Friday, November 03, 2006

Where do I vote??????????

From the Appleton Post Crescent , an artical about
people that may be disapointed about not voting in
the 8th district election .


Read my thoughts at the end of the report.

Posted November 3, 2006Political lines drawn to some voters' dismay
8th District's southern boundaries split off part of Outagamie County
By Jim Collar Post-Crescent staff writer
More than a month of dueling advertisements and heated debate will
soon give way to a vote.

But more than a few area residents could be in for a surprise when
they arrive at the polls Tuesday and find John Gard and Steve Kagen
missing from their ballots.

Why the confusion? The Fox Cities sit on the border between the
6th and 8th congressional districts.

The southern border of the 8th District — which will be represented
by either Gard or Kagen — generally follows the southern county
lines across Waupaca, Outagamie, Brown and Kewaunee counties.
A few short miles through the Fox Cities provide the exception.

Sherry Freimuth, who lives in Buchanan, assumed she would have
a vote in the 8th District race. There are plenty of campaign signs
just down the street from her house. Unfortunately, the district
border runs down her street, and her home is on the wrong side.

"We didn't know that," she said, when shown a map.
"That's a big disappointment."

Kimberly and a portion of Buchanan are the only locations in
Outagamie County that won't have a voice in the race.
The areas sit in the 6th District, where Republican Tom Petri
of Fond du Lac is unopposed for re-election.

Sandy Haas, deputy clerk for Kimberly, a village of more
than 6,000, said she's had to explain the district
boundaries to several voters.

"I've received some calls from people who received
their absentee ballots and are wondering why
(Kagen and Gard are) not on there."

Boundary confusion
Confusion likely runs deeper than those few absentee voters.

While all of Kimberly falls within the 6th District, campaign
signs for Gard and Kagen speckle lawns throughout the village.

One resident displaying a Kagen sign said he since learned
he was out of the district, but still wanted to show support.
Another was surprised to learn Petri was his representative.
Others couldn't be convinced that the race wouldn't be on the ballot.

So, just who does get to vote in the heavily contested race?

Most of Appleton sits in the 8th District. The southwest corner
of Appleton located in Winnebago County is the only portion of
the city represented by Petri.

Waupaca County is entirely within the 8th District.

Towns in the Heart of the Valley are where the border becomes
most confusing.

In Buchanan, the 8th District carves out a peninsula within a
residential area east of Outagamie County N. On some streets,
a resident could stand in the 6th District, look through two blocks
of the 8th District and see the 6th on the other side.

Buchanan Town Clerk John Derks said he expects his poll workers
will have to give plenty of explanations to voters come Tuesday.

Outside of Appleton, Harrison's 9th Ward is the only area in
Calumet County included in the 8th Congressional District.
Don't look for its voters to swing the election toward either
Gard or Kagen.

"We have four registered voters in Ward 9," Harrison Town
Clerk Penny Weir said.

Confusion could extend beyond border areas.

The candidates have advertised heavily, and the local television
and radio markets extend far beyond the district borders.

Oshkosh, for instance, sits within Petri's district, though its
residents are equally bombarded by network TV ads as
voters in Brown and Outagamie counties.

Oshkosh City Clerk Pam Ubrig said her office hasn't been
inundated with questions, but a few voters have been
curious as to why the Gard-Kagen race wasn't on their ballots.

Census shakeup
The district border was set by the state Legislature four
years ago in response to the 2000 census.

Michael Keane of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
said district boundaries are redrawn after each census due
to population shifts. The goal: Have each district represent
the same number of people.

The new district lines, approved by the Legislature in 2002,
were more drastic than usual because the state lost a member
of Congress in the last census, Keane said.

Derks said efforts to balance population on each side of the
6th and 8th district line explain the confusing border in Buchanan.
"There was no common sense to it other than population."

Before the 2002 change, Little Chute and Combined Locks were
with neighboring Kimberly in the 6th District. The change might
contribute to the confusion in Kimberly given the close
proximity of the villages.

Josh Young recently became a Kimberly resident and decided to
go to the Internet to determine his representative. He expected
he'd be in the 8th District. He was wrong.

"I had no idea Petri was here," he said.

He's now surprised to see Kagen and Gard campaign signs
posted in his neighborhood.

Regardless of where the border winds, it's a race where most
everyone has an opinion.

Municipal clerks have noticed.

"We've had some people disappointed," Weir said. "
They felt they watched the ads for nothing."
Jim Collar can be reached at 920-993-1000, ext. 216,
or at

Sorry, If they do not know who their canidates are ,


Jon Carry is telin u two go two Irak!!!!!!!!!!!

You might want to Stay Home on Tuesday !!!!!!!!!

Mom, He Does't Take Medicare Patients

Wisconsin 8th District election for Congress in Wisconsin.

To My Dear and loving mother of mine.

I would like to give my mother a personel post about Dr Steve Kagen.

I know we diagree on politics , I know Franklin Roosevelt and
John Kennedy were great presidents. I know your beliefs run deep .
I know you had a hard life living through the depression.
I know you didn't have the most wonderful marrage .
I know one of your son's ( me) wasn't the best son you had ! I know
you had a mother and father that their grandson is and will always be
proud of . I was the one sitting on my grandmothers knee in that picture
when I think I was one.
I know you and only you taught me your faith,
your honesty and your love for family which sometimes I may forget.
I am writing this to say when you beleive in something, you should at
least say it and not keep it inside . To say what I believe in is
whats important to your children , grandchildren and
great grandchildren . What you believe is your choice but there are
times when I must give you my opinon. Obviously , I cannot talk to
you one on one because what I say you will not believe . Because I
may be the only conservitive ( republican) in the family, you will
not believe me . You only believe what is said on CNN or see on
local T V. I know you may disagree with that comment but that
is what I believe.

That is why I ask you this question.
If Medicare is important to you, why would Dr Kegan not take
Medicare patients. You may say that is a lie so I ask
you to read the following ;

Information from the press media from Milaukee . Thanks Charlie Sykes
for information.

One of the most remarkable things I've seen in this generally
bizarre campaign is the fact that Steve Kagen -- the millionaire
doctor running as a liberal Democrat for Congress in the
Green Bay area -- refuses to participate in Medicare or
TRICARE (the program for active duty and retired military.)
This is a guy who wants government-mandated health care,
but refuses to participate in the two programs.
Ninety-five percent of the doctors in the state participate,
but not the Democrat's great liberal hope.

If you do not believe that comment , please call Dr. Kegan at
1-800-255-9355 and ask him !

Is Medicare not important to you and all seniors?

Why will Mr. Kegan not help people on Medicare or Tri care.
If he wants to help people who cannot afford healthcare,
why doesn't he particapate in Medicare programs in Wisconsin?
I'm sorry but you and all seniors deserve to get help from our
goverment, not turned away from health care when they need it .

Yes mom , I love you but I believe canidates running for office in
Wisconsin should be willing to be honest .
If you care for all seniors and care for what is right ,
Mr Kegan is not someone I can trust to be my voice in goverment.
This is not a democrat or republican issue , this is a issue of what is
right for seniors.

Sorry , I am voting for John Gard to protect seniors from people
that say one thing and do another. Yes we have problems in
health care but we need people to fix the problem and not put
the burden on your grandchildren. Can you look at your own
grandchildren and tell them you don't care about there future.
They will end up paying more and more for yours and someday
my health care . I cannot do that to Sam , Joe, Dave and Tyler .
Hope you will at least accept and understand my position on
this election.

I can only give you and only you credit for my beliefs in God and
belief in my country. It may not mean much but you are
one great lady who I respect , not always agree with but also someone
I love very much.

Thanks for listing .

You son.

It's The Ecomomy Stupid

The sky is falling !!!!!!!!!!!!
We need the democrats to raise our taxes !!!!!!!!!!
This economy is toooooooooo strong !

Read the Headline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LINK to Reuters for information

Unemployment rate lowest in nearly 5-1/2yrs

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. unemployment rate dropped
to its lowest in nearly 5-1/2 years during October as 92,000 more
jobs were added and hiring in each of the two prior months was
revised up, a government report on Friday showed.
The October new-jobs figure was below Wall Street economists'
expectations for 125,000 but the Labor Department said a
total 139,000 more jobs were created in August and September
than it had previously thought. It revised up September's job-creation
total to 148,000, or nearly three times the 51,000 it reported
a month ago, and said there were 230,000 new jobs in
August instead of 188,000.

Vote your pocket book , I must be those stupid people that
must fite in Irac and am not edgecatd to know better!

I' know who I am voting for ,

vote republican!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day 2 - No Apologize From John Kerry

Where is the apology????????????

To all my Liberal family and friends, can you please
tell me do you really stand for people like this?

Have you forgotten the men and women that died
for your freedom!

I know you don't know anything about it so here's the
dumb comment from Mr Kerry.

Go to Link

Wisconsin News - Great Balls of Fire

From The "weird but true" in the New York Post

Is this How Wisconsinits make major news.

Only in Wisconsin!
Great balls of fire!
A man celebrating Halloween in a bar in Suamico, Wis.,
suffered severe burns when his homemade sheep costume
caught fire. Fire officials believe the costume - made of cotton
balls and glue - had been accidentally ignited by another
bar patron's cigarette.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Holloween from Michelle Malkin

This is Scary, Not for the light of hearts.

LINK TO SCARY 11/ 31 / 06 Movie!!!!!!!!

Say it isn't so ! Is this a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Ms. Malkin

“I apologize to no one ........

Thank You John Kerry for making a complete _ _ _ out of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LINK to full artical . Thank you Boston Herald.

Mr Kerry Said;
“Let me make it crystal clear, as crystal clear as I know how,” Kerry said. “I apologize to no one for my criticism of the President and his broken policy. If anyone owes our troops in the fields an apology, it is the president and his failed team.”

No you said this ;( and I don't see anything about Mr Bush in your comment ) !

“Education, if you make the most of it, you study hard and do your homework and you make an effort to be smart you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

I would like to say when I owned a baker in the past we had many service people for customers. I was very proud of the young people putting their lives on the line for all Americans , for all our freedoms. There was one cake for a proud , brave young man that had a birthday party his wife planned before he was shipping out to Iraq. I told his wife I was very proud of her husband for what he was doing for my family and others in our country . I gave her the cake for free!!!!! She was very thankful . After a few months I received a letter from his wife telling us how much they enjoyed the cake and how grateful her husband was for the cake. She also said her husband mentioned that most people don't tell them, thank them or understand what they are doing for this country! It made him proud that there are people who know what they are doing , and that their are people who believe what they are doing is RIGHT! When I heard that it made me feel so proud of him and all our troops. It was a moment I will never forget!

I just wanted to tell you this because after what Mr. Kerry said , and not apologize for his comment is an OUTRAGE!!!

We need to be proud and thank our troops for everything this country stands for !!!!!!!!!!!
For what they do is what gives my family and freinds there right to give their views on life , on politics . Give family and friends the right to start busineses , the right to go hunting , the right to keep and bear arms . Give my family and friends the right not to listen to Rush ( they don't know what their missing) !

These are the times when I am truely embarassed for what people like Mr Kerry do and say!

Those who voted for Mr Kerry in 04 must really be proud of themselves!

Trans Fats - Food Police- Whats Next

First Chicago , now New York , is Wisconsin next?

Link to artical about
KFC is getting away from trans fats!!!!!!!

"KFC's announcement, which won praise from consumer advocates, came an hour ahead of a public hearing on a New York health department proposal to ban the unhealthy fats in the nation's restaurant capital"

When will big brother stop trying to tell us what we should do or not do !
It started with smoking ,
went to booster seats for small children,
now trans fats,
whats next?

No Beef jerky?
No Donuts?
No Potato chips?

We used to own a bakery, wow ,
I'm glad I got out before big brother would come in and tell me I can't sell,
cake ?
Danish ?
Cinnamon Rolls?

When will goverment stop telling us what we should be eating or doing ?
It's a slippery slope on what is soon to be happening about yours and everyone's life!
Whats next ,
No you cannot have a gun to go deer hunting (it can kill somebody)!
No you can't say that before the election, we have Anti Free Speech laws(Only for republicans) !
No you can't build that big of a house, It will waste energy!
No you can't buy a pick up truck, It wastes too much gasoline !
No you already have one child , you cannot have more children, you must have an abortion if you are pregnant ( there are too many kids in the world) !
No , everyone will stop eating all meat because it is unhealthy!

You say it is important to be healthy ,
well, you will be healthy when all your freedoms are taken away ,
when liberals know better than you,
when you are dead and burried ( opps, no you can't be burried because you cannot go to a cemetary) !

Think about your vote!
Yes it is important on who you vote for !

Dems- This Was Your Candidate For President

John Kerry has really shows how much of an ANTI American !

Anti U.S. Armered Forces!

And just why in Gods Heaven did people even vote for this guy two years ago.

Why would he say that any man or woman fighting for our country is stupid, not educated if they fight for their country!

Here is the LINK and listen . Did he really say this!

Now I can listen to all my family and friends and how they will tell me how stupid I was for voting for George Bush!

You Libs , just keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Charlie Sykes and KFI out of L. A. for the information.

Daily Gasoline Price Check

Daily gas price check in Wisconsin.

Gas prices in 50 states - Link

Wholesale price = 1.4375 gal
Wholesale Market price - Link

Green Bay Lowest = 2.29 gal
Appleton Lowest = 2.29 gal
Wisconsins lowest price- Monroe, Wi. = 2.15 gal
Taxes on one Gallon of Gasoline in Wisconsin = .47

Wow -------- Jackson Mo. = 1.86 gal