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New Page, People Make a Diffrence.

Here is where people and not politicians make a difference. I posted on my blog about the lay offs at New Page in Kimberly. Below is the first comment for it

Blogger Richard said...

For those looking for new jobs, just added three new sites to their top 10 employment list, new ones are:

Good Luck!

Instead of some left wing kook swearing about my comments we get.

People helping people.

A place for the mill workers to maybe better themselves.The whole fox valley should be shouting from the roof tops helping people find new jobs.

They don't need some government agency telling them how much unemployment they can collect. What free job training with no job future they can get. Promise high paying jobs that they cannot get. You know, those new agency's that suck off the government for their salaries and do nothing for the displaced workers.

They don't need their congressman feeling sorry for them and tell them he wants to sue China (Kagen).

Politicians or candidates should be right their for assistants in getting better jobs. Use their web sites, I don't know, help the people, their your voters! People can relate with someone truly helping them instead of giving them LIP SERVICE ( Kagen).

Do some good when people need it not only around election time.

Character is doing something good when no one is watching.

Thank you Richard for the comment.

If anyone has any other web sites, please pass them along.

New Page Layoffs

From Fox Politics and Mark Rahmlow

What you don't read from the MSM about the New Page mill layoffs in Kimberly.

"Many of the jobs lost in Northeast Wisconsin are simply moving next door to U.S. Rep. Dave Obey’s (D-Wausau) district. Obey even announced in January of this year that NewPage had received a $30 million grant from the Bush Administration. If Kagen is worried about paper mills in Northeast Wisconsin, perhaps he should start by picking up the phone to ask the Appropriations Chairman to stop stealing jobs from his district.
" - Appleton, WI News - What's really going on in the Fox Cities

Where is the press on this?

It just shows what congressman from Wisconsin (Obey) is doing some work for their constituents and one that has no clue (Kagen).

What a joke in the 8th district.

John Gard should take this and run with it.

Dave Obey 7th district, 30 million bucks / Steve Kagen 8th district ZERO

Huh ?

From Hot Air
What? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

"“I respect Speaker Pelosi. I think she’s one of the great American success stories,” McCain said during an interview with The Chronicle prior to a fundraiser at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

“We talk about (New York Sen.) Hillary Clinton and her inspiration to millions of Americans. Speaker Pelosi has been an inspiration as well” in a role that is “in many ways … more powerful than the president.”…

“I agree with his [energy independence] goal,” the Arizona senator said Monday of Gore’s idea. “I may disagree with all the ways of getting there. But I again want to emphasize my respect for the former vice president’s leadership on this issue and his continuous leadership. And I am in no way trying to get into a fight with him.”" Hot Air » Blog Archive » McCain: You know who I respect? Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Election 08, My Take

With all the candidates in this years election, I thought I would make a couple of comments. Really I am sick and tired of political double speak in politics today. This is to my children who someday will understand. I'm very proud of you.

Jobs - "New Page" Job loses- we need jobs in Wisconsin and in the good old USA. Who creates jobs? Business not government creates jobs! We need tax cuts for business. We need incentives to bring new jobs to Wisconsin.We don't need movie makers getting tax credits and leave when the flick is done!

Spending - we need to stop spending at every level of government! Federal, state and local. If we cannot afford it, we can live without or delay spending till we can afford it.

Energy - end the ethanol mandates! If ethanol is so good, let it stand on it's own. We the people will make that choice. Drill here drill now and pay less. Since the President ended the drilling moratorium, how far has energy prices dropped? Drill in ANWR, drill off the coasts! This would give us energy relief so we can expand on more efficient forms of cheaper , renewable and other forms of energy.

Health care - we do not need Canadian health care. A good direction is from Wisconsin's own Paul Ryan. Ryan would reform our employment-based insurance system by replacing the current tax exclusion for employer-provided insurance with a refundable tax credit of $2,500 for individuals, and $5,000 for families. This would encourage employers to take the money they currently spend providing health insurance and give it directly to workers, who could then use it to purchase competitive, personally owned insurance plans. That would be insurance that met their needs, not those of their bosses, and people wouldn't lose it if they lost their jobs.Ryan would also allow workers to shop for insurance across state lines.We need to get cap medical litigation.

Taxes - if tax cuts are so bad why did we get those rebate checks this past summer. Who knows how to spend our money more wisely? Government politicians or us? It's our money? Since the Bush Tax cuts, the U S treasury has been taking in money hand over fist. Tax cuts do work! Let us spend our money the way we know best. Politicians, IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY! Remember the luxury boat tax the dems passed in the 90's. What happened? People stopped buying boats and people started losing jobs. Remember when that tax was dropped!

Simplify the tax code and look out. What more can you say.

Immigration - our past generations came to America as Arnold Swartsnegger said " to live the American dream!" If you come to America, you become a citizen like everyone else. You assimilate, you learn English first,you work and pay taxes like everyone else. If that means we close the boarders, so be it! No amnesty!

Welfare as we know it - End the constant government hand outs. You work, you get paid, you pay taxes! Government is there in time of need, not for anyone that has their hand out for free money!

Where have all the good honest politicians gone. Where is John F. Kennedy? Where is Bill Proxmire? Where is Ronald Reagen?

These are just a few from both sides of the aisle that made us build the American dream.

JFK would not be a democrat today. His party would have sold him out in a heartbeat. Tax cuts in the 60's, And it worked. How many lefties know JFK gave us tax cuts? Bill Proxmire, remember the golden fleece award!

I will say it again. I am conservative first.

Do we have to go through the days of Jimmy Carter again to wake up on what this country means to all Americans?


Are you for higher or any kind of increase in taxes, fee's or any tax you can think of?

Are you not for energy independence?

Are you for National Health Care?

Are you for illegal immigration?

Are you not for the Second amendment?

Are you for $5.00 gal gasoline?

Are you for ethanol mandates?

Are you for drilling off shore but not in ANWR?

Are you pro choice?

Are you against big business that creates jobs?

Is Iran, Cuba and Venezuela our allies?

Do you want to see Club Gitmo closed?

Should we pull out of Iraq before the mission is lost like Vietnam?

Should the U S Supreme court be more in line with the thinking of our friends in Europe?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you lost my vote.

Candidates, please do not try to lie, or promise the American people things you don't believe.

Be up front and you will win your election in record landslides.

The message is high energy prices! High taxes! and we want less government!

To the liberals and RINO's, get your act together.

Every time conservatism is tried, it always works and always wins!

To you lefties, RINO's, moderates, and professional politicians, wake up!

To all other Americans, the journey begins.

Kagen Watch, How Much More Can The 8th District Take.

From JS Online News Watch

More lost jobs in the 8th district.

"WEDNESDAY, July 30, 2008, 11:43 a.m.
By Joel Dresang
NewPage to close Kimberly mill

NewPage Corp. said this morning that it plans to close its paper mill in Kimberly, displacing 475 workers there.

The Miamisburg, Ohio-based leader in coated paper used in magazines and catalogs blamed a reduction in print advertising for lower paper demand at the same time that costs for fuel and raw material have risen.

The company plans to close the mill at the end of next month. In May, it shut down one of three of the mill's machines, costing 125 jobs.

NewPage bought the Kimberly mill as part of its $2.6 billion buyout of Stora Enso North America, formerly known as Consolidated Papers Inc. NewPage also is closing a mill in Niagara and has other Wisconsin operations in Wisconsin Rapids, Biron, Stevens Point and Whiting." JS Online: NewsWatch

From the Appleton Post Crescent.

"Kimberly's NewPage to close; 470 jobs will be lost" Kimberly's NewPage to close; 470 jobs will be lost | | Appleton Post-Crescent

The Post crescent at the time of this post had 47 comments on the mill closing. Not one mention of Steve Kagen!

Last time I checked Kimberly is just down the road from Appleton where Steve Kagen says he lives.. Where is Steve Kagen for the people of Kimberly and employees of NewPage? This is a tough time for these hard working people.

How many more people in 8th district ( Niagara and Kimberly), have to lose their jobs. We do not need talk and promises. We need to get the economic future of our state going forward, not backwards. We don't need tax increases, we need tax cuts to spur business and jobs. We need to bring more jobs to Wisconsin, not lose jobs.

Since Steve Kagen took office in 2007, we have had $4.00 gasoline, food price increases and countless jobs lost.

Besides talk, what specifically has Steve Kagen done for the 8th district? What has he done except brought higher prices on everything we touch.

Steve Kagen has had a year and a half to help the people of Wisconsin and has failed!

He has given us day after day of economic misery.

How much more can the people of the 8th district take.

Can you imagine people standing in the unemployment line or in line to find a job? Can you imagine yourself trying to buy bread and milk and cannot afford the high prices? Can you imagine $5.00 gasoline? I can imagine all those things and more with Steve Kagen in office in 09!

Steve Kagen had his chance in congress and failed us. How much more of Steve Kagen can we afford? It's time to change.

P.S. What spin will you see from Steve Kagen in the next couple of days.

Just spin, just talk , just empty promises.

Mad (ison) Bomber

From JS online News Watch.

"WEDNESDAY, July 30, 2008, 4:19 p.m.
By Steven Walters
UPDATE: Backpack had explosive device

Madison - A 67-year-old homeless Madison man taken into custody this afternoon on the Capitol Square tied a backpack with some type of potentially explosive device to a tree on Tuesday, police said.

The man threatened a police detective with a knife or similar weapon after construction workers alerted officers that the same man who tied the backpack to the tree on Tuesday had returned to the area today.

The backpack was blown up by bomb-squad experts on Tuesday, but it contained "some type of potentially explosive device," police spokesman Joel DeSpain said in a statement today.

"Whether or not it had any capability of actually exploding will be determined as its contents undergo forensic testing," DeSpain said.

Today, police said, items found on the man and in a pack on his bike prompted them to again call in the Dane County Sheriff's Department Bomb Squad, which used a robot and a specialist to examine the bike. A wide area of the Capitol lawn, and the block between Martin Luther King Drive west to Carroll St., were roped off for almost four hours.

DeSpain said officers would ask that the man be charged with a felony related to the bomb scare and disorderly conduct while armed.

By 4 p.m., officers had allowed traffic to return to Capitol Square, where thousands were expected for the final Concerts on the Square event tonight. The free concert will go on as scheduled, officials said." JS Online: NewsWatch

Where does a homeless person get a bike and two back packs, ( 67 and can still ride a bike )?

Where do they get things to put in the back packs, "some type of potentially explosive device"?

Maybe he was looking for a homeless shelter!

People of Madison, you have your own Mad (ison) Bomber!

Maybe he is a professor from the U W System.

The rest of the story should be worth reading. Stay tuned!

Town Hall Meeting July 31,

From the Chad Freadette web site.
"New Report Shows Minimum Markup Costing Wisconsin Consumers Millions
Over the past month, I have been leading the charge on fighting for lower gas prices at the pump, specifically calling for the repeal of Wisconsin’s Minimum Markup Law. A recently released report from the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI) demonstrates the stunning magnitude of this law, forcing consumers to shell out millions of dollars extra just to drive their cars. You can read the report in its entirety by clicking here.

This report proves what I’ve been saying for weeks: Wisconsin consumers are being forced by their government to pay artificially high prices at the gas pumps. It is just plain wrong for Senator Hansen to continue to support this antiquated law, particularly now that many Republicans and even Democratic Governor Jim Doyle are calling for its repeal." Chad Fradette For Wisconsin » Blog Archive » New Report Shows Minimum Markup Costing Wisconsin Consumers Millions

Two weeks ago, I sent Senator Hansen a letter inviting him to join me for a series of joint town hall meetings to discuss ways to lower the burden of high gas prices. I offered to meet on dates and in locations of mutual agreement. To date, Senator Hansen has ignored my request. Recently, I publicly invited him to join me for a joint town hall meeting. I have reserved a meeting room at the Brown County Public Library on July 31st at 6pm. I invite all interested voters of the 30th Senate District and members of the media to join me to talk about ways to ease the burden at the gas pumps. I look forward to seeing you there.

If you care about high prices make time to attend. Will Dave Hansen attend?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kagen In Iraq

"Kagen in Iraq: situation 'fragile,' U.S. troops 'exhausted'

By Ellyn Ferguson • Press-Gazette Washington bureau • July 29, 2008

WASHINGTON — Iraq is still a dangerous place for U.S. troops, despite political and military progress, Rep. Steve Kagen said today after a visit there." Kagen in Iraq: situation 'fragile,' U.S. troops 'exhausted' | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

“Things have changed on the ground in Iraq,” Kagen said in a telephone interview with Gannett News Service during a stop in the Czech Republic.

I thought Steve Kagen said he was going to inform his Iraq findings to the constituents of the 8th district first? Did he tell us another lie? Oh, the press will tell us everything. Sure.
Kagen, who supported troop withdrawals and opposed President Bush’s decision last year to boost the number of U.S. combat troops in Iraq, said the surge contributed to the advances he and four other lawmakers saw during their trip. The five-member delegation included two Democrats and three Republicans.

Wanted troop withdrawals and opposed a troop build up. Holy cow, Ellyn at the P G reported that? Bet she will get a call Wednesday for putting that in. Can't have negative press coverage from the Kagen Fox Valley and Green Bay newspapers"
“The U.S. surge alone is not the reason for the quieting of the violence.

From the dem playbook.
This was Kagen’s first trip to Iraq.

Must be election time. Where has he been for the last year and a half?
“This is not the end of hostility in Iraq.

Really! Should we leave the troops there longer? I thought Kagen was for withdrawal? Which way does he want it?
He credited Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s

From the dem playbook, it's not our troops.
Kagen said one of the explosions occurred on a road the delegation used.

Breaking news, Steve Kagen asks for the "Purple Heart".
Kagen said he is worried about U.S. troops.

Why did he oppose the troop build up?
Kagen, an allergist, said some soldiers could develop long-term respiratory problems.

Is he is looking for business after November. Always looking for a soundbite.
After leaving Iraq, the group flew to Israel,

Following the Obama tour.
Today, they met with State Department and Czech Republic leaders to discuss plans by the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to install a missile defense system in eastern Europe.

Bet he doesn't vote for the NATO missiles.

In case you missed Steve's trip, he will be sending you his Iraq trip via campaign mailing in the coming weeks.

It must be election time. I hope people see through this PR Stunt.

I ask again, why didn't Steve Kagen go to Iraq sooner? Because now he is looking for votes!

People of the 8th district, do you see what he is trying to do!

Psst, Steve, you need to go to Germany and England next. The pictures will be great for the campaign.

Rough Night, Little A Rod

Bottom of the 9th

Cubs 7 Brewers 1

P S, I heard Corey Hart call Ryan Braun

"Little A Rod.

I like it, It fits.

Scored one run, rally time.

Game over, maybe tomorrow.

Carry My Water

A column from the Green Bay Press from the Wausau Daily Herald
The headline should of been, " I will carry the MSM water"..

"COLUMN: Newspapers serve democracy

By Mike McCabe • For the Wausau Daily Herald • July 29, 2008

Newspapers are in trouble all across the country. They are bleeding readership. Papers from The New York Times to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are cutting staff. An American journalistic institution, the Wall Street Journal, was sold to foreign media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Closer to home, The Capital Times of Madison and Superior's Daily Telegram have ceased daily print publication." COLUMN: Newspapers serve democracy | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Do we have to explain things to Mr. McCabe? Bleeding readership, cutting staff, I wonder why!

It's quite possible that the business model upon which the newspaper industry was built has fallen apart and can't be pieced back together. But God help us if we don't figure out a new business model or otherwise fight for the survival of the news business.

Oh please, give me a Kleenex! I thought the left doesn't believe in God?
t is hard to imagine how democracy works without a free and tenacious press. That "press" does not necessarily have to be ink on newsprint, but it absolutely has to be more than entertainment clothed in the day's events. It has to be more than TV, talk radio and the blogosphere.

Ok, we hear how newspapers are going through changes, Yea, yea O K.
Just as dissent is the highest form of patriotism, relentless scrutiny of government is the greatest service to democracy. But there is a growing school of thought on the left that criticism of public officials and government is destructive.

The papers are laying off people and we now talk about "dissent is the highest form of patriotism", where did that come from?
The line of thinking goes like this: Ever since the Reagan presidency (although some date it back to Goldwater), the right has battered government and has systematically worked to turn the American people against it. Against this backdrop, journalists and whistle blowers who call attention to wrongdoing by politicians or expose government corruption are now bizarrely seen as being in league with right-wingers who, as neocon guru Grover Norquist said, want to shrink government "down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub."

Reagan and Goldwater, psst (the RIGHT) "has battered government and has systematically worked to turn the American people against it." What? "Journalists and whistle blowers who call attention to wrongdoing by politicians or expose government corruption are now bizarrely seen as being in league with right-wingers", Those evil right wingers! Dos waskawe wepubwicans!
What a load of bull.

First of all, Ronald Reagan's record hardly shows he was a pioneer when it came to reining in government. Federal spending as a percent of gross domestic product actually was considerably lower during the Clinton administration. Reagan's innovation was legitimizing the practice of spending like a drunken sailor while cutting taxes and running up huge debt.

Can we let the record show what Ronald Reagan did. From Wikipedia. " In June 1987, Congress had attempted to preempt the FCC decision and codify the Fairness Doctrine (S. 742, 100th Cong., 1st Sess. (1987)), but the legislation was vetoed by President Ronald Reagan," Mr. McCabe must want the Fairness doctrine brought back. The right wing press and right wing blogs have to be stopped! We need fairness!

In any case, Reagan did not invent or manufacture anti-government sentiment. Nor did Goldwater, for that matter. They merely recognized a prominent feature of the American political culture and exploited it. But then Bill Proxmire, a Democrat, became a legend in Wisconsin politics mining the same terrain.

They exploited the press?
Proxmire understood the same thing Reagan did. A strong individualist streak runs through Americans. The well-defined sense of the commons that Europeans possess is missing here. We're hard-wired to distrust government.

Bill Proxmire was one of the last honest politician from the GREAT state of Wisconsin.The press would never cover an honest politician today! Sure, we should be like Europe, excuse me , didn't we help Europe a while back? I seem to remember something like WWI and WWII.
When times are tough and our backs are against the wall, though, government can come in pretty handy. What's called the "Greatest Generation" was the product of just such experience. But even the trauma of the Great Depression and the Second World War could not permanently extinguish the strong sense of individualism that underlies the widespread wariness toward government.

I have no idea what that means, one,two, three, four, five, calm down Paul!

Building trust of and support for government by being less vigilant and less vociferous critics of government is similarly a fool's mission. If building a "government is good" movement depends on looking the other way when political corruption is visible or excusing government foul-ups, then such a movement is doomed before it begins.

Sorry, I lost that one too!

There's only one way to boost public confidence in government: Make it work better.

And to make it work better, there's one ingredient that surely needs to be in the recipe: Make sure government officials know their every move is being watched.

How can you go to newspapers loosing circulation, layoffs and come full circle to government corruption, and we need to "boost public confidence in government"?

Which is why we need newspapers, or something that is their equal.

Mike McCabe is director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan watchdog group. WDC's Web site is

Let me make this real simple to Mr. McCabe and to the Main Stream Media.

Newspaper are loosing circulation because most, not all, are printing left leaning liberal crap that most level headed people are sick and tired of? They do not look to government to solve their problems. They do not want a NANNY state! People are not hearing the whole story! The media can tell people all they want that they are not bias when it comes to news, their circulations numbers tell a different story.

To go from newspapers hard times to government corruption, to the nanny state is a wagon full of horse manure! People who are willing to kiss the feet of the media and big government should move to Europe where they belong!

And I wonder why we worry about our future leaders ( young children to you media types) of today. What crap they are forced to hear.

What a bunch of H_ _ _ _ _ _ _ T!

Press Gazette / Post Crescent, Where Are You?

Thanks to Lance Burri from Badger Blog.

Somebody tell me this is not true. Tax cuts really do work. Gosh, the rich really paid more in taxes? Come on, middle income and less "their share of the total tax collected went down". You have to be pulling my leg! My question to the two major newspapers in Northeastern Wisconsin. Where is a feature article on the Bush Tax cuts.
"Monday, July 28, 2008
Somewhere, in some half-crazed alternate universe…
…this Racine Journal Times editorial didn’t make me do a spit-take:

Numbers support Bush tax cuts

Instead of a new round of arguments in Congress over whether the wealthy need a super soaking by rescinding the tax cuts, the nation would be better served by acknowledging that the tax cuts have not impaired federal revenues, coupled with an agenda that works toward a balanced budget.

This is the second time in a month that I've noted a conservative position coming out of the RJT editorial team.

posted by Lance Burri @ 7:34 PM " Badger Blog Alliance

When will we have non bias reporting in Northeastern Wisconsin. Thanks RJT. Here is full article.

Numbers support Bush tax cuts
Friday, July 25, 2008 9:38 PM CDT

Tax numbers out recently from the Internal Revenue Service suggest a different result than Democrats and some political fractions warned of when the Bush administration pushed for and won two rounds of tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.

There is no question that higher income people paid a larger share of taxes in recent years. From 2001 to 2006, the fraction of tax revenue paid by people with adjusted gross incomes of $200,000 or more increased from 40 to 51 percent while the fraction paid by people under that limit decreased from 60 to 49 percent. In some of the middle income ranges, from roughly $30,000 to $200,000, more people filed returns, but their share of the total tax collected went down.

This spans the era of tax cuts proposed by President George W. Bush, cuts which expire at the end of 2010. The larger share of tax paid by the wealthy may be partly a result of the cuts, or partly of inflation shifting some people into higher tax brackets or into the path of the alternative minimum tax (there are fewer returns from lower income levels in 2006 than in 2001), but the inescapable conclusion is that the Bush tax cuts have not been a giveaway to the wealthy. That argues strongly for making the tax cuts permanent.

There are other important issues to deal with, of course. What we also must do is deal with federal spending, and this raises a conundrum because the Congressional Budget Office tells us that about 45 percent of all federal outlays are consumed by just three programs: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Of those, expenditures for Medicare and Medicaid are projected to really soar because the annual increase in each program has exceeded the per capita GDP by a couple of percentage points. (GDP, you may recall, means gross domestic product and equals the value of all goods and services produced within the United States.) In other words, we’re spending more on these health care services than we make, and that is not sustainable.

The New York Times noted earlier this month that the higher tax revenues from the wealthy and from corporations have driven down the nation’s projected budget deficit this year even with heavy spending on the war in Iraq. Corporate tax receipts have nearly tripled in the past five years and, according to the Times’ article, the latest White House predictions are that the deficit is $100 billion lower than what had been predicted earlier this year.

Instead of a new round of arguments in Congress over whether the wealthy need a super soaking by rescinding the tax cuts, the nation would be better served by acknowledging that the tax cuts have not impaired federal revenues, coupled with an agenda that works toward a balanced budget.

That would put us on a much better footing to tackle the looming problems of Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare spending.

Maybe our great local newspapers should put the Racine Journal Times on their favorite list. How long did we know this information and most people in Wisconsin have no clue. Oh, forgot, they are the anti Bush, left leaning Main Stream Media. If this was printed in their newspapers, as they would say, show me!

The MSM will always carry water for the dems and the people of Wisconsin never hear the truth. I hope they will prove me wrong! And you wonder why the print media is falling by the wayside. Just remember, if they did print this kind of information it would be on Section C,D or E, page 8,9 or 10. Buried somewhere deep in their bird cage paper.



I have not posted concerning the Brett Favre saga.

July 29, 2008 6:58 p m

What the heck, Brett, come into camp and see what happens!

This is half his fault but who was one of the four quarterbacks in the playoffs last year?

Should be an interesting next couple of days

AWOL, But Now Back

Been AWOL, but back for now. Been busy.

Has anything happened since I been gone?