Thursday, April 05, 2007


From Todays Shawano Leader

Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting

Local seniors displeased with Bush’s SeniorCare
Say what? I have to read that again!
Local seniors displeased with Bush’s SeniorCare

By Donna Hobscheid, Leader Reporter

Local seniors who use the state’s SeniorCare prescription drug
program were not pleased with the Bush administration’s
announcement Wednesday.
How many at Mason Woods are really on Senior Care?
“It’s terrible that our president doesn’t care about senior citizens,”
said Beverly Goering, a resident of Mason Woods.
Yep, that darn Bush if making seniors eat dog and cat food again!
Beverly, how old are you?

Gov. Jim Doyle received a letter this week from the Department
of Health and Human Services denying Wisconsin’s request to keep
the SeniorCare program beyond June 30. The announcement affects
more than 100,000 seniors.
Oh no, Diamond Jim is fighting for the seniors of Wisconsin!
Jim, where did you get the 100,000 number from?

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen (D-Wis.), who was at a senior fair at Mason
Woods on Shawano Lake Wednesday, said the announcement has
fueled his fire to try to create a program similar to SeniorCare for
the nation.
Yea baby, even Dr K had to get involved with this! Since he still
hasn't done anything in Washington he needs to spread the manure
in Shawano!

“How can we hold it against seniors for not understanding something
that we can’t explain to them,” Kagen said.
Dr ,you do not understand the program? What did the people of Wisconsin
send you to Washington for? Dr K , you just proved your
Dr K, I don't understand my high property taxes, Can you help me
understand ? Maybe I don't have to pay them!

Let's get to the chase,
# 1- seniors have health care coverage without the Senior care!
The government has Part D which is paid for by the government.
It been going for what a year or two, And it is working and even
saving tax payers money!

#2- the people in the nursing home that Kagen was at are probably
all covered by part D or their own plans!

#3 - This is just a photo op and poor Donna from the Leader is
either too bias or too stupid to ask the hard questions, or afraid
she would be bared from the next Kegan photo op!

Donna, did you forget or can I help you for next time!

Good question, how many people at the home were on Part D,
an exact number please?

Good question, how many people at the home were on Senior Care,
an exact number please?

Good question-does Beverly from Mason Woods know what plan
she is on or is she covered herself, or did someone before the photo op
tell her Bush is a crook and trying to take Senior Care away from
probably no one in the Shawano area.

Donna , please do your homework next time.

The morral of the story when people get old they can be told
anything and will believe it ! I dread getting OLD!

From Rush, " If you believe nothing, you believe everything".

Update ,

Kagen making the rounds on Senior care!
From the G Bay P C

I do like the headline!
Posted April 5, 2007
Kagen, others rail against SeniorCare decision
I like this !!!!!!!!
Leslie Norwalk, acting administrator of Department of Health
and Human Services' Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,
blamed the state in a letter for not proving the effectiveness
of SeniorCare.

Who is in Madison and not doing their homework?
Where is Gov. Lawton