Friday, September 16, 2011

Ford Buyer Slams (Obama) Bailout

Seems Ford cuts to the chase on why people buy Ford before GM or Chrysler. 


Sorry, video Was removed.

Wonder if the unions or Obama made Ford pull it? 


Update 9/28/11
I found the video , so here goes if you want to watch. From Detroit News.

Gordon Throws Out Conspiracy Spin Out

Huh, so Jeffy said Menard might of spun out on purpose.
Conspiracy Theory: Did Paul Menard Intentionally Spin Out At Richmond? -
Menard's radio chatter was highlighted by Jimmy Spencer this week on Speed's Race Hub, and Gordon said people have told him it was questionable.
"What I heard was something about some communication about needing a caution, not needing a caution, and then they were giving the gaps between me and the 29 car, the distance as I closed in," he said. "I think after I passed them and they said something, and Paul asked, 'Do you need the caution? Don't need the caution?' Then they said 'Go to Channel 2' and then they spun out.
" Menard hasn't commented on the issue yet, but Harvick said Thursday his teammate had a tire issue that caused the spin.
Somehow if we were talking about any other driver then Harvick, I would say this is nuts. But since Harvick is involved, I will just ......., I don't know, Hummmmm, I wonder.

Mitt Romney Not


A good read and more info at Dad29 about Mitt, the choice of the republican elites.

Dad29: Romney and Gay "Marriage": Not "Conservative"

Jan. 2, 2006 Boston Globe reports Romney issued special Governor’s ceremonial marriage licenses to 189 same-sex couples in 2005 (including to homosexual activist state senator), claiming he did not refuse because he was evenly applying the “statute”. [Note: There is no new statute establishing same-sex marriage.]

Admittedly, the situation there is a bit confusing.  But the fact is that Romney was under no obligation to implement gay "marriage": he did so voluntarily, even though he claimed that the Court's ruling compelled him to do so.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will NASCAR Do Full Pat Downs On Fans Like The NFL

Seems the NFL will do full pat downs at all games this year. They must of talked to "Big Sis" at Homeland Security. 
NFL wants pat downs from ankles up at all stadiums
The NFL wants all fans patted down from the ankles up this season to improve fan safety.
Previously, security guards only patted down fans from the waist up before gaining entry to NFL stadiums. Under the new "enhanced" pat-down procedures, the NFL wants all 32 clubs to search fans from ankles to the knees as well as the waist up.
The stricter security approach impacts the 16.6 million fans expected to attend live regular season NFL games this season.
The league wanted all clubs to implement the enhanced searches for Week One of the new season, says spokesman Brian McCarthy. The NFL hopes fans will be "patient" -- and arrive earlier to games to avoid lengthy delays.
Because of this.
The NFL suffered damage to its family-friendly image when a South Carolina man was arrested for using an illegal taser on other fans at a New York Jets-Dallas Cowboys game Sunday night.
So will Nascar do full pat downs on their fans coming into the tracks next year? 

First, let's look at who NFL fans are.If you think there is no diffrence between the two you have a problem. 

NFL stadiums are full of of left wing liberal nuts who would do anything to be on TV.Did you see President Obama at a NASCAR race? In Green Bay they are serving gluten free food for the fans. Whats next, veggie burgers? Who are NASCAR fans a little later. 

Let's start with NFL games, no carry ins, $8.00 beers, $4.00 brats, no beer sales in the fourth quarter. 

NASCAR, carry in coolers filled with any beverage of choice in plastic or cans, no glass.

NFL, no food brought in, NASCAR, sandwiches, turkey legs, snacks, food of choice able to be carried in. 

NFL, you can wear radio head phones to listen to the game. NASCAR, scanners, Sprint Vision (able to play back TV feed when ever you want). MRN (radio feed) available on scanners. When will the NFL let fans listen in on the coaches? Do they know how much revenue they are missing out on? NFL coaches speak in secret code anyway, so who would even know what they are talking about. 30,000 fans listing to the coaches at $25 to $50 per game per person. Can we say extra money for the owners.

Security: There are nuts in all walks of life but NASCAR fans are one of a kind. Yes they may be called red neck, southern hicks, beer drinking, God loving, love of country hay seeds but they are not going to bring a taser into a race and go off on people in the crowd. If anyone did try to pull a taser on NASCAR fans, one, you wouldn't hear about it and two, the guy that would pull a taser would be in the hospital from tripping down the steps of row 54 of the grandstands. You probobly wouldn't even hear about it. Case closed. 

Liberal don't like NASCAR so you can take a lot of them (trouble) out of the equation.

If NASCAR even considers full pat downs at the tracks they would see their revenue fall off drasticly and the drivers can kiss their high paid races a thing of the past. I know NASCAR only took Sunoco ethanol fuel just to get the ethanol whores money but if they start leaning towards, no carry ins, pat downs or scramble scanner frequencies they can kiss their sport good bye. 

The past two years in dropped revenues and dropped ratings tell them they cannot change the sport that has made them great. They are fighting for every fan they can get right now and I don't think they want to lose more.  

The NFL may be riding high now but in a couple of years they will be looking for ways to increase their lost revenue. Then what will they do? Strip searches?    

Where Are Wisconsin Republicans

After listening to Charlie Sykes at 620 WTMJ, about  a boycott of Georgia Pacific. 

A lot callers are asking where is Scott Walker and the republicans are on this.

I have a few question for Wisconsin Republicans about Lena Taylor and her boycott of Georgia Pacific. Here's the link to a report yesterday on 620 WTMJ from Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt.

Green Bay Mayor Embarassed by Lena Taylor's boycott request - 620 WTMJ - Milwaukee's Source for Local News and Weather: "GREEN BAY MAYOR EMBARASSED BY LENA TAYLOR'S BOYCOTT REQUEST

Wednesday, Sep 14, 2011

Jim Schmitt joins the show live.

Where are the republicans in Wisconsin on the boycott? 
Where is Gov. Scott Walker on the boycott? 
Where is Jeff Fitzgerald on the boycott 

Where is Scott Fitzgeraldon the boycott ?

Where is John Nygren on the boycott ? 

Where is Robert Cowles on the boycott ?

Are republicans in Wisconsin scared to stand up for the people of Wisconsin? If they are for jobs for Wisconsin, how can they sit back and be mute on this? Oh, we can't say anything because the democrats and the press will call us names! Oh no, we can't let that happen. We're afraid of the democrats.

What are Wisconsin republicans afraid of? Will Wisconsin republicans stand up for what is right? 

Stand up against Lena Taylor and the democrats of Wisconsin. 

Green Bay Mayor Not Happy With Georgia Pacific Boycott

Wisconsin democrat call for boycott of Georgia Pacific.

John Mercure at 620 WTMJ Milwaukee talks to Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt. It's worth a listen. Schmitt talks how he cannot believe a Wisconsin State Senator would call for a boycott of a large employer in Northeastern Wisconsin and the Green Bay area.

I will say in the interview, you can hear Schmitt said he doesn't know or never meet Lena Taylor who called for a boycott of Georgia Pacific located in Green Bay. Somehow if Schmitt is a democrat of Green Bay Wisconsin , I would say he has meet Taylor in the past. 


Replay of yesterdays show. Go here.

Where is a comment from Dave Hansen, another democrat from Green Bay? 

Where is a story from the Green Bay Press?

Is there any other media outlet investigating this story?

How can voters vote for democrats who want to take away Wisconsin jobs?



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heywood Hale Broun

How many of you remember Heywood Hale Broun? I was watching last night ESPN's Sports Century about Secretariat and seen a clip of Hale talking about Jack Niclkaus talking about the Bellmont and the race with Secretariat. It made me think about how Hale and how much he was an icon in sports history.  

Broun, Heywood Hale - March 10, 1918 - September 5, 2001
Heywood Hale Broun, CBS Sports Commentator March 10, 1918 - September 5, 2001 Heywood Hale Broun, the television commentator and writer who cast an irreverent eye on the world of sports with a flair reflecting yet another career as an actor, died September 5, 2001 at Kingston Hospital in Kingston, NY. He was 83. Broun, who had a particular fondness for horse racing and its many colorful characters, broke his hip last spring while at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, KY, and he later had pneumonia.
Just wondering how many of you young whipper snappers remember or know about an icon in sports history. I was surprised he lived till 2001. 
Always will remember you Hale.

Wis.Deer Herd, Nature Works In Strange Ways

The last week or so I seen two, two year old bucks walk through the back at the compound in the north woods. 

The sad part is a fawn is tagging along which means it's mother is no longer alive. 

Nature works in mysterious ways.

The above pic is from last year. 

Attack Watch Must See

A must see about Obamas new web site "Attack Watch". A site to turn in all your friends and family and maybe get a brown shirt.


Snoooowwwwwwwww In Wisconsin

From WJFW12 facebook page.

Several reports now of sleet and snow falling in St. Germain, Eagle River, Butternut and other towns across the Northwoods. Expect this activity to continue and perhaps intensify into this afternoon and evening as another surge of cold air moves southward out of Canada! --Matt Benz


Nooooooooooooooo, snoooooowwwwwwwww!

Democrat : It's Not Your Money, It's Ours

Seems democrats know better than you on your own money. 


Updated 9/14/11 9:51 a.m.

Posted 9/14/11 8:22 a.m.

WLS Radio’s John Dempsey Reports CHICAGO (WLS) - A lot of reaction Wednesday morning to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's interview with Don Wade and Roma.

Schakowsky said that Americans don't deserve to keep all of their money because we need taxes to support our society.

“I’ll put it this way. You don’t deserve to keep all of it and it’s not a question of deserving because what government is, is those things that we decide to do together. And there are many things that we decide to do together like have our national security. Like have police and fire. What about the people that work at the National Institute of Health who are looking for a cure for cancer,” Schakowsky said.

Schakowsky also says one reason the 2009 stimulus bill did not succeed was because it was not large enough.

Huh, they will decide for you, your too stupid.

How long before Americans finnaly wake up. It's your money, not the democrats.

When Will Hillary Clinton Run For President


Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.

Twin defeats spark Democratic fears - Jonathan Martin and Ben Smith and Jake Sherman -

HOWARD BEACH, N.Y.—The Democratic Party’s rare loss of a congressional seat in its urban heartland Tuesday, accompanied by a blowout defeat in a Nevada special election, marked the latest in a string of demoralizing setbacks that threatened to deepen the party’s crisis of confidence and raise concerns about President Barack Obama’s political fortunes. In New York, Republican Bob Turner soundly defeated Democrat David Weprin in a House contest that — in the view of party leaders, at least — featured an anemic urban machine, distracted labor unions and disloyal voters. In Nevada, a consequential state for the president’s reelection strategy, Democrats suffered a runaway loss rooted in a weak showing in Reno’s Washoe County, a key bellwether.

You have to say democrats have to be thinking to talk Hillary Clinton.

Contribute to Hillary here

Wisconsin Democrats Boycott Wisconsin Jobs


Will Dave Hansen from the Green Bay area back this boycott? From Charlie Sykes at 620 WTMJ.

Senator Lena Taylor's Jobs Plan... - 620 WTMJ - Milwaukee's Source for Local News and Weather

Lena C. Taylor Money talks! Why shouldn't you buy the following: Dixie Cups, Vanity Fair Paper Products, Mardi Gras Napkins, Brawny and Sparkle Paper Towels, Angel Soft and Quilted Northern Toilet Paper...Your purchase supports destruction of democracy, two words...Koch Brothers. Join the boycott, send this to all of your Facebook Friends. **

BTW:, the company Taylor is attacking, Georgia Pacific, has operations right here in Wisconsin and employees about 2,300 people.

So Wisconsin democrats want to take away Wisconsin Jobs. Huh!


Come on Dave Hansen, will you stick up for your constituens or will you throw a lot of your voters under the bus? Why are democrats trying too dump Wisconsin jobs while in Madison right now they are calling for jobs, jobs, jobs? 



Sean Duffy Likes Obama Jobs Bill


Duffy: Jobs bill not DOA | Superior Telegram | Superior, Wisconsin

The words “dead on arrival” are not being used by one Wisconsin freshman Republican for President Obama’s 447 billion dollar jobs bill.

Northern Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy says he agrees with many parts of Obama’s bill, including new free trade agreements, extending the payroll tax cuts, ending oil and gas corporate subsidies and closing tax loopholes.

“There’s corporate welfare, crony capitalism,” he said. “We have loopholes in our tax code that benefit the very wealthy and big corporations. We need to root those out and make sure we have a fairer, flatter tax code.

” Duffy also favors cutting depreciation tax breaks for corporate jets and extending the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation funding. Even so, the Ashland Republican calls the President’s proposal “Stimulus II.”

Huh, is Duffy running left for next years election? Interesting choice of words.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ribble Squirming In His 8th Congressional Seat

Seems odd Reid Ribble with all his money in his campaign war chest needs to put out a PR about where he sleeps at night. Huh! 

Email sent to me from Ribble's office.


Washington D.C. – Representative Reid Ribble released the following statement to address the latest inquiries about his home in Sherwood, WI which is located just outside of the current District 8 boundary lines.

“My wife and I initially put our Sherwood house up for sale last year.  When the listing contract with our first realtor expired we hired a new real estate agent and put the house back on the market this year at a sizeable price reduction.  Unfortunately, our second time listing the house brought the same result as the first and we did not close a buyer.

“Since our kids are grown, my wife and I have felt that a family-sized home was unnecessary. We have discussed for awhile the desire to downsize and move into a smaller home that requires less maintenance. As empty nesters, we don’t need the same amount of space as we did when we had our kids running around. Along with that, my schedule requires a lot of traveling to and from Washington and around the district. We wish the home would have sold, but unfortunately the tough housing market prevented this from happening.

“With the listing contract coming to an end soon, the house is coming off the market until the housing market turns around. We are not immune to the negative effects of the unsteady housing market and just like many Americans across the country we have had to change our plans. 

“I have a long and personal tie to the 8th District and assertions to challenge this are just ridiculous. I grew up in Appleton, went to Appleton East High School, and coached Volleyball at Appleton East High School for over 20 years. My roofing business was located in Kaukauna and my wife’s long time book store was also in Appleton. Sherwood is about four miles over the current congressional boundary line and it is so close that the property taxes we pay go to the Kaukauna School District, which is in the 8th District.

“Northeast Wisconsin is my home and always will be, and that fact has made serving the people of Wisconsin more meaningful than words can describe.

“I said last year when asked from time to time about this issue that the Constitution doesn’t care where I sleep at night - and with my schedule that’s about all I’m doing at that house…sleeping. 

“With all the challenges our nation is facing during these difficult times, focus should be on creating jobs for the millions of unemployed and getting our economy back on track instead of wasting time on inconsequential matters. I took a vow when I was elected to Congress to represent the people of the 8th District to the best of my abilities and I will continue to work each and every day on the issues that will help improve the lives of Northeastern Wisconsin residents.”

Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states that Representatives must be residents of their states, but do not necessarily have to live within their districts.

First, let me be up front here. I didn't vote for Ribble for this very reason. 

Second, Reid Ribble was not and is not a tea party republican. He's a Washington elite republican. He doesn't care a rats behind on what his constituents think about where he lives. Read the above PR again. Took an apartment in DePere. Question, if the house was not selling why didn't he reduce the price,  $595,000? Answer, he didn't want to sell it. He knew he was going to move back to his house all along. 

Question, why does he keep throwing out Article 1, Section 2? Answer because he knows he doesn't have to live in the 8th district. Did he really live in the DePere apartment? 

Has anyone asked about his vacation house in, where is it, Tennessee? Will he live there and still work his Wisconsin job? 

Ribble is raising tons of campaign money and will do what ever he wants. He will buy his next election! 

Reid Ribble will sell out the people of the Wisconsin 8th District some day and everyone but me will be surprised. He already said he wants to compromise with democrats and Obama. If he gets bored of congress he will stay in Washington and become a lobbyist. Money buys power and power corrupts. 

Reid Ribble will just keep doing what Reid Ribble wants, the hell with the rest. 

Walker, Stepp Make Good Changes To WDNR

What did it take to make the WDNR make some new changes to hunting?

Greetings, wild turkey hunters!  BIG changes for the 2011 fall turkey season are here!!
Wisconsin's 2011 fall turkey season opens this Saturday, September 17th, and hunters are reminded of two important changes that will impact the fall hunt:
1. Hunters must register their turkey online or by phone:  hunters will no longer be able to register their turkey at a local registration station.  Visit the Wild Turkey Harvest Registration website for more information:  Please note that the link for the online Harvest Registration System will become active once the season has started.
2. The permanent extension to the fall season in Zones 1 through 5 has been approved.  In 2011, this season extension will run from November 28th through December 31st for Turkey Management Zones 1-5 ONLY.
For more information on both of these topics, please see this week's DNR Weekly News at

Call in registration, no more dragging the turkey to a tag station. What a great idea. 

 Guess it took Scott Walker in choosing Cathy Stepp as head of the WDNR to get changes done.

Ribble, A Carpetbagger?

Freshman congressman moves outside his district - JSOnline

A state Democratic Party official said the matter isn't difficult to understand what is going on with the first-term Republican.

"So he's a carpetbagger in other words," said spokesman Graeme Zielinski.

Officials said Ribble, who runs a family roofing business in Kaukauna, is not doing anything illegal. Last year, he defeated then-U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, an Appleton Democrat.

Sally Wood, communications director for the Committee on House Administration, said the U.S. Constitution doesn't mandate that federal lawmakers live in their congressional districts. It simply says they must reside in the state they represent when elected, Wood said.

Olson said the Ribbles had their Sherwood house on the market for some time. The asking price had been $595,000, according to newspaper reports. 

Ribble and his wife wanted to move to a smaller house because most of their kids are grown and he spends much of his time on campaigning and serving in Congress.

But they'll probably wait a while before listing it with another agent.

"The housing market and economy are so tough it's likely they will be there for a bit," Olson said.

So what did Zielinski call Ribble? A "C A R P E T B A G G E R"?

Doesn't mandate? Right. I remember Reid told me that before the election.

Huh, $595,000 for the house? Was the house ever shown? Who was the realtor? Did he ever reduce the price? Is the house really worth $595,000?


Probably wait before listing again? Yea, sure, I have a bridge to sell someone too.

I never would of seen this coming! I will not say, I told you so. No! I won't say that.





Wow, I Didn't See This Coming

Wisconsin Rep. Reid Ribble moves out of 8th Congressional District | Green Bay Press Gazette |

First-term U.S. Rep. Reid Ribble has moved out of the 8th Congressional District he represents in Northeastern Wisconsin. The Republican congressman has returned to a house he owns in Sherwood, several miles outside the 8th District.

Ribble put the house up for sale while running for Congress last year and moved into an apartment in the town of Lawrence, southwest of Green Bay, which is within the 8th District.

Ribble spokeswoman Ashley Olson told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the Sherwood house is coming off the market because the contract with the listing agent expires this week. Ribble's district is being redrawn and will include his Sherwood home in 2013.

Committee on House Administration spokeswoman Sally Wood said the U.S. Constitution requires federal lawmakers to reside within the state they represent, but doesn't mandate that they live in their districts.

An oldie but goody about Ribble's residency from my blog

Ribble, Residency Question?

I am am shocked, just shocked that Reid is moving back to his home. That didn't take long!

Can't Vote If Your House Burns Down

The LOWV are suing over the new Wisconsin Voter ID Bill. Of all reasons on how someone can't vote in Wisconsin, this takes the cake
Wisconsin faces voter ID lawsuit from League of Women Voters | Herald Times Reporter |

Kaminski said the requirement sets up the potential that someone whose house burns down and loses all their possessions the night before an election would also lose their ability to vote just because they don't have a photo identification.

"The new law faces an unfair burden on people who do not need a driver's license," she said.

Are you kidding me? You won't be able to vote if your house burns down? Holy cow.

If our house burns down, voting would not be at the top of my to do list!

The League Of Women voters is showing their democrat liberal beliefs. They need to find something else to do. Maybe they can learn how to bake bread, cookies or hey, even bake a cake.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

George Bush On Flight 93

Never Forget

To my daughter, my son in law, my two boys and to my grandson. Never forget.