Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anyone Use A Laser Bore-Sight


From Just asking, don't know a lot about it.
"The Sightmark Laser Bore-Sight provides the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in rifles of all types. Simply chamber the laser Bore-Sight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will show exactly where the rifle is aiming. Using Laser Bore-Sights it’s easy to sight in any scope without firing a single shot. Live fire is only needed to fine tune the weapon being sighted in order to compensate for inconsistencies, such as bullet drop due to distance. Perfect for hunters, competitive shooters and law enforcement, the Sightmark Laser Bore-Sight is sure to take the frustration out of sighting in almost any gun.

Laser Bore-Sight is easy to use and will quickly save both time and money by avoiding prolonged live fire tests at the range; use the extra ammo for honing those shooting skills and for the hunt. A lightweight carrying pouch protects the laser of the bore-sight for convenient use in the field.

The Sightmark Laser Bore-Sight is available in several calibers and gages for use with all the most popular rifles and shotguns

# Precision accuracy
# Reliable and durable
# Fastest gun zeroing and sighting system
# Reduce wasted cartridges and shells
# Compact and lightweight
# Easy to pack and travel " RifleGear - Sightmark 223 Laser Bore-Sight

How Will Congress Vote

From Drudge and Bloomberg news
"U.S. Treasury Confident Congress Will Increase Debt Ceiling
By Rebecca Christie

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- The Obama administration is confident Congress will raise the country’s debt limit by year end to avert a showdown similar to the one that shuttered parts of the government in 1995, administration officials said.

The White House wants an increase of at least $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion, according to a person familiar with the deliberations between lawmakers and the administration. Record budget deficits are pushing the national debt closer to the $12.1 trillion statutory limit. " U.S. Treasury Confident Congress Will Increase Debt Ceiling -

How will congress vote?

How will Steve Kagen, Dave Obey and the rest vote on this?

How would candidates vote? Naw, that's a specific question, can't answer that!

Yea, That Makes Sense

E Mail from my brother.


 1. The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow.

 2. Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his

 3. If you don't have a sense of humor, you probably don't have any sense
 at all.

 4. Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs.

 5. A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water.

 6. How come it takes so little time for a child who is afraid of the
 dark to become a teenager who wants to stay out all night?

 7. Business conventions are important because they demonstrate how many
 people a company can operate without.

 8. Why is it that at class reunions you feel younger than everyone else

 9. Scratch a cat and you will have a permanent job.

 10. No one has more driving ambition than the boy who wants to buy a

 11. There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity.

 12. There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4
 AM. - Like this: It could be the right number.

 13. No one ever says 'It's only a game.' when their team is winning.

 14. I've reached the age where 'happy hour' is a nap.

 15. Be careful about reading the fine print. There's no way you're going
 to like it.

 16. The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same
 size bucket.

 17. Do you realize that in about 40 years, we'll have thousands of old
 ladies running around with tattoos? (And rap music will be the Golden
 Oldies !

 18. Money can't buy happiness -- but somehow it's more comfortable to
 cry in a Corvette than in a Yugo.

 19. After 60, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are
 probably dead!

 Always be yourself. Because the people that matter, don't mind. And the
 ones that mind, don't matter.

 Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.

Steve Kagen Out Of His Mind


From the
Shawano Leader
"Kagen hails health care bill House passed
By Tim Ryan, Leader Reporter

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen (D-Wis.) is hailing the health care reform bill passed by the House last week as a historic piece of legislation, though it remains to be seen whether the same proposals find their way into Senate version.
“In my mind this bill deserved to go to second base, to be considered by the Senate and improved upon and when it comes back to the House we’ll have another chance at improving it even more,” Kagen said during a visit to the Shawano Leader Tuesday.
Congressman Steve Kagen is out of his mind.
Kagen said the House bill is good for seniors because it will cut waste in Medicare while improving what works about the program.
“We’re going to measure the effectiveness of Medicare Advantage plans across the country and those that don’t measure up to high quality will cease to exist,” he said.
Measure and eliminate Medicare Advantage from seniors is a good thing?
But he said that wouldn’t threaten the program in this state.

“Here in Wisconsin where the Medicare Advantage Plan is very popular, the Medicare Advantage Plan will survive,” Kagen said.
How can he say such a thing. He knows all of them will not measure up and be gone. What will he say in a few years when it is taken away, " I didn't know it was in the bill", or "the republicans took it away from seniors", or " I voted against it before I voted for it". Reminds me when at the August listening sessions he said Tax paid abortions was not in the bill so why did Bart Stupak put an amendment in the health care bill to not have taxpayers pay for abortions. Kagen said the bill would also allow the federal government to negotiate for deeper discounts for prescription drugs for seniors in Medicare Part D and allow insurance policies to be sold across state lines

“For small business owners this is a big win,” Kagen said, because it would allow small businesses to pool employees together from many small businesses to form a buying group to bring prices down.
Small business will drop their employees health insurance and let government take them over? Will someone ask Steve Kagen why small business is against his bill if it is so good?
Kagen said the proposals put patients, their families and doctors in charge of health care again.

“This is going to guarantee access to affordable health care,” he said. “You won’t have to have a bake sale and sell cookies and doughnuts to raise money to take care of your children’s health care or your parents’.”
Steve, so instead of bake sales people will stand in line for health care like what is happening with the shortages of flu shots? Is this what people really want? Look at what Kagens health care looks like. Picture from JSOnline

Will someone ask, if this is so good why will Wisconsinites be
subject ( from Big Gov) to numerous civil and criminal penalties, including criminal fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years if they don't buy health care coverage?

The House bill would also ban discrimination for pre existing conditions — a measure also being proposed in the Senate.

Kagen said the House version would also create a standard health benefit plan, but he is continuing to push for a proposal not included in the bill mandating transparency in pricing.
So Kagen told voters he would not vote for a bill if mandating transparency in pricing was not in it.
“Unless we have transparency we have no real mechanism to leverage the prices down,” Kagen said.
Steve, it's not in and you still voted for Nancy's bill.
Kagen would not say whether there were any specific measures that could be a deal-breaker for him if they are not included in the Senate version, or if any new Senate proposals might cause him to vote against it.“

There are three questions I always ask myself about any legislation,” he said. “Will it work? Can we afford it? Is it the right thing to do?”
Kagen does not break any deals! Queen Nancy tells him what to do.

Kagen also said the House bill is affordable, because it would reduce the federal deficit by more than $100 billion over the next 10 years.
Did he tell you he will cut medicare to reduce the deficit? Lest's see, medicare, seniors, granny killer, Thank you Steve Kagen.
The bill would tax annual income of more than $1 million by an additional 5.4 percent to help pay its costs.

Their he goes again, right out of the democrat play book, tax people who own businesses, who create jobs, and pay benefits for their employees. We need to thank Steve Kagen for all his hard work next November.

Wonder if there are any candidates that will call Kagen out on his health care bill vote? Naw, that would be asking specific questions about Steve Kagen. I guess that won't happen.

Will Tim Ryan from the Shawano Leader ask some tougher questions next time he talks to Kagen or is he in Kagen's hip pocket?

End Of An Era In Peshtigo


From the Peshtigo Times
For many years, Peshtigo was known as a paper mill town, a place where raw wood was converted into paper, from start to finish. Badger Paper Mill facilities, including the huge pulp mill and its accompanying wood yards on the east side of the Peshtigo River dominated the city’s skyline and its economy. All that is changing. The original Badger Paper Mills declared bankruptcy in 2005 and facilities subsequently were purchased by BPMI. The paper mill was reactivated after being shut down only a short time, and continues to operate as BPMI, but pulp is now brought in from other sources. Photo above shows crews at work demolishing the old pulp mill, which has been idle for over a decade. In cooperation with the city and with the help of grants from Wisconsin agencies including the Department of Commerce and the Department of Natural Resources, studies were conducted on possible site contamination and future uses of the property. In July, BPMI General Manager Jim Koronkiewicz thanked City Council for cost sharing the studies and helping to secure grants that made the reclamation project feasible, but said the firm would now proceed with demolition as a private business entity and there would be no further cost to the city. BPMI officials have not indicated what their future plans for the river front property may be, but Koronkiewicz told City Council in July that use studies funded by the CDBG grant and cited on other successful grant applications, including those for Site Assessment Grants, will be taken into consideration. At the council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6 a letter from Koronkiewicz advised that BPMI had entered into an agreement with Northwoods Environmental Industries, Inc. of Ontonagon, Mich. to abate and demolish all structures on the Badger Pulp Mill site. This includes the proper disposal of all materials and restoration of the site. Northwoods Environmental will work in conjunction with its subcontractor, Superior Excavation of Hurley, LLC. to complete all work as specified in the project manual for site demolition prepared by Ayres Associates of Waukesha."
Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper

WDNR, Backs Down

From the Wisconsin paper of record, the Lakeland-Times. Chalk up one for the citizens of Wisconsin
"11/13/2009 9:16:00 AM
DNR abandons attempt to regulate within 1,000 feet of lakes
No horizontal expansion allowed within 75-foot setback
Richard Moore
Investigative Reporter

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has jettisoned its attempt to regulate impervious surfaces within 1,000 feet of the ordinary high water mark of lakes, limiting in a new revision proposed impervious surface caps to properties within 300 feet of lakes, rivers, streams and ponds.
" DNR abandons attempt to regulate within 1,000 feet of lakes

Michigan Deer Hunt Starts Sunday

From the Escanaba Daily Press
"Deer hunters heading for the woods
By Dionna Harris
POSTED: November 14, 2009

ESCANABA - Approximately 750,000 hunters are expected to take to the woods and fields in search of a trophy buck. Sunday is the opener of the firearm deer season." Deer hunters heading for the woods - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press

Someone Please Talk To Newt

From the Swamp.
"by Mark Silva
Gingrich: Contract with America round 2
Newt Gingrich, the former Republican House speaker and purveyor of the GOP "Contract With America'' that helped his party win control of the House after President Bill Clinton's election, says GOP chairman Michael Steele has started work on a new framework for 2010 that he is calling "First principles.''

"I've been talking with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, '' Gingrich said today, speaking with students at C-SPAN's Cable Center Class."
Gingrich: Contract with America round 2: The Swamp

Can someone talk to Newt, either join the democrat party or go away.
We don't want moderates, we want conservatives.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lombardi Speaks TO MM

Packers coach Mike McCarthy must be hearing Vince Lombardi trying to tell him something. The ghosts of Packer pasts must not be too happy with him.
From JSOnline
"Offhand remark to coach gets Packers employee sacked
By Don Walker of the Journal Sentinel

Mike Wood can't remember the last time he watched a Green Bay Packers home game on television.

For at least 22 years, Wood has worked on game days at Lambeau Field as a part-timer with the stadium's maintenance staff.

It was a job he loved because it meant working for a franchise he loves.

That relationship is over. Wood, 53, was fired Nov. 1, the day the Packers lost to the Minnesota Vikings, 38-26.

He says it had something to do with a comment he made to head coach Mike McCarthy on the Thursday before the game.

Wood was initially reluctant to tell his version of what happened but then he agreed to speak to a reporter. His friends say Wood, known as Woody, deserves better.

Wood said he was sitting in a maintenance cart in a stadium tunnel when McCarthy was talking with members of the grounds crew.

With the season's most-hyped game only three days away, Wood said he yelled to McCarthy, "Hey coach, let's get the boys ready to kick some butt this weekend."

Wood says that's all he said.

The next day, a Friday, Wood came back to Lambeau Field to work. "Nothing was said," he said.

But on Sunday, Wood arrived at the stadium about 11:30 a.m. and immediately began his regular routine. There were nets to hang, and the field had to be cleared of debris, he said.

Wood said Allen Johnson, the team's fields manager, approached him. "What did you say to McCarthy?" he asked.

Wood said he repeated what he had told McCarthy. Wood said he was told that McCarthy thought he heard him make a comment along the lines of "don't lay an egg" in the game.

"I'm telling you, I had no knowledge of that," Wood said he told Johnson.

Moments later, Wood said Ted Eisenreich, the team's director of facility operations, approached him.

"If you didn't say it, who did?" Eisenreich asked Wood.

"I said I didn't know," Wood answered.

The next thing Wood knew he was being escorted from Lambeau Field and told he was out of a job. "Allen said to me, 'Woody, we can't have that stuff. We have to let you go.' "

Wood said he shook Johnson's hand and left.

Reached for comment, the Packers released a statement: "The organization has standards of conduct that apply to all employees, full-time and part-time, in order to maintain a respectful workplace. Mr. Wood's supervisors determined he made an inappropriate comment, and he was relieved of his duties."

Wood said he cried when he realized what had happened. He went to the Stadium View bar to watch the game, still bewildered by his firing.

"This was going to be my last year," said Wood, who said he had been working for the Packers for at least 22 years and as many as 25. "The truth is it was starting to get to me, the cold weather and so on," he said.

On Thursday, Wood, who has worked for the City of Green Bay for 34 years as a truck driver, insisted he had no idea what McCarthy thought he heard.

"I will die in my grave knowing that I didn't say anything about laying an egg," he said. "I was shook up."

Wood says he's not even sure it's worth going back.

"I don't want to go back and be scrutinized," Wood said. "It's not the way I wanted to go out. But I know it didn't happen the way they said it did.""
Offhand remark to coach gets Packers employee sacked - JSOnline

Mike, when you start hearing things, it's time to get professional help or hang it up. Please take TT with you.

Update, 9:00 am, WTMJ 620 radio news. MM said of the whole thing, to the effect, " I don't fire people", Yea, we can see that by all the penalties the team has.

Wisconsin DOT Hell Bent

From the Green Bay Press
"Interstate status may hinge on 41/43 ramp
Connection in Howard isn't in budget, part of environmental study
By Malavika Jagannathan • • November 13, 2009

Eliminating the ramp connecting northbound U.S. 41 to Interstate 43 in Howard may not be part of the state's massive reconstruction project on U.S. 41." Interstate status may hinge on 41/43 ramp | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

The DOT is hell bent on roundabouts and tearing down a main entrance on the north side of Green Bay. Why not just tear down the Tower Drive bridge while they're at it!

Why does everything have to be an environmental study in it?

Clean It Up


From US News

"UW-Milwaukee targeting local crime
Published: Nov. 12, 2009 at 4:04 PM

MILWAUKEE, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Chancellor Carlos E. Santiago said school officials and Milwaukee police are meeting to discuss neighborhood crime.

Santiago said in an e-mail that while the UWM campus remains a safe location, a meeting will take place to help improve safety on streets around the urban campus, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

"While the UWM campus remains extraordinarily safe at all hours, it is clear more needs to be done to improve the safety along city streets adjacent to campus," Santiago said Tuesday." UW-Milwaukee targeting local crime -

I have three children at UWM. I hope they clean up crime.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are We Next?

From Breitbart and Reuters.
"Venezuela destroys 30,000 guns
Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:49pm EST

CARACAS (Reuters) - Battling with one of the world's highest murder rates, Venezuela on Wednesday crushed more than 30,000 guns seized from the streets during police raids this year.

Policemen used blow-torches to chop up some of shotguns and pistols. They compacted weapons including home-made pistols into a 5 ton block, said Interior Minister Tarek Al Aisammi.

"Here we have weapons captured in operations during 2009," he said on state television. "This act forms part of the disarmament policies that we have been promoting."

With 13,000 murders in 2007, the last time figures were published, violent crime consistently registers as Venezuelans' main concern in opinion polls.

Gun laws are lax in the South American oil exporter. The government estimates there are 6 million firearms circulating among the population of about 28 million. Venezuela's murder rate is about 8 times that of the United States.

Crime has risen under President Hugo Chavez, who has focused on poverty reduction to tackle violence in poor city neighborhoods."
Venezuela destroys 30,000 guns | Oddly Enough | Reuters

Ethanol In Niagara

A comment from an article over at the Iron mountain Daily News and an article concerning an ethanol plant.. Father Wisdom is a little upset here. I bet he's conservative,
11-12-09 8:28 PM

Another stupid Socialist idea destine to fail… Cellulosic ethanol plant anywhere does not equal good business logic… Cost to convert vehicles to E85 in this nation would be over 3 trillion dollars if even possible…Current comparison of production of Cellulosic ethanol (break even) would have to have oil priced at $120.00 per barrel… Almost double what it is today…Who*****is going to subsidize this Al Gore? Wake up People! Or should I say Sheeple? Another IMDN reporter who writes and does not investigate what a Dumb*** " Ethanol facility promising at Niagara mill - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News

"Ethanol facility promising at Niagara mill
POSTED: November 12, 2009
"Ethanol facility promising at Niagara mill"

NIAGARA, Wis. - New North Inc. has released phase two of a study on the feasibility of a cellulosic ethanol plant in Niagara, Wis.

New North Inc. is a regional collaboration effort focused on promoting regional cooperation and economic development in an 18-county region in Northeast Wisconsin, including Marinette and Florence counties.

On July 29, officials released phase one of the study conducted by Resource Analytics, which found that sufficient biomass resources existed in the surrounding area to support a cellulosic ethanol plant.

Phase two demonstrates substantial interest among individuals and companies to provide biomass resources, particularly wood resources, to such a facility, provided the plant could support diverse types of feedstocks.

"As second generation biofuels emerge as a fuel source, the New North is well-positioned to take advantage with the resources and infrastructure necessary to create them," said Jerry Murphy, executive director of New North Inc. "This study has demonstrated that a cellulosic ethanol facility at the former Niagara paper mill site has a great deal of promise for potential investors."

In addition to wood resources, which provide the best option in the short-term, the study also notes the possibility of creating switchgrass supplier cooperatives in conjunction with the establishment of an ethanol plant over the coming years.

Phase two of the study is available for download at, and phase one is available at" Ethanol facility promising at Niagara mill - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News

Why not give all the workers laid off at the New Page mill $50,000 each to move on? Instead of government subsidies, grants and government red tape waste, just give them the money! Remember the $8000.00 cash for clunkers really cost $24,000 per car, lets just give money to people directly! Stupid crazy socialized lame brain ideas, a ethanol plant!

Texas Talk

From the
Perry says Obama taking U.S. toward socialism
By Jason Embry | Thursday, November 12, 2009, 07:40 AM

Governor uses s-word in front of Midland crowd …

Gov. Rick Perry had some pretty strong comments about the Obama administration on Wednesday in Midland, saying, “This is an administration hell-bent on taking America towards a socialist country.”"
Perry says Obama taking U.S. toward socialism | First Reading

Stupak Talks Health Care Back Home.


From the Escanaba Daily Press.

"Stupak speaks on health care
Audience divided at town hall meeting
By Laura Mead
POSTED: November 12, 2009

ESCANABA - Congressman Bart Stupak, D-Menominee, visited Escanaba Wednesday to give a talk on the recently passed health care reform bill which has stirred debates nationwide. The much anticipated town hall meeting drew people from both sides of the fence who wished to voice their concerns about the bill, Stupak's amendment and other current issues.

For the past several months, Stupak has discussed the health care reform bill, HR 3962, also known as the Affordable Health Care for America Act, which the House passed Nov. 7. The meeting in Escanaba took place at Bay College in the Besse Center Theater.

Prior to the question-and-answer segment, Stupak gave a presentation on the health care bill, educating the audience on various aspects of the bill including how it protects consumers, the goals of the bill, and its benefits. He also dispelled common myths about the bill and about the public option health care plan.

Stupak said the purpose of the health care bill is to improve quality, efficiency, access and affordability of health care coverage, encourage competition, and control costs, among other goals. If the bill is passed into law, a health insurance exchange will be established. The exchange will act as a marketplace where individuals and businesses will go to compare and purchase health care plans. All plans, both the public option and policies offered by private insurance companies, will be included in the exchange." Stupak speaks on health care - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press

I can see tea parties coming up in the 8th district.

Walker / Palin

From Charlie Sykes.

Scott Walker meets barracuda.

"After Sarah Palin spoke to 4,000 people at a Wisconsin Right-to-Life event last Friday night, she met for thirty minutes with Scott Walker, the Milwaukee County executive and the Republican frontrunner for governor in 2010. With incumbent Democrat Jim Doyle not seeking re-election, Walker is favored by many GOP powerbrokers to win the September primary next year and perhaps beat whomever the Democrats nominate." Newsradio 620 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Talk, Sports, Weather | Charlie Sykes

This is a lot better meeting then the one Walker had with Newt Gingrich. I support Scott Walker but if he invites Gingrich again, he will get an earful from a lot of people, I'll be the first.

I Feel Honored

Someone liberal today from Big Brother Washington DC, U S . gov, decided to look at
from web site,
3:21:16 pm,
3 page views,
7 minutes and 52 seconds.

That's my badge of honor from some ............... in DC.
They must of turned me into Obama and now I made their hit list.

Thank you, I am PROUD!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Reason For Tea Parties


From Rush Limbaugh and an editorial at the Southeast
"Mr. Obama: I'm calling you out
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
By William Piercey Sr.

The new era of government control over our lives and freedoms has begun. This week, it got personal, and I felt helpless.

The doctor overseeing my health care advised me to get an H1N1 flu shot. I've been under a six-year treatment program for a chronic infection, plus I have heart and lung problems. Therefore, I am considered a high risk. Fortunately, my doctor had three shots available, but I would have to get approval from my county health department. Much to my surprise, the woman at the health department apologized and told me that even though I was a senior citizen at high risk, the health department had been instructed to approve shots only for children and pregnant mothers. I asked when a shot for my situation might be available. "We really don't know. Check back with us sometime in December."

What? The terrorist detainees in Gitmo are getting shots this month. Why not a high-risk senior citizen?

Mr. Obama, this is what we call health care rationing, which you claim won't happen under a government-run health care program.

If George W. Bush was considered the Barney Fife of executive power, then welcome to the Chicago-style politics of the new Vito Corleone family. The president himself, like a strong-armed enforcer, said in a nationally televised speech, "If you misrepresent anything in this plan, I will call you out." This administration has turned the once dignified and esteemed Oval Office into a war room for its liberal propaganda.

On his first day in office, the president signed the Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel executive order. During the campaign he vowed to keep lobbyists out of the administration. But in Section 3 of this order is a waiver clause. The director of the Office of Management and Budget "may grant" a written waiver of any restrictions. Former lobbyists were given waivers and now hold key positions in government. Mr. Obama, you lied.

At the same time lobbyists were coming in the front door, dozens of new unvetted, hand-picked ideologues were being shuttled in the back door. Many of these people were placed in key policymaking positions. U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine was worried about 18 of these unvetted czars, 10 of whom worked in the White House. An amendment to force these appointees to testify in oversight hearings was shot down by the Democratic leadership. Collins was especially concerned about Carol Browner, who negotiated fuel-economy standards with the auto industry. She even sent a letter to Obama, and one of his counsels replied that no one would be made available. This administration fears no one, especially a senator who dares to enforce something as minor as checks and balances. Obama promised transparency. He lied.

On the topic of transparency, the $787 billion stimulus bill was a progressive Trojan horse. It's loaded with political favors and programs that set up the infrastructure for education, health care and climate change. It was passed and signed in a matter of weeks. This was not a bill to put Americans back to work. Obama said it would produce 3.5 million jobs in two years. Over the past year the administration has changed its story daily but finally settled on the "create or save" propaganda. Obama also said the bill would keep unemployment under 8 percent. The rate has climbed to over 10 percent. Either his economic advisers are incompetent and need to be fired, or, once again, Mr. President, you lied.

Mr. President, you said you didn't want to run our car companies and banks, but you do. With the $350 billion in TARP funds left by President Bush, Obama's people continued the surge of bailouts. Americans might be shocked to know the recipients of bailout money now total 727 institutions. This government control in the private sector is unprecedented.

Government-run health care, card check, cap-and-trade, net neutrality, control of radio stations and possible newspaper bailouts are just part of this administration's agenda.

It's time for Americans to get in this government's face and call it out. This coup d'etat can be defeated. We have the numbers, the votes and the will power to turn back this assault on our individual freedoms.

With 15 million unemployed Americans, I'm sure we can find a few willing patriots to fill all those upcoming vacant seats in Washington, especially with an annual salary of $170,000, office, staff, insurance, expense account and, best of all, a three-day workweek. The only requirements for this job are honesty, integrity and a love of country.

William Piercey Sr. is a Cape Girardeau resident." Story: Mr. Obama: I'm calling you out

Wisconsin Hero's Coming Home Thursday

"200 members of the Wisconsin Air National Guard returning from Iraq
About 200 members of the Wisconsin Air National Guard's 115th Fighter Wing, which includes two state lawmakers, are coming home on Thursday.
Reporter: WEAU 13 News Staff
Email Address:

About 200 members of the Wisconsin Air National Guard's 115th Fighter Wing, which includes two state lawmakers, are coming home on Thursday.

A welcome home reception is planned around 2:00 p.m. Thursday in Madison. The Madison-based 115th had been gone for a two month deployment in a mission to support ground forces in Iraq.

Abbottsford Assemblyman Scott Suder and Assemblyman Roger Roth of Appleton were both deployed as part of the unit. " 200 members of the Wisconsin Air National Guard returning from Iraq

To those of the 115th, Thank You.

2010 Census Gone Wild

From the Green Bay Press.

Any body think this is a little strange?

"Census bureau adding 47,000 temporary jobs in Wisconsin
November 10, 2009

The U.S. Census Bureau is looking to hire 47,000 people for temporary jobs in Wisconsin next year.

Most of the jobs, paying $11 to $15 an hour, involve going door-to-door to interview residents who don't respond to a questionnaire to be mailed before Census Day on April 1.

The temporary employees will work in their own communities on evenings and weekends for about two to six weeks.

— Richard Ryman/Press-Gazette" Census bureau adding 47,000 temporary jobs in Wisconsin | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
Are not census forms sent to each household for census numbers? 47,000 people to do census counts! Will the workers also get sick days, pensions and free health care while working?  Sorry, lets get to the main point. So if we have 72 counties in Wisconsin, lets do the math.
47,000 census workers divide by 72 counties equals 652 workers for each county in Wisconsin to do the 2010 census. Let's take it a step further.
If Marinette County's 2000 population was 43,384, lets divide that by 652 census workers, and that equals one census worker for every 66 people.
If Oconto County's 2000 population was 35634, lets  divide that by 652 census workers and that equals one census worker for every 54 people.
If Vilas County's 2000 population was 21,033, lets divide that by 652 census workers and that equals one census worker for every 32 people.
Wait, just one more.
If Menominee County's 2000 population was 4562 divided by 652 census workers that equals one census work for every 7 people.
Will anyone cry out for wasteful spending by government? I can't wait to see the headlines.
"ACORN worker (census taker) sat in house and made up numbers."

"AARP member (census worker) falsified population count at slot machine in casino."
"In Green Bay, SEIU member (census worker) filled out population totals at the new Sonic in Green Bay"
Or "State of Wisconsin hired only 2000 census workers but paid 45,000 WEAC teachers  (workers) anyway."
"A blue ribbon commission chaired by Jim Doyle will be set up to make sure this doesn't happen in 2020." 

Veterans Day 2009

To all Veterans, Thank you for all you have done. I would hope the young people stop and at least recognize those who protects their freedom.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deer Bobble Head

From the August Field and Stream. I need to get this for my truck.
"Whitetail Mini-Me

When photographer Tim Christie saw this whitetail buck in the outskirts of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, he reached into the backseat of his pickup truck for a camera. By the time he looked back, the buck had moved directly in front of the truck, apparently peering through the windshield at the toy bobblehead of a whitetail making a rub, which Christie keeps on his dashboard. “My son bought me that bobblehead as a Father’s Day present,” he says. “This could become a whole new hunting strategy.”
Location: Coeur d’alene, Idaho
Issue: August 2009"
The "First Shots" Hunting and Fishing Photo Collection | Field & Stream

Attn Candidates

Campaign 101 from Rush Limbaugh. Please read and tell me what you can take from the following.

RUSH: We're gonna go to Tucson, Arizona, and Christine.  Nice to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush!  I'm so excited to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Thanks very much.

CALLER:  I want to know why I don't have all my TV cable programs with split screens showing me the storm about to hit, what exactly Obama is doing and the hospital outside where this terrorist is.

RUSH:  Are you talking about the Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida?


RUSH:  Well, you know, it's an interesting question, it is an interesting question and the reason I want to take your call is because this is why I don't think there's anything wrong out there.  I think all these unemployment numbers are just made up.  And you know what?

CALLER:  The media hasn't told us?

RUSH:  Well, because I remember back 2004, 2005, 2006, when there was no recession.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  The media was telling us there was. We were on the precipice of one, and remember when the gasoline price hit four dollars a gallon, the news was just filled with sob story after sob story after sob story.  The media went out and they found all of these people who were suffering economically, and they had these people berating George Bush for not caring what was going on. Unemployment was at 4.7%, an all-time record low.  And yet we got sob story after sob story after sob story on the $4-a-gallon gasoline.  All these stories about, "We're in the recession; it's just about to start," and they went out and they found people economically in distress and they were all over television.  And now, I don't see any of that.

CALLER:  Nope.

RUSH:  I don't see one sob story.  I don't see any interviews of old people having to choose between dog food and medicine during the day.  I don't see any of the stuff that we usually get when a Republican's in the White House and the economy is roaring!

Why not have some You tubes on your web sites. How about 30 sec. spots of the elderly and health care, How about 30 sec spots of people standing in line for flu shots. Let's tell people about Steve Kagen. If you wait for the media to cover you, don't hold your breath.

Wake Up Candidates

A good read about where the NRCC will put their money to what candidates in the Wisconsin 2010 election. I'll hold off comment on the Young Guns part till another day. I will say "Bully" to Lakeshore Laments on the last two paragraphs.
"Time will tell; we're just at the part of the game where pieces are being put on the chess board. No one's made any opening moves; though some press releases trashing Kagen's votes on multiple fronts would be nice to see.

The lack of them is making me wonder how much of an amateur hour are we going to see next year." NRCC to Candidates: Prove Yourselves Worthy!

I thought it was just me concerning amateur hour on what the 8th district candidates are doing out there. Will someone step up to the plate and go after Kagen instead of going after each other. Start pounding Kagen's votes, Kagens comments, Kagen on his health care vote, Kagen on 10.2% unemployment, jobs, jobs, jobs, Kagen on shortages on flu shots, how much more do you candidates need?

I am starting to see five to six separate factions around the 8th district. Can someone please tell the candidates, their followers and staff that they are running against Steve Kagen , not themselves. If they don't understand that soon they will separate themselves from the race before it even starts.

Candidates, you need to focus on this guy!

Thanks Kevin. Maybe Lakeshore Laments should come back to Wisconsin to run for office. He seems to know something about how to run a campaign. Bully. Kevin, why not run against Russ!

WIAA , Redraw, Eliminate Conference

From the Wisconsin paper of record. The Lakeland-Times
1/10/2009 7:52:00 AM
November 6 - Revised Football Plan released to Member Schools, Football Coaches
The WIAA has released an updated version of the proposal that will eliminate conference football for the entire State and drop all schools into districts based solely upon enrollments.

"According to the WIAA, 54 schools were impacted with this most recent adjustment because of increases or decreases in the 2009 enrollment reports. One of those 54 schools was Lakeland Union High School who saw their district not only grow in size, but move from the Western part of the state to the more east/east central portion of Wisconsin.

The big change in this means longer bus rides for student/athletes and increased cost for the LUHS school district.

"One of the largest costs inside this district comes from transportation," superintendent of the Lakeland School District Todd Kleinhans said. "We pay close to $1.3 million on transportation costs and it's getting no cheaper really each year. Looking at a practical standpoint I can see what the WIAA is trying to do, but I am a little bit un-comfortable from the standpoint of sending kids three plus hours."

The WIAA now wants schools to take this plan and weight their opinion on it for possible consideration at the January 27 meeting of the WIAA board of control. One thing they wanted schools to realize is just how many schools were shipped elsewhere after redrawing district lines from 2009 to 2010.
" WIAA asks schools to weigh costs in district football proposal

This might jack up school budgets big time. Bet you can't wait to see the headlines.
Raise taxes to cover transportation for sports or we cut out sports altogether.

Wow, Baby Face Nelson

From Jo at Fox Politics.

"Meet and Greet Craig Fletcher, Republican primary candidate in the 5th Assembly District (currently represented by Dem. Tom Nelson) " - Appleton, WI News - What's really going on in the Fox Cities

Someone is running against Baby Face Nelson. Who is he,? Is he conservative? People west of Pulaski in Maple Grove want to know.

Monday, November 09, 2009

A Campaign Ad About Jobs, Unheard Of

Seems like Sean Duffy can talk about stimulus and jobs in Dave Obeys district.

From Lakeshore Laments
"Great web attack ad by the Sean Duffy campaign regarding Dave Obey's initial reactions to critics of the stimulus, its oversight, and what its [not] been accomplishing since then."
Lakeshore Laments » A political weblog specializing in Wisconsin politics and culture

To bad this can't be done a little different against Kagen in the 8th. Maybe Kagen boasting of jobs that were never there could be said in the republican group of candidates. Oh that's right, in the 8th it's not about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

Shopping Day

Looking for a MAN toy.
"BLADE MODEL 22-6'-8"
Blade Width 80"
30° Angle Plowing Width 69"
Blade Height 22"
Weight - Polycarbonate* 275 lbs.
Cutting Edge (Gr. 1080 Steel) 1/4" x 4-1/2"
Vertical / Diagonal Ribs 4 / 2
Plow Lights w/EIS™ Technology Dual Halogen
Trip Springs: Compression 2
Shock Killer™ System Standard
Angle Cylinders 1" x 10-1/2"
Lift Cylinders: Down Pressure™ 1-3/4" x 3-3/4"
Down Pressure™ Hydraulic System Available
Wireless Remote Control Optional
Mount System Drive In"
Heavy Duty Snowplows, Sand and Salt Spreaders - Sno-Way

Not ready to buy yet but am looking. This is a Sno Way. Any other recomendations for a 2003 Ford Expedition.

Wisconsin, Help Wanted

From Lakeshore Laments.

"MADISON - The Republican Party of Wisconsin has placed ads in several state newspapers seeking individuals willing to be the Democratic nominee for Wisconsin Governor." Lakeshore Laments » A political weblog specializing in Wisconsin politics and culture

You need to go to LL to see the ad.

Getting Crowded In Here

A good read from Jo over at Fox Politics about candidates for the 8th in Wisconsin.
"The Republican primary in the 8th could ultimately be a huge field – many from whom we voters can choose.

Paul Jadin, former Mayor of Green Bay. Current President of the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. This is about the time Jadin said he’d be deciding; no decision yet, but looks like he may opt to continue to make a difference from where he is now.

Terri McCormick, former State Rep. in the 56th District, unsuccessful 8th Congressional District primary candidate. Owner of personal consulting business. Probably getting in the race before Thanksgiving.

Reid Ribble, Kaukauna business owner, fiscal conservative, not a politician. Knows his stuff. Doing a good job with fundraising.

Roger Roth, State Representative, 56th District. Finishing an Air National Guard tour of duty in Iraq. Home in a few weeks. All signs say he’ll be in the race soon.

Marc Savard, Door County Bd. of Supervisors, organic farmer. Minimal political experience. Bright. Minimal fundraising.

Kerry Thomas, a conservative out of Vilas County. In the past, a harsh critic of John Gard and an advocate for Terri McCormick.

Marc Trager, retired military radiologist in Green Bay. Could fight Kagen physician to physician.

Andy Williams, Brown County Supervisor, practicing attorney after recently earning his law degree.

Thoughts are that two or three others from the northern regions of the congressional district may get in as well.

Then there’s former Niagara Mayor Joe Stern who is dissatisfied with both parties and intends to run as a conservative independent.

And then there's the incumbent. If you were a betting man, would you bet on Kagen running again? I’m not hearing any noise from that quarter – are you?

Steve Kagen. A vote for federally funded abortions. A vote for massive overhaul of health care in America that Paul Ryan calls the third wave of Progressivism. FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Steve Kagen. Yup. Elections mean something.
" - Appleton, WI News - What's really going on in the Fox Cities

I'm wondering how Jo can call Reid Ribble a fiscal conservative?Just because he owns a business?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Big Bucks

From the Green Bay Press

"Sheboygan Falls bow hunter bags possible world-record 12-point buck
By BRIAN GAYNOR • Gannett Wisconsin Media • November 8, 2009

Michael Gregoire of Sheboygan Falls has been bow hunting for 14 years, but never had he encountered a buck like the one he pierced with an arrow from 20 yards on Thursday afternoon." Sheboygan Falls bow hunter bags possible world-record 12-point buck | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

It Was A Long Time

From Phil Bengtson to Lindy Infante. From Bart Starr to Mike Tomczak.
I waited a long time to see a super bowl win.

Look at it this way, we have to only wait another 11 more years.

Year...................................record, coach, QB
1991 NFL Green Bay Packers 4 12 0 Infante Tomczak
1990 NFL Green Bay Packers 6 10 0 Infante Majkowski
1989 NFL Green Bay Packers 10 6 0 Infante Majkowski
1988 NFL Green Bay Packers 4 12 0 Infante Majkowski
1987 NFL Green Bay Packers 5 9 1 Gregg Wright
1986 NFL Green Bay Packers 4 12 0 Gregg Wright
1985 NFL Green Bay Packers 8 8 0 Gregg Dickey
1984 NFL Green Bay Packers 8 8 0 Gregg Dickey
1983 NFL Green Bay Packers 8 8 0 Starr Dickey
1982 NFL Green Bay Packers* 5 3 1 Starr Dickey
1981 NFL Green Bay Packers 8 8 0 Starr Dickey
1980 NFL Green Bay Packers 5 10 1 Starr Dickey
1979 NFL Green Bay Packers 5 11 0 Starr Whitehurst
1978 NFL Green Bay Packers 8 7 1 Starr Whitehurst
1977 NFL Green Bay Packers 4 10 0 Starr Dickey
1976 NFL Green Bay Packers 5 9 0 Starr Dickey
1975 NFL Green Bay Packers 4 10 0 Starr Hadl
1974 NFL Green Bay Packers 6 8 0 Devine Hadl
1973 NFL Green Bay Packers 5 7 2 Devine Tagge
1972 NFL Green Bay Packers* 10 4 0 Devine Hunter
1971 NFL Green Bay Packers 4 8 2 Devine Hunter
1970 NFL Green Bay Packers 6 8 0 Bengtson Starr
1969 NFL Green Bay Packers 8 6 0 Bengtson Horn
1968 NFL Green Bay Packers 6 7 1 Bengtson Starr

Encyclopedia |

We Still Have A Race

2009 Unofficial Driver Standings: Dickies 500
Dickies 500 | Texas Motor Speedway | Race 34 of 36

1 -- Jimmie Johnson 6297 Leader
2 -- Mark Martin 6224 -73
3 -- Jeff Gordon 6185 -112
4 +2 Kurt Busch 6126 -171
5 -- Tony Stewart 6119 -178 

A Rod, Packers

Has anybody brought up that Rogers hangs
on to the ball and takes sacks,
( never throws it away)
because he doesn't want to hurt his passer rating.

I think that's two picks so far.

The Heath Care Revolution Begins