Monday, September 17, 2007

Berry Lake-What A Comedy

It's the middle of September.

The weather is great, the lake is quiet. Life doesn't get any better.

Some of the part time residence are packed up for the year. Each weekend and sometimes during the week people are still taking there boats , pontoons and water craft out of the water for the winter.
For those not on this lake we now have Eurasian water-milfoil (EWM) in our lake. It was never in our lake till this year. How it got into our lake is another story that I won't bore you with at this time. I have my theory's but it is in Berry Lake and it is spreading.

What really gets my goat is as people are driving their water craft , boats, etc to the boat landing, they drive right through the Eurasian water-milfoil (EWM). The boat landing is full of it and as people drive towards the boat landing I see them with motors down and motors rev ed up. Saturday , Sunday and today I seen four water crafts fly right through the EWM almost wide open. What a JOKE!!!!!!!!! I have to wonder how much EWM is being cut up by props and continue spreading across the lake.

I see no common sense by lake people to shut their motors off , raise their props and row or walk their boats to the boat landing. Where are the so called "LEADERS"of the lake telling people to cut their motors and walk the boats in! Where are the "Leaders " of the lake to inform and monitor EWM spreading all over the lake. What a bunch of good feeling, I care and you don't people that are supposed to be taking care of this. Typical LIBERALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, we will pay out of our own pocket or we will pay through our property taxes. And we will pay. EWM will keep spreading , the WDNR and EPA will eventually put restrictions on the lake, property values will drop and all the lefties will be happy. I guess in, oh say ten years only 20 ft pontoons or smaller and 16 HP motors will be all you will use on Berry Lake.

So to all the lefties on the lake , GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

What A Scam

Diamond Jim, what scam artist.
I am sorry for these parents that don't understand this scam and the children that are sucked into this. People , wake up! This is only a proposal ! It will not pass in the state budget. There is no money for it, ( Diamond Jim has not said how he is going to pay for this)! All Wisconsin schools are at capacity as it is ( thousands of kid in Wisconsin already are turned away because there is no room)! Who is going to pay for this?

Posted September 16, 2007
Wisconsin Covenant draws praise, concern from area principals
By Kathy Walsh Nufer Post-Crescent staff writer
Neenah High School Principal Mark Duerwaechter likes the Wisconsin Covenant as both a principal and parent of a ninth-grader who could benefit if it becomes reality.

"I think the concept is very good," Duerwaechter said of the proposed program, which guarantees students who maintain a B average, take classes they need to get into college and behave like a good citizen through high school, a place in a public or private Wisconsin university or technical college plus sufficient financial aid.

"Guarantees students" When has the state every guaranteed anything besides death and taxes!
What are these people smoken!

From a fourteen year old genius!!!!!!!!!!!
"I always wanted to go to a UW school and I thought this would bee a good opportunity to guarantee a position there. My dad was kind of skeptical but I convinced him. I'm sure the legislators in Madison will sort things through."
This fourteen year old kid must be on something or his parents are really (excuse me) DUMB!

"the people in Madison will sort this out" Say WHAT?., We still do not have a budget. Do you people understand without a budget our taxes are not going up, this is a good thing!!!!
Why don't they just blame republicans for no program! Oh I'm sorry, give it time and they will!

Lets get this straight,
today there is no program,
there is no money, it does not exist!
What are you people thinking!
Jim Doyle is pulling a fast one and nobody sees it!

Hold on to your wallets , it's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

complete artticle from Appleton Post Cresant