Friday, October 13, 2006

Great Political Ad

Sorry I'm late with this , but you have to see it !

Thank You Michele Malkin for the link.

Zucker Video - Link

Its Snowing on Berry Lake

7:45 am

Winter is here!

The snow is falling and its 35 degrees .

Winter is just a day away.

Please Explain Mr. Doyle

From Cary Spivak & Dan Bice artical in the MJS .

What does campaign donations of $10,000.00 have to do with our election for governor in Wisconsin ? I think its time for a change !!!!!

Do you want higher sales taxes ?

Do you want higher property taxes ?

Do you want more and bigger goverment ?

Is this Pay for Play????????????????

Vote Green for Wisconsin governor !!!!!!!!!

Read the artical - link

Never Forget

Do you know the importants of this BRAVE American?

October 12, 2000

Engineman Second Class Marc Ian Nieto, 24, of Fond du Lac, Wis.

Six years ago October 2000, the USS Cole was attatcked! Do not forget that he and his crew gave their lives for our freedom!

Our state and our country are proud of the men and women who serve our country,
Thank You !

Thanks to Michele Malkin for the information. Link

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Price we pay for jobs in Wisconsin

Jobs we lose to other states with Wisconsin goverment red tape.

Last year,
there were 55 announcements of new manufacturing plants in Illinois;
there were 72 in Michigan,
35 in Minnesota,
and 34 in Iowa.
In Wisconsin, there was a grand total of five.

In 2005,
there were 75 announcements by companies that they were expanding their mannufacturing operations in Illinois;
180 expansions announced in Michigan,
36 in Minnesota,
and 64 in Iowa.
In Wisconsin? Six.

It actually gets worse. When announcements of other business investments and expansions are also included,
Illinois saw 510 announcements of business expansion;
Michigan 505;
Minnesota 176,
Iowa 135,
and Wisconsin…a mere 15.

When will the people of Wisconsin learn !!!!!!!!!

Mark Green for Gov. of Wis.
Thanks to Charlie Sykes artical

Read Charlies whole artical Going , Going Gone!!!!!!!!!!!

Retailer says 600 to 800 jobs will go to Iowa, Ohio from Wisconsin

My take on our Gov. and related A G race in Wisconsin.

Is Jim Doyle for jobs in Wisconsin. For six to eight hundred jobs it seems not.
This seems to be the norm for our state!

Lose jobs to other states.

Why didn't Mr. Doyle step in and keep jobs in Wisconsin. Read the artical and make your own mind up on who to vote for for Gov. In the same respect will Kathline Falk as Attorney General take Menards or any other bussiness to court to save small parcels of wetlands! My vote is for Mark Green for Gov. and J B VanHollen for AG . Thanks to Charlie Sykes and his listeners for the information. P.S. A listener on Charlies show mentioned that Menards did not pay enough money to Jim Doyle's Campaign.

Here's the story from the St. Paul Pioneer Press