Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Push, Testicle Festival

Just a couple of random thoughts going into the rest of the weekend.

Had the pleasure of watching my grand son this past week. Went all the way to the junction for ice cream on the ATV. He's my favorite grandson. ( only have one so far)

Kyle Bush won truck race and Nationwide. Will he do trifecta tonight at Bristol? Let's hope for the best for the # 5 tonight.

Another dog killed by Peshtigo Brook Grey wolf pack. That makes three this year. I also hear a plane flying the area for 2 - 3 hours. a night. Wonder if the feds are trying to take out the pack? It's national forest and I would think the WDNR is out of the loop. Need to investigate.

Another pot bust in Marinette County. Wow, this is getting out of hand. Good for the feds and all who helped with the bust.

10th annual Testicle Festival in Breed, Wis. this afternoon. Some say they taste like potato chips, others say they are like chicken nuggets. I guess I'll find out. I read some post, "after a few beers, they taste like meatballs", I'm glad the neighbor is driving.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"But Let Us Be Clear"

A great post from Marketplace.

But let us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it.

The American values of individual freedom, fiscal responsibility and limited government bind the ranks of our movement. That makes the tea party better than a political party. It is a growing community that can sustain itself after November, ensuring a better means of holding a new generation of elected officials accountable.

They Call Them Rural

What a bunch of CRAP!

From the Green Bay Press.

$30 Million Targeted For Rural Broadband Expansion

WASHINGTON — As many as 139,000 households and 9,000 businesses could benefit from nearly $30 million in new economic stimulus funding announced Wednesday to expand high-speed Internet service in rural Wisconsin.

The money will go to the University of Wisconsin-Extension for a project to link 182 community institutions — including colleges, health-care facilities, government buildings, libraries, public safety agencies and K-12 schools — in the Chippewa Valley region, Platteville, Superior and Wausau.

Wouldn't you think that all the places that are getting the money already have broadband? Then there are some like I that still have dial up because I live in the boonies. Who is considered rural and who is just getting money to peeeeee away?

What a bunch of CRAP!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm A What?

Are they talking about little old me and other good people?

First I see a post over at Rhymes With Clown, then a post by Party of Know.

For God's sake, we're "conservative neocon establishment bloggers"? Where in the heck did this guy pull this, out of his butt? Here's the link. I had to look up neocon just to see if I was one. Doesn't look like it to me. Aaron over at the Republican Liberty Caucus must of been smoken some good weed. Wonder if he got it from the fields in the Nicolet forest!

"The Case For Terri McCormick."

So far their smear tactics have only added fuel to her candidacy. Quite clearly the bloggers at PartyofKnow, “RhymeswithClown”, and “BerryLaker” are desperate to defeat Terri McCormick.
Holy cow, I thought I was just voicing my opinion on who I will vote for for the Wisconsin 8th race this fall. "Adding fuel to her candidacy", maybe she needs another campaign mgr., three bloggers must be getting her a little ticked. I guess I need to explain my position on Terri McCormick.

First, Aaron, you can check but the last political donation I made was to, yes John Gard, I think back in 08. Gard ran a terrible campaign and I was disappointed in the 08 election against puppet Steve Kagen. In 08 I tried my best to give my opinion on Kagen but obviously the voters of Wisconsin spoke. Also that year comes McCain and it really ticked me off. After that election I got so ticked at the republican party that I pretty much wrote them off. I'm saying to my self, where in the hell is this party going?

As far as my blogging, I'm just a guy in the north woods. Big whoop. Me, a guy in the Nicolet and who listens to me anyway. Now to Terri McCormick.

I do not think "T" is a good candidate to run against Steve Kagen. Let's see. I hear after the 06 campaign a lot of her volunteers went to the Kagen camp. Did she tell them to do anything they could to defeat Gard. How vindictive can she be? That's when I started to see the real side of "T".

Then I am called a rabid conservative from one of her supporters.

Then T said some bloggers in the 8th are not happy with her because

"are mad at me because I dared to challenge the most unpopular Republican in the state in a 2006 primary for Congress."

She still cannot forget 06, can she? No big deal. Then the news that most of her campaign money came from Nevada gamblers. How much support is she getting from the average people in the Wisconsin 8th district? Makes a voter wonder.

Then last week there was a forum for the republicans running for the 8th and she was not even there. Here's the story from the Shawano Leader. She sends a representative. Anyone else thing that was just a little odd? Obviously you people in the Shawano area are not worth her time. And I'm a NEOCON?

Why don't you knobs accuse me of being prejudice against "T" for bring a women. Let's see, I would vote any day for Sarah Palin, Rebecca Kleefisch is my choice for Lt. Gov., so I must be against women. Wow, what a evil NEOCON am I?

Because "T" got shafted back in 06, we the voters should just crown her the republican nominee? She brags about wanting to be only a two term congressman. Why didn't she stay longer being in the Wisconsin legislature? She gets bored of things, so one term or two for her would work out just fine. Maybe the reason she wants to get to Washington is so she can rub elbows with the elites in DC!
Sure she can sell more books and be a high flying consultant and make the big money after she get's to Washington! I can just hear her say, you peons in Wisconsin just get me there and I will finally be important, My crap doesn't stink but yours sure does!

For God's sake! There is no way I can back a candidate with an attitude and a ax to grind. "T"and all you flakes out there, I am a conservative first and republican second. You tin hat nuts are what's wrong with this country. But you go ahead, call normal Americans who love this GREAT country NEOCON's or what ever names you want. What a bunch of CRAP! I think that does it.

Anybody else want to take a swing at us?

Pot Bust In The Nicolet.

I heard just a snippet on the way to the NASCAR race.

Wow, 50,000 plants. Wonder how close to the compound this was? I haven't really explored the Nicolet so far but I know this can happen anywhere. The Nicolet is a big forest and anything could happen. Glad they found it and got rid of it.

You can go to JSOnline for one of the many stories.

Chicago, Moscow, MIS and Back

What a GREAT vacation.

Last Wednesday took 294 around Chicago, nice road , don't understand the different toll charges for a truck and camper but better then going through Chicago. Cruised the Indiana tollway for under 10 bucks. I 69 into Michigan and east on HWY 12 to MIS for our NASCAR weekend. And yes, we did drive through Moscow Michigan.

Again, had great people next to us from Stanwood Mi. who kept the hot week enjoyable. Friday qualifying, Saturday Nationwide won by Brad Kesowlowski and Sunday sitting high in turn 3 was Kevin Harvick day. Yea, yea, the # 5 looked pretty pathetic after Scott Speed the # 82 was to blame for Martin ripping up the splitter on the car.

My love needed to get away and our two NASCAR weeks in Michigan is the only way to do it.

What a GREAT time. I guess 2011 will be fathers day weekend and August 21st.

Wonder what I missed while I was gone?

Sorry, no pictures, Blogger won't let e download.