Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tony , you know what to do

I would think Mr Blair would know what to do,
I know what I would do!

You lefty's would like it eighter
From Drudge and the U K Times - Link

March 24, 2007
Hostage fears over troops seized by Iran

Britain’s crisis with Iran deepened last night after Tehran justified
seizing 15 British servicemen by claiming that they had strayed into
Iranian territorial waters “illegally”.
The announcement appeared to rule out any hope that the incident
was a simple mistake that could be quickly rectified.

You lib's and candy's must think it was a mistake, the
Iranians wouldn't take hostages!

Mr Regan, where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, This Guy is from Wisconsin

Bill , from Wausau, if you voted for this guy ,we need to talk.

Posted March 23, 2007
Obey defends earmarks in war
funding bill
House vote expected later today
By Brian Tumulty Post-Crescent Washington bureau
WASHINGTON — Rep. David Obey, the floor manager of the $124.3
billion spending bill the House is scheduled to vote on later today,
issued an impassioned response this morning to critics who say the
bill is loaded with special interest earmarks.

Obey, D-Wausau, said the bill he authored as chairman of the
House Appropriations Committee includes agricultural disaster
assistance because the last Congress failed to act.

Go head ,just say it! The republicans didn't pass it last year, Were
you not in the same congress last year, whats your excuse?

And he said the widely criticized $25 million for spinach
producers was included because they participated in a
voluntary recall last year. "You can laugh about it now,
but people were dying last year because of an E. coli
breakout.,' said Obey.

Hey Dave, I did a voluntary payment to the town of Underhill last
year of $420.00 in property taxes, can I get something?

You Pom pass _ss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Link to article from Appleton P C


Property Taxes

From Wispolitics;
This just TICKS me off!!!!!!!!

TO: Members
Wisconsin Legislature
FROM: Bob Lang, Director
SUBJECT: Senate Bill 40: Fiscal Controls on Local Property Taxes

Link to document

I am not too happy hearing our taxes will go up again!
I know ,we live on a lake, I know we have a nice home BUT,
our taxes went up 10% last year $420.00 bucks. Yes that's right
we pay over $4400.00 in property taxes. Ninety percent of the
people in our township taxes went down , ours went up and
now we hear it is to go up another 4% .

And what do people on the lake say " you got to pay them, you
can't do anything about it , To all the idiots that don't care about
their taxes , I am holding up a finger to the screen right now.
Guess which one it is? You know I am or try to be nice to you
people but this really hits a nerve.
I went to the town board budget meeting last fall and their
budget was $30,000.00 less for 2007 than 2006. I know I
should of said something but I want to know what I talk about
before I speak! I have learned from the past that I am too
honest when I talk taxes and politics and everyone than says
I' m the idiot. Well here you go , as Bill Engle would say ,here's
your sign, or here's your tax bill!!!!!!!!!

Our plan is to move to Ontonogan Mi. A small house with
10 acres of land and taxes are , wait a minute, there how much?
$400.00 , moving to Michigan.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Slow News Day

Must be a slow news day!
I click to the news catagory in the Appleton Post Cresent
and this was in the 1st position as top news story.

'American Idol' narrowed to 10

Wow the main editor must be on vaction.

I didn't seem to find any article that Frankie B found his
2003 and 2004 calender at the Wis, D O T .

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Kagen Watch

This guy is an idiot(Kagen), plain and simple, the target can't
be any plainer, he does NOT know what he talks about!

GOP: Kagen makes himself a target for ouster
Appleton Democrat tries to put focus on his agenda
in Congress

By J.E. Espino Post-Crescent staff writer
U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen has been in office only three months,
but already the national Republican Party is plotting how
to oust the Appleton Democrat when he's up for re-election
in 2008.

Ken Spain, a spokes-man for the National Republican

Also, "(Congress) passed house rules, which end the
lobbyists' gravy train that too many members of
Congress will ride," he said.
Can anyone tell me what rules changed ?????????????
Kind of like Kagens radio spots on how he voted for raising
the minimum wage? Which to my recollection hasn't passed yet!
Were supposed to give him credit for a bill that has not passed?????

What will be the next big mistake he will make?

Link To Post Cresent article.

The Dog Ate My Homework

Something has the odor of CYA in the Dennis Troha Case
Lets see;
Whats missing on those tapes-Nixon!

We always fire 93 Federal attorneys generals at a time,
Doesn't everyone - Clinton

I never had a sexual relationship with that women,
Miss Lewinski- Clinton!

The boys were just having fun - slashing tires in Milwaukee-
Milwaukee's High Archy

The old papers in the sock trick, works every time-Berger!

and from Wisconsin,

This is nothing we did on purpose," said
Chris Klein, an aide to Busalacchi.

Diamond Jim , this isn't even funny anymore!!!!!!!

DOT chief's calendar erased Entries for '03-'04 were
destroyed by accident, state says
Posted: March 20, 2007 Calendar entries for state
Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi and his
top assistant have been erased, making it impossible
to know where they were for their first two years in office.

Go to J S Online article for more.

It would be easier from now on if Wisconsin State
Government please give excuses by number. It will Save time!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Go Figure

The Badgers lose and Johnnson wins Atlanta.
It can't get any worst than that.

Jimmy still s_cks,I mean Stinks!

Well Marks still in 1st for 3 weeks.

You Gotta

You got to like this guys persistents.


"I cannot find anyone in my district who wants to spend
more money in Iraq," Kagen, D-Appleton, said Friday
of the bill authored by Rep. David Obey, D-Wausau.

Hey Bud you are not talking to any or most of the people
in your district. You just want to cut and run and then
we will have to spend more money and lose more lives
here and abroad to clean up your Tripe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the TRIPE -LINK
from the Appleton P C

T V Sunday

Need to apologize to my family and to all the world .
The T V set at the Socha house will be switching
back and forth!

Badger basketball, Nascar,
Badger basketball, Nascar,
Badger basketball, Nascar,
Badger basketball, Nascar,
Badger basketball, Nascar,
Badger basketball, Nascar,
Badger basketball, Nascar,
Badger basketball, Nascar,
Badger basketball, Nascar,

Badgers, Mark Martin,
Badgers, Mark Martin,
Badgers, Mark Martin,
Badgers, Mark Martin,
Badgers, Mark Martin,
Badgers, Mark Martin,
Badgers, Mark Martin,

Thank God someone invented
the remote.


"Ka-Ching" Paul Ryan ,
That rascally republican got money too!
What, did Dan forget to look at other congress people on the
other side? Seems to be a little slant here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Obey, Gwenn Moore, I don't know, Who else could
there be. Funny Jim S wasn't brought up, and what about
Bush and Chenny " Chenny did it to get back at the Packers ,
you know he hates the Packers!!!! I don't know if he does
but it sounded good Kevin Barret!
I was always told to do all your home work not just the
parts you only like!

Action in Congress paid well for Troha
Posted: March 17, 2007

The reach of indicted Kenosha exec Dennis Troha extends
all the way to the U.S. Congress.
Much to his own direct financial benefit.

Rest of Dan Bice article

Well I do give Dan credit for the graph to the RIGHT of the
article ( one Dem , two Republicans )but it might of been
better if they would of put the graph to the LEFT (TY)
of the article.

Local Issues

For you local folks we had two or more break ins on the lake
this past Friday night. two and four doors to the west of
our place around 8:30 to 9:30 p m .
The thefts must be getting desperate or or a little gutsy to
break in close to full time residents on the lake.
We have had some break ins lately but it seems to be escalating.

Another issue on the lake is the EPA is coming to Berry Lake
to do some grant studies on the lake. I'm sure most of the
people who own property on the lake really do not know what
they are in for! My opinion is people will be fined for the smallest
issues and eventually the lake will be protected and most boats will
be banned from the lake.

Good luck people on Berry Lake , you won't see it coming!!!!!!

Water Level

Those of you that live and enjoy Berry Lake have heard all
the stories.

Berry Lake's water level goes up and down with Lake Michigan,
when michigan is up , Berry Lake is up , when michigan is down ,
Berry Lake is down.

JFYI, Berry Lake is an est. 200 acre lake northwest of Green Bay,
8 miles west of Gillett, 9 miles east of Keshena. On a map if you
look at where Oconto, Shawano and Menominee county's all
meet you see Berry Lake. Part of the lake is in Oconto county,
part is in Menominee Count

We are a spring feed lake about 842 feet above sea level.
In 2005, the lake came up!
In 2006 the lake came up!
In 2007 we shall see,
Article from JSonline

Summertime Lake Michigan level expected to drop further
Posted: March 17, 2007
Winter might have seemed like it returned to normal this year,
but Lake Michigan hasn't.
Despite the cold and snow of the past few months, the water
level of Lake Michigan continue to drop; as of Friday, Lake Michigan
was about an inch lower than it was at this time last year, and a
bout 17 inches below its long-term average. The long-range
forecast for water levels isn't calling for things to get much
better this summer.

It was always funny to hear some crazy old man on the lake
tell us all that "Michigan is down, Berry Lake will go down"!

Well crazy old man , we shall see this year if you are right
or just blowing wind!
Link to full article.