Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heluva Good, I Recommend Jalapeno Cheddar

After seeing live the "Heluva Good" Sour Cream Dips 400 back in June this past year at Michigan International Speedway we always wondered if Heluva Good Dips were sold in Wisconsin. 

Heluva Good® | About Heluva Good!:

Heluva Good!® brand Sour Cream Dips, Cheese and Condiments have held a reputation for quality and taste for more than 75 years. The Heluva Good! name has been as much a promise as a brand name and dates back to 1925, when Perry Messinger, Heluva Good!’s founder, began making wedges of homemade washed curd cheese in a basement in Sodus, NY. Messinger sold a little, but mostly did it as a hobby. Then one day a traveling salesman stopped in and sampled a wedge. Upon tasting it, he declared, "That's a hell of a good cheese." At that moment, Messinger knew he had something very special. Today, Heluva Good! is part of the HP Hood LLC family of brands. You can now find Heluva Good! products in dairy cases throughout the Eastern, Midwest and Southern United States and all of Canada."

I have to hand it to the most gracious and beautiful Mrs B Laker in finding Heluva Good Dip at Woodman's in Green Bay. It's been over ten years but if Jack is still in charge of dairy, thank you "bud" for authorizing Heluva Good dips. 

I recommend the jalapeno cheddar. Too bad their web site won't let me print coupons! 

Go ahead, go out to Woodman's and buy some with your generic ( sorry, they don't make generic any more) $1 a bag chips or corn chips.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would You Recall Walker

INTERESTING Poll and more interesting results. 

From Hudson Star Observer.


Would you sign a petition to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?
Total Votes: 347

Huh! Keep up the great work Mr. Walker

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rick Perry Could Still Carry Gun

Got this via B&S. You got to love to see the left getting all bent out of shape with Rick Perry carrying a gun if elected president.

If elected president, Rick Perry could still jog with his gun | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

"We Texans like our guns," Perry writes in his book, Fed Up!. "We don't like meddlesome statists who want to infringe on our right to keep and bear them."

Like it or not, the president would be breaking local law by carrying his gun in the city, but there are several ways he could get around it if he wanted to.

First, the president could easily sign an executive order that makes it legal for him to carry a weapon. Executive Orders are considered as good as law, so there would be little that could stop him, said Adam Winkler, UCLA law professor and author of the new book Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America.

Don't you just love executive orders!

NASCAR, Oop's, Busch's License Suspended

Busch's license suspended for high-speed trip - Aug 23, 2011 - NASCAR.COM

STATESVILLE, N.C. -- Kyle Busch had his driver's license suspended for 45 days and was fined $1,000 Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to speeding.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver, who won Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Michigan, was charged May 24 for speeding and reckless driving for driving 128 mph in a 45-mph zone in a residential area in Mooresville, N.C., according to his citation.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Is Marinette Sherrff A Democrat

From Marinette Eagle Herald Extra.

Walker visits Wausaukee - EHEXTRA - Marinette, WI

Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve was in Wausaukee Saturday as the massive cleanup effort was under way and Sunday for Walker's visit.

"I showed him and his entourage around up there - the damage - he went to the scene of the fatality as well as out on Long Lake Road and visited with some people there that had significant damage to their home and property," Sauve said.

"He also met with family of the deceased, privately, at the Wausaukee school and then he met with the local officials."

State Rep. Jeff Mursau, R-Crivitz, was also in Wausaukee on Sunday, the sheriff confirmed.
Sauve said that as of early Sunday evening all of the roads in the area were passable - and he thought that power had been restored to all of the (estimated 2,000) residents who had lost electricity due to the storm.

After showing Walker around Wausaukee, Sauve said he had a chance to speak personally with the governor.

"Politics aside, he did a really nice job up here in our county," Sauve said. "I was impressed - he was sincere about it."

First, I was impressed the Marimnette County Sheriff was working on a Saturday and Sunday.

So I read this article about the Wisconsin Governor seeing the damage from a tornado in the Wausaukee area.

So what's with, "I showed him and his entourage around", entourage, what the heck is he talking about, was Obama's people visited Wisconsin? 

What's with "Politics aside" mean? 

And then, "I was impressed - he was sincere about it.." So Scott Walker cares about the people of Wisconsin when disaster hits? So Jerry just ASSumed Walker is this evil, dirty, right wing, pro life, gun toting republican the media only tells Walker is a jerk and he can't believe Scott Walker was sincere? 

Maybe someone in the rank and file will run to get Jerry replaced next election. Like I said, I'm not sure if Jerry is a democrat but obviously he's talking with democrat talking points! 

Holy Cow Milwaukee Brewers

I leave Wisconsin for 5 days and the Milwaukee Brewers are 8 1/2 games ahead in the division and now they are ahead of Pittsburgh 6-0 in the top of the eighth.

Game two of double header has Greinke starting.

HOOOOOO  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MIS Speedway, GREAT Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts but I'm not rich enough to have a laptop with wi fi at the campgrounds at Brooklyn Michigan. 

I have to thank MIS thanks Roger, NASCAR, our Michigan neighbors at the campgrounds and the most beautiful and gracious Mrs B for the two of us going to the races this past weekend. 

Couple of comments. 

Wooooohoooo, Kyle Busch take P 1 and is number one in the standings after winning the Pure Michigan 400. 

If Mark Martin had another 20 laps I think he could of taken first. Well, Kyle won and it was a good race to watch. 

Good to see a lot of good people from Canada at the race.

Snyder, the gov from Michigan is not getting good remarks from the people of Michigan. I think it was the Secretary of State getting boo's also at the race.

Most people from Michigan didn't know what a real old Fashion drink is and never played liars dice before. 

Back home at the compound and am unloading and clean up is next.