Friday, February 26, 2010

How Can They Be Neutral

From the Green Bay Press.
"Taxpayers advocate neutral on referendum: Green Bay schools seek $16.7 million
by Kelly McBride • • February 26, 2010

A local taxpayer advocacy group said Thursday it isn't taking a position on the Green Bay School District's $16.7 million April referendum." Taxpayers advocate neutral on referendum: Green Bay schools seek $16.7 million | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
With all the waste , how can a tax payers advocate be neutral?

That's like young children s games should not keep score.

That's like an umpire will not call balls and strikes.

That's like Brett saying he will retire, not retire.

You wonder why we have RINO's out there.

Has everyone gone M A D !!!!!!!

Dr Smooth, Steve Kagen

Dr. Steve Kagen, like a snake oil salesman shows how smooth he can be by presenting nonsense to the people of Wisconsin.
From the Oshkosh Northwestern.

"Kagen seeks to amend Obama's health care proposal
By LARRY BIVINS • Gannett Washington Bureau • February 26, 2010

WASHINGTON - Rep. Steve Kagen introduced legislation Thursday aimed at fixing what he said was the lone flaw in President Barack Obama’s health care proposal." Kagen seeks to amend Obama’s health care proposal | | Oshkosh Northwestern

How can you attach a bill to a proposal? I can see attaching an amendment to a bill already in congress, but come on Congressman Kagen, your kidding, aren't you? Even Larry Bivins headline says "proposal".

Kagen’s Transparency in All Health Care Pricing Act would require any business or individual offering health care-related services or products to openly disclose all their prices, including on the Internet.

The measure "would finally allow patients to see the price of a pill before they swallow it," the Northeast Wisconsin Democrat said.

Ultimately, Kagen said, the transparency would foster greater competition and lower premium costs.

"When was the last time you bought something without knowing the price?" said Kagen, who is a physician.

Wow, Kagen's been pushing this for a while. A link to a oldie but goodie from 2007 by Jo over at FoxPolitics.
Transparency has been one of the cornerstones of Kagen’s vision of health care reform. He also wants to see a standard benefits package and a ban against denying coverage to consumers with pre-existing medical conditions.

While the proposal, which Obama introduced Monday, contains a standard benefits plan and a non-discrimination provision, it lacks the transparency element necessary for real reform, Kagen said.

Kagen said he first offered his proposal as an amendment to the health care bill the House passed in June. But House leadership barred amendments from being attached to the bill.

He introduced his measure Thursday as a stand-alone bill at the same time Obama was hosting a bipartisan summit on health care reform.

So in June Pelosi told Kagen to get lost (house barred amendments) and yesterday he has the nerve to propose an amendment to a PLAN / PROPOSAL. Does Steve Kagen think everyone back in Wisconsin is ..............S T U P I D?
During his weekly telephone conference with Wisconsin reporters Wednesday, Kagen said Obama’s plan was a starting point for a new round of debate on health care reform.

"It may not be a perfect bill, but we can fix it as we move along," Kagen said. "Everyone we’re listening to in my district says we have to do something. It’s important to get started."

So on Wednesday he admits Obama only has a plan and on Thursday he introduces a bill to a "PLAN"? Gives me memories of slick Willie. "But we can fix it as we move along," Kagen said. Word on the street is the health care bill will go for reconciliation on Monday which means no changes can be made! Geeeeeeeezzzzz, what is he talking about?

Does Steve Kagen play everyone in the 8th as a bunch of fools?
I can't believe the MSM got sucked in on this slick campaign ploy. Let's be clear, that's all this is. Something Kagen can tout on his web site.

Steve Kagen will vote for the democrat health care plan and will pay for it in November. I wonder if he turns into a coward and retires before November because of his vote. Congressman Steve Kagen is just like the snake oil salesman of the past.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

WDNR, Not Taking Anymore CRAP or UP YOURS

From the Wisconsin paper of record, The Lakeland-Times

"We were asked to drive our vintage snowmobiles in the parade," Ellenbecker said. "Just when we were going to ride onto Lake Minocqua we were stopped by DNR personnel. They said because our snowmobiles were unregistered we could not ride them in the torchlight parade. And then they would not allow us to drive them back to our hotel. My husband was forced to find a ride back to the hotel, bring back our vehicle and trailer and then put them on the trailer before driving back."

It gets better, look what the WDNR said to them.

"We said we've done this for seven years, but one DNR person said, 'This is the law. We are not wavering. We're not going to take any crap this year.'"

Talk about strong arm tactics, or to the people of Wisconsin,

There's more at above link

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Win For Jim Doyle

I agree with this vote.
From JSOnline

State Assembly comes up short in attempt to override Doyle’s veto
By Lee Bergquist of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Feb. 23, 2010

Madison — Gov. Jim Doyle won a major victory on Tuesday when the Assembly failed to override his veto of a bill that would have weakened the governor's control over the Department of Natural Resources.

The Assembly fell short of a two-thirds majority when it voted 58-38and wasunable to muster the 64 votes to reject a veto of a bill to give the Natural Resources Board authority to appoint the department secretary.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

J J Sucks

I mean no disrespect to the # 48 but to get a pass on that pit stop



JB Van Hollen Wins Crap

Update, I just had to change the tiltle from "JB Van Hollen Prosecutes Crap" to "JB Van Hollen Wins Crap."

Update 2, I nominate J B Van Hollen for Charlie Sykes crappy crap Friday award for JB finally winning a case for the State of Wisconsin. Let's give JB an "ata a boy"!

We move away from Gillett and holy crap. This smells to high heaven.
From the Shawano Leader

It's good here to see J.B. found a case he could win.

Gillet man sentenced in illegal dumping operation
By Leader Staff

A Gillett man was sentenced last week for illegal disposal of sanitary
waste.Randy M. Soper was sentenced Soper to serve 30 days in jail and
ordered to pay over $30,000 in fines and penalties

State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced Friday his office had
successfully prosecuted Soper on charges of illegally disposing of sanitary
sludge from a treatment work without obtaining a permit and willfully
discharging a pollutant into a water of the state, the Oconto River.

Soper was sentenced before Shawano County Judge Thomas Grover, who also
ordered Soper to completely remediate the wooded site that he contaminated with
his illegal operation.

Specifically, for three years — 2006, 2007, and 2008 — Soper and his
company, R.T. Sanitation, LLC, created a homemade treatment work hidden in a
wooden area at which they dumped hundreds of truckloads of sanitary waste from
customers' septic systems.

Department of Natural Resources Warden Stephan Fabian, who investigated the
case, testified in court, describing the observations he made of the woods
covered with sanitation waste and discharges into an unnamed creek that
discharges into the Oconto River.

Soper at times dumped waste directly into the woods and at times dumped
waste into his homemade treatment plant which was unknown and unlicensed by the
Department of Natural

Resources prior to this investigation.
Assistant Attorney General
Cynthia R. Hirsch prosecuted the case.

Way to go J.B.! Put this one on his resume.
Just to clarify, I am not a fan of Mr. Van Hollen.
As Mark Belling would say "too much like an empty suit!"

Another Tea Party Nut?

Looks like I move away from the southern bunker (Pulaski ) and all hell breaks loose. From the Shawano Leader. Is this guy a tea party republican.
Explosive materials seized in Pulaski
By Kent Tempus, Leader editor

A potential disaster was averted after a man who for years built homemade
fireworks at his mother’s Pulaski home was arrested Friday night.

The amount of explosive materials found during a search earlier in the day
posed a serious threat to occupants of the residence and the residents in the
immediate area of the home, Pulaski Police chief Randal Dunford said.

“I feel we prevented something tragic from happening,” Dunford said. “One
simple mistake — or even static electricity — would have sparked those chemicals
and created an explosion.”

Authorities seized eight improvised explosive devices and about 300 pounds
of raw chemicals used to make explosive devices, along with other components
commonly used in manufacture of pyrotechnics.

“It was a very volatile and dangerous situation,” Dunford said. “We could
have lost several homes, and human lives. The potential for tragedy was

The suspect, Jon D. Peplinski, 46, was arrested at his Green Bay home by
Pulaski Police officers about 9:20 p.m. Friday.

He was booked into Brown County Jail and is being held on three felony
charges — possession of explosives, possession of improvised explosive devices
and reckless endangerment.

With most of the MSM accusing a lot of people of being a part of the radical tea party movement, when will they tag that on this guy? Come on Green Bay P G and Appleton PC, write that this guy is a radical right wing tea party nut! Go ahead, I double dare you.