Saturday, January 13, 2007

News From Iraq

Something you will not see or hear about from the
U. S. Main Stream Media!

An Iraqi telling it like it is!
Libs and candys, do you have the guts to watch it?

Link from Jessica McBride and Hot Air

Something that makes a lot of sense !

Kagen Watch , Wow, Two in One Day

I died and went to heaven!
It can't get any better!
You libs and candy's voted this guy in!

Can we all say "breaking federal law"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Jessica McBride

FRIDAY, Jan. 12, 2007, 9:02 p.m.
Now he's more than a laughingstockJohn Gaaaaaaaaaaaaard,
where are you? Time to start running.How much media
attention will this get? Imagine how much media attention
it would get if it were, say, Jim Sensenbrenner.FDA tells
congressman his allergy product shipments violate law

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal health officials have warned
freshman Rep. Steve Kagen that his Wisconsin allergy
practice is in apparent violation of federal law for
manufacturing and selling allergy shots without a valid license.
According to a letter sent to Kagen by the Food and Drug
Administration, Kagen manufactured a variety of ragweed
and grass allergen vaccines from commercially distributed
pollen and sold the shots to patients at his clinic and in at least
24 other states. The FDA letter, which was dated Dec. 18
but wasn't posted online until Thursday, said that Kagen,
D-Wis., did not have a valid license required for introducing
a biological product into interstate commerce. At issue are
products marketed by Kagen's clinic such as Poly RW, Super
Ragweed, Poly Grass and Super Grass. Kagen is a medical
doctor. In a statement issued to The Associated Press,
Kagen said: "Like other allergy clinics, the Kagen Allergy
Clinic compounds allergen injections for patients who suffer
from allergy and asthma symptoms. The FDA and I are
discussing this important compounding process, and how
best to treat affected patients safely and effectively, as we
have been for the past 25 years." A spokesman for Kagen
declined to elaborate. Compounding generally involves
preparing a customized medication for an individual patient
with a doctor's prescription, according to the FDA. While that
is legal, compounding operations run afoul of the FDA and
federal law when they produce drugs on a scale more consistent
with that of drug manufacturers than, say, that of retail

Dtr Kagn, r yu telln da trut? ( Dem Speak)
Sorry , it is hard talking like John Kerry , but I will keep trying.


Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham of Scio, N.Y.

In April 2004, Dunham, a 22-year-old corporal, received
a report that a Marine convoy had been ambushed, according
to a Marine Corps account. Dunham led his men to the site near
Husaybah, halting a convoy of departing cars. An insurgent in one
of the vehicles grabbed him by the throat when he went to search
the car and the two fought. A grenade was dropped, and Dunham
covered the explosive with his Kevlar helmet, which along with
his chest plate absorbed some of the blast.
He died a few days later.

Link to U S A Today

It is hard for me to relate this hero with people I know and
love. When they speak, it all is meaningless . Their dribble ,
double speak, hatred and ignorance is what this young man
died for . Their freedom to be total idiots (on their own) is
what this country and these brave people are all about.

Would you lay down your life for others?

Would you lay down your life for your country?

Do you know what it takes to be a hero?

God Bless his soul and all that died or
fought for our freedom!

The Kagen Watch Jan 13th

Update from the Appleton Post Cresent

White House strengthens denial against Kagen

Congressman's account of encounters called 'ridiculous'
The Post-Crescent

Link to P-C

The White House took a further step Friday in disputing a story
that U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen told of how he insulted President and
Mrs. Bush and a top political aide at a November reception.

Is this dribble or not?
Whooooooo, it's the media's fault?

However, Ronna Smith of the Fox Valley Peace Coalition said
the coverage of Kagen's comments was an "attempt at
sensationalism on the part of the media over two minutes of
light comments" at the end of a meeting on concerns about the

Till the next stupid thing he says or does, we'll keep
you posted!

Libs and candy's , YOU VOTED FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Bush's Fault

How can we stand for this nonsense .

We all know this is a conspiracy to get reelected!

How can you people accept this kind of behavior from the

President of the United States! And lets not let

Dick Cheney off the hook either.

Read the article




From JSOnline

You won't believe this !

Impeach them both!

Gas prices dip below $2 a gallon



George Soros, Stv Kegn weee ned yur halp!

Is It Time Yet


Wow , Am I Dreaming

Somebody , please wake me up,
this only happens in my dreams!

Gore's 'Truth' restricted at schools

The Associated Press
FEDERAL WAY - The school board in this suburb south
of Seattle has restricted showings of Al Gore's movie on global
warming, including requiring that it be balanced with an
adequate opposing viewpoint.
The board also required Superintendent Tom Murphy to
approve when the former vice president's film, "An Inconvenient
Truth," can be presented.
The decision was sparked by complaints from parents who said
their child was taking the film as fact after viewing it at school.
Link to Article

This just cannot be happening ,
Sandy on the lake , please read this!
That's it ,maybe I should go back to bed !

I Wonder Why

From the Drudge headlines


January 13, 2007
Prosecutor Asks to Exit Duke Case
DURHAM, N.C., Jan. 12 — The district attorney in the
Duke lacrosse sexual assault case asked the state attorney
general on Friday to take over the troubled prosecution,
saying he faced a conflict of interest because of ethics charges
filed against him by the state bar, officials involved in the case said.
Link to New York Times

"Houston, we have a problem" !
An over zealous prosecutor just doing it to get elected!
I only hope we get down to the truth !
Hope the innocent can get their lives back together!

These are the things I worry about for my two boys as
they grow up! I need to be hard on them now so they can
make the right decisions when they face the world!

Being a white male from the north is always a strike
against you. I may be hard on them now but only hope they
will make the right decisions in future.

Sure am proud of my family!


8.3 Earthquake off the coast of Japan.

Thousands in Japan Flee Possible Tsunami

By MARI YAMAGUCHIThe Associated Press
Saturday, January 13, 2007; 2:40 AM
TOKYO -- An 8.3 magnitude earthquake struck off
Japan's northern coast in the Pacific on Saturday,
setting off tsunami warnings and sending thousands of
residents along the archipelago's eastern coast fleeing to
higher ground.
A tsunami warning also was issued for Alaska's western
Aleutian islands and a tsunami watch was issued for Hawaii.
Link to Washington Post

Tsunami Watch Issued for Hawaii, Alaska
Jan 13 1:08 AM US/Eastern

Link to

Time will tell , only hope we see little damage and no loss of life.

How much will this be played on the main stream media?

Related story.

Icy Weather Hits Nation's Midsection

Jan 12, 7:40 PM (ET)

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - Freezing rain fell in the

nation's Midsection Friday, and temperatures plunged

from Minnesota to Las Vegas as a storm rolled in that

could leave several states coated in ice.

Link to My Ways News

Which of the two articles will get more play?

Which will get attention?

Which will start a relief fund first.

Will Bill Clinton ask you for money for the tsunami or the

winter storm?

You decide!

How can I be so cynical , how can the libs use people

for their own agenda?

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Countdown Begins

I less than 50 hours the world will change as we now know it .

The time is now to take back our cities,
take back our people and take back our country!

You who know , keep a watchful eye!

You that care , protect your families!

It is the weak that will go first.

Be vigalent and beware.

No it is not the Doomsday clock , but you need to see it !





time for Jack Bauer
Link to Clock
24 starts Sunday night
7:00 p m Central time zone

It's A Miracle

Praise the Lord , look what happens when the Dem's take
over Congress. It hasn't even been a 100 hours and look
what they did;

Deficit Falls to Lowest Level in 4 Years
Jan 12 2:33 PM US/Eastern


federal deficit has improved
significantly in the first three months of the new
budget year,
helped by a continued surge in tax revenues.
In its monthly budget report, the Treasury Department
said Friday that the deficit from October through December
totaled $80.4 billion, the smallest imbalance for the first three
months of a budget year since The budget year ends
Sept. 30.
Tax collections are running 8.2 percent higher than a year ago

while government spending is up by just 0.7 percent from a year
ago. Last year's spending totals were boosted by significant payments
to help the victims of the Gulf Coast hurricanes.
The Treasury said for December, the government actually ran a

surplus of $44.5 billion, the largest surplus ever recorded in December
and a gain that reflected a big jump in quarterly corporate tax payments.
The $80.4 billion deficit for the first three months of the current

budget year was down 32.6 percent from the imbalance for the same
period a year ago of $119.4 billion.
For the year, analysts are still forecasting that the deficit will worsen

from last year's total of $248.2 billion, which had been the lowest in
four years.
The Congressional Budget Office is forecasting that the deficit for the

2007 budget year will rise to $286 billion, an increase of 15.2 percent
from last year, but that figure could be lowered when the CBO releases
its revised estimate later this month.
The Bush administration is currently even more pessimistic, predicting

a deficit for 2007 of $339.2 billion, but that figure will also be revised
when the administration releases its new budget request to Congress on Feb. 5.
Bush, who took office while the country was running record surpluses, saw

the deficit hit an all-time high in dollar terms of $413 billion in 2004.
President Bush has said his new budget will outline a path to eliminate the

deficit completely by 2012.
For the first three months of the current budget year, revenues total

$573.5 billion, an increase of 8.2 percent from tax collections in the
same period a year ago. Outlays totaled $653.9 billion, up 0.7 percent f
rom a year ago.

My gosh, tomorrow the Dem's will pay my taxes!
That's it, I am voting democrat from now on.
My hero is Dr Steve Kagen.

Since you Dem's will pay my taxes can you also send my

two boys to college ?
Also, my daughter is getting married in October and I could
use some extra cash!
And since you guys can do miracles my older son wants a
Mitsubishi Eclipse, it's only $28, 269.00 plus extra for taxes,
and licence fee's

You Dem's and Candy's just kill me.

What Is A Candy

From time to time I will use the word C A N D Y or
C A N D Y 'S in my writings . What may you ask does it mean?

Becoming fifty years old this summer I have come to notice
a movement that my generation could only accomplish.
We are the baby boom generation. We were born in a time of peace.
We were taught all about Civil defence procedures in school. How
to survive a nuclear explosion. My favorite was the manual
telling us to take clean water out of the toilet tank to survive.
Store crackers and supplies in your basement. How to perform
medical procedures on ,cuts, yes burns (from the explosion) and
even how to perform natural child birth in your fallout shelter
We grew up having to sit through Larence Welk, watched Batman ,
Wild Wild West, our hero's were John Wayne and the first car I
bought was a 65 nash Rambler. Those were the days.

Then there are the Candy's

Candy's went through the Vietnam war! Candy's were for
love and peace ! Candy's were the flower children of the 60's
and some at present are running some of our goverment!
Candy's care more about themselves than for others! Candy's
are a generation of two ,three and sometimes four marriages.
Candy's discipline their children by giving time outs when they
were disciplined with a belt over the behind! Candy's live on
borrowed time and borrowed money.
Candy's grew up (sorry not me) on "Pot". Candy's listened to
the Beatles, the Doors, in the 60's to AC DC in the 80's
( I think the 80's and yes I do also like that music) and now
you see them standing by the rack at Wallmart of C D's with
the sounds of a wolf in the wild or birds chirping off in the distance.
Candy's are a spoiled generation! Candy's take what they want,
do what they want! Candy's will do anything to give themselves
self gratification. Candy's were brought up with some religious
beliefs and now have no faith at all or if they do show some faith
it is only for show , no substance (Happy Holidays not Merry Christmas).
Some look and act like they did back in the 70's. You would think
the guy is homeless but he is just the guy down the road! Some
never changed. Some put their feelings first and common sense last.
They sit and complain about second hand smoke but then have
a joint or two! In the last thirty to fourty years they still have not
grown up!

Yes I am in that generation, yes I have my faults, yes I have made
a lot of mistakes in my life but at least I will try to better myself!
I try to do what is right ! Make a mistake and learn from it, never
repeat the same mistake twice , not dwell on it to get sympathy
from others.

A lot of the following are from friends, mentors and great
Conservative people I have listened to in my lifetime
(Mike, Tom, George, Rush, and many more).

You are not a Candy if you believe in or know any of the following;

The glass is half full and not half empty.

It's partly sunny and not partly cloudy!

The real story of of Thankgiving!

Inspect what you expect!

You can get more with honey than you can get with vinegar!

I expect an "A" in chemistry , not a "C"!

Yes, the flag should be at half mast for 3o days!

There is no such person as a moderate!

There are no books written in the library on failure only success!

Being a Liberal is the most gutless position anyone can take !

Yes, John Kennedy was for tax cuts (bet you libs didn't know that)!

And my favorite,
Character is doing something good when no one is watching !

The list can go on and on! (if you have one email it to me)

So if you are upset that I may call you a Candy and you take
offence to it , Please take your sorry


somewhere else.

I am sick and tired of putting up with your self gratifying,
self indulgent, holyer than thou attitude .

As a wise man told me the other night

"I really do not like idiots"

They Sure Sucked You In

To all my Lib and candy friends "I am SHOCKED, just
SHOCKED at this article.

Senate Democrats stall pork-reform vote
By S.A. Miller

Senate Democrats backed off promises to reform pork spending
yesterday, using procedural tactics similar to ones they attacked
Republicans for employing in past Congresses. Majority Leader
Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, stalled a vote on a Republican
amendment that would require full disclosure of the spending
provisions, also known as earmarks. The maneuver -- which
continued through last night and into today -- gives Mr. Reid
time to turn Democrats against the measure, which is similar
to the ethics rules adopted with much fanfare last week by the
new Democrat-led House. Immediately before Mr. Reid
stopped the amendment to the Legislative Transparency and
Accountability Act of 2007, the Senate expressed its support f
or it, rejecting a bid to kill it on a 51-46 vote. The measure would
require that members of Congress disclose all earmarks they request.
"Democratic leaders are stalling in an attempt to strong-arm more
Democrats into voting to table the amendment," said Thomas A.
Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste. "This is
not a promising beginning to the new Congress when the first effort
to improve accountability and transparency is being shot down by
the Democratic leadership."

Read the rest ,LINK , you might have to hold your nose!

Please, tell me this is a dream . Only those evil rascal (republicans )
could do such a thing.
Sorry I don't watch CNN,wonder how they covered this?

Local School Board Meeting

The local school board meeting last night came down
to one word, "refinancing". Talk about getting the tax
payers bent out of shape over nothing, the vote had
nothing to do with borrowing $630,000.00 but was
just a formality to refinance $630,000.00.
The school district and all school districts have to cover
the pension plan.Our board took out a loan to cover it in
2003 at an 8% interest rate. Today we voted to get a 6% loan.

Don't ask me why but if the board would of just put a notice
that they were refinancing people would not of been upset.
They had three different notices on one simple action to
be taken.

The board did apologize but said it was good to see so many
people concerned about the school system and their taxes
at the meeting .

I would like to disagree with the board! The Gillett school
district has , what 3000 residents ( only estimated).
The grand total of concerned citizens were 16 eligible
voters and 2 non residents who own property in the
school district.
It always goes back to ,voter apathy, voter ignorance
or just plain stupid! As one of my friends have said "who cares,
our taxes are going to go up anyway"!

I do want to thank the people that were at the meeting ,
some people do care!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gillett School District Meeting

Tonight at 7:30 p m the Gillett School District is having a meeting to
vote for a 20 year loan ( tax increase to the taxpayers of the district)
in the amount of $630,000.00 for the purpose of refinancing the
districts unfunded pension liability.

Now we are not a big school district and we do have some
great teachers in the school district ,but, how did we get into
this mess? The notice in the paper was dated
Nov 30,2006 in the Jan 3rd paper. Why?
Well just like the issues you may have in your area it will be
interesting to see how many voters of the school district care
about this. I will report to you later what the outcome will be .
How many people will show up , my guess twelve.

I can hear it now, "fine if you don't pass this your children will loose all
band , all sports will be lost, we will take away drivers ed ( Oh, we
pay for that anyway), but they will still try to fool some people into
taking it away). And also you will pay more per student for bus service!
And you will pay more for school fee's! And we will have to turn the
heat down and your children will freeze to death! And for sure we will
have to lay off 10 to 20 teachers. Your children will not get a good education!

Wow , I have never been to a school board meeting and it should be
quite interesting .
I would like to say I may be reading too much into this before I even
hear what the board has to say. I do know some of the board members and
have a lot of respect for them! I guess it is just the cynical liberal slant
that I am guessing might happen ! My property taxes went up over $400.00
and a 10% hike does not sit well with me. I will give you the scoop late tonight.

Till later tonight I just want to say,
" Won't you help us Gov. Lawton"?

The Iraq War / Presidents Speech

I did not watch the speech by President Bush but have read
excerpts and opinion pieces on it . I think if we are going to do
this, we need to let the military do their job. The military is to fight
and destroy the enemy.
The enemy is the terrorists! We do not need to be passive or be
politically correct when fighting.

Did we not crush the Germans and Japanese in WWII!
Are they not our allies today? Do we still have troops since 1945
in Germany and Japan today? You idiots (libs and candy's) need
to take a stand ! If we pull out of Iraq we will just have to go back
in a couple years and have to clean up a bigger mess!

Will you Democrats make up your mind! First you wanted more
troops to get the job done! Now you say ,"no don't send more troops"!
What do you want? If bush says high you say low , If bush says low ,
you say high! No matter what Mr Bush does it will never be good
enough for you!

Will you not agree that you are still sore about the 2000 election
and your just a bunch of sore losers. A bunch of CRY BABIES!

Get over it ! At least this President said he made a mistake and
wants to do something about it! He is trying to protect your sorry
rear end!

God Bless and protect our troops and God bless America !

The Kagen Watch

You people that voted for Steve Kagen , please take one step forward
and walk off the bridge of your choice. You IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Charlie Sykes and the Inside Scoop from Monday

According to The Scene, Kagen confronted Deputy Chief of Staff Karl
Rove in one of The White House’s restrooms. Holding the bathroom
door closed, Kagen told Rove, “You’re in The White House and you
think (sic) your safe, huh? You recognize me? My name’s Dr.
Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass.” At another point The Scene
reports Kagen told Vice President Cheney, “Mr. Vice President, thank
you for your service to the nation and thank you so much for coming to
Green Bay and campaigning against me. I couldn’t have won without
your help.”
I suppose you libs and candy's believe this B S .
What were you thinking when you voted for him?

When meeting President Bush The Scene reports that Kagen told Bush,
“Mr. President thank you for coming to Green Bay. My name is Dr.
Multimillionaire. That was before the race. Now they call me Doctor
(sic) Thousandaire. I couldn’t have won without you coming.”
The Scene also reports that Kagen purposely referred to Laura Bush
as Barbara when he met her. According to The Scene Kagen stated
when meeting the First Lady, “Hi Barbara, how are ya?” The Scene
relayed that Kagen did this because Kagen learned “that the meanest
thing you can say to another gentleman is he is a fine fellow and you
then refer to his spouse by a different name.”

Do you still believe this Nut!

Wait , this gets better, Today Charlie reports ; "Dr Liar"
through the Green Bay Press Gazette Read the whole story

Now that Kagen’s longer story about his White House visit is getting
publicity on talk radio and among political bloggers, he won’t comment
on whether he referred to Laura Bush as Barbara.“I’m going to leave
that one alone,” Kagen said Wednesday. Asked why, he said,
“I’ll make no comment.”

The Kagen Watch

This should be a regular feature for at least two years!!!!!
I will say I am now embarrassed for having this guy represent me.
What a NUT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gasoline Pricing

Wow , oil price under $55.00 barrel.
It' Bush'd fault , he's trying to buy votes!
Wait I forgot , he's not running for office again!

6:35 a m

N Y Merc Price $53.53 barrel

Whole sale Gasoline price $142.22 gal


Lowest Gasoline in Wisconsin, $2.06 St. Croix Falls

Lowest Gasoline in MISSOURI, $1.87 Sikeston, MO.

Link Gas

How much do we pay in gasoline taxes in Wisconsin?

Where is Gov. Lawton

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So "You Don't Like Idiots"

I would like to say something I rarely talk about.

Voter apathy, voter ignorance or just plain stupid!

I want to first start with my belief that most people and some
voters are either stupid or mindless .
When you ask people if they like high taxes they say it doesn't
matter ," you're going to pay it anyway! You talk to people about
political ads , they believe lies and don't believe the truth
( Stem Cell Research). They believe Bob and Tom in the Morning
or CNN but will not believe the Washington Times. Gas prices are up
"it's Bush's fault", gas prices down , Bush is trying to buy the
election. Today we have global warming and have 20 ft. of beach
on our lake. Back in the 1930's there was 120 ft.' of beach on our
lake but that wasn't global warming!

Politics has given me a bad taste from all the apathy and stupidity.

Why should I care about local government?

Why should I care about taxes?

Why should I care about people who don't care about
a $630,000.00 loan in our school district for a unfunded
pension liability?

Why , because what most people who know me do not
know is , I care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight at a county planning commision meeting
I asked one of our county supervisors about there
towns planning. What they are doing , how they are
doing it. Remember to most people I am an idiot who may
partake in adult beverages in excess from time to time.

I mean well , am good hearted but where does that get me.
I may wear my beliefs on my sleeve but at least I believe
in something. He then asked me if our local supervisor
was running for reelection. I said I did not know.

Sorry for being long winded but let me get to the point.
He looked me in the eye and said "you should run for county
supervisor". A wise honest man sitting two chairs from me
at the meeting said that to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told him no I couldn't , my excuse was I have too many skeleton
in my closet! He said he was retire ring and the county was
looking for younger people to help run county government .

He said he could tell I would be a good elected official.
I couldn't really tell him the reason I would not run. I am just sick
and tired of stupid, idiotic, uninformed people in this world.
Remember voter apathy, voter ignorance and just plain stupid!

Well, he looked at me and said "I can tell
"you don't like idiots"!!!!!!!! And I said "you sure got that right"!

It makes one appreciate good people that you come across in
life. One day can bring a change, someone you meet can make a
difference . You cannot change the world, but if you believe in right
and wrong, good and bad, some day your ship will come in.
Do what's right, don't do what others want you to do!

Character is doing something good or doing whats right

when no one else is watching .

Do you have good character????????????????????????

To one of Oconto County's supervisor tonight , I say Thank You.

I need to thank a lot of people for what I wear on my sleeve.
Boots and Sabers, Badger Blogger ,,
Charlie Sykes, Marquette Warrior, Patrick McIheran,
Rush , some of my great friends and mentors and all the other
people that have always shared my beliefs.

It's good to know there are a lot of sane intelligent people
in this world and I am not insane after all!

Remember do what right!!!!!!!!!!!
Do what you believe in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Planning for the Future

Tonight, I attended the our central cluster group meeting
for the Oconto County Comprehensive Planning Commision.
First I want to say more people should get involved with
local goverment. It doesn't matter what part you might
look at , if you care about your community you need to
get involved.
We discussed information handed out to us from Bay-Lake
Regional Planning Commision out of Green Bay.

First discussed was "Economic Developement" and then
" Transportation " for Oconto County. Some of the highlights
was some of the citys and townships discussed a few reasons
why they were there and what they have accomplished so
far for there areas.
You 'd be surprised how local goverment works. One group
talked about having a driveway ordinance, and a windmill

"Say what", "windmills"?

Sure, what would you say if your neighbor decided to
put a 90 ft windmill next to your property . These people
are planning ahead and I give them a lot of credit.
Then in the transportation portion the question came out if
the county has laws against "rounabouts". The state D O T wants
to put two near and in the city of Gillett! I glad to hear the
people from Gillett are against such a goofy idea. Roundabouts
on a state highway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it was very interesting. For those that complain , stat home!
For those that care for your home and your community-
GET INVOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U S Flags for President Ford.

Is it me or did I miss something ?

Ignorant americans or just plain liberal?

When a U.S. President passes away, shouldn't the
U.S. flag be at half-mast for thirty days?
During my travels on the road I see some schools, some banks and
some businesses that have not lowered their flags. A good
majority of flags are at the proper level. But it kind of makes you wonder
if some people are doing their own little protests against republicans.

Will this happen when Mr Carter or Mr Clinton pass away? I think not.
One city has the elementary school flag lowered and 200 yards away
the high school flag is not. That same school had this same problem when
President Reagan passed away.
I am beginning to think the school superintendent is a liberal!
That can't be , all school systems teach values to our children?
Is that why our school board wants to take a $630,000.00 loan
out to pay for the underfunded pension plan for Gillett?

I may not agree with or like Mr Carter or Mr Clinton, but they
were our Presidents and every american should show them the
respect they deserve for being our president .

Don't be a whimp and let people know that by law the flags
should be at half-mast.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's A Great Day

Good Morning avid readers !
Its 5:15 a m and its' my second day on the new job.
The one great thing about sales is people out there are great!

Yesterday was Green Bay , today is Stevens Point. Sorry for
not blogging but I am in a learning curve for this week ,so time
is valuable. The rest of the Wisconsin Bloggers are doing great
so I leave the heavy lifting to them for now. B & S has a list of
great people . Check them out at B & S Link

Is this not a GREAT country or not.

Talk to you soon, Berry Laker

Sunday, January 07, 2007

House rules change clears way for tax increases

Wow, I cannot believe this , we must be in some time warp!
They said this would never happen! Oh I'm sorry I am ignorent!!!!

One of the first key procedural votes in the Democrat-controlled
House last week established legislative rules that Republicans say
will make it easier to raise taxes by a simple majority vote.
The straight party-line vote received little attention Thursday
as Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, was elected speaker of
the House. But Republican leaders and conservative tax-cut
advocates said it opened up a huge loophole in a Republican-imposed
rule drawn from the Republicans' 1994 Contract with America,
which requires a supermajority, or three-fifths vote, to raise taxes.
Democrats unanimously voted down a motion offered by Minority
Leader John A. Boehner of Ohio that would have prevented them
from waiving the rule, a move that tax-cutters said signaled the
Democrats' intention to raise taxes between now and the 2008 elections.

"American taxpayers need to hold on to their wallets because the new
House rules concerning taxes are not worth the paper they're written
on," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR).

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Thanks to Donald Lambro and Washington Times.

Hey Berry Lakers , looks like more tax increases
coming your way!

It's Sunday

7 : 40 a m and time for 9:00 oclock church! Oh sorry friends
and neighbors I do believe in GOD and am not afraid to say it!
You Libs and Candy's , have a good week.
Thank You Lord for my Great family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Local Breaking News

Information told to me by a great neighbor and verified
in the Oconto Times Herald dated 1/3/07.


Notice is here by given to the qualified voters of the school district
of Gillett in the county(ties) of Oconto , that a special meeting of the
school district will be held at Secondary School Library in the district
on the 11th day of January, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of
voting on the following proposition.

To authorize the school board to borrow the sum of
Six Hundred Thirty Thousand and 00/100 Dollars
($630,000.00) for the purposeof fianancing the districts
underfunded pension liability, and levy upon all the taxable
property of the school district a direct irrepealable annual tax for
the purpose of paying and sufficient to pay the interest on this loan
as it falls due , and also pay and discharge the principal thereof within
20 years from making the loan.
Miles Winkler
School District Clerk
November 30, 2006

I'm sorry why in God's green earth did we not know about this sooner,
the date on the notice is Nov 30,2006. Did I miss something in the paper?
Second, how did we all of a sudden get to have a pension problem like this ?

But alas I give my neighbor credit for trying to get the word out . I
was told by my good friends that " Who cares about taxes, I just pay them".
What do care about taxes anyway? "You can't do anything about them".

I think the problem with most not all people is that they are not informed !
They do not go to school board meeting, they do not go to town board
meetings , they listen to Bob and Tom and CBS,ABC,NBC and CNN and believe
everything they hear!
For I am a CONSERVATIVE and I believe in Lower Taxes and less Goverment!
For that, I am a drunkin dumb ass here on the lake and do not know what
I am talking about. I think some other reasons (which always kills them)
is I listen to Rush and am not afraid to say that or that I am conservative .

So to all my friends and neighbors and all the other people on the lake ,
here comes another tax increase!

Oh by the way , are you ready for the D N R to be swarming on Berry Lake
in the near future. You say you don't know what I'm talking about? You
should of been at the last town meeting , I was, but what I say doesn't mean a
hill of beans , I a republican and I always lie and I'm an idiot !

You can read about it in this Wednesday's Oconto Times Herald!
Will anyone do anything about it, I think not!

Reach into your wallets people , you won't see it coming!

Be careful what you do around the lake , Big Brother will be
watching and maybe someday we will find out if we have
endangered species in or around the lake.We can all use
maximum six horse motors on our six ft. maximum boats!

Have fun PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!