Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunday Sprint Lieup

Auto Club 400 | Auto Club Speedway
March 27, 2011 | Race 5 of 36"

What's up? My driver this year is Johnson and it seems like he is petering out. 

Starting 16th? Come on Jimmy!

Earth Hour This Saturday, 8:30 pm, Turn Your Lights On

Earth hour is 8:30 pm this Saturday. 

We are told to turn off all our lights and appliances to save the earth. 

Here's what the Berry Laker clan will do. Turn on every light, every TV, every stereo. Wash and dry your cloths. Turn on all your outside lights. 

For all you green wienies, take a leap! 

I'm proud of where I live, what I do and thank God for giving me and my family our life today. Those who want to live in the 18th century, be my guest.  

Turn on the lights

Unions, Communists Join Forces

Never would of seen this coming. I am SHOCKED!

Unions, Communists Join Forces for April 4 Protests | MacIver Institute:

 MacIver News Service | March 23, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] In the wake of changes to government employee unions’ power in Wisconsin and elsewhere, The Communist Party USA is working in conjunction with national labor unions and other left wing political groups to organize protests in Madison, Wisconsin and across the nation on April 4th.

Scott Marshall, Vice Chair of The Communist Party USA said his organization is working with the likes of, the SEIU, AFSCME and others to make April 4th, the anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., a national day of action.

“Support is beginning to grow,” said Marshall in an online meeting earlier this month. “A bunch of organizations already are hyping the idea of massive demonstrations on April 4th.”"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Never Played Tennis and Never Had This Poster, Athena Poster Girl

'Athena poster tennis girl' unveiled after 35 years - Telegraph

"Athena poster tennis girl' unveiled after 35 years
Athena's famous tennis girl turns the other cheek 35 years after she posed for the world-famous poster."

Who out there had this poster as a kid? 

Problem Wolves Killed, Ironwood Township

Two problem wolves killed in Ironwood Township
"3/24/2011 12:08:00 AM

IRONWOOD TOWNSHIP -- Two wolves that had been inhabiting a residential neighborhood in Ironwood Township have been killed.

Brian Roell, of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources' Marquette office, said the wolves were killed by Don Lonsway of Ironwood Township, who works for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's wolf control program.

In mid-February, Bob Lynn, who lives on Sunset Road, watched two wolves feed on a deer carcass about 40 feet from his house, and there have been other wolf-related complaints from that area."

Cathy Stepp, WDNR Has Deeper Problems To Fix

You have to feel sorry for Cathy Stepp who oversees the WDNR. Dad29 has the image from Moonbattery.

Dad29: It's Not Humorous. Really.:

"The Wisconsin DNR auditor was at lunch break when this was taken."

Another Reason Why I Don't Eat Beets

From the Manitowoc Herald Times

MANITOWOC — Lakeside Foods is voluntarily recalling 3,000 cases of 105-ounce canned pickled sliced beets because some cans may have been under processed.

Harry Houdini Turns 137

Harry Houdini - Biography

"Throughout his life, Harry Houdini claimed that he was born April 6, 1874 in Appleton, Wisconsin. In fact, he was born with the name Ehrich Weisz on March 24, 1874, in Budapest, Hungary."

You can read the rest. Harry Houdini was from Appleton Wis.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leaders We Believe In

A good read by Steve Prestegard on some of the new leaders in Madison. Michelle Litjens is one of many who tax payers can believe in.

Marketplace of Ideas Blog:

"State Rep. Michelle Litjens (R–Oshkosh): She brings a passionate outsider’s perspective to the Legislature.

Last year would have been a good one for Michelle Litjens even if she hadn’t been elected to her first term in the state Assembly.

Litjens was there at the beginning of Ron Johnson’s improbable bid for the United States Senate, long before it was on anyone’s political radar. A longtime Johnson friend, it was Litjens who invited him to speak at a Tea Party rally in Oshkosh and, early in 2010, began introducing the long-shot conservative to party activists and opinion makers (including the author of this article). At the state party convention that unexpectedly endorsed Johnson, Litjens placed his name in nomination.

A former third vice chair of the state GOP, Litjens, 38, is no newcomer to politics, but she brings a passionate outsider’s perspective to the Legislature. She describes herself as an “activist who grew up with parents who were doers,” and admits to being impatient with the pace of the Legislature and “frustrated at business as usual.”

One of the most outspoken conservatives in a conservative Legislature, Litjens is pushing hard to pass Right-to-Work legislation, rein in public employee unions, and repeal the prevailing-wage mandate on local governments. …"

Duffy With Obama, Ribble Down The Middle

Rhymes With Clowns comments on Sean Duffy on Libya.

"Hey Sean Duffy, You're in the Congress!"

Dad 29 comments

"Can Rep. Duffy Be THIS Stupid?"

Here Reid Ribble takes a stand from the Superior Telegram.

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Reid Ribble from Appleton says he does not agree with the president’s decision to get involved in Libya.

“I felt that that was a regional conflict and that we should’ve stuck – I think the French should have taken the lead, they’re the closest to it,” says Ribble. “France and Italy should have played a bigger role. I wish the President had spoken to the Congress before they made the decision so he could’ve gotten feedback from the elected officials.”

Wait, I thought Ribble lives in Lawrence? Did he move to Appleton? Did he sell his house in Sherwood? Where's the media here? Back to Mr Ribbles Libya comments.

Ah, what did he say? What does "stuck" mean? Does Ribble really think Obama is going ask to get permission? Maybe he did discuss it with Ribble at the Super Bowl party and Reid just forgot. So if Obama did ask Congress, would he have said it was O K and gave him a yes vote? Let's cut to the chase, Reid is a moderate middle of the road republican. Can't take sides, can't diss the media, waiting for someone to tell him what to say or what to do. This is his first year in D C and he doesn't want to rock the boat. 

I don't know what should be done in Libya? Are people against Gaddafi supported by al-Qaeda? Do we remove Gaddafi and let another Iran happen? Do we leave Gaddafi? I am not a congressman and not privy to classified information. That's why we have congressman in Washington DC.   

Representatives Ribble and Duffy made their remarks during an appearance on Wisconsin Public Radio's Joy Cardin Show Tuesday.

Pull Your Pants Up

Dez Bryant Kicked Out Of NorthPark For ‘Pants On The Ground’ « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth: "DALLAS (AP/CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant found himself at the wrong end of the law for not properly covering his hind end Saturday.
Bryant and three of his friends were ejected from the NorthPark shopping center Saturday after a dispute between Bryant and two off-duty officers over the men sagging their pants below their hips, exposing their underwear.
A Tuesday police statement says officers working off-duty Saturday as security at NorthPark encountered Bryant and three companions wearing the drooping pants.
When the officers asked the four to pull up their trousers, Bryant launched into a profanity-laced tirade. According to the statement, when confronted, Bryant told officers. “What the ****, you stopped me like I stole something.” That prompted the officers to escort the four from the mall."

Obama "I'm A Little Country"

Glad I never bought Garth Brooks CD's and never will. 

Garth Brooks on Obama: I Love Him to Death; It's Got to Be Hell In That Office |

By Nicholas Ballasy
( - Grammy award-winning singer Garth Brooks told that he "fully" supports President Barack Obama and that it must be "hell" serving as President of the United States.
Before his performance at the Points of Light Institute's ceremony honoring former President George H. W. Bush at the Kennedy Center on Monday, Brooks was asked if President Obama has lived up to his expectations.

"'Yeah, I think what President Obama is finding out is all that we want to do, the system kind of doesn't allow the most powerful guy in the world to kind of do his job and I'm sure nobody's more frustrated than him to complete those promises that he did and I think he's trying his heart out. I love him to death and I fully support him and I just wish him well because it's got to be hell in that office,' said Brooks."

Oh brother.

Snowfall At The Compound

Chart from Fox 11. 
It's 4:15 p m and I measure 13 inches and still light snow is falling. 

Holly cow!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thunder Lighting, Life Is Good

Just got done watching NCAA UWGB Women's Basketball and still don't have the 6 - 8 inches of snow they said I would get and I see thunder lighting all over the Nicolet Forest. Oh, by the way, UWGB beat Michigan State.Hooooyaaaa!!!!!


Sunshine Week Grades, Recall Jim Holperin Lowest of The Low, F-

You got to love the Wisconsin Paper of Record, The Lakeland-Times. 

A GREAT read about open record laws in Wisconsin and who's in and who's out. I think J B didn't deserve that high a grade but The Times knows what they are talking about. The images are my choice.

You can read the whole thing but Recall Jim Holperin is what caught my eye.

Sunshine Week: The Lakeland Times' annual open records grades -
 The Lakeland Times - Minocqua, WI

"The Lowest of the Lowest (F-)"

State Sen. Jimmy "Hope" Holperin of Conover. Last year, we said we couldn't fail Sen. Jimmy Hope on open records, but we can yell it from the rooftops after his monstrous decision to routinely delete certain emails. Our story in last Tuesday's paper gives the details of this travesty but, in a nutshell, Mr. Holperin has given lawmakers, if they choose to do so, a perfectly legal way to effectively exempt themselves from the open records law.

All you have to do is get rid of any record you don't want anybody to see. While most lawmakers' records are open, the state's retention law doesn't require that they be kept for any length of time. Don't want to be seen? Hit delete.

In the last 50 years since that exemption was passed, it has been used only rarely. Mr, Holperin has changed the game. For the past month he has protected 50 years of special-interest greed by hiding in Illinois. Last year, he destroyed 50 years of open records progress by figuring out a way to hide his records.

State Sen. Jim Holperin - our 2011 worst of the worst in public office.

Jo Anne Kloppenburg Against Wisconsin Land and Lake Property Owners

How will you vote for Supreme Court Justice? 
A vote for Jo Ann Kloppenburg is a vote for taking away your property and freedom. For a person who has no experience in the courts, she sure liked taking away landowners land and freedoms. 

Media Trackers Exposes Supreme Court Candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg | Media Trackers:

 "Kloppenburg vs. Joe Homeowner

As the state’s environmental law enforcer, Kloppenburg represented the DNR and state in cases that angered developers, homeowners, and businesses, and she has argued against more local and legislative control (especially when Republican legislators took actions to protect citizens upset over what one labeled DNR “arrogance.”)

“It’s a good example of government gone amok,” said the lawyer for a couple who accused the state of rendering their dream property worthless through bureaucratic bungling and zealousness. In another case, Kloppenburg praised as “wonderful” a court decision where a woman couldn’t build a deck on a lake home she inherited from her grandfather.

One case involving Kloppenburg sparked an upset Wisconsin couple to write the governor , accusing the state of rendering their property worthless through bureaucratic bungling and zealous regulation. “It sure puts a sour note on our life,” said one homeowner of the state action against him.

A few other cases of Kloppenburg going after average homeowners include:"

Homeowners William and Lynn Gerrits didn’t want to have to move their home near a creek in Kaukauna and they had a variance from the zoning law that said the buildings needed to be 75 feet from the water. It would cost $50,000 to move their house back 18 feet more, and only parts of the home (the deck, and part of the garage) were within the 75 feet. A local county board granted the couple a variance because it determined that the local government failed to tell the homeowners the house was too close to the creek when issuing a building permit. The board found the home was not contrary to public interests. The attorney for the couple noted in court documents: “In a day when raw sewage is dumped into our lakes by cities after heavy rainstorms; in a day when it is commonplace for beaches to be closed due to unhealthy levels of contaminants, we find the state of Wisconsin bringing its force not to clean our lakes and streams, but to make a homeowner move a deck and garage,” But Kloppenburg, argued for the state that the couple didn’t deserve a variance, “We are not picking fights with anybody,” she said. “We want to make sure statewide everybody is following the same standards. … Studies show indisputably that development within the setbacks does harm water quality over time. The science is very sound.” (AP, Jan. 13, 2004).

A vote to take away your land is a vote for Kloppenberg.

In Ozaukee County, a couple purchased two plots of land without realizing they were on wetlands. They built their home, garnering necessary approval from town and county and also thinking they had DNR approval. However, when they started to build the house for their daughter, they learned the DNR had stated the land sat on wetlands. The couple sued the DNR, although DNR officials said it was possible to resolve the dispute. They accused the DNR of essentially taking their land. However, a DNR inspector told the couple they were unlikely to get proper approval to build the home for their daughter after they had already obtained a mortgage and permits for it. Upset, the couple penned a letter to Gov. Jim Doyle that said in part, “Our property is being held hostage by the government, and we have been deemed guilty by a government employee. We now sit with property that was valued at over $ 500,000 up until Oct. 8, 2002, now virtually worthless. We have a mortgage for a house that we cannot build. We have lost thousands of dollars on this project. We have spent thousands of dollars for attorneys. We can’t sell or refinance our house. We have lived in this house for nine years without any clue of any of this. We went to every agency possible, prior to purchasing these properties. We have paid full property taxes on both properties. Never once, in all these years, did anyone ever mention anything about wetlands.” Kloppenburg was the attorney who filed a motion in court to dismiss the couple’s suit on behalf of the DNR. She alleged the couple should have known they couldn’t build on the land, saying maps denoting the wetlands existed before they brought the property. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 27, 2003)The couple’s lawyer, in another news article, stated, “It’s a terrible and tragic situation, a good example of government run amok.” Kloppenburg filed a motion to dismiss the couple’s lawsuit. (AP, June 25, 2003).

A vote for Kloppenburg is a vote for the abuse by the WDNR.

A Janesville man believed that low water, because of wetlands, depreciated his property’s value. A lake district sided with the man, arguing in court that the DNR was violating the rights of property owners. The DNR refused to raise the lake level. Property owners had battled to do so since 2003. Said property owner Bruce Harrison to the Janesville Gazette newspaper: “It’s affected the beauty of the shoreline because, as the water retreats, it leaves a muddy mess. It’s also affected my ability to use my watercraft. I’m sure it has affected my property value.” The DNR had categorized wetlands as “public rights” despite the properties being privately owned, alleged the attorney for the lake district. Kloppenburg, who represented the DNR, sided with a hearing examiner who ruled for the DNR by saying statutes didn’t allow consideration of the economic impact on properties.

A vote for Kloppenburg is to take away your rights.

A Forest County man battled state officials to keep his retirement home. He had been ordered to move the $170,000 home because it was 15 feet from a lake. The state Supreme Court overruled the appellate court and said the man didn’t have to move his home. The 74-year-old man told the media he just wanted to retire in peace. ”I’m getting so . . . old. I won’t see the end of the case by the way it’s going,” the man said. ”It’s getting too expensive.” The media said a contractor had erroneously built the man’s home too close to the lake. The elderly man had spent more than $80,000 in legal fees. It would cost $130,000 to move the house. A judge had disagreed with the local county saying it was wrong to make the man move his house. The appeals court overruled the judge. The state Supreme Court was unanimous in its decision siding with the judge and allowing the man to not have to move his house. Although she was not listed on court documents as the attorney of record, and while acknowledging the decision was fair, Kloppenburg was interviewed by the media and praised the case for reinforcing the rights of the state to enforce shoreline zoning codes. She said the case “’reconfirms the paramount interest of the state, of all of us, in the protection of our waters through shore land zoning.” (Wisconsin State Journal, July 2, 1998.) Kloppenburg has also been at the center of opposing state Legislative attempts to rein in the power of the DNR and state Department of Justice when it comes to environmental enforcement (she has supported the DNR’s greater pursuit of power in court). In some of those cases, which reached the state Supreme Court, incumbent Justice David Prosser disagreed with Kloppenburg, who argued for the DNR to have more power, and the Legislature to have less, when it came to disputes between the state and private landowners.
Kloppenburg praised as “wonderful” a decision that meant that property owners with homes on waterfront can’t build within 75 feet of shorelines unless they would no longer have “reasonable use” of their homes. The case before the state Supreme Court had derived from a Kenosha County case in which a woman added a deck to a Hooker Lake home built in 1936 by her grandfather. She received a variance from a Kenosha board to build the deck, which cost her $5,000. The DNR fought the woman’s deck, which was 64 feet from the lake. The board noted other homes were closer to the lake and said the deck would increase safety for the woman. The higher court ruled against the woman saying she had not suffered “unnecessary hardship.” (Wisconsin State Journal, May 28, 1998).

A vote for Kloppenberg is a vote to take away your home. 

If you want to keep your freedom, keep your lake property, keep your land, 



on April 5th.

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors. The unions want to take away our freedom. Stop them on April 5th. 

Vote Prosser.

Recall Jim Received Campaign Money From Judge Sumi's Husband

Seems like a little pay for play here? From the Judge and her husband who is holding Wisconsin hostage. 

 Newsradio 620 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Talk, Sports, Weather | Charlie Sykes:
By Charlie Sykes
Story Created: Mar 22, 2011
Story Updated: Mar 22, 2011
Judge Maryann Sumi's husband donated to three of the state's Democratic Fleebaggers. Via Media Trackers:
There was already cause for Judge Maryann Sumi to have recused herself in the collective bargaining lawsuit since her son, Jake Sinderbrand is a former employee of the AFL-CIO and SEIU, now more conflict of interests have been discovered.

Judge Sumi’s husband, Carl Sinderbrand donated to the campaigns of three of the “Badger 14″: Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch. Additionally Sinderbrand donated to Tom Barrett in his fight against Scott Walker for the governorship."

Who else contributed to Recall Jim Holperin? Hey, even Recall Dave Hansen got money.

Recall Jim Holperin Raided $1.2 Billion And Now Is Complaining

Recall Jim Holperin is complaining of road funding? 

Holperin says North ignored in transportation budget -
 NewsoftheNorth.Net, Northwoods News:

By NN.N Editorial Staff
Published 03/22/2011 - 1:34 p.m. CST

By NN.N Editorial Staff...
State Senator Jim Holperin (D-Eagle River) criticized a 2012-’13 state budget that will pour $410 million more into road projects over the next two years, with virtually none of the new highway spending headed to northern Wisconsin.

“Instead, road aid cuts of 3% to 15% will be the rule across the north where residents count on good roads for logging, tourism, agriculture, education and commuting,” he said."

“In a budget proposal filled with cuts to school aid and dozens of other programs, less health care for the poor, and the complete elimination of programs like recycling, transportation spending is slated to grow by almost 15%,” Holperin explained. “Yet nearly all the new money will go toward major projects in the southern part of the state.”

Specifically, Milwaukee’s “Zoo Interchange” will get $225 million; I-94 from Milwaukee south to the state line will get $195 million; and I-90 from Madison south to the state line will get $59 million.

Where was Recall Jim Holperin when this happened? From the Wis State Journal.

State leaders have taken about $1.2 billion in recent years from the state transportation fund.
Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle led the misguided raids.

So Holperin and Doyle stole $1.2 billion and he wonders why some in Wisconsin will have to do with less.

If we don't fix the zoo interchange, the most used interchange in Wisconsin, business in Wisconsin will not be able to ship goods and services in this state. Holperins bad decisions in the past tells everyone in the 12th he is out of touch with the voters and has to go in the recall election. 


Recall Jim Holperin Rally

Come North for some fun this Saturday!
We need YOUR help on the
Recall Jim Holperin Campaign
Please consider asking a friend or two
Jump in the car and head to the 12th Senate District
Information in the attachment
Call or e-mail any questions
Please pass this on to others who may be interested

Kim Simac
I Love America... Pass it on

Pulaski Unions Tell Tax Payers To Bend Over

From the Green Bay Press.

Pulaski School Board to extend 3 union contracts
11:00 PM, Mar. 21, 2011
Written by
Patti Zarling

PULASKI — The Pulaski School Board on Wednesday is expected to approve one-year contract extensions for employees of three unions, including teachers.

Schools superintendent Mel Lightner said Monday district officials met with representatives from the Pulaski Education Association, the Pulaski Education Support Personnel Association and the Pulaski Cook and Custodian Association last week to negotiate agreements.

Why only a one year extension? Why only three unions? Where were the unions and the employees the last three years when the school district was strapped for money? Who's going to pay for the shortfalls? Why not any cuts in pay? 

Why are the tax payers taking it in the shorts again? How many residents taxes were reduced the last three years? 

The tax payers of the Pulaski School District should storm the meeting Wednesday night and demand the school board stop and hold all contract extensions until the state law takes or not takes effect?  Do the tax payers of Pulaski have any guts or do the unions leaders run the school district, the school board and tell the tax payers to bend over and 

SHUT UP!!!!!!!