Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cotton Eye Joe

Don't ask me how I found this but, a Swedish band? 
Come on! 
How can this be a Swedish Band?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mickey & Minnie Arrested

Local News
"BURBANK, Calif (KTLA) -- Protesters dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse were arrested outside Walt Disney Studios Wednesday morning.
The two activists chained themselves to the studio gates to protest Disney's alleged use of paper from endangered Indonesian rain forests in its children s books."

Texas To See Influx Of Biz From California, Wis. Next

The vision Scott Walker can see.

Texas Continues To See Influx Of Businesses Relocate From California « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth:
"DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – In 1849, finding gold at Sutter’s Mill set off a historic Gold Rush to California. Today, though, businesses are leaving that state to seek their fortunes elsewhere: Many of which are either or expanding or relocating in Texas.
The most recent – and high profile – example happened just this month, as California staple In-N-Out Burger opened its two southernmost locations in Frisco and Allen. As predicted, scores of former Golden State residents lined up, causing hours-long waits in its opening days.
Like many businesses, former California residents are happy to reside in the Lone Star State for similar reasons."

Vince Has A Question For Some Wisconsin 12th District Republicans

Vince, I have the same question!

I see this in the Tomahawk Leader and also at News of the The second 12th District Republican County Chair to want to throw their name in the hat for a run against Jim Holperin. You can read about Kevin Barthel here.

Tomahawk Leader Newspaper - Tomahawk WI:

Lussow to run for Senate seat

Lincoln County Board Chair Bob Lussow, Tomahawk, on Friday announced his candidacy for the State Senate District 12 seat currently held by Jim Holperin, who faces a recall. 'I'm in this because I'm tired of the negligence, the posturing, and the pussyfooting around the real
issues faced by our communities. Put another way, I'm done with the dishonesty,
disingenuousness and outright disregard for the people of this district and this state,' he stated. 'I've been a pilot for almost 50 years, so situational awareness - the ability to assess everything that is happening around you and plot the best course of action -is second nature to me. I believe I can bring that kind of direction to this district. I've served on the Lincoln County Board for 11 years, as its chairman since 2008. I've never done anything but tell it like it is. I've won some and I've lost some but no matter what, I did my duty and gave the best I had in me every single day. The record speaks for itself. My promise is only this;
Sound thought. Straight talk. Strong action.'

Look for more in the May 17 Tomahawk Leader."

Now I understand, you, I or anyone has the choice to run against Jim Holperin for being a fleebagger but it seems Kim Simac did a lot of work to get the recall done. I think she has the backing of the people of the 12th. How would she get 23,000 recall signatures if she is not a capable candidate?  She is right on the issues and has the backing of the people in the 12th. 

I wonder if the republican party is trying to splinter the vote to keep Holperin in office? Since Reince Priebus left Wisconsin, is there a disconnect between the republican party and conservatives in northern Wisconsin. It seemed Reince worked together with all people including tea party people in Wisconsin to take back the state of Wisconsin. Did we all forget what he did last November? Are we all not in this together to get Jim Holperin replaced? I don't know Mr Lussow, he is probably a fine man but why all of a sudden he wants to throw his hat in the ring when he knows Kim Simac is already running? How many other Republican County Chairs will throw their name in? 

Just seems like a concerted effort by the republican party to help Holperin. I know Tom Tiffany and Jeff Mursau are not running so what is going on? Maybe the republican party of Wisconsin only want certain voters and the heck with the rest of the people who voted for Scott Walker, Ron Johnson and the rest who were a part of the republican landslide of 2010. 

What the heck is really going on out there? Let's pull together to replace Holperin in the Wisconsin 12th Senate District. 

Those Wolves Are So Cute

Since I live in the Nicolet Forest I found this article about a wolf preying on a deer and a lot of misconceptions about Wolves. Good to read the whole thing. 

A Wolf in the Fold > Buckmasters > View All Articles

"While researching this article, I came across a website that featured a video clip of a pack of wolves howling. The site invited visitors to comment on the video, and the remarks were shocking. “Wolves are so cute that I want to hug them and kiss them,” was one comment. Now I’ve heard the term “bunny hugger” before, but that comment took the cake.

The writer returned to the scene the next day and took this photo of the wolf tracks.
Anybody who thinks wolves are friendly or cuddly is living in a fantasy world. I’m neither a wolf lover nor a wolf hater. Wolves are what they are, and their entire lives revolve around killing to survive. They are not evil, but they certainly are not more humane than hunters when it comes to taking prey. The particulars on how wolves deal out death is perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of wildlife behavior"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Next President, Rick Perry From Texas????????


RealClearPolitics - Rick Perry Presidential Push Quietly Gains Steam:
"May 17, 2011
Rick Perry Presidential"

As many grass-roots Republicans remain in search of a conservative candidate with the pizazz to go toe-to-toe against President Obama, a man from deep in the heart of Texas who was tea party before the tea party was cool appears to be giving the presidential race some thought.

Yea, I can see him kicking some A@#

Yea Baby! Kagen Looking At Comeback?

From the Appleton P C . Your pulling my leg? I get to pull out my Steve Kagen, Nancy Pelosi puppet one more time? 

WASHINGTON — While news spread Tuesday about former Gov. Tommy Thompson planning a run for the Senate, former Rep. Steve Kagen confirmed that he, too, is mulling a bid for the open seat.

“I’m giving it serious consideration,” said Kagen, an Appleton Democrat who lost his House seat in November to Republican Reid Ribble.

Kagen declined to give a timetable for reaching a decision, but he gave a hint of what his campaign theme would be if he decides to run.

Run Steve Run!

"Wis. U.P. North", My New Web Site,

I want to announce a new web site I started. 

"Wis. U.P. North"

It is a web site for news and information concerning Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan with some U.S. and World news.

I still have to tweak the site but at least wanted to get it out for anyones take.

please let me know at

wisupnorth at

or through this comment section 

Please pass it on.

P.S. If you have any ideas, if I am missing some information, let me know. I sure would appreciate your take.

Thank You 
Paul Socha

Editor, reporter, photographer, sales rep, circulation mgr, marketing mgr, customer service mgr, secretary, distribution mgr and any other position I am responsible for. 

Wis. U.P. North

Monday, May 16, 2011

Romney, $10.25M Can't Buy Votes

$10.25 million is not enough.

Romney phone bank raises $10.25M in a single day - Yahoo! News
"LAS VEGAS – Mitt Romney wants his money to show his might.
The all-but-declared Republican presidential contender, who has kept his head low for much of the year as he collected cash, raised $10.25 million in a single day Monday after bringing together his network of wealthy donors to dial for dollars in a city with no shortage of them. It's a hefty one-day total that Romney's team hopes will show his strength in the emerging GOP field.
Romney's phone bank fundraiser at the Las Vegas Convention Center, much like one during his first attempt at the Republican nomination, was the centerpiece of a series of fundraising events that included a conference call with volunteers who were asked to solicit their friends and neighbors for donations."

Since Romney started OBAMA CARE, no matter how much money he raises, it's not enough to buy the conservative vote. 

The Tea Party goes forward without Mitt Romney. 

BREAKING!! Dirty Harry Back At Alcatraz Island?

BREAKING!! Park rangers, San Francisco firefighters responding to unspecified emergency on Alcatraz Island - KCBS:

TWITTER - Park rangers, San Francisco firefighters responding to unspecified emergency on Alcatraz Island - KCBS"

Wonder what's going on. Dirty Harry must be cleaning up on some wacko liberals hiding out on Alcatraz.

The Enforcer 1976

Gasoline Could Be $3.50 - $3.60 Gal

Wholesale Gasoline and Heating oil futures. 4:05 pm 
Energy & Oil Prices: Natural Gas, Electricity and Oil - Bloomberg:
"OIL (¢/gal)
Nymex Heating Oil Future 285.96 -8.26 -2.81% 16:48
Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future 292.27 -15.17 -4.93% 16:5"

My observation is from past history. Gasoline in Wisconsin seems to be 70 cents above the wholesale price. Give or take a couple of cents. 

Former RINO Now Dem To Run Against Cowles

Nancy Nusbaum In, Rich Langan Out for Recall Bid Against Cowles - WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News:

 "Just days after announcing he would run as a Democrat against Republican State Senator Robert Cowles of Allouez in a possible recall election, Rich Langan drops his bid.

In a statement, Langan says, 'Due to an unexpected family situation, regretfully, I am unable to run for state senate at this time, but I will vigorously support a strong candidate to replace our current senator who voted to close our public schools.'

That candidate may be former Brown County Supervisor and former De Pere Mayor Nancy Nusbaum.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin says Nusbaum plans an announcement about the 2nd Senate District on Tuesday at Voyageur Park in De Pere."

This should be good.

Kenseth Wins Dover

Top 10 finish at Dover

"2011 Unofficial Race Results : FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks
FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks | May 15, 2011 | Race 11 of 36

1 24 17 Matt Kenseth Ford Wiley X Sunglasses 47/1 400 Running
2 25 5 Mark Martin Chevrolet 43/1 400 Running
3 18 9 Marcos Ambrose Ford Dewalt 41/0 400 Running
4 7 18 Kyle Busch Toyota M&M's 40/0 400 Running
5 15 83 Brian Vickers Toyota Red Bull 39/0 400 Running
6 22 33 Clint Bowyer Chevrolet BB&T 39/1 400 Running
7 13 99 Carl Edwards Ford Aflac 38/1 400 Running
8 8 56 Martin Truex Jr. Toyota NAPA Auto Parts 37/1 400 Running
9 1 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet Lowe's 37/2 400 Running
10 10 29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet Budweiser 34/0 400 Running"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kevin Barthel Considering Run Again Holperin

I received this concerning the upcoming Wisconsin 12th Senate District. It was also sent to area papers by Kevin.  


As Spring finally hits the North Woods and especially in Oconto County where
the ‘row-crops meet the tree-tops’, it is important to remember what we all
went through in mid February and early March as a result of the Democrat
Senator’s abandoning their jobs and turning their back on their constituents.

Two Democrat Senator representing Oconto County, Senator Jim Holperin
and Senator Dave Hansen, fled the State to avoid doing their job. In my
opinion – and I believe the majority of the people in northern Wisconsin – this
was a childish act and any words Senator Holperin and Senator Hansen say
to deflect or condone their behavior is nonsense. Although they continue to
say, that they were ‘stalling the vote on Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill’,
is this what we elect Senators for? Stalling? Their job is not to run away from
a debate, but rather to defend their point and debate it. The Democrat
Assembly Members debated hard – because of special interest, the Democrat
Senators did not defend their point or even bother to show-up for the debate.

As I said when I filed suit against Senator Holperin in Oconto County Court
asking the Judge to immediately force him to return to do his job and
represent the people of the 12
District: ‘in the northwoods, anyone fortunate
to have a job does it under the rules of employment or they quit or get fired”. It
is clear that Senator Holperin broke the rules of the Wisconsin Senate – this
was confirmed by the Oconto County Judge. Do we want Senator Holperin to
get a pass on this? I doubt it. Do you get a pass if you don’t show up for work
in Antigo, Eagle River, Peshtigo or Oconto? Of course not – why does he, or
Senator Hansen?

Now, as a result of circumstances and legislative actions in Madison, Senator
Holperin is back at work in Madison. Ashamed, I would suppose, of his
fleeing to Illinois and having to run against his decision in a Recall Election.
My name has been circulated as a possible Candidate in an eventual 12th
Senate District Recall Election running as a Republican Candidate against
Senator Holperin.

I will say first; as a fiscal conservative I do not like recalls as they are
inefficient, cost money, waste people’s time and resources and confuse
voters. Second, Elected Officials regularly come up for re-election and can be
replaced at that time by the will of the Voters. However, this being said,
because of recall activities by both Democrats and Republicans we face
an electoral reality – frankly because of the actions of Senator Holperin. He
brought this on himself.

I am definitely and actively considering running as Senator for State Senate
District 12 as a challenge to Senator Holperin. According to the rules, the
Government Accountability Board (GAB) must certify signatures on Recall
Petitions. Therefore, the GAB should be given time to complete their job and
once they have an official decision, I will have a formal announcement.

One last point; as a response to my Motion in Oconto County Court against
Senator Holperin’s action, he said, this was one of "many tactics designed to
coax (Democrats) into returning." Senator Holperin, it was not a tactic. You
simply failed to fulfill your sworn oath and duty as a State Senator to your
constituents in the 12th District and I simply called you on it.

Kevin Barthel
Republican Party of Oconto County
Lakewood, Wisconsin