Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time to Take Back Your Government.

Calling Everyone In The 5th Assembly District

Will the people of the 5th give Tom Nelson an ear full?
From the Green Bay Press about  Baby Face Nelson

"Nelson to hold listening sessions Monday

March 27, 2010

State Rep. Thomas Nelson, D-Kaukauna, will hold a listening session from 11:30 a.m. to noon Monday at Grand Central Shell Station, 2597 W. Mason St., Green Bay.

Constituents with questions are encouraged to attend to voice their opinions and raise concerns.

Nelson will visit four other sites on Monday throughout the 5th Assembly District, including:

# 10 to 10:30 a.m. at Maple Grove Hofa Park, W1888 Hofa Park Drive, Maple Grove.

# 10:45 to 11:15 a.m. at Don's Quality Market, 147 W. Wisconsin St., Seymour.

# 3 to 3:30 p.m. at Marathon Gas Station, Outagamie County S at Outagamie County E, Freedom.

# 3:45 to 4:15 p.m. at Kaukauna Coffee & Tea, 127 W. Wisconsin Ave., Kaukauna." Nelson to hold listening sessions Monday | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Will anyone ask him why their electric bills went up?
Will anyone ask why their car insurance went up?
Will anyone ask him why his constituents pay for MPS 4th grade student who cannot read?

If people want to take back their government ,it starts Monday and Tom Baby Face Nelson.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Steve Kagen's Buddy Having A Bad Day

Steve Kagens good friend from Michigan Bart Stupak had and will have more bad days in the future. Great Coverage from Try 2 Focus.
"Stupak’s bad day

Posted by brvanlanen on March 25, 2010

Great analysis by Jim Geraghty of NRO on how Sunday wasn’t a great day for Bart Stupak (D-M01) politically."
Stupak’s bad day « Try 2 Focus
So in the end the question for Bart Stupak is “was it worth it doing what you did Sunday?”

Making A Run Against Bart Stupak

From the Iron Mountain Daily News about Dan Benishek running against Bart, the flip flopper on abortion Stupak.

"Benishek reports surge of support
POSTED: March 25, 2010

IRON MOUNTAIN - Congressional candidate Dr. Daniel Benishek of Crystal Falls told Fox News on Wednesday that U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak's vote in favor of health care reform has brought a surge of support to his campaign.

In a telephone interview, Benishek told "Your World" host Neil Cavuto that constituents are unhappy Stupak "flip-flopped" on the issue of federal funding for abortions.

Stupak, of Menominee, is an anti-abortion Democrat whose vote was crucial to passing the Democratic health care bill Sunday. Stupak decided to support the bill after President Barack Obama said he would issue an executive order pledging that no federal funds be used for abortions.

"It's been a zoo ever since," Benishek told Cavuto.

The Republican candidate questioned the long-term validity of Obama's executive order.

"Why can't he just rescind it tomorrow," Benishek said.

Earlier this week, Benishek told Newsmax that within three hours of Stupak's announcement he had received 2,000 e-mails from newfound supporters, while The Benishek for Congress Facebook page added more than 13,000 new members overnight.

Stupak says the executive order has "the full force and effect of law" and makes clear that the current prohibition of public funding for abortion applies to the new health care reform legislation." Benishek reports surge of support - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama, Hunters. and Healtcare

E mail from a friend.
Long boring winters,.......... or just another case of Point Beer?

People in Waupaca County, WIsconsin have a warped sense of humor.
It must be something in the frustration of the 2009 deer season.

This is HWY K near Ogdensburg, WI

A deer was hit there.
The couch was dumped there previously.
Day two the deer was on the couch.
Day three the end table and lamp showed up.
Day four the TV and TV stand showed up.

The County Cops had to call WI D OT because of all the people stopping to take pictures.

The cardboard caption in front of the deer on the couch reads,

"Sorry Hunters.
Obama ruined healthcare.
We can't afford to have injured hunters on our conscience,
so I'm staying home!
the Deer."

Steve Kagen Too ?

Listening to stories about supposedly threatening calls made to Bart Stupak on Rush and the hourly news, I thought for sure, when would we hear about threats made to his buddy, Steve Kagen?

Low and behold from the Green Bay Press.
"Grafitti reported on sign at U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen's former allergy clinic in Allouez
March 25, 2010

The word “kill” was spray painted in blue on a sign at U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen’s former allergy clinic this week.

The graffiti was over Kagen’s name on the sign for the Kagen Allergy Clinic, 2333 Riverside Drive, Allouez. The incident was reported just after 10 a.m. Thursday, said Brown County Sheriff's Lt. Keith Barth.

The Appleton Democrat no longer owns the clinic, Kagen’s district press secretary Larry Abitz said Thursday.

“We don’t know why it was done,” Barth said.

There are no suspects and the vandalism occurred between 5 p.m. Tuesday and 2 p.m. Wednesday, he said.

The clinic said the vandalism was reported to police and has been cleaned up. Dr. Joseph Zondlo would not elaborate on whether it was related to Kagen’s recent vote for health-care reform in Washington."
Grafitti reported on sign at U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen's former allergy clinic in Allouez | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Did Steve feel left out?

First, blue paint, if you paint the word kill, wouldn't you use red paint, you know like the color of blood? Oh yea, blue is the color of democrats, oh, I get it, yea yea, how could I be so stupid, daaaaaaaaaaa! 

Second, it was reported at 10:00 this morning and it happened between 5 p.m. Tuesday and 2 p.m. Wednesday, wow, so nobody noticed it for some 40 hours?

Third, it was cleaned up and no evidence, no pictures, come on we wanted to see it? Where's the evidence? Did it really happen? How convenient!

I smell a rat here. Now I am not accusing anyone but something smells a little fishy here. Was it really a right winger or someone giving Steve a little campaign help?

Hey, Congressman Kagen can use this for his campaign this fall. Those evil right wing conservative tea party people of Green Bay, look what they did to me. Feel sorry for me and vote for me for congress.

There has to be security cameras somewhere in the area, let's wait for the detectives to do their work.

Comrade Fidel Applaunds Comrade Barack

From Drudge and Yahoo Fiance. And you wonder why some think this country is goeing to hell in a handbasket!

"Cuban leader applauds US health-care reform bill
Dubious endorsement? Cuban leader endorses US health care reform, says it's about time

Paul Haven, Associated Press Writer, On Thursday March 25, 2010, 12:39 pm EDT

HAVANA (AP) -- It perhaps was not the endorsement President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress were looking for.

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on Thursday declared passage of American health care reform "a miracle" and a major victory for Obama's presidency, but couldn't help chide the United States for taking so long to enact what communist Cuba achieved decades ago.

"We consider health reform to have been an important battle and a success of his (Obama's) government," Castro wrote in an essay published in state media, adding that it would strengthen the president's hand against lobbyists and "mercenaries.""
Cuban leader applauds US health-care reform bill - Yahoo! Finance

Lobbyists are the same as mercenaries, holy cow, where does that put conservatives and tea party people.

Andy Garcia, Hollywood's Hero for March

From Drudge and Corriente
By: Corriente Latina | 03.24.2010

Sunday, internationally acclaimed actor Andy Garcia will join hundreds across the country in a symbolic march in solidarity with victims of repression in Cuba. In Los Angeles, the march will take place in Echo Park at 2:00pm following the culmination of a 12-hour fast in honor of the late Orlando Tamayo Zapata. Tamayo was an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience who died earlier this month after an 85-day hunger strike protesting the deplorable conditions in Cuban prisons.

“We are walking in silence, dressed in the white—the color of peace and absolute freedom—to show solidarity with the Cuban people, and especially the women in white (Damas de Blanco) suffering the abuses and injustices perpetrated by the repressive Cuban government, not only onto themselves, but also towards their husbands and sons, the imprisoned political dissidents fighting for human rights and democracy in Cuba.

Please join us in this march in support of the long-suffering Cuban people who deserve to enjoy the liberties that we so cherish.” –Andy Garcia "

I first have to say I did not know Andy Garcia except in Oceans 11,12,and 13. Yea I know, I don't watch a lot of T V. He sure sold me on him being an evil greedy guy. After seeing him as the grand marshal at the Fontana NASCAR race and now seeing him doing this

I will confess I was wrong.

To be a actor on the left coast, he seems to not hide his opinion on what is right and what he bekieves in. Looks like Georgie Clooney cannot hold a candle to Mr. Garcia. With all the wacko leftie kooks from hollywood it's good to see Mr Garcia stand up for what is right and not what will get him another job on the left coast.

No I don't have a Hollywood hero of the month but if I did, Mr Garcia would be it for March.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Leader Of Conservative T V

From the Chicago Tribune.

"So, Roger Ailes, how are things?

"With Fox News, great," Ailes said by phone Tuesday. "With my job and my life, pretty good. With America, not quite as good."As the chairman and chief executive of Fox News Channel gave a rare interview, a single scene was playing out live on each of the half-dozen TV screens before him: President Barack Obama was speaking before signing his historic health care bill."
Roger Ailes: Interview with Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes -

Wow,I wonder if Ailes wrote a autobiographies? It would be worth to read.
Ailes is also chairman of the Twentieth Television and Fox Television Stations, which includes the Chicago duopoly of WFLD-Ch. 32 and WPWR-Ch. 50. As head of the station group, he'll be part of the decision whether Fox Broadcasting will sign former "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien. The move will hinge in part on whether it can be cost-effective.

"We all like Conan," Ailes said. "It's an arithmetic problem."

Conan on a right wing network? Looks like he will go to # 1.
Ailes knows the game as well as anyone. He's worked on TV shows for Mike Douglas and Rush Limbaugh. He was a political strategist for a string of Republicans beginning with Richard Nixon's 1968 presidential run. He knows about message, medium and the masses.

When it comes to Fox News, he insists viewers know what they're getting and are better at separating the opinion from reporting than critics complain.

"People who watch news are pretty smart. Most of them don't just go to one channel for all their news anyway," Ailes said. Most people "will select the place that's the most comfortable, and they will retain the information they're the most comfortable with. But undecideds, people who are smart, tend to float around, look, listen. ... They're very perceptive."

It's no wonder that the left wing media have their financial necks just barely above water.

Way to go Roger Ailes, hero of the conservative people of this country.

By the way Roger, if you need a new employee who can do valuable work at Fox News, please contact me. 

Wisconsin, A Waste Of Time

From the Shawano Leader. Comments are from Jack Riopelle, president of Riopelle and Associates, a strategic planning consulting firm in Green Bay.
"“Washington and Madison are not the solution,” Riopelle said. “They are the problem. We as citizens are the solution. We, the leaders of our community, must take responsibility for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.”

Riopelle said state and federal government are typically barriers to economic development and job creation.

“We must grow our own,” he said.

Riopelle opened by painting a stark picture of the current economic and political climate.

“Our nation has experienced unprecedented change, great uncertainty and even fear,” he said. “We experienced a virtual meltdown of the financial system, a global recession unlike any in our history, an unprecedented increase in federal government spending and an addictive dependency on excessive debt.

Riopelle said economic development and job creation were the only means for recovery, but he said the state can only be counted on to discourage such efforts.

“Wisconsin is known for its cheese, the Packers, our great work ethic, but extraordinarily high taxes, oppressive regulations and an unfriendly state government,” he said.

“Don’t assume we can attract out-of-state businesses to move from their current location to Shawano County. Our state’s reputation as a high tax and business-unfriendly state are two huge impediments to entice companies to relocate from another state to Wisconsin,” Riopelle said.

Riopelle also suggested attempts to attract businesses to locate to Shawano County may be a waste of time."

Where is the rest of the MSM on this?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dems, We Are Not Taking Your CRAP Anymore

From Politico.
"March 23, 2010
Neugebauer: 'Outpouring' of support since 'baby killer' outburst

Rep. Randy Neugebauer said this afternoon that his shout of "baby killer" amid Congressional debate over health care legislation Sunday night has drawn a "tremendous outpouring" of phone calls, emails, and financial contributions "telling me, 'Congressman, thank you for taking a stand.'"

"You wouldn’t believe the emails and the phone calls of people calling and saying just, "Thank you, Congressman, for taking a stand for the unborn," he told POLITICO in an interview. He said he had "no idea" how much money he's raised, though he addresses the subject just above a "Donate" button on his campaign website."
Neugebauer: 'Outpouring' of support since 'baby killer' outburst - Ben Smith -

You lefties out there, the line has been drawn.

STICK IT UP YOUR ASS, we will not take your CRAP anymore!

Sorry Lord, forgive me for what I have said.

Kagen, Obey, Dems, Lied About Health Care

From the Green Bay Press about the democrats health care bill that they and only they passed. Let's give the AP and the GBP credit for printing this story. The real question is, will readers understand just what really happened here?
"Health-care reform debate still rages Obama, Democrats now focus on selling health care to voters
The Associated Press • March 23, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama celebrates the crowning achievement of his presidency today as he signs into law a massive health-care overhaul bill that had been seen as dead just two months ago. That, however, will not end America's raging debate over the legislation."
Health-care reform debate still rages | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Look at the headline, "Obama, Democrats now focus on selling health care to voters", Can someone help me here? Do you go to a bank to sign the papers to buy a house and then go to a realtor to find one? Do you take out a loan for a car or truck make your first payment and then go to a dealer and pick out the vehicle you want? Obama and the dems sign health care into law and now have to sell it to you ?
The bill, passed by the House of Representatives on Sunday night, will bring near-universal coverage to a wealthy country in which tens of millions of people are uninsured. It makes Obama the first president to succeed in passing comprehensive health-care reform since Teddy Roosevelt championed the cause a century ago.

Although the bill does not provide universal health care, it should expand coverage to about 95 percent of eligible Americans, compared with 83 percent today.

Didn't Steve Kagen, Dave Obey and the rest tell us we needed universal health care? What does "will bring near-universal coverage" and "Although the bill does not provide universal health care", mean? Not health care for all? Wait one minute, for one year they told us all people need health care coverage, and now it's most but not all ?So if this country has 300 mil people, then 15 million still will not be covered? They lied to the American people?

Although the bill does not provide universal health care, it should expand coverage to about 95 percent of eligible Americans, compared with 83 percent today.

They promised health care for everyone, now it's not for everyone! Hello people, do you see what just happened here?
The Senate-passed bill cleared the House on Sunday night on a 219-212 vote, with Republicans unanimous in opposition.

At least the no vote was bi-partisan. Funny we see no comments from the democrats that voted no.
Obama will go to the state of Iowa on Thursday for a public event as he now turns to seeing the companion bill through the Senate and selling the health-care overhaul's benefits on behalf of House lawmakers who cast risky votes.

When will President Obama come to Wisconsin and campaign for Steve Kagen and Dave Obey? Kagen, Obey and the rest who voted for this bill have some explaining to do to the voters of this country. They lied!

Just like a snake oil salesman, they sold us sugar water! Steve Kagen and Dave Obey lied to the people of Wisconsin.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Steve Kagen, From Outside The 8th

A copy of an e mail message I received from someone outside the 8th district sent to

Congressman Steve Kagen.

Dear Dr. Kagen:

I will not insult such a learned person as yourself by insinuating that you are too stupid to have voted so wrongly as you did today on the "healthcare" bill, HR 3590l. Instead, I will quote one of the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath, and question your ethics as a physician. To wit:

"I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art."

HR3590 is a deadly drug if there ever was one, it surreptitiously encourages abortive remedies, and with all of its backroom deals, bribes and threats, is neither pure nor holy. And you voted "yes".

I believe that you are fully aware of the damage this law will cause, and will not bother herein to list the obvious. It is that awareness that causes me to express my extreme disappointment in your vote.

You can see by my address that I do not live in your district. However, I can assure you that I, and many others who live in nearby districts can call, email and otherwise seek to inform your constituents of this patently irresponsible vote, when and if you decide to seek re-election. And we shall do just that.

With no other recourse, I must close with a feeling of deep remorse. I pray for your soul.

Sincerely, I am

Richard Papke

Thank You Richard, we in the 8th have the same sediment. Either Dr Kagen should retire from congress or we need to replace him in November. By the way, the above picture is Steve Kagen. You just don't see Pelosi's hands pulling the strings.

Your Freedom, RIP

From the Green Bay Press
"Health-care reform passes
Republicans unanimously oppose $940 billion bill

By DAVID ESPO • The Associated Press • March 22, 2010

WASHINGTON — Summoned to success by President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled Congress approved historic legislation Sunday night extending health care to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and cracking down on insurance company abuses, a climactic chapter in the century-long quest for near universal coverage.

"This is what change looks like," Obama said a few moments later in televised remarks that stirred memories of his 2008 campaign promise of "change we can believe in."" Health-care reform passes | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obey None

It's 8:54 pm watching Hanity and they show a picture of Dave Obey holding the gavel on the House floor.
He trying for a photo op that will not hold.
Down with Obey!

The Vote heard Around The World

"The Start of the American Revolution and the "shot heard round the world."
Battle at Lexington Green, 1775

Only the date will change but history will repeat itself.

God, have mercy on their souls!

The Hell With You

From Pat Cadell on Hanity on Fox News.

Democrats to all Americans.


The New Dr. Death In Michigan, Bart Stupak

Move over Dr Jack" Kevorkian, let us welcome Bart Stupak. You in Upper Michigan have to be proud of him.
From Yahoo News.
"Any formerly pro-life Democrat who casts a 'Yes' vote for this Senate health care bill tonight will be forever remembered as being among the deciding votes which facilitated the largest expansion of abortion services since Roe v. Wade."

"Mr. Stupak and his Democrat followers have now clarified that you cannot be pro-life and be a Democrat. If abortion was truly their biggest issue, they wouldn't willfully align themselves with the Party of Death.""
Schlafly: Health Care Vote Set to Expose the Myth of the 'Pro-Life Democrat' - Yahoo! News

Michigan's Bart Stupak votes for and accepts abortion of the unborn.

God, please forgive him.

It's 7: 53 PM

On the evening of December 16, 1773, a group of men calling themselves the "Sons of Liberty" went to the Boston Harbor. The men were dressed as Mohawk Indians. They boarded three British ships, the Beaver, the Eleanor and the Dartmouth, and dumped forty-five tons of tea into the Boston Harbor.

It's 7:53 and still no vote on Health Care
. Are you going to vote for this already? I thought this was suppose to happen at 1:00pm today, what's the hold up? Today, March 21st, 2010 this date will go down in history if this really passes.
The left will pay for their vote, they will be out of work in November.

Green Bay Tea Party Update

Don't know how I missed this from a GREAT American. Try 2 Focus has pictures from the G B T P where there was over a 1000 people. The main stream press can never get it right.
"Contrary to what the local state-run media would have folks believe, in excess of 1000 people showed up to send a message to Washington and Madison that they aren’t going to take it anymore." Photos Green Bay Tea Party « Try 2 Focus

The Line Is Drawn

Kagen and Obama

Kooks like Congressman Steve Kagen is on the side of the White House.
From the Green Bay Press

Rep. Steve Kagen's efforts in medical-cost transparency touted by White House

By LARRY BIVINS • Press-Gazette Washington Bureau • March 21, 2010

"In an interview Friday, White House health-care reform adviser Nancy-Ann DeParle said the administration is keen on Kagen's calls for transparency in pricing. She said several provisions in President Barack Obama's reform proposal address those concerns."
Rep. Steve Kagen's efforts in medical-cost transparency touted by White House | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

How many times will President Obama campaign for Steve Kagen this fall.