Saturday, June 23, 2007


Will this pick up steam? Some of the great people of this state
(for sure you libs and candy's) are bent over, grabbing your ankles
and can kiss your _ss good bye unless the truth comes out about how
corrupt Diamond Jim's government is.

Must be getting a little warm in Madison.

Link from the A P

Lady's and gentlemen, our 45th Governor of Wisconsin

The Honorable - BARBARA LAWTON

Berry Lake and The EPA

Hey Berry Lakers , this seems to be interesting.
Looks like the EPA is working to tighten even more

From Appleton Post Crescent and the A P

For those of you not from Berry Lake we have the
WDNR and the EPA doing tests on Berry Lake. All
from a grant that was pushed through by certain people
on the lake and voted for by our elected officials.How
will the EPA enforce federal laws for our lake? No I do
not advocate destroying our beautiful Lake. It is a
clean lake free of any invasive plant growth
yada,yada,yada. But I am leery about big government

So to you people that think you know what will happen ,
GOOD Luck!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Right On

From Editorial columnist Patrick McIlheran,
by the way, you should save Pat's web blog, he always
has some interesting things to say and is one of my daily reads.

Patrick McIlheran:Right On

TUESDAY, June 19, 2007, 6:13 p.m.
OK, let the Canadians keep Cuba
Fidel Castro publishes a rant vowing that
the United States "will never have Cuba."
Actually, he makes it personal, saying President
Bush wants the place. He cites some joke the president
is said to have told. It was one of several such blasts
he's put in his government-owned newspaper lately.

The first thought that occurs is, why would we want
Cuba? Most of it appears to be fairly shabby after
half a century of communism. Let the Canadians keep it,
if they're so eager to find beaches without Americans.

How long yet will the left embrace Fidel and after he
passes away will it take the left to invest into the Cuban
economy after that. ( with in seconds). They know easy
money when they see it The left will make money in
Cuba like everyone else and make nothing of it
but at the same time accuse republicans of steeling
from the Cubans. And yes the ultra libs from Canada
will finnally have beach front property.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Kagen Watch

Hey , my favorite guy is in the news again.
Can someone please pay for another commercial and
tell us what the Kegmiester has done so far in congress!
RA RA RA STEVIE'S OUR MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the Post Cresent
Posted June 19, 2007
GOP puts Kagen's seat in its crosshairs
By J.E. Espino Post-Crescent staff writer

Already, Kagen is in the GOP's crosshairs.

Hey , I didn't write that.
Someone better run to get this guy out next year.

"For me it's not about the party. It's all about doing
what's best for everyone," he said Monday.

Liar, Liar pants on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross Perot 2008

Seems history will repeat it self in 2008 . Is this good or
bad for the dem's or the republicans?

Will he run or not?

From wcbstv out of new York

The move will clearly begin advancing rumors that
the mayor is gearing towards a presidential run,
which he has denied in the past.

I think Bloomy will take away from Hillary and not Thompson!
No I did not mean Tommy!

It should be an interesting election year in 2008.

Where are those GREAT Reagan Democrats!