Saturday, January 27, 2007

Proud Father

Just got back from church and had to let you know
about my son Joseph the second in the family.

# 2 was gone at his part time job, first it good to see him
working for real money, second he surprises me every once
and awhile!

The phone rang and a National Guard recruiter called and
asked for him. I told them he was off working and asked if I could
take a message.
They told me he tested out with them and wanted
to give him the results. They said he tested out very well and would
qualify for all the benefits and would have a 2 year deferral if he
wanted to sign up with them.
I thought that was great and they told me again he did very
well on the testing . How well do you ask?
Most high School students test out in the 40 to 50 percent
test scores, My soon tested out at 78 %.
You know there are times when I get so ticked at him for not
having some common sense ,not listening to what I tell him,
Not doing what he's told , etc, etc, etc, .

I have to say what ever he does with his life I will certainly
be proud of him .

And to you Libs and Candy's ,don't give me advice, if he decides
to join the armed forces, so be it ,it will be his life and I will be
damm proud of him!

I will have to give Owen and Jed a email to get there expert valued

Just damm proud of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brown County Wisconsin

What in the heck is going on in Brown County.
If it was anyone else they would of got the book
thrown at them, 40 years hard labor, and what does
this guy get?

From Jessica McBride

SATURDAY, Jan. 27, 2007, 12:54 a.m.
New Brown County illegal alien outrage!

A 33-year-old illegal alien convicted of repeating sexually
assaulting a child received 7 years in prison last week from
a Brown County judge and 5 years of supervised release in
the community.
The news story doesn't say the maximum sentence the alien
could have received, but according to the Wisconsin circuit
court web site, the crime was a class C felony. According to
the Wisconsin statutes, the penalty for a Class C felony is as
follows:(c) For a Class C felony, a fine not to exceed $100,000
or imprisonment not to exceed 40 years, or both. (note: not
all of that would be confinement).So, the judge gives the illegal
alien well under the max. It gets worse. The illegal alien had
numerous run-ins with the court system and the law.

Green Bay Press Gazette:
Armando Zepeda, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala,
pleaded no contest to a felony Dec. 1. Zepeda
took a 15-year-old Green Bay girl to Baltimore and had sex with
her several times, according to court documents. The girl, now 16,
was originally reported missing Jan. 13, 2006, when she failed to
come home from school a day earlier, according to the criminal
complaint. In addition to the seven-year prison stint, Brown
County Circuit Court Judge Sue Bischel on Friday ordered that
Zepeda serve five additional years on supervised release.
Nov. 2005: Cited by Appleton police for open intoxicants.
Given a fine.

Here is some priors for this guy;

Cited by Appleton police for obstructing an officer.
Given a fine.2004:

Charged criminally in Brown County with Operate w/o
Valid License(2nd w/in3 Yrs). Dismissed on a motion by
the prosecutor. Didn't appear for court. Arrest warrant issued.
Then given $200 bail.

Charged criminally with a misdemeanor in Brown County with
Operate w/o Valid License(2nd w/in3 Yrs.

Different case. Found guilty. Didn't appear for court.
Arrest warrant issued. Given $200 bail. Signature bond.
Convicted and fined. Didn't pay his fine. Judge ordered civil

2003: Cited for non registration of auto.
Dismissed on a prosecutor's motion.Cited
for operating without a valid license, first offense. Fined.

Read the whole story

This is not the first time the DA and judges in Brown county
are in question with illegal aliens. Somethings got to be done .
We need the Wisconsin Attorney General to step or something.

A Good Lesson

Here's a good lesson for older kids ( Ages 40 and older)
around here.

Thanks to Charlie Sykes Link

You just got a job for one month 30 days.

You have two choices on how much you want to be paid.

A -$1,000,0000.00 thats one Million


B - 1 cent the first day, 2 cents the second day,
4 cents the third day, each day double for 30 straight days!

Which will you choose? Gosh that one million bucks looks
pretty good!

Well lets look at B

Day 1: $.01

Day 2: $.02

Day 3: $.04

Day 4: $.08

Day 5: $.16

Day 6: $.32

Day 7: $.64

Day 8: $1.28

Day 9: $2.56

Day 10: $5.12

Day 11: $10.24

Day 12: $20.48

Day 13: $40.96

Day 14: $81.92

Day 15: $163.84

Day 16: $327.68

Day 17: $655.36

Day 18: $1,310.72

Day 19: $2,621.44

Day 20: $5,242.88

Day 21: $10,485.76

Day 22: $20,971.52

Day 23: $41,943.04

Day 24: $83,386.08

Day 25: $167,772.16

Day 26: $335,544.32

Day 27: $671,088.64

Day 28: $1,342,177.28

Day 29: $2,684,354.56

Day 30: $5,368,709.12

Wow, thats some chunck change!

If you have children ,
tell them to start savings,
start planning their retirerment
when their young. Tell them not to make mistakes like
some Baby Boomers(Candy's) have done!

They are the future, steer them in the right direction!

Illegal Aliens To Get Wisconsin Drivers License

Thanks to Patrick at the Badger Blogger Link

Rep. Suder and Sen. Grothman: Blast DMV
Officials for Encouraging Illegal Aliens to
Beat Deadline on License Law
1/26/2007 Contacts: State Representative Scott Suder
1-(608)-267-0280 State Senator Glenn Grothman
Lawmakers Call for Immediate End to Future Forums
Madison… State Representative Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford)
and State Senator Glenn Grothman (R- West Bend) blasted
the State Department of Motor Vehicles today after a DMV
employee participated in a recent seminar prompting illegal
aliens to apply for state driver’s licenses. Suder and Grothman
said the Department appears to be deliberately encouraging
illegal aliens to beat the April deadline for a new state law that
bars non-citizens from receiving state driver’s licenses and ID
cards. The lawmakers called the seminar a “complete betrayal
of the public’s trust” and demanded that the DMV immediately
end all future classes and forums.

How True this is !
“The DMV seems to care more about sliding illegal aliens through
the licensing line than it does about allowing law-abiding citizens
and their children to get their driver’s licenses,” added Suder.
“No wonder Wisconsin’s young people are waiting months to get a
driver’s test.”

Rest of the press release from Wispolitics .com Link

Where is the main steam media? Where's the reporting on this?
Where's the outrage? I guess the local Dem's in Janesville just got
30 more votes this year!

Oh wait I forgot , it's Bush's fault!
You can't make this stuff up!

Chase Changes

Only 22 more days to Daytona!

The chase for the Nextel cup is going to change .
Now 12 drivers in the chase and 10 points for winning.
I don't know , it seems like NASCAR bent over for pretty boy
Kasey Kahne .The cry baby can't win a chamionchip so
NASCAR will try to give him one.
Time will tell! Go Mark Martin , go Roush Racing !!!!!!!!

Link to Green Bay Press Gazette article

Link to NASCAR .com

One Step At A Time

From the Appleton Post Crescent.

State bill would require vaccine for young girls
By Scott Bauer Associated Press writer
MADISON — A proposal with bipartisan support would
require all girls entering sixth grade in Wisconsin to be
vaccinated for the human papillomavirus, a move
recommended to prevent cervical cancer.

Similar bills have been introduced in at least a dozen
other states, but some have met with opposition from
groups that say government is reaching too far into
girls' personal lives.

Supporters of a mandate say it makes sense to provide
the vaccine as a way to fight a cancer that kills 3,700
American women every year. But opponents say states
should not push a vaccine on the assumption that young
girls are or about to be sexually active.

People from Michigan have there heads on straight!

That wasn't what happened in Michigan, where a similar
proposal was narrowly defeated in December amid concerns
that the mandate intruded too far into families' personal lives.

Link to full article

Granted this might be good for cancer patients but come on ,
A mandate for all girls ages 9 to 26? If this passes ,what will

the next step (mandate) be, a ban on eating venison?
How far will people let government run their lives.
I some how do not trust our leaders in Madison and for sure
don't trust Diamond Jim. When will this nanny state
government mentality ever end? Are people
that ignorant that they can't make their own decisions?

I go back to a great gentleman from Gillett that said
about people that are ignorant of government and politics,
"So you don't like idiots" , No I don't!

The Rest Of The Story

An article from my home town.
Thanks Green Bay Press Gazette

Posted January 27, 2007
Pulaski School District superintendent spells
out retirement plan
Kristine Martin, superintendent of the Pulaski School District since
2003, plans to work for two more years and then retire after the
2008-09 school year.

The Pulaski School Board accepted her retirement at Wednesday
night's meeting. Her last day will be June 30, 2009.

Martin, who is in her mid-50s, was hired as Pulaski superintendent
in June 2003, replacing Roy Green, who retired.

Before coming to Pulaski, she spent six years as superintendent in
Suring and four years as an assistant superintendent in Manitowoc.
— Press-Gazette

Now granted, its been 40 years since I lived in Pulaski ,
yet my brother and my mother still live in this quaint little town.
One of the largest school districts in the area it's been said it has
a good reputation for student learning. Not so good for hate crimes
but good for academics ( that's another story).
My question to the taxpayers in Pulaski is what kind of retirement
package will she get? The reporter didn't ask, the board wouldn't
reveal, and the superintendent wouldn't say. The headline is

"Pulaski School District superintendent spells out retirement plan"!
It didn't spell out anything but she'll be gone June 2009.
Now I have to give her credit that Pulaski has come a long way for
a little Polish town but don't the people have a right to know?

As Paul Harvey would say,"Where's the rest of the story"?

What is the pay out,
Will the school district need to borrow money for her retirement?
Is it a lump sum pay out?
What will the new super get?
Now I can hear people say it's unfair for anyone to ask these questions!
That might be true but because of past pension problems( does
Milwaukee County pension scandal ring a bell) it is a fair question!

So all you tax payers , when you are voting in the fall of 09 for
another tax levee , please remember you were warned!

Friday, January 26, 2007

This Is Getting Contagious

From Charlie Sykes

NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA not a John Kerry moment!
Yep, you people that voted for this guy will soon have to
wake up! Diamond Jim ,can do anything he wants ,and no one
can stop him!so if your other taxes go up don't blame Bush ,
blame Jim Doyle.

THURSDAY, Jan. 25, 2007, 8:17 a.m.
Would this constitute a flip-flop?
May 13, 2003:Madison - Gov. Jim Doyle said Monday he
would veto any attempt by the Legislature to increase the
state's 77-cent per pack tax on cigarettes.Not only would
such a move go back on his promise to not raise taxes to
fix the $3.2 billion budget deficit that looms by mid-2005,
but state government's finances should not be tied to a deadly,
addictive habit, the governor said."I really do not think we
should be balancing the state budget with the cigarette tax,"
Doyle said after a speech to a convention of local anti-tobacco
groups.Raising the cigarette tax "puts the state in the very
untenable position in which we want people to smoke, and
(we) become reliant on that money," he added. "I said I'm
going to (fix the deficit) without raising taxes. To balance a
budget with a cigarette tax really puts the state in a very
difficult position.

"Never mind.

Can we all say Governor Lawton

How Many Women Are Married?

From Patrick McIlheran

The sad part about this is that most of my family
neighbors and friends that heard about the origonal
article believed it. It's a sad comentary when people believe
everything they hear.
From Rush;
"If you believe nothing , you believe everything"
How true it is

THURSDAY, Jan. 25, 2007, 2:52 p.m.
No, Mrs. America, you’re not outnumbered
Katherine Kersten takes issue with that New York Times
report that more than half of all American women are now
living without husbands.First, the statistic is dicey, she
points out:

Critics such as Jennifer Roback Morse, an economist at the Acton
Institute in Michigan, blew the whistle on the story,” Kersten writes.

“The fact is, a clear majority of American women over 20 are married,
according to the Census Bureau.“So how did (Sam) Roberts, the
Times reporter, reach the magic 51 percent ‘tipping point’? In the
pool of marriage-age women, he included more than 9 million girls
between 15 and 19, many still in high school. Then he added 11
million widows, and — get this — more than two million women
called ‘married/spouse absent.’ These are women whose husbands
are temporarily away, on military duty for example, in Iraq or
Afghanistan, or even in prison.

PETA Kills Animals

From Michelle Malkin

Did you know ;
from July 1998 through the end of 2005,
PETA killed over 14,400 dogs ,cats and other animals.

Here's the link if you don't believe me! Link

And you thought they were for animal rights,
you Libs and Candy's are unbelievable!

Can You Believe This

From the Washington Post

Thank You Steve Kagen

The federal budget deficit will fall to $172 billion this year
and $98 billion next year, then disappear completely by
2012, according to a report released yesterday by the
Congressional Budget Office.

Link to article

I knew 2 weeks would be enough time for the democrats
to fix our budget problems! I am truly amazed at the magic
they can do. Oh please , oh please, can you take care of my house
payments also? Yes ,and I want taxes raised on the rich!

See, George Bush couldn't fix the deficit but the democrats can.

Thank God ,oops sorry , thank my lucky stars for Mr Kagen

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Somebody Please Help

Could someone please give me information on the nearest
metal facility in northeastern Wisconsin. I need one of those
jackets and a white rubber room! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just haveing a morning cup of coffee with my neighbor.
First let me say is is one great guy. He is always the first to help
people , has a good heart and is a good friend .There are times we
would not know what to do if we didn't have such great people next door.
As we talked about our day ahead , gasoline prices came up . I said in
Antigo yesterday morning gas was 1.99 gal and when I went through
yesterday afternoon it went to 2.09 gal . He stopped by the door and
said gas was suppose to go up to 2.19 gal today. Well as you know I
do keep track of the oil markets. Yes with the recent cold weather and
crude oil dipped once under $50.00 a barrel it was about to make a
slight correction up, not to mention OPEC said it will cut production).
Back to the morning coffee conversation, he then said the reason gas
will go up is because of Bush's speech the other night.

What? Say that again? Bush's speech?

I'm sorry, my neighbor is one great guy and appreciate him more
than my own brothers, but I am sorry, where in the HELL do people get
that information from? Gasoline was under $2.00 bucks a gal for a time
( may have been a short time but was good to see anyway) and it goes to
2.09 or 2.19 and its Bush's fault.

Am I insane or is this just a dream?

I have to give you Libs credit, it's working !
Your daily talking points( Main Stream Media) from the bad economy
( stock market hit new highs yesterday) to Iraq's killed in Iraq
( lie that my mother and Steve Kagen believes is 650,000 Iraq's have
been killed in Iraq, no not true) , to it's Bush's fault for gasoline going up
today because of the speech he did.

I now know that in less than two years Hillary will become president.
When that happens, what will people say when;
taxes go up,
property taxes go up ,
the stock market crashes and people loose money in their IRA's,
have to pay for socialized medicine ,
have another 9 11 ,
have a suit case bomb go off in L A ,
pay $3.50 to $4.50 for a gal of gasoline,
have their guns taken away,
the list goes on and on !
It must be shows like Bob and Tom, Oprah, the View, and other
shows that people believe everything they hear. The only hope is
that todays young people have the courage and knowledge to
straighten this country out when it starts going down the drain.

They say Rush lie's and anyone that listens to him
or people like Shawn H. or any other Conservatives are mind numb robots
sucking in all the right wing beliefs and we are too dumb to know better.

What to do ,what to do ?
I'm sorry, am I a idiot, am I a drunk ( haven't had a drink in 25 days).
I am a republican and my opinion doesn't count! I am to keep my opinions
to my self, criticize Bush, hate Bush, love higher taxes, never say
anything negative about democrats and become a liberal.

As President Regan said ( sorry I may be a little off with the quote )
" can we have differences of opinion , disagree over issues , but do we
have to hate each other in the process".

When its a Conservative, it's hate speech, evil, stupid, dumb,
bigoted, homophobe, jerk, you 'd make your mother eat dog food
( take away her S S ) that's me?
When its a democrat, it's open minded , compassionate, we care for
the poor, we want a higher min wage, we want all of the poor to have
health care !
See, when the dems were elected , everything is now good ,
if it's bad it's still Bushs fault, lets get out of Iraq (but whats your plan ,
we don't have one , that O K ) I like you , you like me ,
It's George W Bushs fault!

It is O K that most people here on the lake do not like my
conservative ideas, do not like my conservative opinions , are not able
to inform themselves of issues that may concern them , I guess I will
stand up for what I believe is right.

I will be fine. I am a conservative! When my taxes go up , I will find a way
to save more money, to make more money, to take care of my family to
the best of my abilities. I will be fine , I only pray to GOD ( sorry if you
don't have any religious faith) that our young people will straighten out
this mess someday.

No matter what happens , the glass is half full, not half empty!

God Bless America

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Badger Basketball

Just started vs Michigan!


MATC Milwaukee

Interesting ! From J S Online

MATC teachers, workers rally for resolution
to contract negotiations
Posted: Jan. 23, 2007
Some 100 teachers and support workers rallied Tuesday at
a Milwaukee Area Technical College board meeting, demanding
a resolution to contract negotiations that have gone on for 15
Negotiations between the college and the American Federation of
Teachers, Local 212, which represents full-time teachers and
professionals, are in arbitration with the Wisconsin Employment
Relations Commission. The contract expired in June.
"Enough time has been wasted and morale at the college has
sunk way lower than it should have ever been allowed to go,
" said Michael Rosen, president of the MATC teachers union.

This is my favorite quote!
"Enough time has been wasted and morale at the college has
sunk way lower than it should have ever been allowed to go,

Wow, That is interesting !
Link to atricle

College Tuition Minnesota / Wisconsin

Minnesota wants more , Wisconsin wants more !
How much will it cost to go to school?

From JS online from

2-state tuition pact in jeopardy
U. of Minnesota wants fee gap closed

Posted: Jan. 23, 2007
The University of Minnesota is threatening to pull out of
a tuition reciprocity agreement between Minnesota and
Wisconsin unless its students from Wisconsin start paying
between $1,200 and $2,700 more a year.

Wisconsin has rejected the proposal, but the University of
Minnesota is pushing back.
"We would like to reach agreement within the existing
agreement," said Craig Swan, vice provost for undergraduate
education at the University of Minnesota. "That's the preferable
outcome. But I don't want to rule other things out."

When will it end? How much does a student need to pay
for those expensive instructors?

Link to full article

Close to Home

From the Green Bay Press Gazette.
How much did Diamond Jim get for this?

Link to full Article

Posted January 24, 2007

Feds endorse Menominee casino for Kenosha
The Associated Press
Federal officials have given preliminary approval for a new
American Indian casino in Kenosha.

Menominee tribal officials said Terrance Virden, regional
director in the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Midwest
Regional Office, sent them a letter on Friday saying the
office has determined the casino would benefit the tribe
and not hurt the community.

24 Days 19 Hours

The countdown begins , Datona 07

NASCAR starts in 24 days!

News from Roush racing!
Jack in the Hat to take on partners .
To compete with Toyota , it makes sence!

Roush ready to step up to the plate vs. Toyota
By Joe Menzer, NASCAR.COM
January 24, 200706:21 PM EST (23:21 GMT)

CONCORD, N.C. -- To say Jack Roush is ready to take on
Toyota with a baseball bat would be a bit of a misnomer.
First of all, to hear Roush talk, one bat wouldn't be nearly
enough to do battle with the automobile behemoth that is
readying to make its entry into Nextel Cup racing. That's
why Roush apparently is lining up an unlimited supply of
bats at his disposal -- as he prepares to take on Fenway
Sports group as a partner in his Roush Racing operation.
Fenway Sports Group is owned by John Henry, majority
owner of the Boston Red Sox.

Read the rest

Go Mark Matin


Go Roush Racing

Which one is ?

From Owen at Boots and Sabers

A Picture From the East Wing
I’ll let you guess which one is Doyle and
which one is the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Did You See this coming

Increase in Cigarette tax ,
Who profits from it?
Who makes money?
What will Gov. Lawton do when in office?
Makes sence to me!

From CP @ RDW Link

The Guvs gift to the tribes...
In a stunning lack of common sense today. Jim Doyle is
announcing that the proposed $1 a pack increase in cigarette
taxes is not enough for him and he is endorsing a $1.25 a pack
increase moving Wisconsin's tax per pack of cigarettes to $2.02.
(God forbid we not be among the five highest taxed anything)
They are trying to use tax policy again to legislate behavior,
same old liberal social engineering.I ask you who are the
benefactors of this tax increase?Any businesses in neighboring
states that sell cigarettes will see an increase in business as
people cross borders to feed their habits.But in addition,
the Indian tribes who have smoke shops in their casinos will
see a huge influx of people going there to avoid the state tax
the casinos are exempt from. Of course the casinos do not pass
all the savings along, they mark their smokes up to a point
where their profit is much higher than retailers who have to
pay the taxes, but their prices are marginally lower.This will
be of huge benefit to the casinos that just dropped how many
hundreds of thousands into the Governors re-election campaign?
One thing is certain they will have to hire extra people to count
all the windfall profits coming their was as a result of horrid tax
policy.Furthermore, when Jim Doyle was telling us how hard he
worked to balance the budget, you remember the one they found
the almost $2 billion hole in after Doyle won, why didn't he tell us
about all the tax increases and fee increases he was in favor of?
Hmmm?This is only the beginning people. Hold onto your wallets,
pick up those phones and call your legislators, fire up those
keyboards and send those emails tell them Wisconsin taxes are
high enough.Tell the Governor to stop rewarding those who put
him in office and start fighting for the people and lowering our
ridiculous tax burden.As if that is not bad enough Doyle is also
planning to ban smoking in every workplace in the state including
every restaurant and every tavern.This is just plain wrong. Look
if you own a business and you want to allow smoking in it, that is
your concern, not the governors. Let the market work.There are
places that allow smoking and ones that don't, there is a market
for each.Tell me how many people die by drunk driver every year?
I don't see the Guv banning alcohol for everyone's greater good,
or increasing taxes on alcoholic beverages by 162%.

What a payoff Diamond Jim!

Lake District

Does anyone know anything about a Lake District?

How does it work?

Who is involved?

Who do you contact to get information?

Is it good to have a lake under a Water district?

What are the draw backs?

Thanks for anyone's help.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kagan Watch 1/23/07 , How Did I Miss This

Thanks Charlie Sykes for the update from the Appleton Post Cresent.
So Dr K is sorry for the distraction! Dr K did you or did you not say
"you were going to kick Karl Roves ASS"? Did you call Mrs. Laura Bush
"Barbara" Answer the question!
You can't even tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted January 21, 2007
Rep. Steve Kagen column:
I'm sorry for distraction and will work hard for you
I have officially been your congressman for almost three weeks

now. In this short time, I'm even more struck than I was when
I first decided to run by the enormity of the challenges we face
— in Iraq, in our nation's health care system, along our borders,
in our public schools and universities, in our jobs and in the record
debt we risk leaving for our children and grandchildren.

Yet, you have probably heard more about my appearance at
last year's White House reception for new lawmakers than you
have about the issues my colleagues and I are grappling with
today on your behalf. And that's a shame because you deserve

I apologize for handling this situation as I did. I allowed this
distraction to get out of hand and divert our attention from the
critically important work we're doing.

My mishandled attempt at humor wasn't delivered or received
well. It won't happen again.

I'm completely committed to bipartisan efforts to confront the
issues you sent me here to address. We have already voted to lower
drug prices for seniors, restore fiscally responsible budget rules, end
the stranglehold lobbyists had on lawmakers, raise the minimum wage
and cut interest rates for students attending college and technical

We have started on a new path toward energy independence, so we
rely on our own resources, rather than foreign powers. Republicans
and Democrats have been voting together for positive change.

But these are just the first steps. There's still much more to do to
make our families and our country stronger.

I have heard from working families and business owners everywhere
who tell me health care costs are simply out of reach. Farm families
asked me to do something about high costs for energy that hit them
twice — once when they buy fertilizer and again when they purchase fuel.

During the next two years, I will put partisanship aside and fight hard
every day to relieve impossible health care and energy costs.

From my position as the only Wisconsin congressman on the
Agriculture Committee, I hope to make sure our farm families
receive a fair price for their products, our rural communities are
able to support healthy families and we continue to conserve
our air, water and soils for future generations.

Businesses and workers from Marinette to the Paper Valley
are being slammed by unprecedented foreign competition.
Reversing the loss of higher wage jobs to cheap overseas labor
markets is essential for the security of our families and our nation.

I will continue to work hard with my Republican colleague,
Tom Petri, on the Transportation Committee to improve the
infrastructure critical to our New North region and our way of life.

I will also concentrate on ending our military involvement in
Iraq's civil war.

Working together, we will grow our economy, educate our
children and secure our national and global health.

In Washington, partisanship is a contact sport. Half of this town
thinks their political party is more important than their country.

Well, I have cared for tens of thousands of patients over the past
25 years, and I have never met anyone who thinks that being a
Democrat or a Republican is more important than being an
American from northeast Wisconsin.

In the weeks and months ahead, you and I may have different
points of view on specific issues. But I won't let you down.

Rep. Steve Kagen can be reached at 202-225-5665 or through
his Web site at

BLA ,BLA ,BLA, BLA, BLA ,don't answer the question and blame
someone else!!!!!
You Libs just kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put out the Welcome Mat

Well ,I just thought I would fill you in with our special town meeting.
The board voted to pay $333.00 towards a grant through the WDNR
and the EPA for Berry Lake here in Oconto County. The EPA is coming
this year to the lake to do core samples around the lake. The grant the
town voted yes to is to do a survey to the people around the lake.
The total Grant was for a whopping $13,000.00 to pay for a survey.
Where does this grant money come from. Yes TAXES!!!!!!
First a survey, then soil samples , then habitat studies, then a protected
water resource ordinance, then reduced boat motor size to stop destroying
the plants in the water, then to only non motorized boats on the lake,
I can't wait!

The first thing I want to say is that we had 11 people show up plus the
six people from the town board. Total towns population around 850!
That 1.3 % of the town! The grant information seemed to be
a surprise to most there! Most didn't know there were 2-3 other meetings
before this. The town board made the comment that at
most monthly town board meetings only one to three people ever show up!
O K, here's my gripe , most people on the lake don't give a crap about anything
except for the social party's in the summer. We have someone on our lake
with his nose up close with the WDNR and nobody wants to talk to the guy !
If someone doesn't pay attention to what he and others are doing , all hell
will break loose and you will have no one to blame but yourselves! If you don't
like what is going on I have a question for you. Where in the heck
have you been ? Will someone pay attention? I do say there are
two people who care on this lake but no one will listen to them.
And their good people!

Time will tell what will happen on Berry Lake. Someday and it may take
a few years , we will have more restrictions , more regulation , and more
nanny government intruding on our personnel freedoms. I love this lake and
want to protect it too, but when civil liberties get taken away because
of a extinct turtle that lived here 250 years ago . I can just see a TON and I
mean a TON of enviromental WACKO'S all over this lake!
That's where I draw the line .

Can we all say


Can we all say

E P A !

I'll put the welcome mat out for them before they get here!

Wow, What a Week So Far

From Gillett to
Iron River Michigan to
Minocqua to
Rhinelander and back to Gillett,
it's good to be home .
There's some snow in northern Wisconsin and some sleds running ,
but they sure could use a little more snow.
Business is tough all over the north so we can only pray for a little
white stuff to keep our economy going!
The one thing I can say is people are all great and friendly.
From Save More to the Trig's stores to Angeli's up in Michigan
to all the other stores I visited, the food industry cannot compare
itself to anything else. Especially, if like me, you work for one
GREAT Company!
Nice to be home .

Monday, January 22, 2007

Blue Monday

No wonder I fell like crap this morning!
Maybe it has something to do with the bears winning?

From the Daily Mail
Blue Monday: The unhappiest day of the year
By COLIN FERNANDEZ - More by this author »
Last updated at 00:01am on 22nd January 2007

If you are feeling a little down then you can take solace in
the thought that things are unlikely to get any worse.
Today, say experts, is the unhappiest day in the entire year.
Unpaid Christmas bills, nasty weather, and failed New Year's
resolutions combine to make January 22 the gloomiest in the
But if anyone can cope with 'blue Monday' it is the British, who
researchers have found to be mainly optimists.

Link to article

Think people , this is just another excuse for the cady's ,
i e Baby boomers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ethanol Friend or Foe

Charlie Sykes
has an article on Corn production related to
ethanol mandates. Now I am against mandates on ethanol! Why
should government mandate what gas stations should sell?
Now the ethanol industry is saying it will reduce emissions in
the atmosphere. The real reason is "Follow the money". Inflated
prices for corn is making a lot of people rich. What Idiots,
Libs and Candy's are not thinking about is not only tortillas from
Mexico but one thing leads to another!

Other unintended consequence:

higher corn prices for farmers,
higher feed prices for farmers,
higher milk prices for consumers,
higher cheese prices for consumers,
higher costs for pizza's at home and Pizza Hut,
higher feed cost for pork producers,
higher prices for breakfast bacon,
higher prices for breakfast at Perkins and McDonalds,
higher prices for Easter ham,
higher prices for ham and cheese sandwiches,
higher feed prices for turkey growers,
higher prices for turkey club sandwiches,
higher whole turkeys for Thanksgiving,
I didn't even touch this, Higher Gasoline prices!

When you go to your local Kwik Trip, B P or other
gas stations , look at the price you are paying! If ethanol
blended gas saves the environment and saves you money
at the pump, how come 10% ethanol blended gasoline is the
same price as non blended gasoline. Shouldn't it be cheaper
to buy the blended gas? Should blended gas be 5 cents a gal

I only ask that you think and ask questions about blended
gasoline. Call your state rep. and tell him no MANDATES
on ethanol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FRIDAY, Jan. 19, 2007, 11:47 a.m.
Another unintended consequence:
Cost of Corn Soars, Forcing Mexico to Set Price Limits
MEXICO CITY, Jan. 18 — Facing public outrage over the
soaring price of tortillas, President Felipe Calderón abandoned
his free-trade principles on Thursday and forced producers to
sign an agreement fixing prices for corn products.Skyrocketing
prices for corn on the world market have pushed up the price
of the humble tortilla, the mainstay of the Mexican diet, by
nearly a third in the past three weeks, to 35 cents a pound in
Mexico City and even higher in other parts of the country.
Half of the country’s 107 million people live on $4 a day or less,
and many of them survive largely on tortillas and beans. The
price increases have riled the public to such an extent that it
has created a political storm that threatens to swamp Mr. Calderón’s
fresh presidency. ...There is a continuing debate here about what
caused the price of tortillas to shoot up so quickly. Some economists
blame the increased demand for corn from ethanol plants in the
United States, and it is true corn prices in the States last week
reached their highest point in a decade, the United States Agriculture
Department said. At the same time, the cost of white corn has risen
about 13 percent here over the past year, Mexican government
figures show.