Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wis V A

I am deeply hurt that the Wisconsin V A did not have my blog
site banned from there web site. (no I do not have a lot or no
readers of my blog , but that is fine with me).
So I e-mailed them a protest e mail.

From B & S and Pete Republic web sites

Dear Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs;

I was told that you are blocking several blog and web
sites on your web site. Is it possible to block my web site
also . My blog is not known to many people in Wisconsin
so it would be nice to get mine on your list.
it is the following ;

To be serious, will you stop wasting tax dollars and spend
your time and our money taking care of our vet's who have
fought, suffered and died for this country , for our freedoms
and for tax dollars to pay for your department.

You have better things to do!

Please use some common sense.

Thank You ,
Paul Socha

The main point as Pete mentioned,

"What I AM concerned about are the many soldiers, sailors
and marines that are recuperating in our VA Hospitals and
may be using VA computing facilities that are RESTRICTED
from viewing the 202 sites that are listed and blocked by
their Websense software"

All and All, W V A , take care of the VET's !

Dem's Live in Fantasy World

You lib's and candys probably didn't hear about this.
When will people understand the threat is real and is
just a matter of time that something happens on our soil.
Only in a Fantasy world.

Police avert car bomb 'carnage'
car bomb planted in central London would have
caused "carnage" if it had exploded, police say.
A controlled explosion was carried out on the car,

packed with 60 litres of petrol, gas cylinders and
nails, in Haymarket, near Piccadilly Circus.

So, will we now have back round checks for carpenters
who buy nails?

From the BBC news.

And This from Patrick McIlheran

FRIDAY, June 29, 2007, 9:53 a.m.
It had a bumper, if not a sticker
Now we can see what John Edwards was prattling

on about when he said the war on terror is a bumper-
sticker slogan.He meant, of course, that terrorists are
conducting it via cars that you could, in theory, put a
bumper sticker on. Or something. For instance, there's
the near miss in London this morning: A car outside a
nightclub with 60 liters of gasoline inside, along with nails
and a propane cylinders. Police say it's too soon to be
conclusive about who put the car there, thought a former
police chief tells Sky News that it bore the hallmarks of
al-Qaida, and the Times notes that the method resembled
planned al-Qaida attacks. No word on whether the car
actually bore a bumper sticker reading, "Surrender now,
infidel swine," so just how correct Edwards is about the
war on terror remains to be seen.

Is There No Shame

How can anyone stoop so low as to pay $10.00
for an empty key of beer and sell it for scrap metal.

Wow , beer drinkers in Wisconsin, is there no shame!

Brewers tapped by keg thieves
High scrap metal prices inspire theft of barrels from
bars, stores for profit
Posted: June 29, 2007
Thirsty to cash in on high scrap metal prices, thieves
increasingly are rolling out beer barrels from taverns
and liquor stores to sell them at recycling yards,
brewery owners and others say.

My heart just bleeds over this.
Rest of the article.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another RINO Maybe

On June 22nd I sent a letter to my Representative in Madison
E mail copy seen below.

Six days and not even a "thank you ,
I'm busy and I will get back to you soon. Maybe we elected
a wienie, maybe a person with no spine, maybe a person
with no common courtesy to acknowledge a letter or maybe a
Democrat in in RINO clothing.

Dear Mr Tauchen,

I live in your district and meet you during your election at

the Town of Underhill town meeting.

From your Election Web Site you said ;

Tax Reform and Fiscal Restraint Simply put, Wisconsin
needs tax reform. Our state’s excessively high tax rates
are driving away our young college graduates, keeping
companies from settling in the Badger State, and crippling
small businesses. By simply lowering taxes, and curtailing
government spending, we will solve many of Wisconsin’s
financial problems.

Property Tax Freeze ,
property taxpayers need relief - they
just saw the largest property tax increase in a decade, thanks
to Governor Doyle's 2003 veto of a freeze. His plan also allows
tax increases at twice the rate of inflation. I will vote to freeze
property taxes.

I questioned your fiscal direction when you were running for your
office, Even though I did vote for you, your actions in Madison will
tell me how I will vote in the next election. Two simply questions,
two simply answers - YES or No, will be the only reply I expect from you.
No, I do not want a form letter that your staff will send me that

states you are working hard for the people of your district and my
two question are very complicated issues. I also do not want to hear
"you are working very hard to hold the line on taxes and protect the
quality of life for the people of Wisconsin".
Will you vote to raise any taxes in Wisconsin?
Will you pledge not to raise the taxes of the people of Wisconsin?
If you feel you would like to reply to my questions , save our tax

dollars, do not send any letter through the U S mail.
Simply reply to me by e mail.
Thank you
Paul Socha

Update June 30th, 2007 .7:56 am, Still no response.

Only From A LIB

From Inside the Beltway
John McCaslin

How many people hear from the main stream media
on this kind of story? And this is a Democrat!Where would
this story be if it was a Right Winger?

Here's the phrase that makes me laugh.

According to the columnist, Mrs. Waters' office later called Mr.
Hayes and expressed concern "that this story of his arrest not
be leaked to the press, and not get back to her district."

The whole story;

Mouthy Maxine
Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, reportedly had
former Los Angeles mayoral candidate and homeless activist
Ted Hayes arrested for disorderly conduct outside her
Capitol Hill office several days ago, then requested he
remain quiet about his apprehension.
"[T]o have a citizen arrested because they disagree is
beyond the pale and begs the question, why do they care
more about illegal aliens than they do their own constituents?"
Washington columnist Nina May wrote this week on the
Renaissance Women Web site.

Mrs. May was to have met with Mr. Hayes on June 19 when
he was on Capitol Hill meeting with a lawmaker about illegal
immigration. She later learned of his arrest when he couldn't
keep the appointment.
"Ted's concern with the [proposed immigration] bill is that,
as a black man who has worked with the homeless and
disadvantaged for years, he sees an amnesty bill as one
more obstacle for poor blacks to overcome," Mrs. May wrote.
"He sees the illegal aliens in his home area of Los Angeles putting
an insurmountable burden on the social welfare and education
system, and sees jobs that would ordinarily go to his people
... going to the illegals.

And when he speaks out about it, he is castigated as a racist,
called names, slandered and threatened."
Mr. Hayes had stopped in to see Mrs. Waters, who he has
known for more than 20 years, only to have her walk past
him and into the hallway.
"Ted got up to follow her asking why ... ? To this query she
spun around and responded, 'You are full of [expletive],
You are full of [expletive], Ted Hayes,' " Mrs. May wrote.
At that point, a U.S. Capitol Police officer responded and
placed Mr. Hayes in handcuffs. He was charged with
disorderly conduct, a police spokesman confirmed yesterday.
According to the columnist, Mrs. Waters' office later called
Mr. Hayes and expressed concern "that this story of his
arrest not be leaked to the press, and not get back to her
Mrs. Waters declined to speak to Inside the Beltway yesterday.