5 years in prison for drug deal Post a Comment
* Manitowoc man sent to prison for 5th OWI, had kids in car Post a Comment
* Plymouth teens charged in burglary Read Comments(1)" | Sheboygan SHE-News | Sheboygan Press

Eight out of thirteen stories have to do with crime, standoffs,thefts,on and on and on. If this is a normal day, wow, hate to see a bad day.

Fond Du Lac Saftety At Risk

From the Fond Du Lac Reporter.
"Police get first smoking complaint at FdL tavern

The Reporter Staff • February 6, 2009 "
Police get first smoking complaint at FdL tavern | | Fond du Lac Reporter

Fond du Lac Police Department officers were called to Beernuts, 183 S. Main St., Wednesday night for a complaint that someone was smoking.

It is the first complaint received by the department since Fond du Lac's workplace smoking ban went into effect at 6 a.m. Monday, said Major Kevin Lemke.

"Officers searched the bar, but found no evidence and no one was smoking," Lemke said.

So now the Fond Du Lac police will track down smokers in bars and let other more life threatening crimes put on the back burner. Seems like the safety of the people of Fond Du Lac is now at risk.

Good job, non smoking snobs.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shawano, 3 Month Later

"3 months later, FBI still investigating "implied threat"
By Tim Ryan, Leader Reporter

Federal authorities Wednesday said there has been no change in the status of their ongoing investigation into a list of names allegedly implying a threat against 60 Shawano area residents." Shawano Leader

Shawano to lose 95 jobs

From the Green Bay Press.
"Demise of Komatsu will cost Shawano 95 jobs
Forest machine-making company to consolidate production in Tennessee plant

By Nathan Phelps • • February 4, 2009 " Demise of Komatsu will cost Shawano 95 jobs | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

SHAWANO — Komatsu America Corp. announced Tuesday it will move production from its Shawano facility to another plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The company made the announcement in a move it says will allow it to "more effectively utilize assets."

Komatsu Forest in Shawano employs 95 people, said Mari Aoyagi, a spokesperson with the company in Rolling Meadows, Ill.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Who Pays For Obama's Cigs?

From Patrick at Badger Blogger.
"Barry Obama just raised cigarette taxes by 155%! The cigarette tax is one of the most regressive taxes we have, since the majority of smokers are considered among the “Working Poor.” Also, like the gas tax, it is one of those things that hit those that can least afford it the most. Sure, some will say that it will encourage some to stop smoking, but we all that that’s not going to happen, and if it did, it would lower the income generated from this tax, which is said to pay for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

So much for Obama’s promise not to raise taxes on the poor, huh?" Badger Blogger

Bet the cost of our presidents smokes is buried in the food bill.

Will anyone in the MSM ask him if he pays for his habit?

The Old Man Rated 8th


"Edwards is media's choice for '09 Cup Series champ
By Official Release
February 4, 2009
04:35 PM EST" NASCAR.COM - Edwards is media's choice for '09 Cup Series champ - Feb 4, 2009

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The media have spoken, and it predicts Carl Edwards will end Jimmie Johnson's championship stranglehold.

Poll position
Media's Top 12 predictions

Rank Driver
1. Carl Edwards
2. Jimmie Johnson
3. Kyle Busch
4. Jeff Gordon
5. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
6. Greg Biffle
7. Kevin Harvick
8. Mark Martin
9. Jeff Burton
10. Matt Kenseth
11. Denny Hamlin
12. Tony Stewart

Notice who is picked # 8,


Wisconsin Lake Property Owners

News from the Wisconsin Association of Lakes. Some of these things are way way out there to the left. Some is good but it is best to be informed. Read, learn, react before it's to late. This is happening in Madison, the Kremlin of the West!

Updates on legislative activity

Phosphorus lawn fertilizer bill (AB3/SB5)

This bill would prohibit the display, sale, and use of lawn fertilizer containing phosphorus, with certain reasonable exceptions. This bill is modeled after Dane County's existing and successful county ordinance.

Download fast facts about phosphorus and this bill, more resources on phosphorus and lawn fertilizer

The Senate Environment Committee has scheduled a public hearing on SB 5 for Wednesday February 11, 10:30 AM, 201 Southeast, State Capitol.

If you are planning on testifying at the hearing, please arrive a little early to fill out a hearing slip, and bring enough copies of your testimony for the five member Senate Environment Committee. Please let the WAL office know if you are planning on attending, and we'll greet you at the door!

The Assembly Natural Resources Committee held a public hearing on AB 3 on January 28th. On February 11, an Executive Session may be held on AB 3. The committee will consider any amendments to the bill and vote to send the bill on to the full Assembly for consideration.

Slow no wake bill (SB 12)

This bill (SB 12) would establish a no wake zone within 100 feet of a lake's shoreline for motorboats. This proposal includes an opt-out provision, allowing local government to exclude lakes if the law significantly impacts recreation. Pick-up and drop zones for water skiers would also be excluded.

The Senate Environment Committee has scheduled a public hearing on SB 12 for Wednesday February 11, 10:30 AM, 201 Southeast, State Capitol.

If you are planning on testifying at the hearing, please arrive a little early to fill out a hearing slip, and bring enough copies of your testimony for the five member Senate Environment Committee. Please let the WAL office know if you are planning on attending, and we'll greet you at the door!

Join us February 25th for Conservation Lobby Day

Join us at the state Capitol on February 25, 2009 for Conservation Lobby Day, an empowering experience where hundreds of citizens from across the state gather to emphasize that bills that protect our lakes and natural resources are important to constituents. This event is free and you can register online at (RSVP by Feb 13th).

On Conservation Lobby Day, you will speak to both your state Representative and state Senator about key conservation issues. In addition, you will receive skill and issue trainings that you can take away and apply when advocating back home. This year's Wisconsin Conservation Priorities feature four issues that are important to the future of Wisconsin's lakes:

* Preserve groundwater
* Restore an independent DNR Secretary
* Regulate industrial waste spreading
* Take action on global warming

Preserve groundwater

Declining water levels on many Wisconsin lakes across the state have prompted increasing concern over groundwater management and high capacity well pumping. Whether these wells are located near or far away from the lake, they can dramatically influence the groundwater flow through the lake, affect lake water levels, and impact water quality and lake ecosystems.

Groundwater feeds most of our lakes, rivers and streams. Groundwater plays a major role in seepage and groundwater drainage lakes, supplying all or most of the lake's water. Other types of lakes may have other sources of water besides groundwater,—including rain and snowmelt, runoff, and streams and rivers (which may be sourced by groundwater themselves)—but groundwater affects all lakes.

But Wisconsin's current groundwater law fails to protect 99% of the state's lakes, 97% of springs, 92% of rivers and streams, and 100% of wetlands. Under current law, only those lakes designated as ORWs (there are no lakes designated as ERWs) are covered under the statute. Currently there are 97 lakes and 6 flowages designated as ORWs.

Our goal is to pass legislation revising current groundwater law that ensures the protection of Wisconsin surface waters (lakes, rivers, wetlands, and springs) while balancing competing demands (drinking water, industry, and agriculture).

Independent DNR Secretary

The Wisconsin Association of Lakes supports the return of appointment authority for the DNR Secretary to the Natural Resources Board. It is in the best interest of lakes and all the people who enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and living on lakes to have the DNR Secretary held solely accountable to the needs of the resource, the mission of the Department, and the guidance of the Natural Resource Board. Our lakes need effective leadership over time. Improving Wisconsin natural resources management means entrusting decisions to professional natural resource managers. Restoring the independence of the DNR Secretary is one needed step to ensure natural resource management decisions are made without undue political influence.

Regulate industrial waste spreading

The practice of spreading industrial and municipal waste on to farm fields can lead to contaminated drinking water and pollution making its way into our lakes from groundwater or runoff. In some areas of the state, farm fields sit on top of fractured, porous rock (Karst) that act as direct conduits to send industrial waste into our drinking water supplies.

Wisconsin's regulations governing the land application of waste are among the weakest in the Midwest. Some industries are using our land as their dumping grounds and industrial waste is even being imported from other states to be spread over Wisconsin land. Existing regulations need strengthening and lands with high risk of groundwater contamination need to be mapped to avoid problems in the most sensitive areas.

Global Warming

Scientific observations indicate that global warming may already be having an observable effect on local lakes. Our lakes are freezing later and thawing earlier, more unusual and extreme events are occurring, and there's greater variability in water levels. Wisconsin does not need to be a passive victim. But it does mean we have to act now. Failure to do so may well mean acceptance of the direst consequences that will befall the future of our fish and waters in a changing climate.

One action we can take now is to reduce our state's greenhouse gas emissions, implement greater energy efficiency and conservation efforts, and do our part to help avoid the worst impacts of global warming. These efforts can translate into economic opportunity for the state as we innovate new products and lead the way in generating climate change solutions.

Join us March 18-20th for the Wisconsin Lakes Convention

Join us at the Hotel Sierra and Conference center in Green Bay for the Wisconsin Lakes Convention! See the full agenda and register online at the UW Extension website:

This year's convention will focus on aquatic invasive species (AIS). AIS—which include plants, animals, and viruses—are a serious challenge for our lakes. Lake associations, lake districts, and individual waterfront property owners are rightfully concerned about the potential impact that invasive species can have on lake ecosystems and recreation. Many groups are investing private (and state) dollars into treating waters for invasives like Eurasian watermilfoil, curly leaf pondweed, and carp. Many lake groups are participating in public education campaigns (like Clean Boats, Clean Waters) to encourage boaters to take simple to prevent the spread of AIS. Others are organizing volunteers to conduct AIS monitoring.

Invasive species are not a new phenomenon, and more invasive species are on the horizon. Wisconsin has many invasive species at different stages of colonization. Our scientific understanding of strategies for prevention, containment, and management is still evolving. Come learn the global context of AIS movement and Wisconsin's strategy of Smart prevention, containment, and control. Concurrent sessions will feature the latest Wisconsin AIS research and stories from lake groups around the state on AIS projects and success stories.

Workshops to focus on important lake topics

While AIS is an important issue, it is not the only challenge Wisconsin lakes face. Full day and half day workshops offer hands on training and discussion on many important lake topics from learning more about your lake's ecology, to interpreting and using lake data, to working with local partners for lake protection and running a more effective lake group. Some of the workshops that will be offered include:

* Lake District Commissioner training
* Running an effective lake organization
* Succession planning of family land
* Working with the media: getting them on your side and putting your best foot forward
* Groundwater: ordinance development

New IRS requirements apply to non-profits with incomes of $25K or less

The Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has some new reporting requirements for tax exempt organizations with annual revenue of $25,000 or less. This new requirement may affect lake associations that have tax exempt status as 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations.

The IRS now requires that nonprofits with incomes of $25K or less now must file the Form 990-N (also called the "e-Postcard"). The
Pension Protection Act of 2006 mandates that the IRS revoke the
tax-exempt status of any organization that fails to file a Form 990,
990-EZ, 990-PF, or 990-N for three consecutive years. Revocations will happen automatically beginning in May 2010. A nonprofit that loses its exemption because of failure to file will have to reapply to the IRS for exemption.

Read an article on this new requirement

More information on filing a 990 on the Internal Revenue Service website

EPA gets sued: new Federal rules regulating ballast water discharge too weak to protect lakes

The Federal Clean Water Act requires that anyone discharging "biological materials" (such as aquatic invasive species and diseases) into Wisconsin waters have a discharge permit. In 2006, a Federal Court ruled that ballast water met the definition of "biological pollution", and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must begin regulating ballast water discharges from freighters under the Clean Water Act by Sept. 30, 2008.

The EPA finally complied with the court's ruling, and established permit system for water discharges from ships with accompanying administrative rules. The rules regulate 26 types of discharges including ballast water, oily bilge water and "gray water" from showers and sinks. The permit system is scheduled to take effect February 6.

But conservation groups have sued in the Federal Court of Appeals, contesting that the EPA's permit requirements are insufficient to prevent aquatic invasive species from entering the Great Lakes (and eventually inland lakes) and do not comply with the intent of the Clean Water Act.

The new rules require oceangoing ships to exchange ballast water or rinse ballast tanks if empty before entering U.S. coastal waters or the Great Lakes. Conservation groups contend that mere flushing of ballast tanks is not effective enough to prevent invasions. The plaintiffs want the EPA to require treatment systems that would kill unwanted foreign organisms.

Most recent invasive species have entered the Great Lakes ballast water discharged by ocean-going ships. The Great Lakes are currently home to 185 invasive species, with a new invasive being discovered every six months.

Study concludes more invasive species will enter Great Lakes

A recently released study by the National Center for Environmental Assessment (download full report) warns that more invasive species could spread across the Great Lakes causing significant environmental and economic damage in their wake, despite new policies designed to prevent the spread of AIS.

The report identified 30 nonnative species that pose a medium or high risk of reaching the lakes and 28 others that already have a foothold and could disperse widely. Several of the region's busiest ports—including Milwaukee and Superior—were pegged as strong potential targets for invaders.

Currently, 185 invasives inhabit the Great Lakes and most have gotten there when oceangoing ships have flushed their ballast tanks in the Great Lakes. Just 13 species have done extensive environmental and ecological harm, but the potential for existing invaders to spread and new problems to arrive remains.

The report concludes that the current policy requiring ocean going ships to exchange their fresh ballast water with salty ocean water before entering the Great Lakes is far from foolproof. Some invasive species are saltwater-tolerant and may survive ballast water exchange. And there are other potential sources for invasive species including fish farm escapees and aquarium releases.

While the report does not predict which of the 58 species it identified may get through, it does conclude that monitoring and early detection programs will be crucial to choking off invasives before they become established.

Interested in more lake news? Get The Lake Connection and special e-mail bulletins from WAL
Our monthly e-lake letter focuses on current events and is a free service we provide for anyone interested in lakes. But WAL members receive much more.

Our quarterly print publication, The Lake Connection, has in-depth articles about lake science and research that helps us better understand our lakes, analysis of legislative and agency policy proposals that may affect lakes, updates on WAL policy initiatives, success stories from local lake groups across the state, and information about WAL's upcoming events and lake education opportunities.

Special e-mail bulletins and ActionAlertsLakes help our lake organization and individual members stay connected to the action at the state Capital, and keep their own memberships informed and participating in the creation of lake policy
Wisconsin Association of Lakes members receive:

* WAL's quarterly print publication, The Lake Connection.
* WAL's special e-mail bulletins and Action Alerts
* analysis of lake policy issues, their potential effect on lakes, and talking points on various bills and administrative rules
* notification of opportunities for citizens to participate in the policy making process (public hearings, listening sessions, comment periods)
* guidance on the when, whos, and hows of contacting decision makers on specific issues
* sample letters to legislators, sample resolutions, and press releases
* tracking progress of WAL policy initiatives and lake related bills and rules as they move through the legislature
* special announcements about lake education and other events
* membership surveys, and opportunities for input on member services.

Become a WAL member today!

Link to WAL

Oconto County Layoffs

From the Shawano Leader
"Cruisers Yachts halts production, plans to restart in March
By Cory Dellenbach, Leader reporter

Oconto County’s largest employer, Cruisers Yachts of Oconto, has ceased production for one month, according to KCS International president Jim Viestenz." Shawano Leader

Steve Kagen Now Playing God

From the Shawano Leader

"Stimulus top topic of Kagen call

By Tim Ryan, Leader Reporter

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen (D-Wis.) fielded phone calls from constituents in a nine-county area Tuesday during an hour-long town hall teleconference dominated by questions about a proposed $815 billion federal stimulus package.

Kagen called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, passed by the House of Representatives last week, an opportunity to modernize the country’s infrastructure while putting money into the pockets of cash-strapped Americans.

But a number of callers on the other end of the line took the opportunity to vent their anger at Kagen over what they viewed as squandered bailout money, political hypocrisy and the economic injustice being inflicted on middle class America.

“When is Washington going to get back to basics and stop bailing out the people who caused the problem,” said a man identified as George from Shawano.

“I found out today that my company is going to be consolidating and my job is going to be gone by the middle of summer,” said George, who declined to tell Kagen where it is he works. “I want to know when you guys are going to get back to working for Americans.”

There was also anger about the news that Health and Human Services secretary nominee Tom Daschle withdrew his name Tuesday over unpaid taxes.

Jim from Peshtigo told Kagen he was upset over some of the nominations President Obama has offered for Cabinet positions.
From the Shawano Leader.

Guess the people of the 8th are a little P.O'd! Funny I didn't see anything like this from the G B Press or Appleton Post Crescent. They must be covering for Kagen again.
I'm sorry I missed it, it sounded quite good.

Here you go, enjoy the read!

A good read from some honest reporting.
“The people he’s nominating ... it’s downright disgraceful,” he said.

Jim also told Kagen most Americans don’t have the time to wait until change comes to Washington or the economy.

“Every day news is very devastating,” he said, referring to the latest job losses reported. “Obama promised change and he’s saying it could take two to three years. The average middle class person don’t have two to three years.”

Kagen said he was happy to see Daschle take his name out of consideration for the Cabinet post and noted Obama had “behind the scenes asked Mr. Daschle to step aside.”

Kagen said Daschle had exercised bad judgment, which can no longer be tolerated in Washington.

“We see what poor judgment has done to our economy,” he said. “It’s very important that our elected leaders live up to and exceed our expectations.”

Kagen also took several questions from callers demanding to know how the $815 billion in the proposed stimulus package would be spent, and he sought to draw a distinction between this bill and the Wall Street bailout he voted against last year.

“This bill has unprecedented oversight,” Kagen said, adding that oversight and accountability had been lacking in the bailout bill.

Kagen strongly condemned bailout recipients who have used some of the taxpayer money for executive bonuses, corporate jets, and other personal means.

“They’re not normal people,” Kagen said. “They don’t live in our world. They don’t share our American values. They don’t belong in our culture, as far as I’m concerned.”

The teleconference included callers from Shawano, Oconto, Marinette, Menominee, Florence, Forest, Langlade, Oneida and Vilas counties. According to Kagen, about 2,400 people were on the phone listening in at the outset of the conference and about 3,500 by the time the conference was over." Shawano Leader

Obviously the call screener for Kagen screwed up for taking these angry callers.
Also, it looks like Steve Kagen is in thick with the Obama administration. "noted Obama had “behind the scenes asked Mr. Daschle to step aside”, or did he shoot his mouth off again? Is it a lie?

He then again said "there is oversight', we will see.

We also read Steve Kagen is telling you who can and cannot be in our culture!
Quote, "They don’t belong in our culture, as far as I’m concerned.”

Is Steve Kagen now playing God?

Will he say that next about gun owners? Will he someday say that about the elderly? Will he someday say that about private business?

Can you see how power corrupts!

Wisconsin State Fair To Close?

From the Escanaba Daily Press.

"All’s Fair in a sour economy? Meeting set to talk about fair’s future

By Audrey LaFave
POSTED: February 3, 2009
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ESCANABA - The news that the Upper Peninsula State Fair will be cut from Michigan's 2010 budget will likely be officially announced tonight in Gov. Jennifer Granholm's State of the State address at 7 p.m.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) Fairs, Exhibitions and Racing Division Director Barbara Hensinger said there have not been any decisions made about a possible sale of the U.P. State Fair property." All’s Fair in a sour economy? - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press

"Her short-term reform plan would end all state financing of the Michigan State Fair in Detroit, the nation’s oldest, as well as the Upper Peninsula State Fair in 2010. The State Fair — a showcase for Michigan’s $64 billion agricultural industry — is an agency of the Department of Management and Budget, and is held on state property. It’s supposed to pay for itself, but the state treasury has been covering shortfalls ranging from $50,000 to $1.3 million in recent years. Attendance has dropped 39 percent since 2000 and corporate support also has declined." CarnivalMidways.Com » Michigan State Fair in Jeopardy

Holy cow, she wants to shut down both state fairs.

How could the people of Michigan get themselves into this predicament? Time for Michiganders to get rid of Granholm and the left. What will she cut next?

I guess Wisconsin is not much better letting Doyle and the Dems get elected. We will soon find out our fate soon enough!

If Michigan is 1.6 Billion in the hole and Wisconsin is 5.4 billion in the hole, Jim Doyle should shut down the Wisconsin State Fair immediately!

Will Jim Doyle shut down State Fair for the sake of his overspending in Wisconsin?

Herb Kohl Is Bored

From the Appleton Post Crescent.

"Grand Chute board opposes plan for weekend voting

By Ed Lowe • Post-Crescent staff writer • February 4, 2009 "
Grand Chute board opposes plan for weekend voting | | Appleton Post-Crescent

GRAND CHUTE — A plan to shift the federal voting day from a Tuesday to a weekend was rejected 4-1 by the Town Board on Tuesday.

The measure, first introduced by Kohl in 1997 as a means to boost voter turnout and reintroduced by Kohl most recently last month, was referred to a Senate committee.

Is "no ones senator but yours" Herb Kohl have nothing to do in Washington? Is he that bored? Saturday / Sunday elections! I still don't understand why nobody runs against him and then why all the people that vote for him!

What a putz!

Dems and Autism, Why Now?

From the Green Bay Press.

Autism is something that parents and the children with autism suffer each day. Our prayers and thoughts go out to them. I do however have one question for these democrats.
"Area Democrats start push for state autism bill
Insurance would cover treatments" Area Democrats start push for state autism bill | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

A number of local Democratic legislators say it's time to pass a bill that would require insurance companies to cover therapy and medical treatment for autistic children.

If the dems and Doyle are going to pass a state mandated health care services for everyone in the state, why are they bringing up this bill now? Wouldn't autism be covered under that 15 to 18 billion dollar health care proposal? Could someone in the MSM expand on this?

Will autism not be covered under the dem plan? Is this just smoke and mirrors. Is this just a PR stunt for the dems to get press coverage? If it is, it is shameful! Will the dems and Doyle bring up the state mandated health care plan?


Green Bay Wis., Off The Deep End

From the Green Bay Press.

Is Green Bay Frik'n NUT'S?
"6 roundabouts OK'd for Military Ave.
Green Bay council votes 7-5

By Tony Walter • • February 4, 2009 "
6 roundabouts OK'd for Military Ave. | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

The Green Bay City Council, after a four-and-a-half hour debate, voted 7-5 Tuesday night to approve reconstruction of Military Avenue to include four lanes and six roundabouts.

I guess Military is one less road to drive in Green Bay. I also guess Military Ave. will be a ghost town next year. City of Green Bay, good bye tax revenues.

What a bunch of nuts!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

When Is This Going To End

From JSOnline.

Now for cars ? Guess I'll take a pass at any Bergstrom dealer next time I need a car or truck. Is he crazy or does he really miss those Brett Favre Bergstrom commercials?

"What would it take to get you to buy a car?
By David Haynes of the Journal Sentinel
Feb. 3, 2009 5:36 p.m.

Wisconsin auto dealer John Bergstrom thinks a government discount to the tune of $5,000 might be enough to jump-start sluggish auto sales. A Wall Street Journal blog post this afternoon reported that Bergstrom made the argument in a letter to President Barack Obama.

An excerpt from the WSJ blog:

"If the government, manufacturers, the financial institutions, and the dealers all work together, we could give our economy a huge positive jolt,” he wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama late last week. “If for 90 days, February 15 through May 15, everyone who purchased a new vehicle in America (no matter where it was built) will be given a government voucher for $5,000; and the manufacturer would match it with another $5,000 voucher…we could get this industry rolling again in a hurry.”

What do you think? Should Uncle Sam give us $5,000 vouchers to go buy a new car?" What would it take to get you to buy a car? - JSOnline

U S House Business Wednesday


On Wednesday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business. Ten One Minutes per side. Last Vote: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.


Senate Amendment to H.R. 2 – The Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (Rep. Pallone – Energy and Commerce) (Subject to a Rule)


S. 352 – The DTV Delay Act (Sen. Rockefeller – Energy and Commerce) (Subject to a Rule)

Looks like they want to change the the CHIP bill, hang onto to your wallets and ram a delay on DTV down our throats!

Surprise surprise.

Those democrats.

Steve Kagen's 8th District Debt

What if Steve Kagen has his way with the so called " 819 million AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT OF 2009" or pork giveaway of 2009. The following information is from various news sources and enrollment numbers from the Wis. DPI. Kagen plans on spending over 60 million over two years in the 8th district alone. Interesting comparisons, don't you think?

Gillett School District $322,500 - 736 students - $438.18 per student

Green Bay School Dist $17.5 million - 19534 students - $895.87 per student

Crandon School district 750 thousand - 971 students - $772.40 per student

"West De Pere $1.1 million - 2467 students - $445.88 per student

Kewaunee School District $500,000 - 1060 students- $471.70 per student

Milwaukee School $84,000,000 - 86819 students - $967.53 per student

Menominee $1.73 million - 859 students - $2013.96 per student

Stimulus means additional funds for area school districts | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

WJFW TV-12, WJFWDT 12.1 and Newswatch 12 - Stories

From fox 11 news school districts hope for stimulus aid

Link to Wisconsin school enrollment

What formula did Steve Kagen use?

Seems like fuzzy math or a child in a candy store.

Is this going to generate jobs or keep the jobs we have now to even send our children to school?

You can draw your own conclusions.

In three years will property taxes go up 60 million dollars more in the 8th district? You can bet on it. I think it's just debt that our children and grandchildren will pay for. And when they do get the bill they will say their parents and the political leaders of the time were irresponsible AND SOLD THEM OUT. They will never forgive us!

Steve Kagen is selling out the people of the Wisconsin's 8th District.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Steel Curtain Color Change

In 2009 and 2010 will the Pittsburgh Steelers change their colors? Say bye to gold and black. Purple terrible towels? What's up?

I noticed during the game their coach didn't wear gold or black, I'm colorblind but looked a shade of purple. Now I see these Super hats and it's blue and green.

If the Packers won would they have orange and black for Super bowl hats and shirts?

If Oakland won would they have green and red for their super bowl hats and shirts?

Is Pittsburgh changing colors and how could the people of Pennsylvania put up with it?

What's in the color change?

Mean Joe cannot be happy.

Kentucky Death Toll

From Yahoo news.

To all the people suffering in Kentucky,and where there is still hardship from the ice storms we offer our thoughts and prayers.
"National death toll hits 55 in ice storm, 24 in KY

By JOE BIESK, Associated Press Writer Joe Biesk, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 35 mins ago" National death toll hits 55 in ice storm, 24 in KY - Yahoo! News

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Gov. Steve Beshear (beh-SHEER) is raising his state's death toll to 24 in a storm that caked several states in ice last week.

That means at least 55 people have died in the storm nationwide.

Beshear says in a letter to President Barack Obama released Monday that 10 of the deaths were from carbon monoxide poisoning and at least nine others from hypothermia.

The governor's office isn't giving details on the individual deaths.

Kagen Promices Oversight, "No waste"

From Wisconsin Radio Network.

"Kagen expects stimulus changes in Senate
Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 12:25 AM
By Andrew Beckett

Changes to the federal stimulus package are expected to speed up the process of economic recovery. The U.S. House approved an $819 billion federal stimulus package last week, and it's now being considered in the Senate.

When Senators begin debating the bill later this week, Congressman Steve Kagen (D-WI) expects them to focus on changes that would create jobs more quickly than the House version does. Kagen thinks it's appropriate to get people back to work to help pull out of the current economic decline.

However, Kagen disagrees with claims that the House bill is full of earmark spending that Senators want to remove. The Appleton Democrat says projects listed in the bill are investments that needed to be made to get people back to work and to improve the economy. He says there is also a great deal of oversight to keep that money from going to waste. " Wisconsin Radio Network: Kagen expects stimulus changes in Senate

The people of the 8th district of Wisconsin will hold Steve Kagen to his words.

He says "there is also a great deal of oversight to keep that money from going to waste."

So there will be no waste!

Bowing to Steve Kagen

From the Green Bay Press on the pork Steve Kagen was handing out. I wonder if Steve Kagen set up this meeting so all these superintendents could bow before Kagen, kiss his ring and beg for the so called free money. It must of been a sight. A giant sucking sound filled the room.
"Stimulus means additional funds for area school districts

BY MALAVIKA JAGANNATHAN • • February 2, 2009 " Stimulus means additional funds for area school districts | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Schools in Northeastern Wisconsin could see a slice of the economic stimulus pie with approximately $60 million in increased federal funding over the next two years, U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen said Monday.

The funding is part of the $819 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in the House of Representatives last week. The Senate took up its own $900 billion version on Monday with President Barack Obama urging swift passage.

The dollars will be allocated using the existing federal formula with increases in construction grants, special education funding and Title I or low-income subsidies, although there would be some “strings attached,” said Kagen, D-Appleton.

Strings attached, there is always strings with a democrat.
Several superintendents met with Kagen on Monday morning in Green Bay to discuss the impact the money could have in their districts.

Despite the estimates by House Committee on Education and Labor, Kagen warned there is no guarantee that districts will get exactly that amount when the money is allocated between July and October.

“This will provide millions of dollars to local school districts that need the money now,” Kagen said. “The sad fact is they won’t get the money fast enough. It will take a while to trickle down into schools.”

It will take a while to trickle down? Money first in July and October? Could take up to two years? Just in time for Kagen to run again, how convenient. I thought this is a stimulus package for the bad economy. Why the hold up? How many jobs will this create? How does this help the economy? Why not the money right away and why not all this year?
With funding dependent on enrollment numbers, some rural districts with declining enrollment may not benefit as much as their growing urban counterparts.

“They’re not being punished, but they’re not being rewarded either,” Kagen said.

The taxpayers are being punished and the teachers union is being rewarded. How nice.
Gillett School District, which could get an estimated $322,500 more in funding, continues to lose students each year. It also has to fight three larger districts around it from attracting students through the school choice program. The district loses three students for every one it gains through the school choice program, superintendent Stuart Rivard said.

First if Gillett continues to lose students, why not cut back? Why not merge districts? Alas, even my own school district(Gillett)is looking for the stimulus money. Some $161000.00 for the next two years. My thought on Gillett getting only $322,000 is that the area is in a stronger republican voting area of Oconto County. Kagen must of planned it that way. He wants to stick it to the right wing voters.
Although superintendent Wendell Waukau of the Menominee Indian School District isn’t counting on these dollars, he knows his district could benefit from any additional support to prop up existing programs such as a newly instituted freshmen academy or an anti-truancy program.

“It’s going to give us a couple of years to maintain these programs,” Waukau said. “Would we like more? Sure, but we appreciate what we are getting.”

At least Mr Waukau was honest when he said,“Would we like more? Sure, but we appreciate what we are getting." Let's see how much Menominee might receive.
Menominee would receive $1.73 million over the next two years in the estimates. Menominee County is the poorest in the state and one of the poorest in the nation.

Holy cow, 1.73 million. That's over five times more the amount then their neighbors to the east in Gillett. Let me check again, how much? 1.73 million dollars?

The main point here is this is not a stimulus program. It's a pork packed payback to the teachers union and for some ares that delivered votes for the democrat party. I thought Steve Kagen promised last fall that he wanted to go back to Washington to stop wasteful spending. I guess Steve Kagen might of mislead his constituents.

Let's see, Kagen says about the pork package. Will be strings attached, may not get what they think, won't get money fast enough, and "they’re not being punished, but they’re not being rewarded either". Where's money for the rest of us? Let's recap the three school districts.

17.5 million for Green Bay.
322,000 for Gillett.
1.73 million for Menominee.

Almost 19 MILLION DOLLARS! Don't feel bad, Steve Kagen is giving Milwaukee schools
84 MILLION. That's $84,000,000.00

The children in k through 12 that are in school today will be paying for this pork package. I am not happy that Kagen is strapping this to our children and grandchildren. Steve Kagen should be embarrassed.

I hope someone took pictures of this meeting today. When this debt comes home to roost ,Steve Kagen's hands will be all over it. It will look good to whoever runs against him in 2010.

Wake up people of the 8th district.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl

8:17 p m

Coke Zero moves to # 1

Half Time, Super Bowl

My pick for the best commercial so far is the

DORITOS crystal ball comercial .


Super Bowl

Steelers 35 Cardinals 24