Saturday, March 07, 2009

Green Bay Tea Party Gallery

Pictures of the Green Bay Tea Party held at Titletowm Brewery. The MSM (as far as I can tell only 3) put the crowd at hundreds ( 200- 300), it was more like 1500 to 2000 people. Bunch of saps!

Well here goes, photographer was Mrs Berry Laker and comments are by me. Mrs BL found a new love( besides me) shooting with a camera. Thanks dear.

March 7.2009. 10:40 am, just arrived. Wow, It's really happening

They come in all ways of transportation. She has a fork in her hand.

Looks like 19 to 20 people, that's all I see!
10:50 am, whats the blue sign on the truck?
10:55 am, looks like the crowd is building, holy cow!

A good conservative goes out of his way to do good!

I see one local politician in the crowd. Where are the rest?

The American dream with a real politician who cares!

Holy cow! MSM covering the tea party! I feel a tingle up my leg!

10 55 am There are people here. The American Dream. Crowd Growing.

On the edge of the Fox River. 42 degree's, warm and comfy!

Let's get ready to R U M B L E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems like everyone is broke these days. O B A M A, O B A M A

The leader of our party has troops stationed in Green Bay and ACORN, what can you say.

There a sign with that Chavez guy, who would of thought. See Friday post.

Amen sister. Spread the word.

Seems to be a lot of pork interpretation. Oink, oink, oink!

Life is important to conservatives.

Got that right, but who in Washington will listen?

They are three stooges all right and we want to keep our money.

The revolution begins. Oink, oink, oink, oink!

Who in the heck is this guy? This is Berry Laker in disguise. Nice club Gitomo shirt. Hey bud, you need to loose some pounds.

Creative signs by all. They are turkeys in D C.
O B A M A , O B A M A , O B A M A , O B A M A , O B A M A !

Yes, you have it right sir. Free markets is the answer but no one is listening yet.

The red white and blue and how true. Not for us!

We go from the eagle to pork. How did we get here?

Seems two themes stands out, high taxes and socialism.

Common sense from common people, we hear you guy.

Yea baby, the clouds of revolution are forming.

Gitmo / Gitmo new. Rush, you were at the rally with us!

Green Bay's finest are showing up. Do they think there will be riots.

Almost ready to go, Must be over a 1000 people and we didn't start yet.

This was the first police officer to arrive. Reports were they didn't know what was going on.

Free shirts being thrown out. The future of our country. Son, we are proud of you.

Mark Savard, our first speaker. Running for 8th in 2010.

Mark again pumping up the crowd.

MSM reporter probably said, looks like twenty people to me

A young republican collage student. Speak louder!!!!!!!!!!!

The MC Jerry Bader from WTAQ. Thank you Jerry for the heavy lifting.

Just like the old days, a pitch fork in hand. Again small croud?

Who's the guy in the van. reports were he was secret service.

Give us back our government.

No more PORK! No more PORK! No more PORK!

What a bunch of GREAT Americans.

A good feisty crowd of conservatives.

Even Ron Paul supporters.

Were mad as hell and were not going to take it anymore!

Thanks to WTAQ and Jerry but they need a better sound system (LOUDER).

The walk to Kagens office.
Looks like only twelve people to me.

The WDNR hood winked us. said to be watching for tea polluters.
Proud to be from Northeastern Wisconsin.

Traffic backed up for the seven block walk.

At this point someone from an upper room at the Hotel Sierra started yelling Obama, Obama, Obama. We were just showing our controlled , peaceful walk to Kagens office. They kept yelling Obama. We had no other choice. Everyone peacefully walking erupted in a chant, JUMP. JUMP, JUMP. Stupid lefties. It was GREAT!

We finally arrived at Kagens office where the crowd assembled.

A lady a couple houses from Kagens office was outside her door cheering the tea party goers on. I asked her if Kagen was at his office. She yelled back "he'd would be stupid if he was!' You know, if Steve Kagen really cared about the people of the 8th district he should of been there to talk to the people that are scared and concerned about the economy and the stimulus he voted for. It just proved Steve Kagen is a coward and hides behind his ilk!

Mark and Jerry told everyone we need to keep this going. Need to volunteer, participate in any way you can to take our country back.

Kagen must go, Kagen must go, Kagen must go, Kagen must go, erupted from the crowd.

The walk back to Title Town.

Pork rinds were left at Steve Kagens door. There's that Berry Laker guy again. Nice Gitmo shirt. All and all it was a peaceful protest. We thank Jerry Bader and Mark Savard for getting the rally to a great success. We also thank the good hard working officers of the Green Bay Police Department who directed traffic thought the streets of Green Bay. We even had some of them give the protesters a thumbs up.