Friday, February 25, 2011

Way To Go MHLT School Board, Docks Pay!!!!!

Give credit to the MHLT school board.

MHLT board will not pay teachers for day off of school:
"2/25/2011 9:25:00 AM

Tensions in Madison felt at MHLT
Rachel White

The Minocqua-Hazelhurst-Lake Tomahawk School board decided Monday following a lengthy closed session that staff members who didn't report for work Friday, Feb. 18, were in violation of the contract and would be docked one day of pay, as well as receive a letter of reprimand.

Last Friday 24 of the 47 staff members at MHLT called in sick to work, resulting in school closure for the day.

It is assumed they did so in protest of the efforts of the state Legislature to change collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Please call and thank them. Way to go people of that area. I think those 24 should be fired!

Holperin Recall In 10 Days

All of us in Holperins 12th disrtict are ready to gather over 20,000 signatures. 
The goal is 10 days, 

Media Advisory

For Immediate Release
Friday, February 25, 2010

Contact: Kim Simac
Phone: 715-479-8784

Recall Senator Jim Holperin sets Petition Drive
Kick-off Saturday
February 26, 2011

Growing Number of Citizens Organize to Gather Recall Signatures

EAGLE RIVER, WI -- Senator Jim Holperin is hiding out of state to avoid a vote on Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill. Northwood citizens will stage a district wide petition drive this Saturday across the north east tier of the great state of Wisconsin. “The district is huge,” says Simac, “but we have had an overwhelming show of support since these individuals decided that retreat was their best option.”

With the needed paperwork filed and taxpayers lining up in every county, city and town, average citizens are ready to send a clear message to their AWOL elected official. “Senator Holperin has failed to carry out his official duties in the State Senate,” said Kim Simac, leader of the recall committee.  “Jim Holperin needs to know that while he is hiding out in Illinois, voters in his district are taking the steps to remove him from office.”

This Saturday hundreds of disappointed taxpayers will take to the pavement and remind those who seek elected office that such positions require integrity, responsibility and a devotion to all they represent.

“Local Tea Party groups, GOP members and a cross- over of all political spectrums, are on board with this movement. “Our problems are serious and Senator Holperin has left his constituents with no representation in Madison during these conflicting times,” says Simac.

To recall Senator Jim Holperin, the committee anticipates needing to collect over 20,000 signatures.

The given time to collect needed signatures is sixty days. Simac says, “Give me ten; I am going to try to do it in ten.” “While these Senators are thinking this is a mini vacation and funds are being raised to support their insubordination, people like me are wasting our precious time away from our own businesses working on recalls.” Simac says, “Who really are the true leaders in this state?”

For more information or to join in the drive to Recall Senator Jim Holperin contact Kim Simac or go

Down To 1 1/2 Men

CBS & Warner Bros Pull The Plug: But Have We Seen The Last Of ‘Two And A Half Men’? –

"CBS & Warner Bros Pull The Plug: But Have We Seen The Last Of 'Two And A Half Men'?
By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Thursday February 24, 2011 @ 5:28pm PST"

UPDATED: As Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen's erratic behavior escalated today in a series of verbal assaults on the show's creator-executive producer Chuck Lorre, the sitcom's network and studio did the only thing they could in the situation: pull the plug.  But they only did it for this season. (Two and a Half Men was scheduled to resume production on Monday for 4 more episodes). So the door is left open for a possible ninth season. "Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros TV have decided to discontinue production ofTwo and a Half Men for the remainder of the season," the two companies said in a statement.

WDNR Scraps Deer Catch

State DNR scraps plan to catch deer by helicopter | | Wisconsin Outdoor Fun Wisconsin Hunting, Fishing, Camping| Wisconsin Hiking, Biking, ATV
FEBRUARY 25, 2011

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is scrapping a program to track and study deer by capturing them from a helicopter."


Madison- On Friday, Representative Michelle Litjens (R-Vinland) released the following
statement on the passage of the Budget Repair Bill:
“I am honored to have been able to participate in this amazing show of democracy
my fellow legislators and I have undertaken over the last two weeks to get Wisconsin’s
fiscal house in order on the state and local level and save jobs.
“With 63 hours of floor debate following a record-setting 17 hour public hearing,
those on both sides of this issue had a chance to get their voice heard and should be
commended for this effort.
“Wisconsin’s public employees are some of the best workers this country has to
offer. This was a very tough vote for all of us, but it is the easy votes of the past that put
us in this dire fiscal situation.
“I now call on my Democratic colleagues in the Senate to return home, and
participate in this great experiment we call democracy to take a vote to assist the
taxpayers of this state.”

Senate Bill 6 -- Voter ID bill information

Letter from Mary Lazich

Senate Democrats continued to abandon their legislative responsibilities by not attending the Senate floor sessions. However, the Senate was able to act on Senate Bill Six, the Voter ID bill, today, Thursday February 24, 2011. The Senate advanced the bill to a third reading, taking it beyond the amendment stage. Because there is a fiscal impact to the bill, specifically the cost associated with providing free IDs, the bill required a quorum for a final vote. Like the budget repair bill, all we need is one Democrat to come to the Capitol and we can approve the Voter ID bill.

The longer the Democrats continue to neglect their responsibilities as legislators, the more costly the Voter ID bill will become.

One of the main reasons the Indiana Voter ID law was found constitutional is that the state provided a program to educate citizens about the new requirement. Wisconsin Senate Bill Six saves the expense of a voter education program by providing a grace period during the April 2011 election. Voters will be asked to show identification at the time they vote. If voters do not provide an ID, they will still be allowed to vote. Poll workers will inform voters not providing an ID at the April election about the future requirement to provide photo ID.

If Democrats do not show up to vote on the bill, that means we will not be able to use the April election as the grace period to facilitate the education process. In that case, we would need to fund a multi-million dollar education program.

During 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s voter ID law. The court found the state’s interest in preventing voter fraud, modernizing elections and promoting public confidence in the integrity of the electoral process outweighed the limited burden upon voters’ rights. We closely studied the Indiana law and worked very hard to make sure these three constitutionally-tested interests are in Senate Bill Six. When this bill is finally signed into law, it will provide Wisconsin voters more confidence in the integrity of their elections and will not disenfranchise legitimate voters.

Mary Lazich
28th Senate District

Local Liberals Against Sound Government

Some area democrats who are against Scott Walkers Budget Bill that strips collective bargaining.. These have to be in the back pocket of the unions. Sorry, they are in the pocket of unions.

Dear Governor Walker, Senators and Representatives:

We respectfully urge you to reconsider and delete the proposal in the Budget Repair Bill to severely restrict the collective bargaining process between local governmental bodies and their employees. This provision of your recommended bill is inconsistent with the Wisconsin tradition of local control over local community issues. In addition, it does not help achieve the prime goal we all share of providing cost-effective, quality public services for Wisconsin's people.

Jerry Pillath, Marinette County Board Supervisor District #13, Marinette County Board of Supervisors

Dean Zempel, Town Supervisor, Town of Middle Inlet

Mary Peterson, Rhinelander School Board Member, Rhinelander, WI School Board

Dave Pederson, Former Town Chairperson, Kewaunee County, Town of Franklin

Joe Reinhard, Town Chairman, Town of Abrams

Harry Porter, Supervisor, Town of Sturgeon Bay

Robert Dickson, Trustee, Village of Egg Harbor

William Chaney, County Board Supervisor, Forest County

Rita Metzger, Manitowoc county board supervisor, Manitowoc County

William Chaney, County Board Supervisor, Forest County

ulie Allen, ITS Dept / Town Treasurer, Oneida County / Town of King

brad rice, city council member, city of oconto falls

Lynne Black, Town Board Chairperson, Town of Lincoln - Forest County

Sarah Schiller, School Board Member, Kewaunee School District

Jim Abrahamson, Kewaunee County Board Supervisor, Kewaunee County Board

Duane Swanson, Village Trustee, Village of Crivitz

Debra Durchslag, School Board Member, Rhinelander School District

Brian Kranz, City Administrator, City of Kewaunee

Paul Ehlinger, Town Supervisor, Town of Wabeno

To see the complete letter and full list go here

What's This, 4 Republicans Vote No? R I N O 's

The budget bill passes the Wisconsin Assembly but I have to ask, what's up with these four?  

Budget-repair bill approved in early-morning vote - JSOnline:

"All Democrats voted against the proposal along with four Republicans - Dean Kaufert of Neenah, Lee Nerison of Westby, Richard Spanbauer of Oshkosh, and Travis Tranel of Cuba City."

I wonder what their voters think about them voting NO!

Holperin "Voluntarily Forfeited His Right To Serve"

From the Vilus County Republicans who back the  recall. Where are the other county republicans? 

February 24, 2011
Contact: James Maillette, Chairman, Vilas County Republican Party
Membership Unanimously Votes to Condemn Sen. Holperin and Support His Recall

EAGLE RIVER, WI – Members of the Vilas County Republicans met Monday evening, February 21, 2011,
and voted unanimously to condemn our Senator, Jim Holperin, for leaving the Senate floor, vacating the
Wisconsin State Capitol, and for fleeing to Illinois.

Our members have demanded that he return to work in Madison to serve all his constituents of the 12th
Senate District or to resign, but he has failed to do either.

Vilas County Republicans then held a second vote and agreed unanimously to support the Recall of
Senator Jim Holperin. Our county organization agrees to support the independent efforts of Concerned
Citizens of the 12th Senate District who developed an Exploratory Committee to Recall Holperin and are
following up with activities to gather signatures and complete the recall process. More information on
those efforts can be found on‐line at and at

When St Germain small business owner, Mark Rogacki, was asked why he supported the motion to
recall Senator J. Holperin he said, "I've been around long enough to know the difference between right
and wrong. When Senator Holperin ran to Illinois and stayed there to avoid voting, he was wrong.
To my way of thinking he has already voluntarily forfeited his right to serve as our State Senator. This
recall simply confirms that decision."

Newly elected Vilas County Republican Chairman, James Maillette, addressed the unanimous vote
condemning Senator Holperin’s failure to represent his district and the subsequent unanimous vote in
favor of supporting the recall effort by saying "We weren't expecting either of these actions when I took
over this position a little more than two weeks ago, or for that matter, even when Governor Walker
proposed this legislation. Senator Holperin has brought this upon himself by failing to properly
represent his constituents. I can understand that he holds a different opinion than we conservatives do
when it comes to dealing with the financial situation here in Wisconsin, but I don’t believe that fleeing
the state is the right thing to do just because things aren’t going your way. For a long time, the
democrats have had control of the state of Wisconsin, and republican representatives like Dan Meyer
have stood in there and done their best to represent their districts, all while democrats forced bill after
bill through with little or no discussion. I mean what choice does Jim Holperin’s flight to Illinois leave us
as voters in his district? Even if he comes back, how do we know that he won't leave again? I believe
that we (the Vilas County Republican Party) are taking the steps necessary to ensure that in the future,
we will have representation in Madison."

Vilas County Republicans For Scott Walker

February 24, 2011
Contact: James Maillette, Chairman, Vilas County Republican Party

Unanimous Vote to Stand with Governor Scott Walker and Rep. Dan Meyer

EAGLE RIVER, WI – Members of the Vilas County Republicans met Monday evening, February 21, 2011,
and voted unanimously to support Wisconsin’s Budget Repair Bill along with Scott Walker’s and Dan
Meyer’s steadfast efforts to pass the bill.

It is a proud day for Republicans in Wisconsin when we can stand in full support of our State
Government, including the Governor, Republican Legislators as they work tirelessly to rein in spending
and balance the state’s budget. We applaud their hard work and tough choices to secure the long‐term
viability of our wonderful state and we stand by them whole‐heartedly.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where Are My Wisconsin Rights?

Mark Radcliffe a dem ,is now on Wisconsin Eye is complaining that he cannot speak on his amendment's which is a stall tactic on the Walker Budget Bill.

Where are my rights as a voter when my 12th District Senator, Jim Holperin,is in Illinois afraid of being in Madison and voting for my rights as a voter in Wisconsin!

Mr.Radcliffe, the heck with your stalling!


Yea or Nea!!!!!

The Dems In Madison Have Lost It

Watching Wisconsin Eye.

The dems are so out of it from lack of sleep, they are unable to full fill their duty as representatives for the state of Wisconsin! 

Close the session and make the vote!

Seems the Republicans have out lasted the libs!

Tell Jim Holperin To Come Home

Jim Holperin needs to come home and do what he was elected to do!

Come back to Wisconsin Senator Jim Holperin. 

E mail him and tell him to vote on the budget bill!

Link to his e mail.

If you care about Wisconsin, 


How Many Liberals are in Milwaukee and Madison

Watching Wisconsin Eye, how many libs are from the big cities in Wisconsin? 

For God's sake, we need to cut off Madison and Milwaukee of all funds until they come to their senses. 

What a bunch of blow ...............!

Where Were They In November

This person has it right.

Letter: Where was energy at election time? | | Herald Times Reporter

FEBRUARY 24, 2011

While I applaud the grit and persistence of the people demonstrating about the bargaining rights of public employees, I also have a few questions for them."

Where was all this energy and enthusiasm in the months, weeks and days before the Nov. 2 election in which the candidates supporting this legislation were put into office? How many did not vote at all? According to official statistics, just less than 50 percent — or 2.171 million of Wisconsin's 4.372 million eligible voters — cast a ballot for the Nov. 2 election.

How many voted for Gov. Scott Walker, new state legislators such as Sen. Frank Lasee and Rep. Andre Jacque, and incumbent Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer, not to mention Wisconsin's new U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and congressmen Reid Ribble and Sean Duffy?

Where were these teachers and lefty libs back in November before the election? 

These union members and liberals are a bunch of sore losers!

FIRE EM ALL that are protesting, calling in sick or telling our children to wear red shirts or to be for collective bargaining. 

Killing Wolf Subject To Prosecution, Even When.....

By Staff reports
The Evening News
Posted Feb 23, 2011 @ 05:35 PM

Tips sought in EUP wolf killing - Sault Ste. Marie, MI - Sault Ste. Marie Evening News
"Newberry, Mich. —

Michigan State Police from the Newberry Post confirmed the dead wolf was found south of town off County Road 405. State troopers were not part of the official investigation at this point in time as it remains in the hands of conservation officers and fish and wildlife agents, but were aware of some of the details regarding the slain animal.

State and federal officials, in a press release, indicate the wolf died from an apparent gunshot wound.

Wolves are a federally protected species in Michigan and cannot be legally killed except in the defense of human life. Anyone who shoots a wolf while protecting livestock or a family pet is subject to prosecution.

Nice, if your $2000 cow or $1000 puppy is being torn apart by a wolf, you just stand there and accept it. But if it comes after you, then shoot it. So do you have to have the wolf take a bite of your arm or leg and only then can you shoot it? 

The maximum penalty for poaching a wolf is 90 days in jail with a fine of up to $1,000, according to the press release. A conviction for this offense also carries a potential $1,500 reimbursement fee to the State of Michigan for killing an endangered species and could result in the suspension of hunting privileges for a period of three years.

So if a wolf turns on you, is that poaching if you shoot it? 

2,000 Teachers Told They Could Be Fired - Yahoo! News

Wonder if teachers in Wisconsin are seeing this? 

All 2,000 Providence teachers told they could be fired - Yahoo! News

"Thu Feb 24, 11:18 am ET
By Liz Goodwin"

Providence, Rhode Island Mayor Angel Taveras is sending layoff warnings to all 1,926 of the city's teachers.
They won't all be dismissed, but state law requires the city to notify teachers by March 1 whether the district could lay them off before the start of the next school year. School officials say warning every teacher gives them the freedom to let go many of them later without having to single any of them out now.
Providence's school district is facing a $40 million budget shortfall next year.
"Are there going to be less teachers? Yes," Taveras told The Providence Journal. "Will there be less schools open next year? Yes. Do I know which teachers and which schools? No."
As you can imagine, the local teachers' union is not taking the news well.
Go ahead Wisconsin teachers, make our day!

Recall Jim, Wisconsin 12th District

Running away to Illinois, Where's our Senator. 

From the Lakeland Times.

Holperin had more important things to do. He and his fellow Democrat state senators instead fled the capital in Madison so they could delay a vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's controversial budget repair bill.
By fleeing Madison and traveling to neighboring Illinois the Democrats prevented the majority Republicans from having a quorum to allow a vote. There are 19 Republican senators. Just one more senator in attendance would have allowed the vote to occur.

Recall efforts are under way to recall Senator Jim Holperin in the Wisconsin 12th District.

If you are a resident in the 12th district, here is a map and at least age 18 you may sign the petition. for the recall. You have three options.

1) you can go to Recall Jim and give them your information on getting a petition. 

2) you may go to the following link at the Northwoods Patriots and download the information. Please read carefully.

3) depending if you are in the Mountain, Crivits , Marinette or north of those areas please e mail me at my berry laker address to the right of this blog. I would need contact information if you would like me to send you a petition. 

Address (no P O Box)
City , zip code
 It would be your choice if you want to leave your phone number and I can try to call you. 

Depending where you live I can send you a petition or at a time and place convenient to you I can meet you to sign the petition. 

The following info is from the Northwoods Patriots. Again please read carefully and keep this in mind.

We’re working for a DISTRICT-WIDE KICKOFF THIS SATURDAY, 2/26/2011.
We’re hoping that YOU as individual conservative and concerned citizens will print multiple copies of the petition.
Plan ahead of time. We need YOU to call someone to collect signatures with you, work in pairs, have a buddy.
A visual or poster will draw attention to YOU and your efforts: RECALL HOLPERIN—PLEASE SIGN PETITION
Call your local radio stations stating that YOU will be in public collecting the signatures of eligible voters.
It should be legal for YOU to stand in front of your local post office collecting signatures on a PUBLIC SIDEWALK—call ahead of time to verify.
If YOU AND YOUR BUDDY commit to spending one or two hours in a public right of way at your local post office, community center, library, store front this Saturday, we’ll have a great start on recalling Senator Jim Holperin.
And when eligible voters sign your petition, please ask them if they’d like to help—have a few extra petitions / instructions ready to hand out.
Dress warm, bring a digital camera, perhaps alert the police in your local community that you’ll be visibly collecting signature on this recall petition.
BUSINESS OWNERS: Will you please collect signatures from known conservative customers?
The petition cannot be unattended on counters or posted on bulletin boards.

THANK YOU for helping in this effort to demand proper conduct by our elected officials.
We have a goal of 25,000 signatures – LET’S GET THIS DONE ASAP!!!
A Press Release will follow.
Northwoods Patriots - Standing up for Faith, Family, Country -

We thank you in advance for your help.

Keep the fire hot and help us take back our state of Wisconsin. Obviously Mr Holperin is on the wrong side of this issue. Scott Walker and republican won the election last November and and we want them to clean up the mess Jim Doyle, Jim Holperin and the democrats gave us when they were in control.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hummmmmm, Protest Thursday and Saturday In Madison.

Civility, can you feel the love from Local 212 in Milwaukee?

Update, shouldn't it start out with, 


Besides the rally tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:30am outside the S Building, Local 212 is building for a large turnout of our members to Madison on Saturday.

The rally in Madison will begin at 3pm at the Capitol. I am asking all Local 212 members to attend this rally. We would like to go as a group if possible , although if you want to drive, that’s fine too. Buses will be leaving from the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association (MTEA) offices at 5130 W. Vliet. Their office is right across the street from the MPS administration building and we can use the parking lot behind the MPS building. We need to know how many people are going, so please let me know as soon as possible.

The rally on Saturday in Madison begins at 3pm, so the buses will be boarding at 11:30am and returning from Madison around 5:30pm. We need you and your friends and families in Madison, so please make every effort to get back to me. Thanks.

Frank Shansky

Can you feel the love. 

New Proposal For Wis. Gov. Scott Walker, Impound Union Dues

Why shouldn't the state of Wisconsin and local governments, since they deduct union dues on employee payroll just keep the union dues to balance the budget for a couple years? 

The unions are all for the right to keep state government collecting union dues, so why not keep the money for a while? It would help to bring the budget in line for a while. 

Didn't Doyle raid the transportation fund? Raid the doctors fund? 

Scott walker, Impound all union dues! 

Can Walker Impound Strike Funds

I have to ask, can Scott Walker impound union funds to hold off any general strike?  Can Scott Walker, since Wisconsin is collecting union dues, just hold those deductions for say, a couple years or so? Let the courts decide it in 2015! Cut off their income for a couple years! Pay interest on their money? The state is broke. 

My dad used to say, "cut em off at the knees", well maybe he didn't say it , but sure sounded good!

Food for thought after I watched this You Tube.FIRE THEIR......!!!!!!!
Read the caption around 2:06!

More Interest For Dave Hansen Recall

I received this e mail from someone in Dave Hansen's district who is looking forward to the Recall Dave Hansen Meeting Saturday. Thought I would pass a part of it on.
I saw your blog and will be at Rock Garden @ noon Saturday.

I know Dave Hansen, and recalling him will do a great service to the
district and the State.

The silent majority is silent no longer. Elections have consequences.
Thanks for the post. I look forward to the recall meeting.
Where is Hansen anyway? Oh, that's right he is still out of state. There are a lot of good people like this gentleman in this state that are sick and tired of the games the dems are playing.

Try 2 Focus has the details of the Saturday meeting.

General Strike, Looks Like Work For Wisconsin Unemployed

Wisconsin Unions Call For General Strike

"The South Central Federation of Labor, an umbrella organization representing more than 45,000 workers in Wisconsin, voted last night to endorse a general strike if the state legislature passes Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

About 100 delegates of the 97-union federation voted unanimously in favor of the strike, and called for the group to start educating its members and affiliates on the 'organization and function of a general strike.' There were no details available about how the strike would work or how many workers would take part."

Bring it on, A lot of people need jobs too.

Time for the unemployed in Wisconsin to get ready to work. There are a lot of people who will step in for half the wages the unions get. 

For some local employment opportunities click here and here.

Time to fill out applications. 

Post Crescent, New Web Format

Wow, looks like the Appleton Post Crescent changed it's format. 

I like it!

Link to APC

Hurley: We're Broke, Get Over It, Do Your Job

From the Daily Globe.

State turmoil threatens Hurley school aid:
 "2/22/2011 12:58:00 AM

HURLEY -- With Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill delayed, Hurley School District administrator Chris Patritto said Monday that he's not sure how state aid to schools will be affected for the 2011-12 school year.

Patritto said the school district had been preparing for a budget deficit of $170,000, with a worst-case scenario of $270,000.

Now, he said, 'Will it be $300,000, or $400,000? I don't know.'

In his written report to the school board, Patritto said, 'I'm not very upbeat about what will come.'

The school district expected to receive school aid projections from the governor today, but the budget process has been delayed in Madison."

Hey Chris, the state of Wisconsin is broke. You will have to deal with it..Now do your job with the help Walker will give you.

Has Anyone Checked The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Lately

Gasoline prices  climbing

With crude oil and gasoline price going through the roof because of the unrest in the Middle East and considering the way the Obama administration is handling our energy problems, I have a question.

Is there still oil in the U S Strategic Petroleum Reserve? I don't know, did he drain it and not tell anyone. 

If we have an oil crises and need to pull from the SPR, will it be there?

Just asking? Maybe someone in Washington might want to look into it before it's too late. 

Unions Threaten, Then Out Of State Hansen Speaks

Big Union rally in Green Bay. 

Union reps bash Walker for refusing to negotiate | | Green Bay Press Gazette

"'If this is allowed to go through the way it is, it is going to pit labor against management rather than working together to solve problems,' said T.J. Parins, an attorney that represents multiple public unions.

Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay, one of the 14 Democrats who left the state to block passage of the bill, gave an emotional speech to the audience of roughly 450 over the phone. Hansen called on his Republican counterparts to help find a compromise."

So it has come to the point that the unions will threaten state, city and local government if they don't get their way. 

And Hansen, sitting in another state calls on republicans to compromise?  Where was Hansen and compromise the last two years in Madison with Jim Doyle. It never happened.

Dave Hansen, I hear a recall coming your way.  

Jimmie Hoffa For High Speed Rail

From BreitBart. 

Hoffa: Walker Has Gone Too Far: "

Teamsters President Says Walker's Pro-Corporate Agenda Won't Create Jobs

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has gone too far with his vindictive attack on working families.


Hoffa was responding to Walker's speech this evening to the people of Wisconsin. Walker's budget proposal would eliminate important protections for working families in the state by severely weakening collective bargaining rights.

'Destroying workers' collective bargaining rights won't balance the budget and it won't create a single job,' Hoffa said. 'Walker isn't fooling anyone. He's trying to give more power to the corporate CEOs who put him in office so they can cut workers' wages and send jobs overseas.

'If Scott Walker wanted to create jobs, he wouldn't have pulled the plug on high-speed rail in Wisconsin. If Scott Walker wanted to create jobs, he wouldn't have signed a contract that sends Wisconsin Department of Health System jobs to India. If Scott Walker wanted to create jobs, he would have asked his friends at Koch Industries to stop laying off workers in Green Bay."

I am shocked, just shocked, Mr Hoffa is for high speed rail and for the union in Wisconsin. I never would of seen that coming. 

What A Liberal Commune Looks Like

From MI via Boots and Sabers. 

I wonder who will pay for the damages when this is over? Oh, I forgot, 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wis. Teacher Pension, Math Part Time-Teacher Set to Earn More in Retirement than She Did While Employed


» Union Fails Pension Math: Part Time-Teacher Set to Earn More in Retirement than She Did While Employed - Big Government
by Ben Everard

Shortly after the Green Bay Packers turned the nation’s attention to the Midwestern state, Wisconsin once again has garnered the nation’s attention. At stake this time is not a trophy, but a prized retirement package promised to public employees. Throngs of protesters have taken to Madison, Wisconsin to either show their support or disdain for Governor Scott Walker’s plan to require public employees to pay 5.8 percent (the national average is roughly 12 percent) of their salary as a contribution to their pension."

And here's the kicker. Read the whole thing.

My mother worked as a public employee when she was a teacher’s aide in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She was employed by the state for five years, from 1981-1986. However, she worked only part-time, so was never credited for a full year of employment by the state for each year she worked. Instead, she received only partial credit each year. Fortunately for her, Wisconsin and two other states (Minnesota and South Dakota) allow for full vesting for public teachers after only three years of employment. Using a deduction for her part-time status, Wisconsin determined her creditable service amounted to 3.07 years. Had she worked three weeks less during her last year, she would be entitled to nothing. As luck would have it, she fully vested, and is entitled to receive a monthly check from the state of Wisconsin for the rest of her life.

Like millions of fellow baby boomers, she turns 55 this year. And in Wisconsin, one can elect to draw benefits at age 55. If she retires this year and elects to take her pension, she would receive a check, once a month, for $230. She receives this check for the rest of her life, and, if she predeceases my father, he is entitled to cash the check for the rest of his life.

Looks Like Time To Fill The Tank

Energy & Oil Prices: Natural Gas, Electricity and Oil - Bloomberg

"Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future 261.00  +5.87 + 2.30%

$3.50, $3.60 a gal ?????????????????????????????

A Democrat,Ticket and Prostitution

No big deal, move along. 

Assembly member accepts responsibility for ticket in massage parlor case - JSOnline:

By Bruce Vielmetti of the Journal Sentinel
Feb. 21, 2011

State Rep. Gordon Hintz, ticketed this month as part of an investigation into prostitution at an Appleton massage parlor, said Monday he would take responsibility for his actions."

You liberals in Oshkosh should feel proud. 

Recall of State Senator Hansen

Try 2 Focus has the details on the Hansen recall. Dave Hansen has been in the pocket of the wrong people in Madison for far too long. 

Recall, recall, recall!

Update: Recall of State Senator Hansen | Try 2 Focus

"Things are in motion when it comes to initiating a recall of State Senator Dave Hansen. Here is the latest information that has been received:

WHAT: Organizational Meeting for Recalling

Senator Hansen

WHEN: Saturday, Febraury 26, 2011 @ 12 noon

WHERE: Rock Garden, 1951 Bond St, Green Bay"

Jauch Still Missing, Don't Blame Him

From the Ironwood Daily Globe.

Senator who fled says Democrats broke no law:
 "2/22/2011 12:52:00 AM

Wisconsin State Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar, on Monday said he and 13 other Senate Democrats didn't violate any laws when they left Madison to delay action on Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair legislation.

Walker's proposal would strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from most state employees.

The senators have been hiding out in Illinois since Thursday."

The voters of Jauch's district must be very proud of him.

Wisconsin Dems Go To Plan C

First concerning the transit budget, you spent too much, cut back and live with in your means. 

Second, seems Penny Scaber tipped her hand a little too soon.

Appleton lawmaker Penny Bernard Schaber seeks key exemption in budget plan for transit workers | | Appleton Post Crescent

"Without changes, Walker's plan would result in the state losing $46.6 million in transit aid. Valley Transit, which runs the Fox Cities' public bus system, would lose $2.5 million out of its $8.5 million budget.

Bernard Schaber is introducing the amendment with state Rep. Tamara Grigsby, D-Milwaukee. It's one of about 100 amendments Democrats are proposing to the repair bill. Debate on the bill is expected to start in the state Assembly today."

Since when did democrats ever have over a 100 amendments at one time? It will take months to go through 20 or 30. I can see them, an amendment  to give workers a potty break every two hours. An amendment to have government only buy Kit Kats and not Snickers bars, an amendment that state workers wear red ribbons every second Tuesday of the month.  An amendment to recognize Jim Doyle and the last Wisconsin legislature as hero's of the state unions. What a bunch of crap

It just a stall tactic! Can you hear them when Fitzgerald gives them two minutes of discussion per amendment,  Schaber will say "it is a travesty of democracy, give us our time to speak!" Penny, it's a crock. Good try!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Brent Crude Jumps,Gold Rises, No Big Deal, Move Along

Brent Crude Jumps to Two-Year High Above $108, Gold Rises on Libya Unrest - Bloomberg

"Oil rose to the highest since September 2008 and gold rallied for a sixth day surpassing $1,400 an ounce as tension in the Middle East escalated. Stocks fell the most in a month as Eni SpA led companies with operations in Libya lower."

No way gasoline and food prices will go up!

Wisconsin Unions 2011, Your FIRED!!!!!!!

Scott Walker now on Hannity.

My Bell Obama Strikes Out, Kids Say No To Cardboard

School food: What do Chicago students think of healthier school food? -

 Monica Eng, Tribune reporter
10:37 p.m. CST, February 20, 2011

Anyone who has ever tried to sneak healthy food into kids' lunches knows what Chicago Public Schools is going through.

Sometimes kids openly embrace the new food. Sometimes they eat it without realizing the difference. And sometimes they refuse it altogether."

What About Cutting Sex Ed.?

Tens of thousands to be hit as Illinois cuts funding for drug treatment programmes | Mail Online: "

Illinois slashes ALL state funding for drug and alcohol abuse treatment in massive cuts programme
Last updated at 1:42 PM on 21st February 2011"

Can Obama Stop $7.00 Gasoline? What Will You Pay Tomorrow?

Mid east is going to DOWN!

Energy & Oil Prices: Natural Gas, Electricity and Oil - Bloomberg

OIL ($/bbl)
Nymex Crude Future 93.75 +7.55+ 8.76% 19:22
Dated Brent Spot 107.40 +5.21 5.+10% 02/21
WTI Cushing Spot 86.20 -0.16 -0.19% 02/18
OIL (¢/gal)
Nymex Heating Oil Future 284.90 +13.61 +5.02% 19:23
Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future 267.25 +12.12 +4.75% 19:22"

Michigan To Close Half Of It's Schools, WEAC Want's The Same?

Via Drudge. Is this what the rank and file of WEAC want? 

Michigan orders DPS to make huge cuts | | The Detroit News

"Last Updated: February 21. 2011 11:12AM
Michigan orders DPS to make huge cuts
Bobb told to consolidate services, close half of schools to end deficit
Jennifer Chambers / The Detroit News
Lansing— Swift and severe changes are coming to Detroit Public Schools.
State education officials have ordered Robert Bobb to immediately implement a financial restructuring plan that balances the district's books by closing half of its schools, swelling high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidating operations."

Did Scott Walker Use a Teleprompter

Listening to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at his press conference, 

Do you really think he was using a Teleprompter? 

I don't think so Barry!

AFT Local 212 Going To Madison On Tuesday

Seems Local 212 will be in Madison on Tuesday. Will they be sick or are they getting the day off?

Details, nice a lot of tax payers are working while these SLUGS are in Madison. (a good friend of mine told me, "slug is reference to a teacher")

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 15:10:49 -0600
Subject: Bus Schedule fo February 22nd Rally in Madison

Monday-Tuesday, February 21st – 22nd 
Milwaukee Bus 
Spot Time: 7:45 a.m.
Leave Time: 8:00 a.m.
Pick up Location, Bus #1
1) 3427 W. St Paul Ave., Milwaukee
2) Pettit National Ice Center, 500 s 84th St Milwaukee - 8:10 am
2) Goerkes Corners Park & Ride - 8:15 am
3) Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)

Pick up Location, Bus #2:
1) Pettit National Ice Center, 500 s 84th St Milwaukee - 8:10 am
2) Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)

Pick up Location, Bus #3
Spot Time: 7:30 a.m.
Leave Time at 8:00 am
1) 2200 E Kenwood Bd. UWM Union
2) Goerkes Corners Park & Ride - 8:15 am
3 Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square) 

Linda Blair Exorcist Meets Wisconsin Teacher, Way To Go Fred

Mark Belling asks, can you relate Wisconsin teacher Fred Levenhagen to Linda Blair from the Exorcist? You need to watch both. 

First Fred on Fox News.

Now the Exorcist.

Yea, Fred kind of looks like her.

Fred, you and your students must be really 


Missing Jim Holperin Milk Carton

No Runny Eggs » Blog Archive » It’s Monday

"Do you know where your State Senator is?

Mike, a reader of NRE, sent me the following aides to assist us in the location and safe return of the Madistan 14. Maybe this could become a collectors series? Get all 14!"

Here's my Senator Jim Holperin.

If you see Mr Holperin please contact the Wisconsin State Patrol. 

PSA Free, Write Your Own Doctors Excuse, School or Work

Certificate for School:

___________________ was under my care on

___________________ he/ she will be able to return 

to school on _______________

Physicians Comments______________________  

_______________________________________ MD 


Certificate for Work:

___________________ was under my care on

___________________ he/ she will be able to return 

to Work on _______________

Physicians Comments______________________  

_______________________________________ MD 

Please highlight the form you need, print, fill out and you can do what Wisconsin teachers can do in Madison. If you want to get creative add an AMA logo.

This is a public service to you lefty mind numb robot students and teachers to help you get back to work and school. 

From MI.

The Fight Is On

Boehner rips Obama's meddling - Richard Moore

"For labor, of course this remains all about collective bargaining and their ability to control government bank accounts. For Democrats this is the opening salvo of the 2012 presidential campaign, and that raises the stakes in Wisconsin even more.

The fight is on."

Tax Payers Call To Arms Monday Feb 21st

AFT Union Local 212 is telling it's members to go to Wall Street Journal to stack the deck on a poll,

. "Should Public Employees Have collective Bargaining Rights?".

This from 212. 

Today's Wall Street Journal has a poll .. "Should Public Employees Have collective Bargaining Rights?".. Let your voice be heard:

Tax payers. Let's have some fun and push the poll! 

This is a call to arms, vote at the Wall Street Journal. Pass this link to them. 

Let's vote and tell local 212 they will be decertified. 

Right now it's 61 % No and 33 % yes .

Phony Left At It Again About Recalls

I seen this web site on a recall on Alberta Darling.

How can this be even legal with the following statement? 

You do not have to live in Senate district 8, or even Wisconsin, to support a recall.

New Wis. Blog, The Badger 14 (democrats)

The "Badger 14": Escape From Wisconsin:

 A blog about why and how the 'Badger 14' — the Wisconsin senators who vacated their seats and fled the state — should be replaced with new senators

NASCAR Daytona Update

It's Monday morning and after a couple cups of coffee, I guess I can weigh in on yesterday's race.

So my new driver this year Jimmy Johnson get's wrecked and finishes 27th.

Lovely! And the guy I had last year took 10th. I can't win for losing.

Final results. 

Northwoods Patriots: WISCONISN UPDATE

A Great Web Site by people who care about you and Wisconsin. 

Northwoods Patriots: WISCONISN UPDATE:

RINO Reid Ribble Votes With Obama?

From the New American. I knew this was just a matter of time.

Can someone, anyone, help me out here, why did Reid Ribble vote against useless spending? 

Is the Reign of "Czars" Over?: "

The Reign of the Czars, at least in the executive branch of the U.S. government, may be near an end. Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.) offered an amendment that would block funding for the various 'czars' — policy advisers appointed by the President who did not have to face formal confirmation by the U.S. Senate, and who cannot be impeached by the House of Representatives. The amendment (to the continuing resolution which keeps the federal government operating) passed the House February 17 by a vote of 249 to 171.

The vote was largely along party lines, with Wisconsin Congressman Reid Ribble the only Republican voting against the measure. Thirteen Democrats voted for the Scalise amendment. Although most of these were “Blue Dog” Democrats from the South — Dan Boren (Okla.), Ben Chandler (Ky.), Henry Cuellar and Gene Green of Texas, Nick Rahall (W.Va.), Mike Ross (Ark.), and North Carolina's Heath Shuler, Mike McIntyre and Larry Kissell — some Democrats who have been friends of the Obama administration voted for the amendment: Jerry Costello (Ill.), Peter DeFazio (Ore.), Ed Pastor (Ariz.), and Jim Matheson (Utah)"

The only republican? Ribble wants to keep these Czars? Tell me this is a print error. Is this some deal he made with Obama at the Super Bowl Party? Is this Ribble reaching across to work with Obama and the democrats? What the hell is he thinking!

Will a Ribble supporter please explain why your guy voted no? This must be a pay back for the great food at Obamas party. Yea that's it!

God, does this mean he is the RINO I thought he was? Time will tell!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Kid Won

Trevor Bayne Wins the Daytona 500.

In a F O R D 


Why Not Unionize Catholic Schools?

This truly tests our faith. Sorry Lord, I am just being honest. 

Real Debate Wisconsin: Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki – Catholic Social Justice proponent:

"Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki – Catholic Social Justice proponent
The Archbishop injected his thoughts into the current Madison “debate” this week over the issue of public unions and their right to collective bargaining. Among other comments he noted that “hard times do not nullify the moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers.'

I have three questions:"

Where's My Senater

Found this from an e mail

Link to Where's My Senator

Poll: Not Good For Unions, Hummmmmmm

Via Dad29

Poll: Public unions a hard sell - Ben Smith -

 "February 18, 2011
Categories: Labor
Poll: Public unions a hard sell

A new poll from the Washington-based Clarus Group asked:

Do you think government employees should be represented by labor unions that bargain for higher pay, benefits and pensions ... or do you think government employees should not be represented by labor unions?

A full 64% of the respondents said 'no.'

That includes 42% of Democrats, and an overwhelming majority of Republicans. Only 49% of Democrats think public workers should be in unions at all.

That's on the fundamental right to organize, before you get to wages and benefits. And that puts Scott Walker in a pretty good political place."

DECERTIFY, Give us right to work!

Go Scott Walker.

Daytona 500 Baby

Daytona 500 | Daytona International Speedway
February 20, 2011 | Race 1 of 36

I have a new driver this year. You know the old saying, 12:00 Noon Central. Yea I know, threw Mark Martin under the bus.

"if you can't beat em, join em"

1 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet Amp Energy / National Guard 186.089 48.364
2 24 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Drive to End Hunger 185.966 48.396 -0.032
3 22 Kurt Busch Dodge Shell / Pennzoil - - -
4 31 Jeff Burton Chevrolet Caterpillar - - -
5 78 Regan Smith Chevrolet Furniture Row Companies - - -
6 33 Clint Bowyer Chevrolet Cheerios / Hamburger Helper - - -
7 29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet Budweiser - - -
8 115 Michael Waltrip Toyota NAPA Auto Parts - - -
9 17 Matt Kenseth Ford Crown Royal Black - - -
10 18 Kyle Busch Toyota M&M's - - -
11 4 Kasey Kahne Toyota Red Bull - - -
12 192 Brian Keselowski* Dodge K-Automotive Motorsports - - -
13 42 Juan Montoya Chevrolet Target - - -
14 1 Jamie McMurray Chevrolet Bass Pro Shops / Tracker - - -
15 43 A.J. Allmendinger Ford Best Buy - - -
16 2 Brad Keselowski Dodge Miller Lite - - -
17 5 Mark Martin Chevrolet - - -
18 11 Denny Hamlin Toyota FedEx Express - - -
19 27 Paul Menard Chevrolet Peak / Menards - - -
20 56 Martin Truex Jr. Toyota NAPA Auto Parts - - -
21 39 Ryan Newman Chevrolet U.S. Army - - -
22 99 Carl Edwards Ford Aflac - - -
23 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet Lowe's / Kobalt Tools - - -
24 00 David Reutimann Toyota Aaron's Dream Machine - - -
25 14 Tony Stewart Chevrolet Office Depot / Mobil 1 - - -
26 16 Greg Biffle Ford 3M - - -
27 83 Brian Vickers Toyota Red Bull - - -
28 37 Robert Richardson Jr. Ford North Texas Pipe - - -
29 09 Bill Elliott Chevrolet Security Bene
fit / Rydex / - - -
30 7 Robby Gordon Dodge Speed Energy - - -
31 47 Bobby Labonte Toyota Kroger / USO - - -
32 21 Trevor Bayne Ford Motorcraft / Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center - - -
33 46 J.J. Yeley Chevrolet Red Line Oil - - -
34 6 David Ragan Ford UPS "We Love Logistics" - - -
35 9 Marcos Ambrose Ford Stanley - - -
36 77 Steve Wallace Toyota 5-Hour Energy - - -
37 71 Andy Lally* Chevrolet Super Eco-Fuel Saver - - -
38 20 Joey Logano Toyota The Home Depot - - -
39 34 David Gilliland Ford Taco Bell - - -
40 38 Travis Kvapil Ford Long John Silver's - - -
41 87 Joe Nemechek Toyota AM FM Energy - - -
42 36 Dave Blaney Chevrolet Tommy Baldwin Racing - - -
43 32 Terry Labonte Ford U.S. Chrome