Friday, October 08, 2010

Tip The Scale For Ron Johnson

I'm a little late on this but the fight to help Ron Johnson for U S Senate keeps going on.

Russ Feingold is getting a lot of outside help from the left. Let's even the playing field.

Tip the Scales for a New Majority

If you believe in change in Washington then it's time to do something about it.
To donate go to this link.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wis 8th Election, Houston, We Have A Problem

From the Shawano Leader Is this a RINO alert?

Ribble also said he would work with Democrats. As a businessman, he learned to become a “pragmatic problem solver,” and this requires compromise and working well with others, he said.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,what? I have a big, big, big problem with this.

"Work with democrats." Say what!!!!!

"COMPROMISE", what the hell is that!!!!!!

"Work well with others", do dems work well with others?

Somebody calm me down here. Somebody tell me Reid Ribble did not really say the above. Tell me it's all a dream! Tell me Ribble is not another John McCain from back in 2008!!!!!

I said and I stand by it, I will not hold my nose in the voting booth ever again for a RINO candidate. Conservatives do not compromise with democrats. We do not need another problems solver, we need to take our government back!

What the H E L L is going on here!@!@!#@!@#!!#@!!!!!!!!!!! Is this the candidate the republican elites in Washington gave us? You good republicans, just look the other way, we know better.

You tea party people, those that want change in big government, your stupid, you don't know any better, Reid will work with democrats to try to change this country. Just SHUT UP and go away!

God, help us.

I think the Ribble camp better correct this and fast!

Lord, forgive me for some of the words I used.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Barrett Following Doyle Playbook

From the Green Bay Press.

Looks like Tom Barrett is playing the Jim Doyle playbook on stem cell research. Doyle did the same to Mark Green in 2006. Why not have Michael J Fox do another commercial while they're at it.

MADISON — A new television ad in the governor's race by Democrat Tom Barrett gives the impression that Republican Scott Walker wants to ban all stem cell research in Wisconsin, even though he only opposes research involving embryos.

In the new Barrett ad that began airing across the state Thursday, the mother of a child with juvenile diabetes speaks directly to the camera and says, "Scott Walker says he would ban stem cell research in Wisconsin. That's right, ban it."
What a lie!!!!!!!!!!!

Walker campaign spokeswoman Jill Bader called the ad an "outright lie."

"Scott supports adult stem cell research because it is scientifically proven to be successful without the ethical implications of destroying human embryos," she said.

Good for Walker calling out Barrett and the GBP reporting it. Let's keep this straight. Walker is against killing babies which human embryos are. Which has not produced any cures from it's research.

Walker is for adult stem cell research which has made several cures.

Tom Barrett is lying to to the people of Wisconsin and Walker needs to keep his feet to the fire.