Saturday, July 30, 2011

Only Until Dem's Are In Charge

From Shawano Leader

Seems Nancy Nusbaum wants to change how the minority party is heard. 

"“I would advocate that we should have the tools that allow for discussion,” she said. “When one group has all the power concentrated in their hands, they do not have to allow discussion. They cut out the cities. They cut out the counties. They cut out the public dialogue.”

Nusbaum would prefer, in the future, that legislators develop a mechanism, whether it’s a filibuster or something else, that would allow the minority party some power to keep legislation from passing without bipartisan effort.

“I hope it never, ever happens again, and it’s one of the things I will be working to influence,” Nusbaum said."

Where was Nancy when Doyle and the other democrats controlled Madison? 

Nancy wants change only until the dems are in control again.

What a phony candidate!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wausau : Lobbyist Explains Debt Talks To Seniors

From Wausau Daily Herald
Seniors at Wausau AARP event express dismay over U.S. debt debate

Seems some people in Wausau wanted to know whats going on with the current debt limit talks.

About 33 people attended an information session hosted by AARP at the Plaza Hotel in Wausau. Attendees also used electronic remotes to weigh in anonymously on several questions during the presentation, including one about how Congress should address the federal deficit.

About 73 percent favored a combination of tax increases and spending cuts to address the federal deficit.

The only way to fix the problem is to raise taxes? Who do seniors think should get tax increases? Who is telling seniors this information? Are they really trying to be honest and up front with people? Let's see, meet Lisa Larkin.

Dissatisfaction with members of Congress was evident at the event. Attendees murmured or grumbled aloud when AARP presenter Lisa Lamkin discussed various proposals that have been introduced and faded away in recent weeks.

Lamkin said she updates her presentation daily, knowing that each proposal might change or be tossed entirely.

Lisa Larkin is a L O B B Y I S T . Here's a link of her on Jigsaw

A lobbyist from AARP is telling people what is right and what is wrong? Are seniors that gullible? Here is the closing paragraph.

"I think most Americans feel a compromise is necessary," Decker said. "I'm not sure that Republicans really understood November's message -- to stop posturing and do the business of the people."

Republicans are posturing? Obama has no plan, democrats has not even put a budget out in over two years and republican are posturing? You got to be kidding. I am surprised the Daily Herald wouldn't even write that Larkin is a lobbyist! When a lobbyist starts telling people who to vote for, what government should do for you and who is right and who is wrong, we are in trouble. 

Another reason that the USA is at the end of it's existence.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Admit, We Lost Our Country

From The Wausau Daily Herald. 

I see this headline and decide to read on on who is calling Washington. 

Wisconsin residents eager to make calls to congressmen over debt ceiling debate

Sen. Ron Johnson's office said it took at least triple its average number of calls Tuesday and that almost all were about the debt ceiling debate. Half the callers supported Obama's position on settling the controversy, while a quarter supported Johnson and Republicans, and a quarter supported compromise, Johnson said.

My God, we finally lost our country. So Obama calls on voters to call Washington and these are the results . 

Half support Obama? People, people, people, Obama doesn't have a plan! So people supporting Obama will follow him off a cliff? So half the people will drink the grape Kool aid? This country has gone mad! What plan has Obama put on the table? The guy just wants to get re elected. 

A quarter support compromise?  So cutting $1.2 tril over 10 years is a good compromise? We are spending billions every day and they want to cut a couple millions every year? And who says the next five congresses will keep the spending caps on the books? This is insane! We lost it, this country finally went off the deep end!

And another thing, I hear from the morning and late afternoon guys on conservative radio 1130 WISN and they are saying, take the Boehner deal. it's the best we can get! Are you kidding! This is a replay of 2008. 

Remember when Henry Paulson said we had to bail out the banks! He said the world will end, our country cannot afford to let the financial markets crash! So they spent Trillions of dollars and where did the money go? How soon we forget. Did someone save the Kool Aid from 2008?  

The house should pass a bill to freeze spending and we will not have to raise the debt limit. It's a spending problem stupid! If the dem lead senate does not pass it then let everything drop! It will be on the hands of democrats and President Obama. 

Too many people are listening to the liberal media and republicans in Washington are drinking the Kool aid again. 

The end of this country is surly coming to it's final resting place.

Update 9:25 A M Central - Boehner Must Go!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Best NASCAR Invocation Ever

Only in NASCAR, "Smoking Hot Wife"

Tonight's Nascar Invocation Brought To You By Sunoco or My Smoking Hot Wife? | The Blogshevik-Just Be Glad I'm Not A Twin:

 "Tonight’s Nascar Invocation Brought To You By Sunoco or My Smoking Hot Wife?
By The Blogshevik • July 23, 2011"

NASCAR has a history of finding the most talented singers to deliver the National Anthem {insert sarcasm}, tonight during the Nationwide Series Federated Auto Parts 300 race in Nashville Tennessee wasn’t any different. Our dog leapt to its feet, made a beeline for the closed sliding glass door….and committed doggy suicide while the anthem was being *sung* (sic) by another one of NASCAR’s extremely gifted singers. While it was apparent at the time that this might be the most exciting part of this race, we were sadly mistaken.

Enter Pastor Joe Nelms of the Family Baptist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee. It’s obvious that Pastor Joe has the spirit in him but his delivery is, well….a tad unorthodox? But who cares, who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?….take a look.