Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama's 12 Billion Divided By 5 Million Education

Community college's teachers and unions coming into more of your money. I wonder what schools might take advantage of this in Wisconsin?

"President Barack Obama called for an additional 5 million community college degrees and certificates by 2020 and new steps to ensure that those credentials will help graduates get ahead in their careers. Together, these steps will cost $12 billion over the next decade. The administration will pay for them as part of a package that cuts waste out of the student loan program, increases Pell Grant scholarships, and reduces the deficit. " The White House - Press Office - Excerpts of the President's remarks in Warren, Michigan and fact sheet on the American Graduation Initiative

I like the phrase, "The administration will pay for them as part of a package that cuts waste", Really.

Obey Kagen's Solent Green

From Dad29 and Grim
"One troubling provision of the House bill compels seniors to submit to a counseling session every five years (and more often if they become sick or go into a nursing home) about alternatives for end-of-life care (House bill, p. 425-430). The sessions cover highly sensitive matters such as whether to receive antibiotics and "the use of artificially administered nutrition and hydration."" Dad29

What else does Dave Obey, Steve Kagen and the other dems have in mind for the seniors!

Stop OBAMA CARE!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Appleton Tea Party Taxpayer Rally

Today was the Appleton taxpayer rally at the Greenville Lions Park in Grenville. Let me say it was worth the trip from the bunker in the 8th district.

Some of those that didn't show up at the Appleton Tea Party Today. Bunch of cowards.

Notice they are all dems.

And here are all the GREAT people who did show up at the rally. Pictures not professional. Not a professional photographer so what you see is what you get. Also I will throw in a few comments.

Speakers at the rally were,

Joe Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. "Joe the Plumber"

Yuri Maltsev - Cathage College Economics Professor

Pastor David King - Community activist in Milwaukee's inner city

Melika Willoughby - Inspiring 17 year old from the Madison area

Pat Snyder - WSAU Radio Host

Jo Egelhoff,

Michael McKay - Founder of Iowa Capital Management

Jim Steineke - Fox Valley Initiative

Linda Hansen - I think from AFP

Mark Block - Americans for Prosperity

Hope I didn't miss anybody.

Running late, 2:50pm, holy cow there are lines of cars going in.

You can't get the real volume of cars that were their. Had to be at least a thousand cars.

Good people from all over the Fox Valley.

Wow, even Fox 11 and Channel 5 was there.

Wow, a lot of good people showing their anger at Madison and Washington DC.

They just kept coming and coming.

What GREAT Americans.

This is at 3:15. The rally still didn't start but the cars were still driving in.

Looks like a tea party to me.

Grab a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy.

We all know there are a lot of similarities but what do republicans and democrats have in common? Their both always late for rallies, news conferences and special function. O k, It's 3:30 and time for the show to begin 30 min. late.

The pavilion was full.

Who's the boss!!!!!!!

That "S" word keeps popping up!

More good people

Another good future leader of our country.

New Page at the RALLY!

Melika telling us about the original Tea Party

Jo from FoxPolitics. com.
I still think she should run against BABY FACE NELSON!

Pastor David King from Milwaukee. What a man of God.

Can you all say Jesus. "JESUS". Say it again, "JESUS"!

While Pator King is speaking the media decides to pack it up and leave.
The channel 5 car did stay but not sure if the sat through the whole rally.

You bring up God and Jesus Christ and the media scatters like a bunch of rats when the light is turned on.

Thank you Pastor King, we needed your words of God Almighty.

All and all was a GREAT day .

Now it's up to all of us to spread the word and take our government back.

Get involved.

Survey Say's

From the Green Bay Press.

Just like the show Family Fued, with Richard Dawson.

Survey Say's. It's not as good as you think. You need to read between the lines. The MSM is a shill for the left.

"Survey: State may exit recession within year
Most IT professionals optimistic about future of industries

By Larry Avila • Gannett Wisconsin Media • July 19, 2009

Many information technology professionals across the state believe the economy will begin to emerge from the recession within the next 12 months.

That's according to a survey conducted of IT professionals by the Madison-based Wisconsin Technology Council, in partnership with WisBusiness .com and the Lumis Group, a Madison-based marketing company.

Between June 23 and July 6, 277 technology companies were surveyed, and 45 percent believed the state's economy will improve during the next year. Nearly 19 percent said the economy will get worse, while 36 percent believed economic conditions would remain the same." Survey: State may exit recession within year | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Survey says 55% of technology companies think the economy will stay the same or worse. That sounds like a positive outlook for the coming twelve months.

Looks like the survey says,

Doyle, Dems and RINO's Form Campaign Group

From the Green Bay Press.

Diamond Jim, dems and RINO's get an early start to the campaign season. Here the WBC forms to help him and other politicians get elected next year. Businesses that will crawl into bed with government for protection (laws passed to save their monopoly), grants, gov. contracts and other sweet deals for throwing campaign money at elected officials.
"State's business leaders take nonpartisan approach
Wisconsin Business Council hopes to influence policy

By Larry Avila • Gannett Wisconsin Media • July 18, 2009

As the recession kicked into high gear at the end of 2008, some of the state's business leaders believed more could be done at the state level to lessen its impact on Wisconsin.

That quickly led to the formation of the Wisconsin Business Council, which organizers say is a nonpartisan approach to influencing public policy. Group leaders say they are not a political lobbying group but instead want to serve more as a consultant to the state's policy makers. The Board of Directors includes Neal Verfuerth, president and CEO of Orion Energy Systems in Manitowoc." State's business leaders take nonpartisan approach | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
How is this not a lobby group? Voters of Wisconsin, First look at the people running the show. Someone running ATT, a lawyer and Phillip Prange, isn't he a a prominent Wisconsin lobbyist and political fund-raiser? Seems a little bit like a certain girl and a wolf.

Some representatives of the WBC, including Scott VanderSanden, president of AT&T Wisconsin and chairman of WBC's board, Phillip Prange, president and chief executive officer of WBC, and Patrick Farley, an attorney with the law firm of Axley Brynelsen LLP in Brookfield, secretary and general counsel of WBC, recently visited with Gannett Wisconsin Media. Here's an excerpt from that conversation:

Q. What led to the formation of this organization?

A. Phllip: The whole world is dealing with a recession and it wasn't just affecting the business community. We started talking about this at the end of 2008. We felt we needed a new nonpartisan approach to reach out in a collaborative fashion not just to businesses but to the legislature and executive branches of government and to academia and the intellectual community in general to build a consensus to develop real solutions to problems facing all of us. From those solutions, we will determine policy that will improve the quality of life as well as the business climate in the state. That's the genesis of how we got going.

Notice how that word nonpartisan is used. It sounds so nice. Can't we all get along. Then he uses the word we, "we will determine policy", Well it's to their advantage to buy off politicians.

Q. If your plan is to influence policy, won't you have to officially declare yourself a lobbying organization?

A. Prange: We are not political. We do not intend to establish a political action committee. We will advocate. It's not our intent to influence political campaigns.
Hey Phillip, you just said, "we will determine policy", come on Press Gazette, are you blind or in the pocket of this group?

VanderSanden: What this organization brings is an opportunity to work across party lines and to work with groups who have not been invited to policy discussions in the past. It's our goal to add their thoughts to the framework to build policy that we feel will make Wisconsin a better place to do business and improve the overall quality of life.
Work across party lines means "work with dems and RINO's"!

We want to put a balance out there so at the end of the day, all sides feel they win enough to make everyone happy. I think we can do that with this bipartisan effort. Instead of forcing people to come to the table, we want them to come willingly and offer their thoughts. It's not our plan to just have board meetings and come up with an agenda. We have an organization now that I think if we do our job well, ideally, I would hope policy makers would look to us for our thoughts and guidance when they have to make tough choices and not just turn to certain groups who they've always turned to.
Catch that, "all sides feel they win enough", they are talking about your money (tax dollars) and what they want is enough to make them happy. They want the cash cow.

No wonder the cow is in the Wisconsin quarter.

Q. There are other business organizations such as Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce that also is working to improve the state's business climate. How are you different?

A. VanderSanden: We are going to try very hard to involve people in discussions who have not been invited to the table before. We think other people may have good ideas that would help improve the overall quality of life and business climate in the state. We believe WMC would be a complementary organization to us and we would be to them.
Oh yea, involve people that want to get a piece of the state pie. They want to get the real small business owners to pony up money for their gain. You know kind of like protection money.

Prange: The state needs people pulling in the same direction right now. We have a great university system, good technical college system and an outstanding K-12 system. We have great things to build on, yet we are facing a tough economic climate. In order to get through that, we need to work together.

Notice he only mentions tax payer funded entities "great university system, good technical college system and an outstanding K-12 system". Where are the average small business owner? They are not invited.

Farley: I think you have to have a broad look at the whole picture. The advantage of bringing business people together with the academic community and think tanks is you make the connections that we're all in this together. We're not just looking at one slice, but the whole pie. Our approach, we believe is that we want WMC and the National Federation of Independent Business at the table with us. We're stepping outside the silo and looking at it from a horizontal perspective.

At least they're honest. They want the whole thing . He even said he wants the whole pie. I like pumpkin myself.

Q. What are your immediate goals?

A. VanderSanden: There are four basic areas we feel need to be addressed: regulatory and tax, training and education, economic development and infrastructure. Within those four buckets, we have to look at what are the right ways to advance those four objectives while finding a balancing act for business and maintaining what is important to the people of Wisconsin. I think other groups are addressing one piece or another. If you pull the lever on taxes, for example, it shifts three or four other things and then other debates get ignored. We feel there is another way to approach things and do it right.

Got to give em credit.
Regulatory and tax - we give politicians money they stay off our backs. Tax the little businesses and leave us big guys alone or give us tax breaks and state grants in return.
Training and education - going to bat for the teachers union. Don't you just love it. We need more teachers! Who cares about property taxes anyway.

Economic development - code word for free money, grants, free stimulus money or low interest gov. backed loans that some day they don't have to pay back.

Infrastructure - oh yea, gov owned high speed rail, high speed internet to everyone (the guy from ATT loves that one), wind mill farms, and let's not forget the ethanol lobby.

Q. So what do you tackle first?

A. VanderSanden: Right now, our goal is to make sure the public knows we're out there. Then we want to get a group of advisers together and sit down with them, pick their brains, and determine a couple areas of focus in the next six months to a year.

See get ready for the 2010 election. Those sly devils.

Prange: When you look at the economy, yes we need a nonpartisan approach to that. Now that we have the organization, we have to bring the people together. Then we have to determine how we will implement. Our hope is to have round tables, bring in leaders from the academic world and invite others to participate. We welcome change and want winning ideas to help move the state forward.

I guess when it comes to money in their pocket, nonpartisan money is as good as the rest. There he goes again with code words again, "round table" we like fancy hotel meeting rooms, "academic", teachers unions, lefty think tanks, etc. , etc.. Look he even said "and invite others", he really didn't mean it. You small business owners are not welcome, most of them are right wing conservatives anyway, they'll just slow us down and get in the way. For God sakes, did he have to use the word "CHANGE" I'm am sick and tired of hope and "change"!
VanderSanden: We hope by the fall, we'll have a more defined agenda on what we will try to tackle first. We have several people on board now who are looking for an opportunity to have a voice in Wisconsin.

They have no agenda yet? Why did they form this group if they don't have a agenda? They lied to the P G, they have a agenda. Their agenda is to keep all democrats and RINO's in office, to keep the state off their backs and to keep their pockets full of state tax money. YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! It would be nice if some MSM report's the real stories behind their news. The Green Bay Press even gave a good sub headline "Wisconsin Business Council hopes to influence policy", but then fell asleep through the whole article. They gave em a pass!

Get ready people, next years election will be down and dirty and looks like the lobby groups and left leaning politicians are gearing up early. People of Wisconsin, politicians and groups like this are playing with your money and this is what you can expect.

Don't believe everything you read and hear. Remember the old saying. "FOLLOW THE MONEY!" Wake up and "FOLLOW YOUR MONEY!"