Saturday, April 19, 2008

Take A Stand

Yesterday I posted an article on WTH on Time Magizine's front cover of their slam on our vets.

Iwo Jima Vets Hot Over Global Warming Pic

John Bradley was from Antigo, Does his life give no meaning to the Time cover picture? Iwo Jima Flag Raisers

You can have your opinion on the environment but to do what Time did is irresponsible and a disgrace to the people who protect us and give us the freedoms we have.

I now call on all federal, state and local politicians, no matter what party they belong to and take a stand against Time magazine.

Jim Doyle, Herb Kohl, Russ Fiengold, Steve Kagen, and all politicians from Wisconsin. Take a stand for our vets! You libs always say you are for the troops. Where are you now?

Put out a press release and call for Time to apologize to our vets.

Will this go anywhere? We shall see come election time.

Managed Forest Law

I received the latest e newsletter from State Representative Kevin Petersen. His discussion was mostly about

“Do you support legislation that would require all future Managed Forest Law (MFL) contracts to allow public access as currently defined in state

MFL participants are concerned about the safety of their families, littering and damage to their property, and liability issues related to public access.

I can understand that but how can you complain about lower property taxes then the rest of us.

Those who entered contracts prior to 2005 pay yearly property taxes of $0.67 per open acre or $1.57 per closed acre of land enrolled. Land owners entered into the program after 2004 pay yearly property taxes of $1.67 per open acre or $8.34 per closed acre of land enrolled.

One small example of a property owner up north.

80 acres of land (opened acres) - $133.60 paid taxes
80 acres of land (closed acres) - $667.20 paid taxes
Compare the rest of us idiots.
.83 acres (not even 1 acre) Lake frontage $1092.00

I guess I shouldn't complain. Our lot, less than an acre, I cannot hunt turkeys, deer, bear, hopefully some day wolf and any other wild critter. I also cannot discharge my guns being within a certain distance from the water or my next door neighbors. But what the heck saps like me keep Diamond Jim going.

Bottom line, (only in my dreams) I think the state should look into and adjust the MFL. I think the charge per acre should be increased. Forest land used to be cheep. $800 - $1000 acre. Now you can't touch forest land for $3000 an acre.

With all the hunting and recreation done, people ought to pony up in property taxes. Give me all the excuses you want but if you own 80 acres up north, you have to money to pay more taxes on it! If you own 80 acres up north, you probably have a cabin on it, maybe a boat, a ATV, a snowmobile. You probably really love your land and you probably can afford it.

It used to be the time when forest land sat vacant. Times have changed and us city slickers jumped on any land they could grab and we paid premium price. Deer hunting every year has what, 600,000 hunters . Land is like gold but what does the state get back. Squat in property taxes.

Don't get me wrong, if I got a 80% discount on my land taxed I would jump for joy. No complaints from me. I would love to pay $1.39 on my land taxes.

Times have changed and if we are that squeezed for tax dollars why not look at MFL.

Even if land owners got a 50 % discount on there taxes they should be happy. but 80% off their tax bill.

OK, all you land owners with your 80 acres up north can bitch. You still have it pretty nice.

If you disagree, let me know. I understand where forest property owners are coming from but as I said before,


If you want to receive Kevin Petersens e newsletter e mail him at

Since you did not get Kevins e mail I thought you can read it in full if you want. here it is.

Discussing Managed Forest Law The Wisconsin Conservation Congress and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) held their annual county meetings and Spring Hearings throughout the state on April 14th. Included in the agenda was a slate of advisory questions, many covering areas of local impact for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. At the hearing I attended, one particular question drew the most public input. Conservation Congress question number 61 asked: “Do you support legislation that would require all future Managed Forest Law (MFL) contracts to allow public access as currently defined in state statute?” What exactly is the Managed Forest Law? It is a program which encourages sustainable forestry on private lands by providing property tax incentives. This is accomplished with a binding agreement between the state Department of Natural Resources and the landowner. The program is open to all private landowners with at least 10 acres of woods or forestland that meet three requirements: 1. 80% of the land must be productive forestland capable of producing wood products (can grow at least 20 cubic feet of wood per acre per year). 2. Forests must cover 80% of the land. (A forest is an area currently forested or will soon be regenerated to forests). 3. The minimum average width of the enrolled land is no less than 120 feet. Participation in the Managed Forest Law program requires an approved, written forest management plan and an application fee of $300. The plan may be prepared by either a private plan writer certified by the DNR or a local DNR forester. The contract must outline both mandatory and recommended management practices. For example, tree planting or timber harvesting may be required, while some thinning treatments may be optional. To stay in the Managed Forest Law program, landowners must at a minimum complete the mandatory practices. Livestock grazing on enrolled forest land is forbidden. Contract periods for the program are either 25 or 50 years. If an owner decides to withdraw land from the program before the contract period ends, they will be required to pay a penalty. If enrolled land is sold prior to the end of the contract period, the new owner must either continue the current Managed Forest Law contract or withdraw from the program and pay penalties. Managed Forrest Law participants are assessed property taxes at a reduced rate. A portion of the foregone taxes is recouped by the state collecting a 5% yield tax at the time the timber is harvested. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue estimates Managed Forest Law program landowners can reduce their property tax an average of 80% after paying their harvest assessment. There are currently two choices of enrollment for Managed Forest Law land. Open land allows public access for hunting, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, and cross-country skiing. Closed land is closed to public access. There are limits to the number of acres per municipality (city, town, or village) that land owners may designate as closed. Those who entered contracts prior to 2005 pay yearly property taxes of $0.67 per open acre or $1.57 per closed acre of land enrolled. Land owners entered into the program after 2004 pay yearly property taxes of $1.67 per open acre or $8.34 per closed acre of land enrolled. Let’s return to the Conservation Congress’ private and public land use study committee advisory question: “Do you support legislation that would require all future Managed Forest Law (MFL) contracts to allow public access as currently defined in state statute?” The Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association website states: “MFL participants are concerned about the safety of their families, littering and damage to their property, and liability issues related to public access. Requiring landowners to open land to the public would greatly discourage participation in this program resulting in fewer acres of wildlife habitat and sustainable forests. This would increase fragmentation of Wisconsin’s forests and lead to more forested lands being lost to development.” Attendees at the annual Conservation Congress meetings had a chance to voice their opinion and vote on the issue. Now, I would like to hear your opinion.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Moose Crossing

From the Mining Journal

LANSE — A Green Bay man was uninjured after a collision with a moose around midnight Thursday in Iron County’s Hematite township.State police from the L’Anse post said Jerrold Micolichek was driving his semitrailer north on U.S. 41 near Spies Road when he saw a moose on the right shoulder of the roadway. He slowed down to avoid the animal and a second moose came from the left shoulder. Micolichek could not avoid striking the second animal. The driver was uninjured, but his truck sustained major damage. The moose died on impact. A Department of Natural Resources office from Iron County took possession of the carcass.

Vote Totals, Small Town America

Back on April 2nd I was interested with the voting results in our township. Didn't find anything exceept state results. E mailed our County clerk and asked for local information. Here's what I got back, 16 days late but I thank our county clerk for at least getting back to me.

Paul, I am sorry you did not receive a response to your inquiry sooner. I am attaching the final canvass results 4/03/08 of the County Board Supervisors, where you will find the Town of Underhill – Sup. Dist. 22 results. These are also posted to our County’s website: The County doesn’t collect or report the School District or Local Units of Government vote totals. Underhill Town Clerk, Tracy Winkler may be reached at: (920) 855-2370. Her e-mail address is: The Gillett School District Office phone number is: (920) 855-1557. Their e-mail address is:

I'm sorry, but I know money is tight but shouldn't the County clerk be responsible for election results in the county?
It's nice you have to jump through hoops to find out by township who got what votes for what position.

Don't mind me, I'm off to spend some time to e mail everyone on vote totals.

What a waste, but then how many people really care?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blog T shirts, I'm the First

Update 9:44 p m ,
I have to clarify my post "Blog T shirts, am I the first?

From the local Berry Lake Web Site

The following image is a mockup of what our new Berry Lake TShirts will look like, except it will say "I'M A BERRYLAKER" on he front left chest around our lake logo image. The anticipated cost will be $7.00 per shirt (XXL is $8.00 per shirt)...I will update this page as soon as I hear back from our supplier. The shirts are to be of good quality 50/50 cotton polyester blend. Contact me at if you have any

Gee golly, I thought they were putting me in the lime light.
"I'M A BERRYLAKER", Wow,my own blog T Shirts.

Owen, I bet you don't have a Boots and Sabers T shirt.
Where's the Badger Blog Alliance T shirts.
What would Blogger Beer T shirts look like?
Is there a Pine River World News T shirt?
Hey Jo, where my T shirt
What would a No Runny Eggs T shirt look like?
Jesse, can I have a The Northwoods View T Shirt
I have to get a The Right Side of Wisconsin T Shirt
Ok, Todd, Can I get a "Who the Hell is Kagen" T shirt?

Yuk, could you see the filth the lefty blogs would have, I don't even want to think about it, need to take a shower!

But seriously, we are very proud of our lake. The people on Berry Lake are some of the best people in Wisconsin.

If you want a "I'M A BERRYLAKER" T shirt, I'm sure if you pay for shipping and handling you can order one too. Remember, these could be worth money some day.

My guru in Algoma said marketing is everything. I smell money!

You blogs are missing the boat with your own T shirts.

I have mine!

Berry Lake 'rs, Bend Over

"What a wicked web we weave." It kind of fitting to tell everyone at Berry Lake that phrase. We have a great 200 or so acre lake here in Oconto County. Fun in Summer, great for skating in the winter. Don't want to leave out the fishing year round.

EWM has infested our lake and we have people in charge to eradicate and kill the problem. The powers at be last year got the ball rolling to help fund the project. There were classes held on EWM. We had information given to all. We had help from the WDNR. The powers at be worked with the Town of Underhill. Grants had to be filled out. Information was given out to the people on the lake. Cost for a Fike net study, cost for water testing, cost for ecological surveys were done. All at a cost of ????????? oh, lets say $10,000.00.

I want to say a couple on the lake were ahead of the curve on EWM a couple of years ago and most people on the lake BLEW them off, Thanks but no thanks at the time. When people offer advice, at least listen or it may cost you more money in the end.

OK, back to the money. All the people felt good, we are all concerned with the lake problem and everyone was trying to do something good. Koom by ya, lord, koom by ya around the campfire.

Well, some people on the lake cannot get along with other people on the lake and you know what Berry Lake has now? A big ass problem!

My neighbor told me tonight that the Town of Underhill, meaning the people on Berry Lake are on the hook for $7,500.00. Holy Cow Batman, how did that happen. The word is the people in charge didn't have time to follow up on paper work with the state of Wisconsin. Translation, I'm better than you and I don't need to do paperwork. SUCKERS!!!! or I don't have time to do those things! Hey, it couldy rise to $10,000.00, $12,000.00, $15,000.00 or more but who's counting.

Well, from what I can tell the people of Berry Lake will get a little something extra in there Christmas envelope this December with their tax bill. Grant information not filled out and the Town of Underhill paid for all costs so far. Will people call us SUCKERS?

A side note The powers at be and the people on the lake do not get along. You can talk about hate but if it cost me money somebody needs to wake up. Our Town chairman told me something I will never forget. It goes something like this,

"keep your friends close but your enemies closer"

When it comes to our personal lives and business
matters it can still be very useful to know what the competition are up to. The competition are not enemies in the sense of the word 'enemies' in the phrase though. They are unlikely to do us physical harm, but may affect us financially.

read the link

The reason for the above phrase is that all the powers at be did not want to work together. You know , the fifth grade school yard talk, " I don't like them" kind of thing. I will say I did tell other powers at be,( we have a lot of powers at be on this lake) that someone needs to stay close to other powers at be or you will get burned. To which I was told , paraphrasing, "your an idiot." As Rush would say "SEE I TOLD YOU SO!"
So to all the people of Berry Lake,"What a wicked web we weave."
The damage is done and someone needs to take charge and get this mess cleaned up. Berry Lakers need to follow through with the EWM problem. Berry Lakers need to get off their dead ass's and pitch in. The problem is too many ego's yanking at each other and nothing is getting done. I will be the first to admit fault, there are things I should of done , could of done or can do. Oh, I'm an idiot and I know nothing. Berry Lakers will just have to reach into their pockets and pay the bill! Free money in the form of grants and everyone dropped the ball! People will just call us SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!

Can the people of the lake work together, my bet in Vegas would be no.
Berry Lakes need to pull together, communicate and try to solve the problems and not point fingers. Everyone on the lake is to blame! Everyone on the lake needs to grow up! Everyone on this lake needs to work together!

The bottom line, change! No matter what happens, you will pay now or you will pay the Town of Underhill later!
I doubt anyone really cares until it hits their pocket books.
Berry Lakers- "bend over, grab your ankles and kiss your money goodbye.

To My Angel

Just a personnel note to my wife.

Honey it's been 20 years and how you put up with me, I'll never know.

Deb, I Love You Very Much.

Happy 20th Anniversary

The Berry Laker

P.S. , how about dinner this weekend.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Time Fly's 1982

It seemed just like yesterday.

Twenty six years ago tonight living in at the time a smaller West Bend.

It was 10:30 p m and I just jumped in my car and made the trek to the Milwaukee's main post office to drop off my taxes.

What a dumb ass I was! I was getting a refund if I could only get my tax forms in the mail. I'll never forget postal clerks standing in 3 or 4 lanes with their postal bags. Hey drive through postal service. I'll never forget 1982.

JFYI, because of our accountant, we e filing. Thanks Lonnie.
If anyone today does not e file , you have to be an idiot!

Pope Benedict XVI

Happy Birthday Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, was born at Marktl am Inn, Diocese of Passau (Germany) on 16 April 1927 (Holy Saturday) and was baptised on the same day.

Our Pope comes to America with a heavy heart. Sounds like he is confronting the problems of the Catholic Church.

To Pope Benedict XVI, Happy Birthday

Brigitte Bardot

From Reuters

Brigitte Bardot on trial for Muslim slur.

Interesting, in France of all places?

Gas / Food Elected Officials

When are people going to wake up to the ethanol prostitutes. Some thoughts after listing to Mark Belling today.

From the New York Times Link
Fuel Choices, Food Crises and Finger-Pointing

ANDREW MARTINPublished: April 15, 2008

While there is agreement that the growth of biofuels has contributed to higher food prices, the amount is disputed.

Work by the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington suggests that biofuel production accounts for a quarter to a third of the recent increase in global commodity prices. The Food and Agriculture Organization of
United Nations predicted late last year that biofuel production, assuming that current mandates continue, would increase food costs by 10 to 15 percent.

Gasoline Appleton Wisconsin
Today 3.409 Hello, it's 3.41 today!
Yesterday 3.398
One Week Ago 3.381
One Month Ago 3.296
One Year Ago 2.872

Where the heck is our elected officials?

What will our elected officials do about high gasoline prices? What will they do about food shortages around the world?
Answer nothing, we need to just elect them out!

Who ever runs for any elected office in Wisconsin needs to dump the ethanol, remind people what they are spending on 10% blended gasoline and promise to drill in ANWR ,the gulf, or anywhere else we own our own oil.

What can happen to candidates that act conservative?

Get elected, that's all!

Where and when will we see conservative candidates again?
Remember every time conservative ideas are tried , they win!


The above picture from 2003
Just driving from Oconto to Pestigo for work today. No, they haven't started construction yet this spring on the 11 or 12 mile stretch of Hwy 41 . They are going to 4 lane divided highway.

If I'm not mistaken, some space between the north and south bound lanes look a little close together. Why not just put enough space in the medium. You would think the DOT learned from Fond Du Lac county with accidents from cars crossing the medium there. Or those little dog fences they put by Oshkosh in between highway 41. After several deaths we all know they will come back to spend more money to put a band aid on it. They are building all new lanes and they can't put enough space in the center medium? From 2003, Link to JSOnline

Crash inspires interest in median barrier
Lawmaker cites danger of Highway 41 stretch
Posted: Dec. 25, 2003
State highway officials should consider whether a barrier along the Highway 41 median in Fond du Lac County would have helped prevent a crash Wednesday that killed four people and left a fifth critically injured, a state
lawmaker said Thursday.

Hey WDOT, fix 41 while you still can. What a bunch if idiots! It's our tax dollars your spending!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Special Niece

My niece had her First Communion yesterday at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Pulaski. It was a nice ceremony with 22 children receiving First Communion. Since my faith began at this church I still am in amazement every time I go to mass there. It was even more spectacular before they remodeled it years ago.
To my niece, congratulations.
You really can appreciate what the people of Pulaski did when they built this church back in 1892. The above mural, high above the front of the church gives you a feeling of why we are here and what we can expect from our faith. If you have time to see the church, please do.
Link to BVM Pulaski