Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gilllett Sports This Weekend

Good luck to the Giillett Varsity football team ,
they play tonight at Lena.

Good luck to the Gillett Cross Country team this
weekend at sectionals at Wis Rapids .

Go Tigers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wisconsin Demacratic Campaign Plans Part 2


There seems to be some legs on this .

Front page spread from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal - Link

The law was broken and the MJS points fingers on both parties ,
what a crock!!!!!!!

"Where’s Brian Blanchard?"

Someone is breaking campaign laws , when are all politicians going to
have their feet held to the fire!

More posts from Owen at Boots and Sabres - Link

Raising Taxes "Read Their Lips"

If the Democrats take the House and Senate this October ,

it looks like a $1000.00 child tax credit gone .

it looks like married couples would lose their deductions.

it looks likes bussines would lose tax breaks and tax incentives.

remember that $300.00 tax credit check you got in 2001 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

say good bye to your hard earned money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read the whole artical and

thanks to Mallory Factor at TCS Daily Link

Those Over 50 Only

Heath tip of the day.

Virtual colonoscopy accurate and 'less invasive'

This feels better already . To those who have
gone through this procedure,
this could save many lives.

thanks to the Washington Post Link

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NASCAR Power Ranking

Jeff Burton # 1

Come on , Mark Martin # 6

Next race Martinsville - Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Mark Martin car # = 6
Mark Martin power rankings = 6
next race = Martinsville

Is this Marks weekend ????????????????

Hope so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wisconsin Gasoline Prices

Daily gas price check in Wisconsin. 3:09 p m

Wholesale price = 1.4650 gal

Green Bay Lowest = 2.24 gal
Appleton Lowest = 2.24 gal
Monroe Wi. = 2.098 gal

Taxes on one Gallon of Gasoline in Wisconsin = .47

Wow -------- Jackson Mo. = 1.87 gal

Wisconsin Demacratic Campaign Plans

Thanks to Owen at Boots and Sabers for the information . Heres the link.

"Democrats stand in the door to stop things like TABOR and removal of automatic gas tax indexing" It says it all , keep raising gas taxes and keep raising property taxes.- Is that all they can do?

And who do they say are their Allies ? "ASFCME, SEIU, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, NARAL, and AFT ".What a group to have as friends !!!!!!!!

The main point which Owen made is, who made copies in a goverment building! Somebody broke campaign laws !!!!! People have gone to jail for less then this !!!!!!! When or will the major media tell you about this ? Where is Brian Blanchard , the DA from Madison on this ? Where is Peg Lautenslager ? This is'nt a RIGHT Wing conspiracy or is it? No it's not George Bush !!!!!!!!

Update - 3:45 p m hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- Senator Mark Miller from Madison seems to have forgot his papers in the copy room at the capitol . And they were stolen from a binder, wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He says ,
"Earlier this year, in my rush to get out of a meeting outside the State Capitol and return to work in the building, I inadvertently grabbed a binder belonging to Matt Swenkofske, director of SSDC. His binder was identical to my own."

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's got to be more to this in the future. Where's the media ?????

Thank you Wis Politics for the Link

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fan Football

Wow, I finally won my first fantsy football match ,

1 and 5 , I'm on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My team name is Crazy Old Man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N Korea May Be Preparing for 2nd Nuclear Test

From the New York Times

October 17, 2006
North Korea May Be Preparing for 2nd Nuclear Test

SEOUL, Oct. 17 — North Korea may be preparing for a second nuclear test, South Korean and Japanese officials said today, as the Communist state threatened “merciless blows” against any country imposing the sanctions just adopted by the United Nations Security Council.
A spokesman for the North Korean foreign ministry called the sanctions a “declaration of war” and said that the regime in Pyongyang was more confident in its ability to deter attacks now that it had joined the nuclear club.

Link to full artical

It was reported on Fox that 4 out 10 people in South Korea say that the North has the nukes because of the U S . And their correct . We gave them the technology in the ninties ! And with that technology they built nuke bombs!!!!!! And who was president ???????? Thanks Bill C

Underhill Town Board Upcoming Meetings

Here are some dates for upcoming Town of Underhill November and Special meetings.

Regular November Town Meeting - Monday November 6th 2006 - 7:30 p m - becauce of election

Tuesday November 7th 2006 - Election Day

Thursday November 9 th -
special meeting to discuss purchase of two new tanker trucks for fire department, vote by town residents (estimated cost $ 60,400.00 ) and financeing of upcoming road work.

Friday November 24, 2006 - - 7:00 p m 2007 Town of Underhill budget meeting

all dates are tenitive and can be changed

Football Mania

See you young people , this is completely out of hand!!!!!!

footbrawl between Miami and Florida International.

Thanks to Sportsbybrooks Watch the vidio

Dr. Kagen on fighting terrorist "the 8th District Election

Is this how we fight terrorist? Mr Kagen would rather maybe (talk to them with a box cutter in thier hand) ! We need to think about our children and grandchildrens future .

John Gard is right to stop them before they get on the plane!!!!!
We need to keep terrorist off our planes not let them get on planes and crash them into building!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Charlie Sykes and Appleton Post Cresent for the debate information from last Friday night.

John Gard hit a home run !!!!!!!!! Charlie called it the "Airplane Moment"of this election season.

Vote Gard for 8th district!!!!!!!1