Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Is At Fault

From the Post Crescent.

"Editorial: Kimberly schools get hard lesson

October 8, 2008 " Editorial: Kimberly schools get hard lesson | | Appleton Post-Crescent

The Kimberly Area School District has been saddled with bad debt from a $5 million investment meant to build the trust fund for retiring teachers, according to a lawsuit filed in late September.

Its two-year-old investment has lost three-quarters of its value, according to a lawsuit the district filed against two financial institutions.

Kimberly, along with school districts in Kenosha, Waukesha, West Allis-West Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay, are seeking cancellation of their investments, return of funds and punitive damages through the lawsuit filed against the Royal Bank of Canada Europe Ltd. and Stifel Nicolaus & Co.
The districts contend that Stifel and RBC either knowingly or negligently misrepresented the details of the transactions. They also contend the financial entities collected large fees while positioning the districts as guarantors of an ultra-risky portfolio of assets.

Usually, schools play it safe on investments, so this is a surprising misfortune. Although the overall economic climate is riskier than in years past, it seems like the districts should have looked a little closer for red flags and gotten more independent investment advice early on.

At the same time, the districts claim fraud and misrepresentation. For instance, the complaint states it wasn't explained that a 4 to 5 percent default rate could result in a 100 percent investment loss.

You can't bank against such blatant misrepresentation despite a world of good-faith effort at the onset.

And it's more than unfortunate Kimberly and the other districts in our state are faced with losses of this magnitude at a time when schools are struggling to meet budgets.

A painful lesson to be sure.

Who is at fault? The School Board for risking some ones else's money. Will the same voters who lost their job at the New Page Mill vote the school board out of office? Note likely!

So now the people who lost their jobs will have to pay for the school boards mistake? Yes they will? So the hard lesson the people of Kimberly are left holding the bag!

People of Kimberly, your smarter then that.

Kick their butts out!

One For The People

From Sheboygan Shenanigans.

"Standing Strong for Sheboygan!

Smoking Ban Stats: The Will of the People in Fond du Lac

Posted on October 10, 2008
Filed Under Loathsome Left | 3 Comments

SAFE -Smoke-free Air for Everyone- gathered signatures in favor of a ban in Fond du Lac. They only collected around 2,000 signatures. On the flip side, 3,000 Fond du Lac city residents signed a petition AGAINST the smoking ban, and 3,600 patrons from neighboring communities signed AGAINST the ban.

That’s a 70% majority AGAINST the ban folks - because yes, THEY DO HARM BUSINESSES (and businesses are fed up and speaking out). Never mind that they’re unconstitional, nazi-like in nature, create division and derision, and are abhorently anti-American. BtBWI has all the info: Fond du Lac, Where is that 70% who favor the ban?

Consensus? BUTT OUT, NANNY STATE! " Sheboygan Shenanigans

Things are changing. To those nanny state wimps.

Does this mean Fond du Lac is moving RIGHT?

$2.50 Gal Gasoline

"PETROLEUM ($/bbl)
Nymex Crude Future 77.70 -8.89 -10.27 10/10
Dated Brent Spot 76.24 -3.83 -4.78 10/10
WTI Cushing Spot 77.70 -8.89 -10.27 10/10

Nymex Heating Oil Future 221.00 -20.86 -8.62 10/10
Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future 180.70 -22.03 -10.87 10/10

Nymex Henry Hub Future 6.54 -.29 -4.25 10/10
Henry Hub Spot 6.51 -.18 -2.69 10/10
New York City Gate Spot 6.77 -.26 -3.70 10/10

ELECTRICITY ($/megawatt hour)
Mid-Columbia, firm on-peak, spot 50.10 -1.84 -3.54 10/10
Palo Verde, firm on-peak, spot 35.59 -9.57 -21.19 10/10
Bloomberg, firm on-peak, day ahead spot/West Coast 48.24 -5.55 -10.32 10/10" Energy Prices

If history repeats itself we should see 2.50 gal gasoline in Wisconsin.

An American Hero

List of GREAT American Hero's.

Clarence Thomas
Condoleezza Rice
J. C. Watts
Thomas Sowell
Michael Steele

and now

James T Harris.

"" Newsradio 620 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Talk, Sports, Weather | James T. Harris

Canadian Question

From Pine River World News.
"Conservatives widen lead over opposition: poll
Last Updated: Friday, October 10, 2008 | 12:43 PM ET Comments287Recommend74
CBC News

Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend ahead of the Oct. 14 vote, new poll numbers suggest Stephen Harper's Conservatives may be on the way back up in the minds of voters after enduring a slide in support earlier this week.

A Canadian Press/Harris-Decima poll released Friday shows the Harper Tories have the support of 34 per cent of respondents, up two percentage points from Thursday." - Canada Votes - Conservatives widen lead over opposition: poll

The four-day rolling poll shows Stéphane Dion's Liberals are down a point to 26 per cent compared to the previous day's polling.

The NDP sees a decrease in its support as it drops one point from Thursday's poll numbers to 18 per cent. The Greens are at 12 per cent and the Bloc Québécois polling at nine per cent nationally.

The latest sample represents 1,284 interviews of Canadians conducted Monday through Thursday and is considered accurate to within plus or minus 2.7 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

To my one or two Canadian readers. Please explain is the Tories for less gov, more gov, more health care? What did Harper's party do to fall out of grace?

Please explain Canadian Liberals. more gov , higher taxes nanny state?

No need to write a book but am curios, who makes your gov. work?

Evil Diabolical Plot

From the Pine River World News.

President Osama? U.S. election ballot misspells Obama's name
CBC News, 10-OCT-2008
[Excerpt:] - A typographical error on a New York county absentee ballot gives voters there the option of electing "Barack Osama" as president in the upcoming U.S. election, instead of Barack Obama.
" Pine River World News

The incorrect ballots, issued to hundreds of voters in Rensselaer County, were first spotted by the Times Union of Albany newspaper.

This must be some diabolical plot to suppress democratic voters.

It's a republican plot.

Free Breakfast, Gillett Up Date

From the Gillett School Web site. I apologize to the Gillett school district for assuming a free breakfast is a free breakfast. It would of been nice if the newspaper article would of added two more sentences to show the cost per student.The first article from the home page states no cost per student. I had to go to the Monday morning school announcements to see the $1.30 per day cost for students. Hey, I 'm a blogger and not a newspaper. I made a mistake and apologize.

"Students to get Free Breakfast October 13-17

Students at all grade levels, elementary and secondary, will be offered FREE BREAKFAST each morning during the week of October 13-17. The Free Breakfast is being offered as a way to introduce students in the secondary building to the new breakfast program recently initiated in the building while in the elementary building the Free Breakfast is being offered to show our appreciation to those who have supported the program over the past 2 years and hopefully introduce school breakfast to students not already taking advantage of the program.

Statistics have shown that students who have a nutritious breakfast are better prepared to learn and do better in school than students who go without breakfast or eat items that are low in nutritional value. At the elementary level, most reading and math instructional blocks take place during the morning and students need the energy provided by a nutritious breakfast if they are expected to be at their peak learning potential. At the secondary level, a nutritious breakfast will prepare students for their long and busy day much more so than the coffee and sweet roll from the local mini-mart. Our school breakfasts meet the United States Department of Agriculture nutritional requirements for school breakfast programs.

Funds to pay for the free breakfasts is coming from a School Breakfast Start-up Grant received from DPI for the secondary building and a School Breakfast Continuation Grant received from DPI for the elementary building" Gillett Secondary School - GSD Home

From Monday morning anouncements.
"Breakfast will be available from 7:35 am to 7: 55 am to all students in grades 6-12 in the cafeteria for the rest of the school year. All food must be eaten in the cafeteria. Cost is $1.30 for students and $1.70 for adults. " Secondary Announcements - 10/6/2008

Just to clarify, maybe son # 2 did not give me proper information and or me as a bad parent didn't see it.

I am still against gov. waste.

Rough Night For Gillett

It was parents night at Gillett and Wausakee made for a rough night.

Proud of # 62 , one of the captains of the team.

October 10,2008
"Wausaukee 28, Gillett 8

GILLETT — Logan Ravet rushed for 117 yards and two touchdowns as Wausaukee topped Gillett for the Rangers' first M&O Conference win of the season.

Rudy Krueger rushed for 88 yards and a touchdown to aid Wausaukee (2-5, 1-4). Gillett fell to 1-6 overall and 1-4 in conference.

Wausaukee 6 0 16 6 — 28

Gillett 0 2 6 0 — 8

W — Will Vogt 10 pass from Edlbeck (kick blocked).

G — Safety.

W — Logan Ravet 34 run (pass good).

W — Ravet 53 run (pass good).

G — Witt 30 pass from Johnson (no good).

W — Krueger 4 run (no good)." Football roundup: FRCC, Bay, Oly/Packerland, M&O, NLC | | Green Bay Press-Gazette


"In preliminary talks, GM and Chrysler are said to be exploring a merger
New York Times
Posted: Oct. 10, 2008

Detroit - General Motors is in preliminary talks about a possible merger with Chrysler, a deal that could drastically remake the landscape of the auto industry by reducing the Big Three of Detroit automakers to the Big Two. " JS Online: In preliminary talks, GM and Chrysler are said to be exploring a merger

Friday, October 10, 2008

Parent Neglect

An article in the October 8, 2008 issue of the Oconto County Times-Herald.


Gillett School District Offers Breakfast Program For Grades 6-12

Gillett - Begining Monday October 6th Gillett School District students in grades 6-12 will have the same opportunity K-3 students have enjoyed the past three years - that being to eat breakfast at school.

The new program is being made possible through a School Breakfast Start Up Grant received from the DPI in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture Nutritional Enhancement Project.

For the whole article you can go buy a Oconto County Times Herald at most stores in Oconto County.

The article gives no details so I am assuming it is a FREE breakfast program to all students. I am commenting on the article as I see it in print.

OK it's not parent neglect but doesn't it kind of tell you that all parents in the Gillett School district cannot give their children breakfast?

I have to stop myself because I do not know all details of the program. Calm down, I will try to get more facts to be fair.

Just a couple of questions.

Why all students?

Why not just for the students and families that need the program?

Is their extra costs to the district for the program?

Your 401 K took a hit this week, we have a 850 billion dollar bail out and now we have to give everybody breakfast.

If the grant money drys up, does the district have to cover the program out of the school budget?

I admit not going to the school board meetings but still question the motives.

I have a problem with some from the the Kremlin of the west (Madison) making changes to the school district that someday in the future will cost more to the people of Gillett. We are Gillett Wisconsin not Middleton or Sun Praire Wisconsin. I do not value liberals from Madison.

I will have to stop before I regret it.

Two years later

The following is a letter to the editor I sent to the Oconto County Times-Herald today. Not sure if it will be printed, changed or thrown in the recycling bin. We shall see. If it doesn't make it, I thought I would post to my blog anyway.

Two Years Later

Two years ago it was Mark Foley and Jack Abramoff,. Politicians promised us honesty, integrity, prosperity to the people of Wisconsin. They said "vote for me and we will change this part of Wisconsin and you will be better off with me!" Are you really better off now then you were two years ago. Let us look at some news from Northeastern Wisconsin.

Marinette Marine, employees laid off.
New Page Mill shut down.
Karcz Ford Pulaski closes doors.
401 k down 25 to 38 %.
Stock market down.
Sub prime mortgage problems.
Voter fraud in Wisconsin.
Remember on January 1st 2008, Wisconsin vehicle registration fee's increased $55 to $75 for every automobile and the registration fee on light trucks from $26.50 to $75.

Everyday we hear of layoffs and less money. Are you afraid or are you mad as heck?

And then we hear more. Franklin Raines, a democratic campaign adviser made a 90 million dollar bonus from Fannie Mae, then bought a 5 million dollar penthouse in Washington D C. Are you mad yet?

California Congressman Democrat George Miller has a plan to change your 401 K tax advantage. Meaning, congress wants to tax your 401 K contribution when you put it into your account and not after you retire. They say they need more of your money! Are you mad yet?

Property taxes up.Food prices up. Everything you touch costs you more. How much more can you afford? Are you mad yet?

People are hurting all over this country and our politicians are blaming everyone else and afraid to take a stand against special interest groups who give to their campaigns. Campaign donations are more important then the people of this country. Are you mad yet?

Steve Kagen was at debate on Oct 7th with John Gard about the health care of the voters of the 8th district. He arrived 24 minutes late, answered two questions and left early 23 minutes after he arrived. He had to attend a function nearby where he was to receive an award. He is a doctor and snubs the health care professionals of the people of the 8th district. Are you mad yet.

Dave Hansen in Madison voted for $18 billion or more in tax increases for the people he represents.Now even Dave Hansen is afraid to debate the issues with Chad Fradette. Are you mad yet.

How well off have you been for the last two years? Are you financially sound? Is your 401 K in good shape? Are you better off today then you were in 2006. Are you happy and content?

Now is not the time to be afraid. Now is not the time to raise your taxes. Now is not the time to believe elected politicians when they say they will take care of you. What has Steve Kagen and Dave Hansen done for you lately? Look at your pocket book and ask yourself, are you better off now then you were two years ago? Will you vote for higher taxes. Will you vote for less money in your pocket. Are you mad as heck or will you vote for the same.

Will you vote for less government? Will you vote for less taxes? Will you vote for more money for yourself and for your family?

As President Reagan said, "government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem."

The people of Wisconsin are smart, proud, strong and hard working. I was once told "character is doing something good when no one is watching." You are of good character. I believe in you.Times are tough right now but my faith is in the people of this area. Your hard work and your beliefs will get us through these difficult times. I have more faith in you then in the people that now represent you. Need not be afraid but it is time for some changes in Washington and Madison. It's time for new direction.

It's time to vote for John Gard, Chad Fradette and any other candidate that is for less government and not more.

Paul Socha
Gillett, Wisconsin

Thursday, October 09, 2008

2.66 gal Gasoline

"Nymex Crude Future 83.95 -2.64 -3.05 20:53


Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future 196.73 -6.00 -2.96 20:43" Energy Prices

If history repeats itself gasoline prices should around $2.66 gal in the future.

Since I have been watching energy prices, gasoline has always been around 70 cents above the wholesale price.

196 plus 70 = 2.66 gal.

We shall see what the future brings.

Dodger Blue

Dodgers 1

Phillies 0

Bottom of the second


Dodgers 2

Phillies 0

Middle of the fourth

Not good.

Dodgers 2

Phillies 3

Middle of the seventh

Game over, get em Friday.

Calling The Kettle Black

Sorry am I racist if I call a kettle black?

From JSOnline about Diamond Jim. Is he talking about Wisconsin? He has got to be kidding!

"Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle told a crowd of about 200 that America cannot afford four more years of the misery caused by the failed policies of President Bush." JS Online: NewsWatch

You know, Jim is almost right.

The people of Wisconsin cannot afford four more years of the misery caused by the failed policies of Jim Doyle either!

Jim Doyle, what an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Berry Lake Area Up Coming Events

From the BLPO Sec-Treas


* PINE NEEDLE QUILTERS QUILT SHOW at the Suring High School 10:00-4:00 (admission $4.00, 200 quilts will be on display, door prizes, quilt raffle, and more...)
* OCTOBERFEST BEER TASTING at the Shawano Lake Golf Course ($25.00/person to benefit Shawano Dollars for Scholars, 6-9:00 PM, 30 domestic beers and specialty sodas)
* FALL COLORS BICYCLE POKER RUN sponsered by the Shawano Hockey Association (715-304-8666)


LEGEND LAKE CRAFT FAIR (9-2PM at the Legend Lake Lodge)

MOOSEYARDS HARVEST MOON FEST...several events at local establishments on this day including:

1. CLASSICS RESTAURANT - bobbing for beer, pie eating contest, live music, prizes
2. COACHLIGHT BAR & GRILL - hayride at 6:00 PM followed by a chili dump (bring a quart of chili to share), bonfire
3. SIGRID'S BAVARIAN TRAIL - drink specials starting at noon, pumpkin carving contest
4. SHAWANO LAKE GOLF COURSE - Moonlight madness golf tournament @ 7 PM ($25.00/person)
5. GOLFSIDE BAR, LOOSE MOOSE, LAKE DRIVE PUB, FREEBIRDS BAR & GRILL, HUBIES MARKET - drink and/or food specials, entertainment

"The Odd Couple" performed by the Box in the Wood Theater Guild at the Mielke Theatre (715-526-2525)


Gillett Wis. Resident On Food Network

A local Gillett resident will be a judge on Food Networks Throwdown with Bobby Flay.
From Living Lake Country
"Bobby Flay surprises Elegant Farmer with a Throwdown
Posted: October 5, 2008

When Elegant Farmer staff members found out the Food Network was coming to Mukwonago to film a Thanksgiving special, they were thrilled. What they could not have imagined, however, was the surprise they got when Bobby Flay showed up on the second day of shooting. What they thought would be a “Holiday Harvest Thanksgiving Special” turned into an all-out Throwdown." Bobby Flay surprises Elegant Farmer with a Throwdown

Judges Debra Socha, MATC baking instructor, and Ashley Huibregtse, Alice in Dairyland, tasted each pie and made their decision.

Which was it? You’ll have to tune in to the Food Network on Nov. 20 and see for yourself.

One of the judges,Debra Socha who is a baking instructor at MATC in Milwaukee but resides on Berry Lake (Gillett) in beautiful Oconto County. She is the mother of three great children, a son in law and one grandson.

Oh by the way, her husband is lucky to have such a GREAT lady. Oh, I forgot, that's me.

Even I don't know who won the throw down.

Wow, Mrs. Berry Laker on National T V

Don't forget to watch on November 20th.

Link to Food Network Throwdown

Monday, October 06, 2008

What Happened

Asian markets plunge on fears crisis is spreading
Monday October 6, 12:44 am ET
By Alex Kennedy, Associated Press Writer
Asian markets plunge on fears financial turmoil spreading to Europe, hurting global growth

SINGAPORE (AP) -- Asian stock markets plunged Monday as investors took scant comfort from Washington's passage of a $700 billion bank bailout and focused instead on deepening financial turmoil in Europe that threatens to slow global growth." Asian markets plunge on fears crisis is spreading: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

1) How many times do we have to see $700 billion when it really is up to what, $857 billion.

2) I thought this bailout was going to fix everything? Just a gimmick to line someones pocket! Let's see what the U S markets do on Monday.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

What To Do, What to Do

Here is my problem.

Brewer Philly game Dish channel 139

Packer Falcon game. Dish Channel 11

Talladega. Dish Channel 2

Dodger cub game,

oh, crap I forgot the Cubs lost.

Brewers Win

"Brewers stay alive in Miller Park’s post-season debut
Posted: Oct. 5, 2008

A team desperate for a post-season victory." JS Online: Brewers stay alive in Miller Park’s post-season debut

It will be interesting to see if the Brew Crew can change the momentum at the right time. If the cream comes to the top at the right time, it should be an interesting couple of weeks in Milwaukee.