Saturday, April 26, 2008

UWGB Courses

From the Green Bay Press Gazette.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's chapter of Habitat hosted the event, charging participants for cardboard and duct tape to build dwellings for the

Is that why Dave Hansen was at UWGB on Thursday?

Holy Cow Steve

Holy Cow Batman, more people need to hear from
Steve Prestegard. Your right Robin, the word is sreading.

Steve needs to run for office, Why do we not have more like Steve and less of the RINO's.

Steve, thanks for your insight.

I’d love to hear any of the Democrats who represent part of the Marketplace circulation area, or those who want to represent this area, explain why their
party isn’t a bunch of anti-business, anti-free market, anti-wealth, tax-addicted, collectivist leftists. The evidence will be pretty hard for them
to overcome.
Posted by Steve Prestegard

Try 2 Focus

I feel bad a great person from the Fond du Lac area has not been noticed sooner.

On my radar screen now.


Keep up the GREAT work.

Earth Week

I really haven't commented on earth week. What have I done to help preserve the earth on this most holy weeks for our brethren on the left. I hearby shout from the tops of mountains. What I have done this week for the sacrifice of the left.
It's 38 degrees thermostat up to 72.
Turned on extra lights this morning.
Sat in my driveway last night and let the car idle an extra 10 min. Brewer game on.
Wasted trip to Cecil and pick up a case of beer, really a wasted trip , nice.
Purchased REAL gasoline that had no ethanol!
Had Brats on the grill.
Had two helping of seasoned rice!
Had a campfire. Burned Wood!
Light bulb burned out ! Used GE 60 watt standard bulb. No curly Q crap.
Went to Wal Mart shopping and asked for extra plastic bags.
Took an extra long extra hot shower.
Flushed the toilet 3 times. No details.
Used a lot of T P. Too bad Sherl Crow.
It's still early, might of forgotten a few things.
To Mr. Green Jeans and the other psycho wienies, Tack a leap off a short peer.

Tax Hell

From Mike Huebsch's Weekly E mail updates.

According to the Tax Foundation, the average Wisconsin taxpayer has to work 115 days this year just to pay off their federal, state and local taxes.
Wisconsin’s combined federal, state and local tax burden was ranked 14th worst in the nation. Of our neighboring states, only Minnesota (8th) ranked worse: Iowa was 34th worst, Michigan was 31st, and Illinois was 16th.
Closer to home, the Tax Foundation noted Wisconsin’s state and local tax burden, at an estimated 12.3% of income, ranks 7th highest nationally for state and local taxes, well above the national average of 11.0%.

If you had to move and you had to choose from Iowa or Michigan, what would you do? I guess I would take the U P. Corn camp followers are not my cup of tea. I 'd take the north woods. A tax rate of 31 is sure better then 14th.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Chicken Dinner

From The Green Bay Press
This weekend, a good cause.

The town of Gillett Fire Department will hold its annual chicken barbeque Sunday at the fire station, Wisconsin 32 and Town Hall Road, to raise money to buy new equipment.
Tickets are $8. Serving begins at 11 a.m.

Petri, Paper Anti Dumping

From JSOnline

THURSDAY, April 24, 2008, 12:46 p.m.By Joel Dresang
Kagen, Petri push anti-dumping case
Two congressmen representing Wisconsin papermaking communities said today they have asked Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez to look favorably on the ongoing anti-dumping case filed by Appleton Papers.The Appleton-based maker of carbonless paper and other specialty products has contended that its business is suffering from lightweight thermal paper imports,which it alleges are being sold at unfair and artificially low prices.

U.S. Reps. Steve Kagen, an Appleton Democrat, and Tom Petri, a Republican from Fond du Lac, wrote a joint letter dated April 18 asking Gutierrez to consider the economic impact on domestic manufacturers as Commerce proceeds with the Appleton case.
"We have trade laws to protect domestic manufacturers struggling against unfair trading practices, and I think it's right and appropriate for the Commerce Department to enforce these rules. That's what this letter is all about," Petri said in a statement.The letter includes signatures by the other Wisconsin members of the House of Representatives as well as 15 other members of Congress. The letter applauds Commerce for initial findings that Appleton's claims warranted investigation and response. Kagen and Petri expect Commerce to make a preliminary decision on the case next month.

Not sure if Gutierrez will do anything. Is government intervention something good or bad. Should the free market take care of itself?

It looks like Petri took the initiative to get the ball rolling. Not sure what good.

Look what happen from ethanol mandates by our great leaders. How far should the nanny state go?

57th State District

Jo Egelhoff from Fox Politics has announced running to succeed Steve Wieckert in the 57th state district in Appleton. What A Great Candidate.

Those in the 57th, here is her stance on spending.

One of my top priorities will be to stop the insane raiding of our pocketbooks.
That’s why I’m running - to represent the people and the pocketbooks of the 57th Assembly District.

Complete anouncement.
Best of luck to Jo Egelhoff.

She would have my vote if I lived in the 57th.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Madden 09

Madden 09 cover, Hope the curse is only for active players.

Well, one way to dodge the "Madden Curse" is to just not play. Indeed, recent retiree Brett Favre will be drafted onto the cover of Madden NFL 09, reports GameDaily. While the choice seems somewhat peculiar, it's possible Favre was chosen to represent the 20th Anniversary edition of the game because of his iconic status. The long-time Packers QB is one of, if not the most familiar and celebrated player in recent NFL history (heck, he even starred in that Farrelley brothers flick some years back -- what was it ... something about a Mary?). So, what's it gonna take to get Old #4 to lace 'em up one last season and test his record streak against the mighty curse?
P.S. Thanks for the memories.

Oconto County Unemployment


Rank 17
RATE 7.4 %

Holy Cow Batman, Kagen says were in a recession!
I'm glad he looking out for us Robin!
Back to the bat cave!

A True Conservative

Thank God For Linda Daves of North Carolina

How many Linda Daves are in Washington and Madison?

I have to think to myself, "who is in Wisconsin that can hold their ground like Daves?
Sensenbrenner? It's sad to say it's a short list!

Link To NCRP
Just in case you might want to contribute to the NCRP

Kagen, First Cell Phone Confrence Call

From The Pine River World News,
an article from the

Kagen sees tough economic times ahead
To a forest products industry looking for a little good news, U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen offered only a few nuggets amid a generally gloomy economic outlook.
Doesn't that say it all, "forest products industry looking for a little good news", They were looking for a little good news and got beat up and kicked in the process from their congressman. The people of the 8th district are owed more from Congressman Kagen than a few nuggets.

Kagen, D-Appleton, spoke via cell phone over a loudspeaker at the 4th Annual Sustainable Forestry Conference last week at the Encore on Central in Florence. Kagen said he intends to push for greater access to timber in the national forest, a chief concern among some in the forestry industry.
With all the federal spending today, he had Wisconsin's first cell phone conference call! No comment!

Congressman Kagen has it correct on timber access. Will he present a bill in congress to open up more harvesting timber in the National Forests? He did not say. The lumber industry is looking for direction, again what bill will Steve Kagen bring before congress, Answer, still nothing. If the people in Florence invited him to speak, what specific federal change will he present in congress to help the forest industry? Answer, still nothing!

“It makes no sense to let trees fall and not reap the benefits,” he said, adding that a balance must be struck between harvesting timber and protecting endangered species.
In the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, three animals, the pine marten, the goss hawk and the red shouldered hawk, are the primary concern among wildlife officials, said Harv Skjerven, district forest ranger for Florence and Eagle River.
Congressman Kagen you again are correct, “It makes no sense to let trees fall and not reap the benefits.” In your same breath why did you have to bring up "a balance must be struck between harvesting timber and protecting endangered species." The people in Northern Wisconsin do not want to "endanger any species." Was he trying to blame the forest industry for killing off endangered species? They need to put food on their table and gasoline in their vehicles! How many people will lose their jobs because your left wing kooks are trying to protect a beetle, butterfly or wolf? The forest industry probably goes out of their way to protect our environment. Can we all ask, who or what is more important, A bug or furniture factory?

On another key front, Kagen said he’s been in contact with “a number of potential buyers” of the Niagara Mill and he holds out hope that a deal can be struck to keep the mill open. NewPage, which acquired the mill late last year, said it intends to close the facility in October.

On Tuesday, Kagen joined 22 other member of Congress in asking the Commerce Department to make a determination in favor of an anti-dumping petition filed by Appleton Papers. U.S. manufacturers blame Asian dumping for eroding their U.S. market share.

“If U.S-based companies are to continue to make investments in jobs and capital equipment necessary for long-term prosperity, they cannot compete on an uneven playing field against artificially low-priced imports,” the letter said.

A decision by the Commerce Department is due in early May.

A primary reason for the slumping lumber market is the lack of housing construction. Kagen sees no sign of a quick rebound in that sector. In fact, things could get much worse, he warned.

"Could get much worse", why not tell them you will send them unemployment applications, food stamps and welfare checks. Since you were on a cell phone, you didn't see their faces when you said "things could get much worse, he warned." Not like kicking someone when they're down.

The housing market “simply doesn’t have a floor,” he told attendees at the conference.
Published reports put expected foreclosures at 2 million to 3 million. Kagen, however, said it’s conceivable that as many as 20 million homes could go into foreclosure before the crisis ends.
What does “simply doesn’t have a floor" mean? Maybe he was telling a joke. Get it, floor, wood products. Hey,I didn't say it!

What does "expected foreclosures" have to do with economic growth in the forest industry. Foreclosures are on houses that are already built and not new construction for the timber industry. They are looking to harvest trees and not prop up some one's mortgage with tax dollars.

“Eight thousand families per week are falling behind in payments,” he said. The mortgage mess is the nation’s No. 1 economic crisis, he said. “We have to establish a floor.”

The people in Florence had to be scratching their heads. “We have to establish a floor.” What does that mean and what does that have to do with the forest industry?
Last week’s conference was attended by about 125 people who listened to presentations on a range of topics that included wood fuel pellets, securing ample resources, opportunities in woody biomass, and evaluating the feasibility of bioenergy projects.
Tim Baye, a professor of business development for University of Wisconsin-Extension who has extensive experience in the private sector, presented a detailed inventory of what should be done before a bioenergy project becomes an economic reality. He discussed strategy and planning, financing, site analysis and many other matters associated with this emerging industry. He stressed the importance of thorough planning and the use of sound business principles in bringing a concept to the marketplace.

Opportunities abound in biofuels, he said.
“The winners will have good business models and the losers will not,” Baye said. “It’s all about that business model in my opinion.”

Hank Murphy
Congressman Kagen, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The people in the forest indusry want to hear results not excuses. They want to hear how you will help them, not how you need to help someone in L. A. or Milwaukee. Are you for the forest industry in Wisconsin or with the Sierra Club in California?
To the 8th district constituents, next time you see or hear congressman Kagen, he will be flying a plane with a 100 ft banner behind it. His cell phone will be blaring from the plane and he will be shouting "together we will as long as I am your congressman"! As he flies over Florence he will drop his monthly newsletter. Oh yea, the banner on the plane will say "call me in Washington if you need me again!"

After the confrence call, I bet some said,

"We need to send Dr. Kagen back to private practice."

Cowles To Meet Cconstituents

This sure beats Dave Hansen from Green Bay. Here is some one who cares for the real people not the staff and faculty of UWGB
From the Green Bay Press

State Sen. Robert Cowles, R-Allouez, will hold office hours for constituents of the 2nd Senate District on Friday and Saturday.

Office hours offer the public a chance to speak with Cowles directly.
9:30 to 10:15 a.m. Friday at Austin's Supermarket, 3823 S. Webster Ave., Allouez.

10:30 to 11:15 a.m. Friday at Kress Family Branch of the Brown County Library, 333 N. Broadway, De Pere.

10 to 10:45 a.m. Saturday at the Ashwaubenon Branch of the Brown County Library, 1060 Orlando Drive, Ashwaubenon.


Stopped to fill up on gasoline at 3.65 gal.
Just something that was posted on the pump.

Wisconsin Gasoline Tax - 30.9 gal

Federal Gasoline Tax - 18.4 gal

Environmental Cleanup tax .02 gal

Huh, 51.3 cents a gal

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Turnbow, Oh No

Top of the ninth, Turnbow in, Oh CRAP!
My first live blog.
5 / 4 Brewers

2 & 2, no outs, foul, he needs to shave,
foul, foul 2&2, Shouse is ready to come in,
slices foul, another foul, nine pitches,
Holy COW, STRIKE OUT 10 pitches 93 MPH

Strike, ball low 1&1, 2&1, 3&1, just off the corner,
oh crap, walk

Strike, ball 1& 1, ball, runner going, what the heck,
easy out, xtra base tieing run at third. swing and a miss
2&2, 3&2 low, pop up in the seats, 3&2, Oh yea,

Two outs, ball, ground ball to JJ to Prince
and thats the end of the game.,


No Grief Please

You can never forget.
Since I make my U P run next week, at least people in Upper Michigan won't forget.

YouTube - annettesummersett's Channel

Dave Hansen, Brown Lunch Day

Here we see Dave Hanson practicing for his upcoming re election bid.

Hansen to hold office hours at UWGB

State Sen. Dave Hansen, D-Green Bay, will hold office hours
Thursday at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus.

He hopes to hear from students, faculty and staff about their
concerns involving higher education, the economy and any other topics. All other constituents also are welcome.
Hansen will be available from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Thursday in the Heritage Room of the University Union.

Dave, what are you going to hear from them? How they need more state funding? How many college children pay taxes? What are you doing there?
Also, why would you go to a college for "office hours"? Are you looking for sympathy? Are you looking for donations from the faculty? Why is he courting voters who mostly are not from his voting district? Oh, I'm sorry, could it be a class called "voter fraud 101". I must of missed the press release. Just making fun but why are you not with real voters? Couldn't you have picked a near by town hall?

Dave holds a one hour meeting for who? Oh, that's right , when it comes to dems, it's called "follow the money." Campaign donations from the staff and faculty, sorry forgot. Maybe he shared a brown paper bag ( get it, he's in Brown County) lunch with the kids?

Maybe Dave just forgot who his constituents are! It happens! Will anyone ask Dave why the ethanol lobby is making gasoline prices higher? Will anyone ask him why food prices are going through the roof? Those college children , don't they know there is a rice shortage? Will anyone ask him why the Wisconsin budget is 650 million, 750 million ( who's counting , Dave isn't) in the hole?

I would think Green Bay Alderman Chad Fradette might have something here.

Tony Snow

Hope Everything is O K. Link

God watch over you Tony.

Operation Chaos Victory

Operation Chaos is in full swing. Link

PA Precincts Reporting 99%
CLINTON 1,238,803

To our leader and the troops in Pennsylvania,

Job well done.

Super Delegate Problem

Win keeps Clinton in the race - From J S Online

The big question is, will the Wisconsin Super Delegate change his mind if Hillary wins more. He sure would like to get his health care dog and pony show closer to reality. We shall see as it gets closer to the convention.

This is getting juicy Steve.

Scary Thought

From Patrick McIlheran and Fox News

With the dems in charge this could be scary. I'm glad were selling our house and moving on. Anyone looking for lake property?

Struggling homeowners could get new government-backed loans
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In one part,

Taxpayer dollars would be at risk should borrowers default on their new mortgages.
The FHA, however, would have some non-taxpayer money to cover losses. The agency would collect a 3 percent fee on the refinanced loans, as well as annual 1.5-percent premiums, and share a portion of borrowers' future proceeds if the
property is refinanced again in the future or sold.

Isn't it nice how politicians can always use tax payers money. What a racket!

Welcome Market Place of Ideas

Just found a new blog site from Northeastern Wis.

A big welcome to Steve.

Great analysis, common sense opinion in our part of Wisconsin and the world today. Steve, the left may have a problem understanding rational thought.

Give him a try.

Marketplace of Ideas

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Somalian in America

Passed to me by internet.

A Somalian arrives in Minneapolis as a new immigrant to the United States .

He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, 'Thank you Mr. American for letting me in this country , giving me housing, food stamps, free medical care, and free education!' The passerby says, 'You are mistaken, I am Mexican.'

The man goes on and encounters another passerby. ' Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in America !' The person says, 'I not American, I Vietnamese.

'The new arrival walks further, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes his hand and says, 'Thank you for the wonderful America!' That person puts up his hand and says, 'I am from Middle East, I am not American!'

He finally sees a nice lady and asks, 'Are you an American?' She says , 'No, I am from Africa '
Puzzled, he asks her, 'Where are all the Americans?
The African lady checks her watch and says...'Probably at work!!!!!!!