Thursday, January 07, 2010

Compound Update

Sorry for the lack of posts. As some of you have concluded Berry Laker is moving in the future to a super secret undisclosed heavily fortified location in northern Wisconsin.

Above view is a leaked photograph of cement structure of building one. I was spending time reinforcing structures at the compound. Delivered four loads of equipment to building 2 yesterday. Need to go back to drop off staples ( coffee, beans, jerky and flour) basic food items for the long upcoming election cycle ( November 2010) .

Still a couple months away from switching over to dial up service so will try to post updates when I can from the southern headquarters in Pulaski. So far scouting has shown no liberals in northern sector . Did observe of the following outside reinforced glass to the north. Below pictures are facsimiles from the web. Security camera's not yet installed.

Need to gather further information on purchasing hunting knives, small fire arms, power generators, learning how to cook inthe field and "learning to live off the land" publications.

Further updates as time permits.