Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Deer In Wisconsin

Just a not binding only my opinion about Wisconsin's opening day gun deer hunt.

In the Nicolet Forest, not a lot of shots heard, no does, fawns or bucks seen.

Neighbor talked to a hunter in southern Wisconsin (Richfield area), no deer seen.

Neighbor also talked to hunter in western Wisconsin and again, no deer seen.

Maybe gov elect Scott Walker needs to go to more buck only zones, take less doe's and build up the heard.

Maybe even cut short bow hunting during the rut!

What say you?

Wisconsin Gun Deer Hunt

In a little over an hour the gun deer season begins. Good luck to all you hunters. Be safe and successful.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Jane Fonda, REALLY ?????

Henry Fonda about Jane. From WIKI

His daughter Jane rejected her father's friendships with Republican actors such as John Wayne and James Stewart, and as a result, their relationship was extremely strained.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Field Dressing Deer, Good Retraining If You Get One

Since Saturday Is The Wis. Deer Gun Hunt

From Last years file. Thought it needed a repeat. I sometimes forget the basics.

You Tube, caution, graphic material.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Deer Hunt, Liberals Still Don't Get It!

Dan Small was on 1130 WISN during Mark Belling's show on the web and had a infomercial on his show for 6:oo am on Saturday.

His show promoted, "let's talk about deer hunting".

Excuse me Dan, this Saturday is deer hunting in Wisconsin.

Deer hunters will not hear your show. They will all be out in the woods "DEER HUNTING".

Dan, GET A GRIP!!!!!!! or Dan, promote goose hunting the first week of deer hunting!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why Do We Need County Government

From the Wisconsin paper of record, The Lakeland-Times and the great Richard Moore.

Limiting counties to statutory duties saves money by forcing them to fulfill their function as an administrative arm of the state, and to do no more.

That's why counties were created in the first place. Long ago, however, supervisors began making political decisions and creating ever more government than was needed. Now these supervisors oversee huge budgets, enact tax levies of millions of dollars, and yet are elected by a handful of voters in spring elections.

More often than not, they are retirees, many of them retired public employees, looking for something to do in their later years. That something to do has inevitably wound up being to use their spare time to spend our unspare dimes.

By restricting counties to administrative responsibilities, county boards would not even have to be elected.

When do we start addressing big duplicated government? You need to read the whole article.

One question I have. Why do we have county transportation departments? Isn't it a duplication of the Wisconsin DOT?

Why do we have governors, a state assembly, a state senate, a county chairmen, a county supervisor, a mayor and town chairmen, aldermen and town supervisors? Why do we have county ag agents and the Wisconsin department of Ag? Why do we have federal, state, county and sometimes city or town social services agency's? How many positions does a state govornment have, which is all duplication and a waste of tax dollars?