Friday, August 06, 2010

DOT Plans 64/141 Overpass In 2014

From The Peshtigo Times

Mike Berg, Northeast Wisconsin Regional Director for Wisconsin Department of Transportation recently passed along the good news that an overpass interchange should be constructed at the intersection of Hwy. 141 and Hwy. 64 in Pound in 2014.

Berg met with local officials in Coleman on Friday, June 23 to discuss their concerns about the intersection. “ The DOT is very concerned about safety on the highway and we’ve been watching that intersection since it was built and we made some modifications to it already,” Berg said. “We had fatalities there and were very concerned.” Berg said the modifications after accidents there helped. In 2008 and 2009 there were no crashes. Berg said DOT people felt better about it, “but local residents who used it on a daily basis felt different. Then a fatality again this spring made us look again.”

After meeting with local officials on June 23 Berg told them he would have to go back to his office and look at where engineering was in regard to the hoped-for overpass and if they could find money to fund it.

Has to go look for the money? Since Diamond Jim Doyle and democrats stole the transportation fund I guess there is none.

You know, since it's a safety issue, why didn't they use the money from the side walk to no where in Pound Wis which is just west of the 64 / 141 intersection. Yea, the 700 to 800 million for the side walk from Pound to HWY 64, maybe really didn't need to be done.

If you don't know what the side walk to no where , just drive to north from Colman , go to pound and head north to HWY 64. What a waste of tax dollars.

Stupak Seat Up For Grabs By One Vote

From The Escanaba Daily Press

ESCANABA - Two U.S. House candidates are each claiming victory following Tuesday's primary election. However, which candidate will reach the ballot in November's general election is up for debate, with a single vote being the deciding factor.

One vote. That's the difference today between 1st Congressional District candidates Dan Benishek of Crystal Falls and Jason Allen of Allanson. A recount may decide the winner.

Both men were running as Republican candidates seeking to fill the seat currently held by Congressman Bart Stupak, D-Menominee. Stupak announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking re-election to the seat he has held for the past 18-years.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wis, Gov. Canidate Dumps 8,2 bilion gallons of Poop, Sewage

Link to Tom Barrett's oldie but goodie from 2004 campaign. Candidate Tom Barrett promised to fix the sewage dumping in Milwaukee. Please look at the bottom of following information to go to the link of Tom Barrett's 2004 political ad.

Barrett’s Sewage Dumps


1.7 billion - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel May 24, 2005

1.8 million - WISN July 7, 2004


“Unknown but said to be big”- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel September 27, 2005


3.27 million - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 17, 2006

800,000 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel April 1, 2006

140,000 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel July 11, 2006


4 million - WISN May 9, 2007


2.9 billion- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel June 21, 2008


935.7 million-Associated Press June 23, 2009

56.1 million-Associated Press June 23, 2009


2.1 billion- WTMJ July 27, 2010

506 million-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel July 19, 2010

23.6 million-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel July 19, 2010

1.65 million-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel July 19, 2010

Total sewage dumped on Barrett’s watch: 8,233,060,000 gallons

Above information from Scott Walker campaign.

No fines, no penalties to the city of Milwaukee.
Here is a commercial Barrett ran from 2004. Mark Belling from 1130 WISN has the link to the commercial Barrett ran complaining about 90,000 gals of poop. And since 2004 has done nothing but dump 8,23 BILLION gals of POOP! That's 40 times more then the B P oil spill in the gulf of Mexico this year.

You need to go to Belling .com at following link to see and hear the Barrett 2004 ad.
Listen To Tom Barrett In 2004 On MMSD!!!!

Is this the kind of governor Wisconsin needs to be elected this November? If you and I had a septic system leak, the WDNR would fine us $1000's and make us pay for all cleanups.

And the local media will not carry a story like this. SHAME!!!!!! If this was a conservative or a republican it would be seen and heard state wide and even in upper Michigan.

2nd Dog Killed, Oconto County

From the WDNR web site

Peshtigo Brook Pack, Oconto County
On August 2nd, Wildlife Services confirmed that the Peshtigo Brook Pack was responsible for killing a bear hound while training on Oconto County lands. Killed was a 5-6 year old male Walker. This pack also injured another hound in February approximately 0.5 miles north of the current depredation. This pack established in the winter of 2008, and contained 4 wolves in the winter of 2009. They likely produced pups this spring. The caution area includes Parkway Road on the east, County Highway W along the north, Riverside, Bachman, Old 64, & Twin Pines Roads on the west, and Highway 64 along the south side. Hunters are urged to exercise great caution if they intend to use this area and should use the caution area map below to help reduce conflicts during this year's bear dog training season.

Unemployment Up again, Throw The Bums Out

From Bloomberg News.

By Bob Willis

Jobless Claims In U S Increase To Three Month High

Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- More Americans than projected filed applications for unemployment insurance last week, indicating employers kept cutting staff as the recovery showed signs of slowing.

Initial Jobless claims climbed by 19,000 in the week ended July 31, the most since April and exceeding the highest estimate of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The number of people receiving unemployment benefits dropped, while those getting extended payments rose.

That's 479,000 people.

Why would anyone vote for democrats and RINO's this September and November?

Is This Who The People Of Wis. Want Elected?

Closer to home, is this who the people of the Wisconsin 8th Congressional District want elected this November? This just doesn't look good.
From the Green Bay Press.

Nevadans Betting on Terri McCormick in 8th race.
By Larry Bivins. August 5, 2010.

WASHINGTON — All political donors take a gamble when they give to a particular candidate, but at least one professional gambler has anted into the pot for Republican congressional candidate Terri McCormic.

Paul Kelly of Las Vegas, whose occupation is listed as a professional gambler on McCormick's campaign finance report for the second quarter of 2010, has wagered $2,400 on McCormick's primary race to take on incumbent Democrat Steve Kagen in the fall.

Kelly is not the only Vegas area resident betting on McCormick. In fact, half of the 58 individual donors to the former state representative's campaign from April 1 through June 30 are from the gambling mecca. All but one gave $2,400, the maximum allowed, and their contributions as a group amount to 60 percent of the $111,001 raised during the period, according to an analysis of McCormick's report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Attempts to reach Kelly were unsuccessful, as there was no telephone listing for the address provided in the report filed on July 15.

A gambler from Las Vegas donates $2400 and no one can find him.
An analysis of campaign finance reports can reveal peculiarities not readily spotted in a summary examination. For example, deeper drilling into McCormick's report shows roughly 93 percent of her second-quarter funding came from donors who gave $2,400.

So almost all McCormicks donors came from high rollers?
McCormick's Nevada connections include Tony Dane, a political activist who manages a Las Vegas company called AutomatedCalling. McCormick's campaign records show January and February payments totaling $3,549 to Dane & Associates for fundraising. In December, she paid the company $436 for web design.

Dane has been in the center of local campaign controversies, the most recent being complaints to the Nevada election office in May regarding "robocalls" by his company that used the voice of a crying domestic violence victim against a local district attorney candidate.

Who is contributing and who is McCormick working with? I sure cannot vote for Terri McCormick because of some of the things that are going on with her campaign. The article from the Green Bay Press just reinforces my beliefs.

You need to read the whole article to get a look at the race and candidates.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Steve Kagen, The Obama Chicago Way.

Chicago way of politics over the Green Bay and Oshkosh post offices possible closings.

A good read from Market Place.

The third, and more interesting, thought is that Oshkosh, of course, is not in the Eighth Congressional District. Oshkosh is in the Sixth Congressional District, represented by U.S. Rep. Tom Petri (R–Fond du Lac). One could conclude from this news release that Kagen would be perfectly happy with “some 40–45 family supporting jobs” being moved out of the Oshkosh post office as a result of the Postal Service’s study.

The Postal Service is an easy target for criticism, much of it justified. But Kagen has no business intervening in Postal Service business for the purpose of acting like a Chicago alderman. What appears to be happening is that, this being an election year, Kagen is trying to stick it to his colleague to the south for partisan political advantage.

McCormick, New Campaign Mgr.

I received this on Monday and thought, I have to comment. I have a few questions. From a Terri McCormick press release.

APPLETON, Wisconsin - The Terri McCormick for Congress Campaign announced today that Will Johnson has been named campaign manager.
So it's already August and she hires a campaign manager. Did she dump the old one, did she not have one up until now? Hummmmmmm.
As a former congressional candidate in Iowa, Will Johnson brings a wealth of expertise and
experience to the McCormick campaign. He has worked exclusively with Tea Parties in Iowa and was the only congressional candidate to be endorsed by the Iowa Tea Parties in 2010. During his campaign, Johnson was able to maximize results with minimal resources and was the only candidate to establish a network of coordinators in every county. Additionally, Johnson served in the Navy from 2001-2005 as a Naval Intelligence Hebrew Linguist.

So Will Johnson worked with tea parties and was a 2010 candidate in Iowa. I'm sorry, isn't it 2010? Did Will run and not win? Did will drop out? Does the press release have the wrong year? Just asking.
"As a constitutional Tea Party activist, I thoroughly researched all of the candidates here in Wisconsin's Eighth Congressional District before deciding to unequivocally back and support Terri McCormick," explained Johnson. "Without a doubt, Terri is the candidate with the most comprehensive understanding of the U.S. Constitution and its applications to all of the problems we see in Washington today." Johnson went on to say, "I look forward to getting to know my fellow mid-Westerners here in Wisconsin as the campaign progresses and encourage voters to stay informed and get active."
He researched all the candidates? Marc Savard drops out of the 8th race and low and behold he chose McCormick to work for? Hummmmmmmm.
Both McCormick and Johnson are committed to upholding the Constitution and ensuring that the needs and wants of voters are brought to Washington. Shared views and intentions include:
  • Congress must constitutionally declare war.
  • The United States must stop subsidizing socialism.
  • Enact bold leadership in drastically cutting spending, taxes and federal agencies.
  • Continue the Tea Party trend toward true individual freedom and responsibility.
Is Terri McCormick now the Tea Party candidate? When will she run ad spots touting the tea party? Is she kidding?
"I am honored to have Will's leadership and ability to find innovative solutions in our congressional race," stated Terri McCormick. "Our entire staff has come together to put the people first, in Northeast Wisconsin. With the professional team that we have built, we all hope to earn your trust and support in the September 14th and November 2nd elections."

As I have stated in the past, the tea party has no leaders. The tea party is a movement where people voice their anger at phony republicans and democrats who are destroying this country.

As I have also said, I see only two candidates in the Wisconsin 8th race. Roth and Ribble.

Mark Martin, No,No,No

No, no, no, please, no articles on Mark Martin. He in 13th place in the chase and you have to give a write up about 1995 race? NASCAR sure want's to make sure Mark doesn't make the chase. Write about someone else but come on, lay off Mark Martin. This is like the kiss of death. It's like putting a players picture on the Madden game box, It's like the S I cover hex!

From Mark Aumann at NASCAR,com.

With 16 top-10 finishes in 20 starts, Watkins Glen is statistically Mark Martin's best track. And every time he's sat on the pole there, he's won. But former teammate Wally Dallenbach Jr. made Martin work hard for his third consecutive victory in the 1995 The Bud at The Glen.

It was a rare victory for Ford that season, much like how 2010 has played out for the blue oval brigade, which finally snapped its season-long winless skein with Greg Biffle's victory at Pocono last weekend.

Let's just see what happens Sunday. Go get a win old man.

Mrs. B's Driver Wins

I'm a little late with everything, so here goes.

Holy cow, Biffle wins Pocono.


LONG POND, Pa. -- With his team owner at the Mayo Clinic recovering from injuries sustained in a plane crash, Greg Biffle found the remedy for the ills of Roush Fenway Racing and Ford's racing program.

Pulling away from the rest of the field after a rain delay of more than 17 minutes, Biffle beat pole-sitter Tony Stewart to the finish line by 3.598 seconds to win Sunday's Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono Raceway.

Way to go honey. Now it's Mark's turn.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Wis. 8th Congresional Race Down To Two

From Mark Savard via Rhymes With Clown

To my friends and supporters,
It is with a heavy heart that I must announce officially Monday morning that I will be leaving the campaign trail. I have been so honored to have had the opportunity to know all of you and to have had the chance to talk about the issues that are so important to our great country’s future.
Unfortunately I was unable to sustain the campaign with a reasonable chance of success over the last few weeks with the lack of resources we were experiencing.
I am undeterred however that our country needs good folks to get to Washington and make the necessary changes of direction that are absolutely needed over the coming years.
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Reid Ribble, one of my fellow candidates in the race, over the last year, and I wholeheartedly endorse his efforts to continue the fight for our country’s future. I urge you to introduce yourselves to him through his website, his Facebook page, and attending gatherings I will be hosting for him in the near future.
Reid has what it takes to get the job done.
I will be actively working for Reid over the next several weeks till the primary on September 14. Our country demands our attention and devotion.
Thank you for all you did to help the campaign.

The two candidates I will follow is Roger Roth and Reid Ribble.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Kagen Going To Rangel's Birthday Party?

From The Hill

Dem leaders, donors to hold Rangel birthday bash at The Plaza

I wonder If Congressman Steve Kagen will go to the birthday bash. You know he did get $21,000 from Charlie.