Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Ticket

From JSOnline

"Aug 23, 7:49 AM EDT

Obama taps Biden to be running mate

Associated Press Writers" JS Online: Associated Press News

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Barack Obama named Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice presidential running mate early Saturday, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

Obama announced the pick on his Web site with a photo of the two men and an appeal for donations. A text message went out shortly afterward that said, "Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee."

Biden, 65, has twice sought the White House, and is a Catholic with blue-collar roots, a generally liberal voting record and a reputation as a long-winded orator.

This is getting better each day.

I was wrong on my guess of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, she didn't make the cut. Wonder why Obama picked a white guy?

Friday, August 22, 2008

How Stupid Can Some People Be

From JS Online
Somebody help! Can some people really be that stupid?
"Don’t lose your identity when you sell your car
Leaving plates on vehicle can lead to trouble

Posted: Aug. 21, 2008" JS Online: Don’t lose your identity when you sell your car

In 2005, she sold her Chevrolet Cavalier for $100 to her brother-in-law. She failed to remove the plates and make a copy of the title transfer document.

It goes to show how stupid people can be.

Maybe they should teach this in Drivers Ed.? Maybe they should teach this in school!

What is the old saying,

Dumb _ ss!

My Guess

12:01 p m

My take on Obama's VP pick

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas

Update 12:40 p m - Reasons formu guess.

Obama down in polls.

Can get bump from the female vote.

Evil Utilities / Evil Business / Unions

A great piece from Patrick McIlheran.
How one thing can lead to another and who is always on the short end of the rope.

Doyle, DNR, mandates, higher costs, lost jobs!

"On mercury rules
By Patrick McIlheran
Wednesday, Aug 20 2008, 10:49 AM
As you may have heard, Wisconsin is about to impose notably stringent mandates for reducing mercury: The Department of Natural Resources is going to require utilities to cut their mercury emissions by 90% over the next few years. " On mercury rules - Patrick McIlheran: Right On

Utilities were already under a federal mandate to cut mercury by 70%, and they were under the impression that the state mercury standards were going to be the same. The DNR standard was, in fact, just that, but Gov. Jim Doyle, running for re-election in 2006, ordered the DNR to make it 90% instead. Environmentalists lauded this, on the rational grounds that any mercury is bad mercury, while utilities pointed out that getting a 90% reduction is much costlier and of dubious feasibility.

Nice, isn't it that Jim Doyle takes care of his Environmentalist friends.
Besides, they pointed out, the EPA's research found little added benefit from a 90% cut compared to a 70% one, while it adds a lot of cost.

Adds a lot of cost to who?

Avg tax payers, how much more can we take? This means to business, higher costs which means higher costs to consumers. Who are consumers? All of us, including the dumb jack's that keep voting for these liberal lefty democrats.

The environmentalists have to be happy the two New Page mills shut down in Wisconsin. Two less big nasty dirty evil mills shut down.The union's cannot have it both ways. Do they want jobs for their members or their politicians that are shutting down businesses? When will union members wake up and see the bait and switch their leaders are doing with your dues. Is Doyle and the DNR for jobs and people or for the environmentalists? Yea, yea I know New Page shut the mills down but you have to know there are some environmental wacko's happy they are gone. The democratic parties own special interest groups. How many more businesses will shut down or move out of state before people wake up. I hope before they get laid off with no job. Jim Doyle and the dem's are your friends.

You can't have it both ways! And the rank and file suck up everything their leaders tell them. Sure helps the X employee's at New Page. Sooner or later will the unions and it's members protect and vote for the envoromentalists who are taking away their jobs? No, no it those evil republicans that are evil.

No evil business's, No jobs,
No jobs, No union dues.
No union dues, No unions.

When will it end? When average people wake up.

The sad part, they may never wake up even after it's all gone.

Just keep voting democrat.

A side note, if the DNR wants to reduce mercury emissions, why do we have to switch over to light bulbs with mercury inside them? A small world, isn't it!

DNR - Damn Near Russia

From Dad 29. A good point on Mercury. Al

"Left Hand, Right Hand, Mercury!!

As noted in a combox here (but I actually did think of it first) it's clear that Our Congress has little concern about mercury in the environment--or they wouldn't have mandated mercury-filled lightbulbs for the entire USA.

Perhaps DNR/Wisconsin (Damn Near Russia) should sue Congress before they jack up "clean mercury" requirements beyond realistically-do-able limits.

Or maybe we should merely throw our used lightbulbs at the Capitol in DC?" Dad29

I forgot what DNR meant - (Damn Near Russia), how true, how true.

Old Bonduel Kwik Trip

From the Shawano Leader
"Furniture store to take site of former Bonduel Kwik Trip
By Tim Ryan, Leader Reporter

The former Kwik Trip property in Bonduel would become home to Mill Creek Rustic Furniture in exchange for another parcel that could become the site of a new village library.

The Bonduel Village Board Wednesday formally accepted the former convenience store property at State Highway 117 and County Road B, which had been donated to the village by Kwik Trip.

The board then agreed to accept an offer from Mill Creek to locate its furniture store there in exchange for a vacant property Mill Creek owns near the northeast corner of Green Bay and Washington streets.

The property at 125 N. Washington St. across from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was formerly We Can Do That Floral." Shawano Leader

Good for Bonduel. Everybody wins in this deal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arrested For Books

What books could she have been arrested for? Again something out of place in Wisconsin.


"Wis. woman arrested, booked over library fines" Wis. woman arrested, booked over library fines
Aug 21 03:01 PM US/Eastern
GRAFTON, Wis. (AP) - A Grafton woman has been arrested and booked for failing to pay her library fines. Heidi Dalibor, 20, told the News Graphic in Cedarburg she ignored the library's calls and letters as well as a notice to appear in court.

The books were called "White Oleander" and "Angels and Demons" What the heck was she reading?

I could see if the books were Rush Limbaugh "See I told You So" or Ronald Reagan "A Life In Letters"

Conservatives always get arrested for reading illegal right wing books.

Which 8th district?

Steve Kagen Wisconsin 8th district and Nancy Pelosi 8th District Congresswoman California

Is there any real difference between the 8th district of Wisconsin or the 8th district of California?.

A vote for Kagen is a vote for Pelosi.

What has Congress really done for the past year and a half?

What has Kagen and Pelosi done in the last year and a half?

Higher food prices.

Higher gasoline prices.

Higher energy costs.

How much more can you take?

Kagen and Pelosi had their chance and dropped the ball.

It's time for Steve Kagen to go.

Vote John Gard for 8th district congressman

Kagen, Walter Mitty Moment Again

Jerry Bader from 1360 WTAQ coined Steve Kagen making things up ( L I E S ?) as a Walter Mitty moment. Jerry, looks like another one.

Steve Kagen was in Rhinelander as reported by Giles Morris from the Rhinelander Daily News.

"Last Updated: Thursday, August 21, 2008 11:12 AM CDT
In visit to Rhinelander, Kagen hits back on off-shore drilling
By Giles Morris - Daily News Staff" News

He made the following comment.
“Yesterday I had a conversation with (Speaker of the House Nancy) Pelosi and we’ve convinced her that we need to present a bill that supports off-shore drilling,” Kagen said.

He talked to Nancy Pelosi on August 19th and changed her mind on off shore drilling?

Steve, Steve, Steve, can you explain this. From the L A Daily News. Steve please click the link to bring yourself up to speed on what is happening in congress. Steve, Steve, Steve, didn't you listen to Nancy's weekly radio address on the 16th?
"Pelosi considers offshore drilling an option
Dina Cappiello
Article Last Updated: 08/16/2008 04:53:13 PM PDT

WASHINGTON -- Democrats' stance against offshore drilling has shifted more, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaling on Saturday her willingness to consider opening up more coastal areas to oil and gas exploration.

In her party's weekly radio address, Pelosi said opening portions of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling would be a part of energy legislation that House Democrats intend to put forward in the coming weeks to address oil dependence and high gasoline prices." Pelosi considers offshore drilling an option - LA Daily News

Psst, Steve this is from Saturday the 16th. You said you talked to her on Tuesday the 19th. Did you really talk to her or did you make that up talking to Nancy Pelosi? Steve, can we have verification on that call. As Jerry Bader says, Is this another Walter Mitty experience?

Steve Kagen is (as Jerry said) shooting his mouth off again. People Rhinelander, Steve Kagen is telling you anything to get your vote.

Can the voters believe anything Steve Kagen says?

What else will Steve Kagen tell you to get your vote. What will he make up next?

Damage control at Kagen4congress. Good luck Kagen staff.

It is time to send Steve Kagen back to private practice.

Cross post to Berry Laker

Kagen In Good Company

From Alfred

From 2006, Steve Kagen ranked second only to Hillary Clinton and just ahead of Barack Obama in personal finances.

Even John McCain was ranked 23rd.
Even Herb Kohl didn't make the top 25.

"Personal Finances
Top Outside Income, 2006

Members of Congress are allowed to accept a limited amount of outside income, but they must report it. This table shows the top recipients of outside money in 2006. Filers are required to report the source, but not the amount of income earned by their spouse and dependents. Though it's not required, some do report the salaries of their spouses and other dependents. Where listed, those are shown here too." allil by alfred

Ranking Top 5

1 Hillary Clinton (D-NY)
Grand Total.........$10,665,528
Member Total......$430,528
Spouse Total.... $10,235,000
Dependent Total......$0

2 Steven Leslie Kagen (D-Wis)
Grand Total..........$1,184,437
Member Total........$1,184,437
Spouse Total.............$0
Dependent Total........$0

3 Barack Obama (D-Ill)
Grand Total........$572,490
Member Total......$572,490
Spouse Total.........$0
Dependent Total....$0

4 Timothy Edward Mahoney (D-Fla)
Grand Total..........$369,400
Member Total........$369,400
Spouse Total.............$0
Dependent Total........$0

5 Charlie Wilson (D-Ohio)
Grand Total........$357,625
Member Total........$357,625
Spouse Total.............$0
Dependent Total........$0

Make of these totals as you wish but ask yourself when are you too RICH,
how can he relate to the common voter?
how can he relate to $4.00 gal gasoline?
how can he relate to 25% increases in your electric bills this fall?
how can he relate to mortgage payments?

Will someone ask Steve Kagen how much is a gal of milk?
Will someone ask Steve Kagen how much is Kraft Mac n Cheese?
Will someone ask Steve Kagen how much is Charmin Bath tissue?
Will anyone ask Steve Kagen how many houses he owns?

Steve Kagen is on the side of unions, environmental groups, and special interest groups looking to get their legislation passed!

And the poor voters of the 8th district of Wisconsin keep paying more and more for everything we touch. Taxes, food, energy, the list is endless.

Steve Kagen is out of touch and needs to go back to private practice.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey, Throw Me A Beer

From Wendy at B & S

"You’re Supposed to Pass Out AFTER Drinking

That’s a pain that’s gonna linger.

Country star Pat Green wanted a beer on stage the other night—he got one, all right.

Green was singin’ after a NASCAR race Saturday when he asked all his rowdy friends, “Anyone got a beer?” Well, someone delivered a full unopened can—right between his eyes. Michigan state troopers say he was knocked out cold, but his rep says that just a bunch of suds." Boots & Sabers - The blogging will continue until morale improves...

I was at MIS this past weekend. Guess I have to go to the free concert on Saturday night. You never can tell what you can see at a NASCAR race, at the concert or at the campsites.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holy Cow, Keep Drilling

Some late vacation news recap.
From Lance Burri at Badger Blog Alliance

"Another conservative-sounding RJT editorial
The Racine Journal Times has surprised me a couple of times lately. This time, the topic is drilling for oil. I’ve bolded a few passages:
" Badger Blog Alliance

"Don’t stop at offshore drilling
Friday, August 15, 2008 10:01 PM CDT

With the current debate over drilling offshore for oil we face a choice, yet it’s not the one which political candidates present — the choice of drilling or not drilling. The real choice is what else we do.
" The Journal Times Online > Opinion > Don’t stop at offshore drilling

Thank you, The Racine Journal Times.

How about some of this kind of articles from Northeastern Wisconsin.

Will never happen.

Gard Kagen Town Hall Meetings

From Gard for Congress.

"Latest News
August 19, 2008
Gard Renews Request for Town Halls with Kagen on Gas Prices
(GREEN BAY) – Eighth Congressional District challenger John Gard is hoping that Congressman Steve Kagen will take him up on his request to join him at town hall meetings on gas prices now that Kagen has “formally” announced his 2008 campaign. In a letter sent to Kagen earlier this month, Gard.." Gard for Congress

What is Steve Kagen afraid of?

Must be Mr. Kagen can not stand on his own two feet. If it wasn't for his staff, he would be no where.

As someone said, "No Guts, No Glory."

Steve Kagen must be afraid to debate John Gard on the issues.

Go John Gard in the 8th district.

Kagen Post Crescent?

Is this an article from the new non bias Steve Kagen Post Crescent Newspaper? Did Mr Kagen buy his own newspaper?

Notice the headline.

"Rove denies calling Kagen his No. 1 target in U.S. House

By Frederic J. Frommer • Associated Press writer • August 19, 2008 " Rove denies calling Kagen his No. 1 target in U.S. House | | Appleton Post-Crescent

Here we have the same article from the same Frederic J. Frommer from the same AP on the same day and see how the Green Bay Press Gazette writes the headline.

"No records found to back Kagen claim

By FREDERIC J. FROMMER • The Associated Press • August 19, 2008 " No records found to back Kagen claim | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

At least the G B Press called Kagen's office, note nothing from the APC
In an interview Monday with the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Kagen would not comment on his campaign's claim or Rove's accusation, saying, "I have no response to that."

— Malavika Jagannathan/Press-Gazette

I give credit to the Green Bay Press Gazette. You have done some honest up front reporting in the upcoming 8th district election. I have been hard on your paper in the past but today would like to thank you for doing your job.

Can we now say Steve Kagen must now own a newspaper in the Fox Valley? To the Appleton Post Crescent, disgraceful.

From both articles.
Besides Rove's denial, an Associated Press search of publications in the Nexis database found no record of Rove making that comment. Kagen's campaign offered three sources to back up its claim, but none provided solid documentation.
One, a January 2007 memo from the White House Office of Political Affairs lists Kagen and 19 other congressional Democrats as "2008 House Targets: Top 20."

The second source is a September 2006 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog about Rove being the guest at a Washington fundraiser for Kagen's opponent, John Gard. But the blog makes no mention of Rove calling Kagen the No. 1 target, and in any event, the fundraiser was for the 2006 race, not this year's Kagen-Gard rematch.

In the third case, a self-described "lefty" blogger, Renee Crawford, writes, "Word from the beat is that Karl Rove has decided that Steve Kagen ... is his number one seat in the entire country to win in 2008."

But the blog doesn't quote Rove or provide other documentation.

Which paper of record can we believe or which one is taking sides in the Wisconsin 8th district Congressional race. Will we hear the truth about the Gard Kagen election? Will we read slanted headlines to give Steve Kagen the upper hand? Will the people of the 8th district be deceived by the Appleton Post Crescent? Will John Gard get fair reporting from the Appleton newspaper?

It's time to send Steve Kagen back to private practice.

Shame on the Appleton Post Crescent


Totally Sucks on the Old Man's Weekend.

Thought I would give a few comments on this past weeks vacation.

Sorry, I do not make it a habit of telling my three readers when and where I go on vacation. Sorry you three.

4:30 am alarm goes off - man, need more sleep.
6:15 - Brooklyn Mi. or bust.
9:30 - Pick up the Milwaukee group.
11:30 - I hate 294 traffic.
1:30 - Popeyes chicken better then KFC.
5:30 pull in campsite, great to see the campers next door,Holy cow a bigger campsite. lost a hub cap, how much will that cost?
8:30 p m - done setting up, time for adult beverages

7:00 am - oh that's right, were now eastern time.
Practice , qualifying, it's great to be back to MIS
Thanks dear, great supper.
Not cool with the 83 qualifying first, What happen to the old man.
Adult beverages, ever play liars dice, lost 22 bucks.

Great breakfast.
Practice, pre race,, Canadian Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, flyover, gentlemen, start your engines.
Carfax 250.
Row 43 right in front of the old mans pit area. Can't get any better then that.
The old man has a bunch of rookies for a pit crew. tire penalty, oh crap, go to the end of the lead lap, The best the old man could do was fourth.
Cousin Carl wins, back flip live, Way too kool!
I like any Roush driver anyway.
Who's the cradle robber?
More adult beverages.
Hey boys, what are the lighted beads for?
Off tho sleep.

Adult beverage ,mozz sticks, poppers, cheese curds, sausage bacon wraps,steak, potatoes and sauteed buttered mushrooms and onions . What a meal.

Bloody, breakfast,beer and a GREAT day in the Irish Hills of Michigan.
3 M 400
Row 34 turn 3.
This is going to be assume. Cars coming at us from the backstretch at 200 mph. Wow!
Canadian Anthem,The Star-Spangled Banner, flyover, gentlemen, start your engines. Come on old man, I picked you to win.
The car is for crap, can't wait for the old man to be with Hendrick next year.
Go, go ,go,what the heck! Couldn't even take 5th! Mark, you let the 17 win. I know why. The old man is still a gentleman.
Cousin Carl wins again, back flip again. Good job carl.
I sat in the grandstand an hour after the race, Soak it all in, MIS, see you next year.
Back to camp,Dinner, two, martinis and off to bed.

Up at 5:00, leave by 6:15
hit the road, lets try the Sky Line bridge.
Berry Lake by 4:15

26 ft R V
Drive time 21 hours
Miles - 1026
Avg cost gasoline - $ 3.82 gal
Gasoline total $513.34
Avg - 7.63 miles a gal, is that good? Drill here, drill now.
Ice charges $25.00
ten tolls - $17.35,
one hub cap $ 65.00.

MIS, Michigan, Juniper Hills, family, friends and our next door campsite neighbors,


Do it again next year.

# 5 is my car in 09.

Did talk politics and most NASCAR fans are conservative. You think we have it bad, Michigan is a sinking ship.

Heating Oil

Didn't have time before my vacation to post this. From Patrick at

"Home heating costs to skyrocket again this winter

Posted on Wed, Aug 13th 2008 at 06:08 AM by Patrick

Hang onto your pocketbooks again, along with all of the new taxes, some disguised as fees, Wisconsinites can also count on an average of $200 more in home heating costs this winter. If you use natural gas to heat your homes, expect a 21% spike, and if you use oil, look for about a 26% spike. And if you live in a rural area and use propane to heat your home, look for a 13% spike, to and average of nearly $2,000 this winter.

Now, aren’t you glad that the Democrats are preventing us from gaining access to our own natural resources? What’s a couple hundred bucks to a Wisconsin family, when it means that a caribou doesn’t have to duck under a pipeline or some damn fool thing like that?
-- Patrick Dorwin, owner of" Badger Blogger

Just what we need is higher energy costs.

Kagen Tracks, Together We Will

From the Wall Street Journal
Let us track some of the things congress has done since 2007. Steve Kagen took office on January 3, 2007. Steve Kagen promised us to get things done in Washington. What has he and the 110th Congress done for the people of the 8th district of Wisconsin. Together we will do what?

" Idaho Potato Commission's 70th anniversary and recognized soil as an "essential natural resource"

"May 5-9 as National Substitute Teacher Recognition Week"

"Set July 28 as the Day of the American Cowboy."

"National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day."

"July as National Watermelon Month."

"Resolution recognizing America's Christmas-tree industry."

Congress, which won't return to session until September, has yet to pass any 2009 appropriations bills, even though funding the federal budget is its official function.

Steve Kagen is running on his record. His record shows he has done nothing in congress and nothing for the 8th district of Wisconsin.

Read the article from the WSJ to see what our congress is doing or not doing for us.

As U.S. Economic Problems Loom,
House, Senate Sweat the Small Stuff
Members of Congress Love a Good Resolution;
Watermelons and Undertakers Fit the Bill

August 19, 2008; Page A1

WASHINGTON -- The 110th Congress, whose term officially ends in January, hasn't passed any spending bills or attacked high gasoline prices. But it has used its powers to celebrate watermelons and to decree the origins of the word "baseball."" As U.S. Economic Problems Loom, House, Senate Sweat the Small Stuff -

And today Steve Kagen's own words from JSOnline

""During the past two years, I've seen how tough it is to change Washington," Kagen said in a statement. "We all know we need to move our country in a new direction, but insiders will not give up their special privileges without a fight." Kagen kicks off campaign - All Politics

So we have to send Steve Kagen back to Washington to get things done? He got nothing done the last year and a half but wants the voters to send him back again? A vote for Steve Kagen is a vote for $5.50 gasoline and lost jobs across the 8th district. The economic problems loom and Steve Kagen can only talk. From Steve Kagen's own web site he claims, "Together We Will", will what? Together he is making us pay more for everything we touch.

It's time to send Steve Kagen back to private practice.

Cross posted to Berry Laker

Packer Fence Contest

From Try 2 Focus

"Packers Fence Painter Looking for Ideas

Updated: Aug 15, 2008 02:32 PM " WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News: Packers Fence Painter Looking for Ideas

Packers fans can start this season with a clean slate, or as the case may be, a clean fence. The famous fence facing Lambeau Field was given a fresh coat a paint Friday and ideas for this year's slogan are being collected.

Slogans must be 34 letters or less. You can email your fence suggestions to Chris Handler at or mail it in to 3104 Essen Road, Green Bay, WI 54311

The new slogan will painted just in time for the Packers' home opener on Monday Night Football against the Vikings.

Here is my entry.


Monday, August 18, 2008

It Must Of Been Ugly

"Taken down a peg
Rodgers unable to spark offense in ugly loss

Posted: Aug. 17, 2008

San Francisco - San Francisco — The favorable impression that Aaron Rodgers left five nights earlier against the Cincinnati Bengals evaporated Saturday night at Candlestick Park in the Green Bay Packers’ 34-6 exhibition shelling at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers. " JS Online: Taken down a peg

What Happened

I just got back from the NASCAR race in Michigan.

What the heck happened to the Packers.
I can't even find any posts from my favorite blogs.
What happened to our Q B?
From J S Online.
"Notes: Rodgers takes beating
McCarthy hopes QB learns from debacle
Posted: Aug. 17, 2008

Green Bay - As recently as last week, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers completed better than 70% of his passes in practice, throwing with velocity and accuracy in 11-on-11 drills, continuing an upward swing in his play." JS Online: Notes: Rodgers takes beating