Friday, July 30, 2010

Back From Upper East Side

Got son # 1 moved in. Lucky it was only one load.

Couple of things.

As we're loading up it smelled like someone puked along the street. I figured it was a bunch of college kids and some must of had too good of a time. Then when I was leaving with the windows open, I could smell it again. Could it of been Tom Barrett's 2.1 million dump? If it was I feel sorry for anyone on the east side. WOW!!!!!!!

Then driving back on I43 north, you should of seen all the flat landers from Illinois who were heading north. Seemed like the whole state was moving to Wisconsin. WOW!!!!!

Waiting for my sweetie to get home from work.

Milwaukee, a nice place to visit but would never liver there.

Martin so far in 8th.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone.

Moven On Up.............

Moven on up,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to the east side,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you know the sitcom from years ago.

Well I'm leaving the compound in about an hour to help Berry Laker son # 1 move deeper into the east side of Milwaukee. A new spacious three bedroom for him and his two new room mates for his junior year at UWM. Should save a some money. Heats included, thank God.

Wow! I can't wait to get him moved and go to Bradford beach for a swim.

Ooopps, I think Tom Barrett closed the beach. I wonder why?

Well if you see a snowmobile trailer running around the east side of Milwaukee, it's me. Wondering if the snooty east side'rs let snowmobile trailers in on the east side? Wonder if I see any homeless people again looking for a couple bucks? Let's hope I don't drive into any sink holes while I'm there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 billion gallons of Of Poop and Not A Word From Tom Barrrett

From JSOnline

You can go to the article to read the whole thing.
"2 billion gallons of sewage, storm water overflowed
By Don Behm of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: July 27, 2010

More than 2 billion gallons of untreated sewage and storm water spilled out of urban sewers into local waterways after last Thursday's torrential rain storm, but even those overflows could not adequately relieve the sewers and prevent basement backups, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District says in a report to state environmental officials.

"The relief points could not get excess rain and flood water out of overburdened sewers fast enough," the district says in a report released Tuesday to the state Department of Natural Resources. Three district rain gauges on Milwaukee's north side recorded total rainfall of more than 8 inches Thursday and Friday."
 2 billion gallons of sewage, storm water overflowed - JSOnline

Notice no comment from Tom Barrett who is in charge of MMSD. Seems like the media has a democrat bias on the dump.

If a farmer spilled 1 gal of cow manure along the road they would be fined thousand of dollars. MMDD dumps 2 million and it's no big deal.

NASCAR, Roush injured At AirVenture

From Green Bay Press
"NASCAR's Roush injured in AirVenture plane crash

By Adam Rodewald • Gannett Wisconsin Media • July 28, 2010

OSHKOSH — NASCAR team owner Jack Roush was injured when the business jet he was flying made a hard landing Tuesday night at Wittman Regional Airport.

Witnesses said the plane was coming in too low and too slow as it approached the south end of the airport's north-south runway, which caused the plane to start to roll. The nose then hit the ground, the plane spun 180 degrees and the tail broke off.

"It looked like a bad approach and he overcorrected and then crashed," said Mark Yarnell of New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Dick Knapinski, communications officer for the Experimental Aircraft Association, said Roush was piloting the plane when it went down, and there was one passenger on board. The accident was reported at 6:15 p.m."
NASCAR's Roush injured in AirVenture plane crash | | Green Bay Press Gazette

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ford Anounces 2011 Explorer


Ford CEO Alan Mulally was on CNBC to intro the new Explorer. Sure is nice to see the last non government car company so successful.

"Since its debut some 20 years ago, the Explorer has sold over six million units, and statistics show that more than half of all those Explorers are still active, out on the roads of the world. The two main targets Ford had in mind when creating a new unibody Ford were fuel economy and an appealing driving experience.

In appearance the new Explorer 2011 is not so different from the Flex, the big boys sharing the same platform and all. At the front, a further evolution of the three-bar grille from the Taurus sits above a trapezoidal lower air intake that echos some of Ford’s European models. All in all a modern, fresh look that some would go as far as describing with the term “artsy”."
Ford Explorer 2011 Finally (and Completely) Revealed Part I: Design & Safety –

Nice option for Mrs B in a few years.

Buy F O R D !!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ATV's, It's A Start

From the great Richard Moore and The Lakeland-Times
"7/23/2010 11:11:00 AM
Minocqua board votes to allow limited ATV use on roads
Summer use to be allowed on roads from Swamsauger Heights Road, E. Manhardt Road to Lynne
Richard Moore
Investigative Reporter

After spirited discussion at a packed meeting, the Minocqua Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to allow conditional summer use of ATVs on a group of specific town roads, most likely starting in 2011."
Minocqua board votes to allow limited ATV use on roads

With the economy in the shape it's in, you would think areas of Wisconsin would have open arms to increasing the tourist trade? It's at least a start to get some ATV action into Minocqua. If it's a couple of paved access roads, it's a start.

I think the sport of ATVing is growing leaps and bounds. A sport you can do May through October, rain or shine for the whole family to enjoy. The article also has some quotes from some fuddy duddy's who are still in the 18th century. They are still selling buggy whips in the 1950's and 60's.

Here's my club.

Dusty Trails ATV Club