Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wis. Teachers Union Sacrifice For First Lady, Proud, Aren't You

It is great the teachers union are fighting for what is right in Madison. Like fighting for Mrs. Obama and her children to vacation in Vail Co..

You teacher's must be proud of what you are doing and how the president and his family are suffering!!!!!!!!!

Keep fighting! Don't give up! 
Your political contribution goes a long way. 

Thank you SUCKERS" says the firast family.

Michelle Obama Goes Skiing in Colorado | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

by KEITH KOFFLER on FEBRUARY 19, 2011, 11:34 AM
First Lady Michelle Obama is on “a private family trip” in Colorado where she is skiing with daughters Sasha and Malia, according to an administration official.

“The First Lady and several close friends are chaperoning their children on a ski trip,” the official told the press pool reporter who is following President Obama today.

Reports coming out of Colorado say she arrived Friday night and is staying at the Sebastian Hotel on Vail Mountain. Rooms start at $605 per night for a room with two queen beds and head north of $2,000 for multi-bedroom suites.

Here’s a description from the hotel’s website:"

AFT Wisconsin, They Keep Trying

From AFT Wisconsin.

Sunday, Feb.
12:00: Rally INSIDE the Capitol
Monday, Feb. 21

Furlough Day Rally and Rock for YOUR Rights: Every day, more and more people have come to the Capitol to stand up for our rights on the job and in the legislature. We think Monday will be the biggest day yet!


10:00: State employee meeting at the Majestic Theater (state agency employees only)

12:00: Rally at the capitol square - let's pack the people's house!

5:00: Rock for YOUR Rights, featuring Tom Morello (formerly of Rage Against the Machine). For up-to-the-moment information, follow the event on Facebook.


Is This Your Daughter? You Must Feel Proud!!!!!

From Little Miss Attila via Trog.

Gov. Walker, Where Can I Buy Lawn Signs

Where can I pay for and put up Scott Walker signs. 

RNC, Gov. Walker, help me. 

Where can I put up lawn signs to say we support you and want you to go forward and take back the state of Wisconsin? Have a different sign, good, get it out there.

Please get the printing presses rolling!

How much and where do I buy them!

Teachers Get Fake Doctors Slips

What if a tea party, conservative republican did this on camera? They would of been aressted and already in jail.

The Look Of Democracy

Via Boots and Sabers

From Where I sit » This is not what democracy looks like

"I could not disagree more strenuously with President Obama’s agenda, but as he famously said, “elections have consequences.” For the time being, he gets to implement his policies. In 2012, I will do my best to see that he is defeated and that many of his policies are reversed. That’s how we do it in America.

If you don’t like the results of an election, you work harder to win next time, you don’t attempt to overturn the results through work stoppages or by shutting down the government and refusing to return until the majority bows to your will."

Please read on.

Congressman, For God's Sake, He Needs A Doctor

And he's still a Congressman? Sad, real sad even for a liberal democrat.

From Breitbart

Report: Congressman urged to get psychiatric help: "

Feb 19 12:37 AM US/Eastern"

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Senior staffers of U.S. Rep. David Wu were so alarmed over the Oregon Democrat's erratic behavior just days before the November election that they demanded he enter a hospital for psychiatric treatment, a newspaper reported Friday evening.
The Oregonian, citing interviews with a number of anonymous staff members, reported on its website that Wu was increasingly unpredictable on the campaign trial and in private last fall, and had several angry and loud outbursts and sometimes said "kooky" things to staff and potential voters and donors. A similar report was carried on the Willamette Week newspaper's website on Friday.

The fact that Wu was in the middle of a difficult re-election campaign from his Portland-area district made his behavior particularly worrisome to staff who organized a meeting with the congressman at his campaign headquarters on Oct. 30, with a psychiatrist joining by speaker phone.

"This is way beyond acceptable levels and the charade needs to end NOW," wrote Lisa Grove, a senior and long-serving campaign pollster, in an e-mail to colleagues the day of the meeting. "No enabling by any potential enablers, he needs help."

Holperin Drives Foreign Car, Why Not Union Made American Car

You need to go the the Lakeland Times article. and watch the video. My question, Why can't Jim Holperin drive an American made car? Why foreign made?

Tea Party finds Holperin in Illinois
"/18/2011 5:39:00 PM

Tea Party finds Holperin in Illinois
Video captures Holperin, Jauch in Illinois

Joe VanDeLaarschot Reporter"

You may forgive 12th District State Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover) for not being at the Rhinelander Senior Center Thursday where he was to hold office hours to address his constituents.

Holperin had more important things to do. He and his fellow Democrat state senators instead fled the capital in Madison so they could delay a vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's controversial budget repair bill.

By fleeing Madison and traveling to neighboring Illinois the Democrats prevented the majority Republicans from having a quorum to allow a vote. There are 19 Republican senators. Just one more senator in attendance would have allowed the vote to occur.

It's a Mazda

Bob Jauch, Recall, Recall, Recall

The Daily Press - Ashland, WI > News > Jauch: Dems may return next week
Wisconsin Public Radio
Published: Friday, February 18, 2011 11:25 PM CST
The exodus of all 14 Democratic state senators Thursday left that chamber without a quorum, stalling Governor Walker’s budget repair bill. But, State Senator Bob Jauch of Poplar said the Democrats expect to return to Wisconsin from the Land of Lincoln within a few days, probably before business resumes next week."

You good people in Northwest Wisconsin get the idea.

Are There Tea Party People In Ashland, WI

If there is it would be nice to see equal time.

The Daily Press - Ashland, WI > News > Protest Saturday on Governor Walker's budget bill

Staff Writer
Published: Friday, February 18, 2011 11:25 PM CST
Union, state, local government employees and their supporters plan to rally today at 10 a.m. at the Ashland Memorial Park bandshell to protest Governor Scott Walker's budget repair bill."

It's time the people of the Ashland area take back their state!

Holperin, Wis 12th, Recall, recall, Recall

Antigo Daily Journal News Stories:
"Holperin among Dems on retreat

Feb. 18, 2011

State Sen. Jim Holperin, whose 12th Senate District includes Antigo and Langlade County, is among the Democratic lawmakers hiding in plain sight out of Gov. Scott Walker’s reach.

Holperin is among the 14 state senators who left the Capitol Thursday, forcing postponement of a vote on Walker’s budget repair bill that includes what some see as draconian changes to the state collective bargaining laws for most public employees.

Republicans hold a 19-14 majority in the Senate, but they need at least one Democrat to be present before voting on the bill."

I know what I will work towards.

Gillett Signs New Worker Contract

There are no real details in the article. 

Special Gillett council meeting
Updated: Friday, 18 Feb 2011, 9:49 PM CST
Published : Friday, 18 Feb 2011, 9:49 PM CST

Reporter: Becky DeVries
GILLETT - The plan that is causing so much controversy would not only impact teachers, but also people like your local city workers. Friday one area city council took action on behalf of its employees."

Seems Gillett just signed the contract to extend collective bargaining to it's workers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wis Dems, Your A Day Late and Collective Bargaining Short

This just breaking.

Seems that Wisconsin Dems and the unions are begging to get Walker to agree with them. You can see my answer if I were Scott Walker.

WI democratic senators offer compromise to Walker - WAOW - Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports: "MADISON (WAOW) - The 14 Wisconsin state senators who delayed on a vote on the budget repair bill say they want to compromise. On behalf of the Democratic senators, Minority Leader Mark Miller sent this letter to Governor Scott Walker.

Online Reporter: Bryon Graff
February 18, 2011"
The Honorable Scott Walker
Governor, State of Wisconsin
115 East, State Capitol
Madison, WI 53701

Dear Governor Walker,

We've learned that earlier today public employees across the state made very clear their willingness to cooperatively accept additional pension and health insurance concessions in order to do their part to help Wisconsin close a 2011 budget gap, and to assist in reducing the state's deficit going forward.

This development confirms to us that the Capitol demonstrations all this week were not about an unwillingness to bargain pension or health insurance concessions, but rather about the devastating and unprecedented elimination of essential collective bargaining rights for public workers.

Consequently, we strongly and respectfully urge you to request that Senate and Assembly Republicans modify your budget repair legislation to remove all references to collective bargaining for all public employees.

We believe our request reflects a point of view shared by many all across the state, but perhaps most significantly by a variety of religious leaders who have expressed a sincere interest in bringing resolution to what has developed into a deeply divisive environment that threatens progress on so many other pressing state social and economic issues.

We also it believe would speed closure on this issue by meeting with those leaders to listen to their concerns.


Senator Mark Miller

Senate Minority Leader

You guys are a day late and a dollar short.

Walker gave you the chance, now live with it, find another job or move out of the state!

It's Time

Stand With Scott Walker

Sign the petition. 

Tell Governor Walker you stand with him and the republicans.

Immediate Release , Madison Rally

Matt Richter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              FEBRUARY 19, 2011
Rally at State Capitol in Support of Budget Repair Bill

Mequon, WI – As the week has progressed, Wisconsin and the Nation has watched schools across Wisconsin close due to teachers participating in a “sick out”, the unions bussing people in from other states to inflate their rally numbers in Madison and legislators fleeing the state to avoid the vote on the budget repair bill.
It’s time the voices of the Wisconsin people are heard.
WHAT: Rally in Support of the Budget Repair Bill
WHEN: Saturday, February 19th
                Noon to 3 PM
WHERE: Madison, State Capitol East Entrance
FEATURING:  Andrew Breitbart, Jim Hoft, Ned Ryun, Herman Cain, Vicki McKenna and others.

American Majority is committed to empowering citizens, activists and candidates with the necessary tools to successfully engage in the political process to help further the cause of individual liberty and limited government. American Majority believes that by equipping today’s growing number of grassroots activists with effective political techniques everyday citizens become an effective political force within their communities.  American Majority opened its Wisconsin office in October 2010.
For more information about American Majority, please visit
About American Majority
American Majority is a non-profit and non-partisan political training institute that believes change must begin at the local level, through engaged citizens effectively implementing freedom. We believe that individual liberty is achieved through limited government and free markets. We believe in lowering the barrier to entry for citizen participation in our republic. By training candidates and activists to be effective today, we are enhancing America's tomorrow.  Visit us on the web at or follow us on Twitter @americamajority.

Matt Batzel
Executive Director - Wisconsin
American Majority
Connect with me on Twitter:

Connect with American Majority on Facebook:

AFT Wisconsin Busy

Tens of thousands of citizens in every corner of the state are fighting for democracy - democracy in the workplace, and democracy in the halls of our capitol. Every day, our movement is growing, and international figures are taking notice. Today, AFT President Randi Weingarten came to Madison to lend her support to the cause of democracy in Wisconsin. Let's keep up the momentum!

 Madison, Capitol Building, Friday, 12:00 p.m.: Let's keep the pressure on our legislature to KILL THIS BILL! Click here for a bus schedule. Click here to sign up to ride the bus.

Canvass for our Rights.
 Statewide, Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and Sunday, 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Click here for more information and locations.

Rally sign and button making. AFT-W Headquarters (6602 Normandy Ln., Madison) Click here to sign up for your weekend shift, and help us prepare for the FURLOUGH DAY RALLY on Monday! Bring your family... we’ll bring the food!

FURLOUGH DAY RALLY! Madison, Capitol Building. State workers: put your furlough day to good use! Details coming soon...

On Monday, Feb. 21, Wisconsin state employees have a furlough day. Let's make the most of it by doing something special!

Just what we have in mind for Governor Walker we can't say yet, but please plan on being in Madison early next MONDAY, FEB. 21 for a major action with state employees from across Wisconsin. Check the AFT-Wisconsin website for details throughout the weekend. We can beat this thing... but we need to keep the pressure on. What better use of a furlough day?

Recall Of Bob Jauch Begins

Robert Jauch Wisconsin 25th Senate District

Press Release Taylor Campaign: 2012 US Senate hopeful Rob Taylor will change campaign direction if needed to support recall movement


Contact: Mark Gabriel
CPoW Public Relations
(920) 570-1679

Cumberland, WI (February 18, 2011) — The Constitution Revolution, the campaign platform of Constitution Party hopeful for US Senate Rob Taylor announced today that Mr. Taylor is willing to change the campaign direction and seek the WI State Senate seat for the 25th District to support a movement to recall Senators who deserted their post during a recent voting session."

In a statement released this morning on Facebook after viewing a video of Sen. Jauch, Mr. Taylor walled his intent to recall Senator Jauch. “This is a disgrace for the State of Wisconsin, if Mr. Jauch can’t do the job he was hired to do, then he shouldn’t be in the Senate of our great State."

Mr. Taylor continued his remark by saying. “We need a recall election and if there is no one else to step up, then I will. It is not what I had planned, but we have some very tough decisions that need to be made in the coming months. We need someone who is Constitutional, has a backbone and is able to be there to make these decisions. Not run off and hide.”

Taylor is calling for a recall election for all the Wisconsin Representatives who participated in the desertion.

Information can be obtained by contacting the Rob Taylor for Senate office.

Will someone step forward for Jim Holperin's seat? 

Republicans In Washington Working Too, Yea Baby

House votes to overthrow 'czars' - Robin Bravender -

"The House voted Thursday to dethrone nine White House “czars.”

Republicans successfully added an amendment to the continuing resolution that would leave President Barack Obama’s senior advisers on policy issues including health care, energy and others out of a job."

Tea Party Madison Saturday, Spread The Word

Join Andrew Breitbart & Jim Hoft at Wisconsin Freedom Rally to Support Scott Walker Saturday | The Gateway Pundit: "

Time: Saturday, February 19 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm


Location Wisconsin State Capitol, South Steps


Created By Dave Westlake, Matt Batzel, Ashley Schultz


More Info NOW Featuring Andrew Breitbart of and Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit. More Speakers TBA."

Go to link for more info.If you can be there, 

Walker and the republicans in Madison need to hear and see you. 

Wisconsin Senate Have Backbone, Say What?

From The La Crosse Trib

Senate stalemate: Democrats flee state to stall labor bill; Republicans plan to return today:

 "'I am glad to see some Democrats, for a change, with a backbone. I'm really proud to hear that they did that,' said Democratic state Sen. Judy Eason-McIntyre of Oklahoma, another state where Republicans won the governorship in November and also control both legislative chambers."

Obviously, Eason-McIntyre has no backbone in Oklahoma.Another liberal coward.

Money Stuffed Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

From the LaCrosse Trib

Man hides drug money in his rear end:

"A Chicago man accused of dealing crack cocaine in La Crosse tried to conceal evidence in his rectum.

A La Crosse police informant bought 1.2 grams of crack cocaine worth $125 from Antonio Shaw on Wednesday evening inside a car near Copeland Park, according to the criminal complaint filed Thursday in La Crosse County Circuit Court."

Michigan, Shared Sacrifice

Snyder asks for ‘shared sacrifice’ - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press:

Budget proposal doesn’t spare schools, seniors

February 17, 2011

LANSING (AP) - Gov. Rick Snyder is asking for 'shared sacrifice' from everyone from senior citizens to state workers, public schools to city halls as he seeks to make up a huge budget gap with a massive budget overhaul."

Mr. President, Butt Out

A couple of good quotes from the GREAT Richard Moore

"So here’s a word of advice for the president: We here in Wisconsin can take care of ourselves. Mind your own business.

Rather than taking the time to slam Walker for an “assault on unions,” Obama might try monitoring his own budget mess for once because that’s a situation really worth monitoring.

And he’s got the nerve to criticize Scott Walker."

You know he's right, Obama has bigger problems to worry about. 

Will There Be Tea Party Rally Sat. In Madison

I am hearing rumblings of a pro Walker and republican rally on Saturday. 

Haven't seen any details yet. 

Please pass along any details if anyone hears. 

Bayport Mom Kicks Butt

Seems students decided to walk out of school at Bayport and mom seen her son protesting. 

Bay Port students leave classes to protest Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal | | Green Bay Press Gazette:

"Parent Kay Koeppel, who drove her son and his friends back to the school from the protest walk, said administrators should have done more to keep students in class.

“What are we teaching our kids right now? They don’t belong walking through the streets,” she told Frieder as she confronted him in front of the school. She owns a nearby business and said she wasn’t sure what to think “when I saw my son walk into the salon saying, ‘Hey, we’re protesting!’”

Referring to Walker’s plan, Koeppel said her husband was laid off for eight months and had to take a pay cut, and that other workers may also have to make sacrifices, “Something needs to be done.”"

Good for mom raking the school over the coals. Hope she took away his cell phone or got a branch from the tree by the house. If he was my son, he would have a problem sitting at school today. No matter how old he was! Unless he was 18, then his bags and game boys would of been outside the doors with new locks on the doors!

Walkers PATCO Moment Has Arrived

Seems this would be an illegal walkout. 

Think it's time to decertify the teachers union and start from scratch.  

Madison schools to close Friday amid calls for more protests:

GENA KITTNER | | 608-252-6139 | Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2011 8:17 pm"

State and Madison teacher union leaders are urging its members to report to the Capitol today and Saturday for continued protests against Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining proposal.
"We need you to come again (on Friday). We need to hear you on Saturday," Mary Bell, Wisconsin Education Association Council president said at a rally Thursday, when teachers from around the state joined Madison teachers whose absences closed schools for a second day.
The large amount of expected absences led the Madison School District to cancel school today, the third consecutive day of closures.

Other districts, including Belleville and Pardeeville, also announced Thursday that school would be closed today.

It's time to decertify the teachers union and start over.  

This could be Walkers PATCO moment.

A word to Scott Walker, DO IT!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Robert Jauch, and Jim Holperin On The Run

Hey, is that my state senator.

From Big Government 

Is that Robert Jauch, 25th District and Jim Holperin 12th District! fleeing their duty to the people of  Wisconsin? They need to be removed from office in the next election.

And why do democrats drive a Mazda and not an American made car?

Cutler Coaching Democrats In Illinois

Rumor has it Wisconsin democrats are being coached on politics in bear country by Chicago great Jay Cutler in Rockford.

Here's my state senator Jim Holperin.

Where's The RNC

Where is the RNC with a commercial showing the democrats getting on buses or cockroaches in a room.

Come on RNC! 

Walker and Wisconsin republicans need help knowing we are backing them on this!.

Wisconsin Democrats Found, Exclusive Photo

Dad found the info and I found the photo.

Cockroaches scatter.
Dad29: They Ran Away, but Didn't Hide Under the Bed:

"Democratic State Senators who protested the budget repair bill by leaving the state have been found. The lawmakers are in the Best Western Clock Tower Resort in Rockford Illinois"

Ron Johnson On The Right Side

Press Releases - News - Ron Johnson, United States Senator for Wisconsin:

 "February 17, 2011

Johnson Salutes Governor Walker for Courageous Leadership on Spending
Senator Ron Johnson released the following statement today:

“I am incredibly proud of the leadership and the courage that Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Members of Wisconsin’s State Assembly and Senate are showing against incredible opposition. Not only is Governor Walker leading the state of Wisconsin, but he is also leading the nation. America is hungry for leadership as both Washington and many states face crushing deficits."

“I was deeply troubled when I learned that union supporters were surrounding Governor Walker’s private home in Wauwatosa. That is out of line and out of bounds.

“I have deep respect for anyone that works hard to build a good life for themselves and their family. Nobody likes to face budget cuts. But, the fact of the matter is that we are talking about a $3.6 billion deficit in the state of Wisconsin, and a $1.65 trillion deficit here in America. We have got to take action, doing nothing is no longer an option. We simply can’t delay fiscal responsibility any longer.

“I stand ready to do anything I can to assist the men and women in the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate. Showing this kind of leadership deserves our respect. I’m encouraging the citizens of Wisconsin to also voice their support for those people showing leadership and courage. They are doing what has to be done and they should be commended.”

Thank You Mr Johnson

It Might Be Time For Wisconsin Job Opportunities

These are just a few to start. 

Looks like the time is near where the unemployed in Wisconsin, we will be able to fill some jobs. 


Shawano County » Career Opportunities

Wisconsin Democrats, Cowards

Badger Blogger » Blog Archive » Senate Dems On Strike With Their Union Bosses: "

Posted on Thursday, 17th February 2011 by Patrick Dorwin
Reports are that the Wisconsin Democratic State Senators are refusing to report to vote today, they need 20 members present to vote, there are only 19 Republicans. So the Democrat Senators are On Strike with their union bosses."

More Pigs In The Capitol

Is this a picture of the protesters in Wisconsin?

My image is from Google but Ann has more from Madison. 

Althouse: How much respect did the demonstrators show for the State Capitol grounds?:

"February 17, 2011
How much respect did the demonstrators show for the State Capitol grounds?"

Wisconsin Silent Majority Speaks

Marketplace of Ideas Blog - Not perhaps what they intended

"If the teachers wanted sympathy from the taxpaying public, based on the first online comments from the story, they’re looking in the wrong place:

Yeah! If teachers retire, then they can be replaced with capable new graduates who are seeking jobs. The collective salaries will be lower, methodologies more current, new technologies used in instruction, and the whining drivel can end. We'll all win!

Don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out.

Go ahead retire! This will allow fresh graduates to start their career. Out with the old in with the new!! This will only benefit our children!

That is perfect! The bill has not even passed and it’s already saving $$$."

National Guard Off Monday Furlough But Still Operational,

Just in case they are needed, they will be ready.From an e mail.

Department of Military Affairs furlough day set for Monday, Feb. 21
Thu, 17 Feb 2011 08:22:00 -0600

Contact: Lt. Col. Jackie Guthrie
Office: 608-242-3050 or Cell: 608-516-1777

NEWS: Department of Military Affairs furlough day set for Monday, Feb. 21
February 17, 2011
Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs (DMA) will be closed on Monday, Feb. 21 as state employees take a furlough day, required of all state workers. President's Day is also a federal holiday. DMA will resume regular business hours on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

The Department of Military Affairs includes Joint Force Headquarters-Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Army National Guard, the Wisconsin Air National Guard and the Wisconsin Division of Emergency Management (WEM).

Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar, the adjutant general of Wisconsin, said the Wisconsin National Guard's Joint Operations Center (JOC) and the 24-Hour Emergency Management Duty Officer System will remain fully operational. WEM Administrator Mike Hinman has ensured that, regardless of state furlough dates, the state Emergency Operations Center will remain available to respond as needed in the event of emergencies.

- 30 -

Radio Free Wisconsin


Feb 17th ,2011 

8:30 a m - 12:00 p m Central time.

Fond du Lac Hero

CRIME FIGHTER: 19-year-old FdL woman is honored by police for battling home intruder | | Fond du Lac Reporter:


An aspiring cosmetologist can add fighting crime to her résumé."


Decided To Attack

That is when she decided to attack.

“I kind of tackled him and put him in a choke hold,” Sabel said. “I was punching him. I got a few good punches in. The only thing he said to be was, ‘(Expletive deleted), you better let me go.’ That is all he kept saying.

“We then got to the ground and were wrestling with each other. He ended up over me, and he was choking me. He was trying to choke me out. He had moved his leg far enough where I could kick up. I kicked him up in the (groin).”

UWSP Students Obviously Never Paid Taxes

UWSP students plan walkout to protest budget bill | | Stevens Point Journal:

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Standing with their professors and campus employees, students from around the UW System, including the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, are planning a mass walkout today to protest Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill, according to a state-wide student group."

Ignorant children.

More Termination Needed

More school closings 

Madison schools closed for second day; others follow suit | | Green Bay Press Gazette:

 "Nearly two dozen other school districts canceled classes Thursday as well, including La Crosse, Mosinee, Watertown, Verona, Stoughton, Columbus and Edgerton. District officials are telling teachers and staff to report to school."

Do teachers really understand this will backfire on them.  

Unxcused Absence, Termination, DECERTIFY

Dad29: Let's See the Doctor's Slip, Please:

 "Four districts canceled school for today, February 17th(!!)

Racine Unified
Glendale/River Hills
Beaver Dam"

I thought I heard Madison is out for a second day.



Why Won't Wisconsin Police, Fire and Trooper Unions Join Their Brethren

I listened and watched on Wisconsin Eye the finance hearing on the Wisconsin Budget bill. 

A few times I heard democrats whine it was not fair that police , fire and state trooper unions are not involved in giving back concessions like the rest of the state unions are being given. It's not fair Walker excluded those unions out of the budget bill. Let's be fair. Come on Walker, make them have the same concessions.    

Legislature could act Thursday on budget plan - JSOnline:

"Except for police, firefighters and troopers, raises would be limited to inflation unless a bigger increase was approved in a referendum. The non-law enforcement unions would lose their rights to bargain over anything but wages, would have to hold annual elections to keep their organizations intact and would lose the ability to have union dues deducted from state paychecks."

My question, where is the brotherhood of the police, fire fighters and state troopers? Why don't these unions volunteer their unions to do the same as their brethren are being given? Why not tell Gov. Walker they will take the same concessions? Scott Walker, take our collective bargaining away!

Why aren't democrats demanding those unions accept the same thing? Why aren't the state, teachers, guards, county and other local union member workers asking police, fire and troopers to join them in the labor concessions? Where are they? Why aren't they?

Are the police, fire and trooper unions sympathetic to the other unions or are they just out for themselves? If the shoe was on the other foot, would teacher unions stand their ground or join police union concessions? Hummmmmmm.

Are those unions really that phoney. What a bunch of hypocrites! Why are not democrats in Wisconsin forcing police, fire and trooper unions accept what the other unions are getting? 

Will state workers think less of their brothers in those unions? Interesting.

State and teachers unions, let's hear from you. Your getting screwed and those other unions are getting away scott free! You're sure giving them a pass.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cold Truth, No Collective Bargaining

Richard Moore explains the truth about collective bargaining.

So, actually, when it comes to public employees, Mr. Walker is not cold-hearted at all. He is a kind, generous saint who is still letting them bargain for wages up to the rate of inflation.
In truth, he shouldn’t let them keep even that.

Let’s examine a few reasons why.

You need to read the rest.

The Pigs Have Left The Building

From Real Debate.

Why is it the conservatives always have to clean up after the liberals and democrats? 

Madison pig pen.

Father Listecki Enters State Budget Fight

A letter from Archbishop Jerome Listecki about the Wisconsin budget fight between the Wisconsin State Government and State Unions.

From JSOnline

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki on Wednesday described Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to limit the rights of public employee unions as "union busting," and in a statement he said there is a "moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers.”

Listecki, who was installed as archbishop on Jan. 4, 2010, said in a letter to the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee that, "this much needed call for cooperation and communication between workers and management comes as opposition to Gov. Walker’s union busting budget continues to grow."

If I could convey my thoughts to the good Bishop, maybe I would say this. 

Dear Father Listecki;

This is Wisconsin and not Poland and the union in Wisconsin is not the same as the one with Lech Walesa in the 1980's under communist rule. I wonder why you would even get involved with this issue. In Wisconsin no one was tortured, no one has so far lost their job and no one is under bondage from the government of Wisconsin. 

Why would you stand up for some and I stress some and not all people who advocate and contribute to ending the most innocence of life. Father, do you stand for those who contribute more for abortions? Do you stand up for the ones who would dip a Crucifix in a jar of urine. Do you stand for the ones who scorn and scoff at the very sight of a person living their faith in God. The radical left detest and disdain, the Catholic church and it's members and everything the Church stands for. I would ask you how much of these sanctimonious liberals donate to you and the catholic church? 

How many of your parishioners have lost jobs, received reduced wages, told to pay more for health care for their families and then also put their weekly envelope into your basket on Sunday and never complain to you, or the leaders of the church. You ask your people to pray, to give and to donate to the church. Ask for money for the poor. Ask to reach deep into their hearts for more. And today you side with a lot of the very people that tomorrow will curse the very name of God. I add they probably cursed many times today. 

I also feel for the union members who say this will be a hardship but for far too long some have lived in their golden towers looking down on the poor and downtrodden and turned the other way. They hold the very gold that built the golden calf before Moses. 

Father, I have heard you are in bankruptcy proceedings. Would it be fair for the State of Wisconsin to commit bankruptcy also? For what reason did you make your financial decision? Was it because some were asking more of the Dioceses then you could give?  If Wisconsin cannot pay their bills, cannot collect any more from their citizens, would it be fair to lay off state employees? Should the State of Wisconsin be brought to it's knees? To have utter chaos spread across this state? It is in giving that we receive, obviously the union does not want to give.

Governor Walker was given this financial problem just as you were handed the problem with legal litigation of the Catholic church in Milwaukee. He is at the point where he must do what is right. Are you wrong for your decision?  God did not say it would be easy but we hope with His guidance, all His children will be loved and taken care of. 

Everyone will have their judgement day but for now we must do what we can to care for all in this world. To pit the unions against the rest of the people of Wisconsin who love God and love this great state is not what we envisioned. 

We can only pray that all in Wisconsin will stay calm and not lose their emotions. I myself as a believer in God and a part of the Church have to be on the side of the tax payers and Scott Walker. 

We can agree to disagree but I can only say your words will only intensify the situation. I feel you may have chose words that hurt and do not help a lot of people of this state.If the day would come for non believers to tear down His church for the sake of me believing in God Almighty, I will stand at the doors to protect the Lords house until He would call me home.

If you care and pray for the workers, please remind yourself that there are others that need God's help, Need His love and forgiveness. They are tax payers and contributors to your church.

I ask God will guide us. I also pray for people's safety and care.

Thank You Father.

Paul Berry Laker     

What The Heck Is This, Walker Getting Wobbly

Walker would consider bill changes but predicts passage despite union protests - JSOnline:

"Madison - Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday he was considering changes at the margin of a bill to strip public workers of most of their union rights.

The Legislature's budget committee is expected to meet later this afternoon to consider changes to the bill, which also would require public employees to pay more for their benefits to help close a state budget gap.

The Republican governor said he was talking with legislative leaders from his party about extending state civil service protections - considered among the strongest in the nation - to local workers who would lose their right to bargain work rules under the proposal. Republican senators said Wednesday that amendments were being considered to the bill.

Nonetheless, Walker said he believed he still had the votes to pass it without changes."

I sure hope Walker does not buckle. What in the hell did we vote for in November? If this does not fly, it will be interesting in the upcoming elections for democrats and republicans. Go ahead Scott Walker, make our day.

TEA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People of Wisconsin, Call And Tell Them You Are With Them

You need to call your representative to tell them to stand for what is right and pass the Walker Budget bill. They need to hear that are are with them!
Go to below links to find your representative and call them!

Wisconsin State Senate. 

Wisconsin Assembly 

Marinette County SC Election Totals

Seems the Town of Amberg is the only area in Marinette County to lean left.

February 15, 2011
...........524............. 118........... 1051.................. 150............ 3

Town of Amberg 26 1 22 4 0
Town of Athelstane - W 1, 2 39 8 53 14 0
Town of Beaver - W 1, 2, 3 8 4 22 2 0
Town of Beecher - W 1, 2, 3 18 7 39 5 0
Town of Dunbar - W 1, 2 6 0 27 0 0
Town of Goodman 7 4 18 1 0
Town of Grover - W 1, 2, 3 6 0 20 0 0
Town of Lake - W 1, 2 9 2 34 2 0
Town of Middle Inlet - W 1, 2 19 2 26 1 0
Town of Niagara 5 1 15 1 0
Town of Pembine - W 1, 2 12 5 38 5 0
Town of Peshtigo - W 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 24 11 58 3 0
Town of Porterfield - W 1, 2, 3 8 0 39 2 0
Town of Pound - W 1, 2, 3, 4 16 2 32 8 0
Town of Silver Cliff - W 1, 2 44 12 86 10 0
Town of Stephenson - W 1, 2, 3 98 13 135 23 0
Town of Stephenson - W 4, 5, 6 43 12 60 14 1
Town of Wagner 3 2 14 0 0
Town of Wausaukee - W 1, 2, 3, 4 15 3 37 3 0
Village of Coleman 7 4 11 6 0
Village of Crivitz 12 9 35 12 0
Village of Pound 2 1 11 0 0
Village of Wausaukee 7 0 16 2 0
Marinette - W 1- 8 57 10 117 22 1
Niagara - W 1, 2, 3 7 0 19 3 1
Peshtigo - W 1 - 8 26 5 67 7 0
TOTALS 524 118 1051 150 3
Totals 1846

So Union Workers Get Less Pay and Benefits, From Their Own Web Site

From Jay Weber 1130 WISN

The Jay Weber Show:

"From AFSCME web site
Wednesday 02-16-2011 5:12am CT
Why do I need a union?

Simply talking about issues that affect public service employees isn’t enough. To make a difference, our voices must be heard. And we can be heard only when we organize as a union and gain the strength to make real change. Together, our collective voice is heard — on the job and in state legislatures and city halls."

Do union workers get higher wages?

Yes.1 Workers who are union members earn 30 percent more than non-union workers. Union wages are even greater for women and people of color. Women and African Americans represented by unions earn over 33 percent more than their non-union counterparts. And Latino workers with the union advantage make over 46 percent more than those not represented by a union.

Do union workers get better benefits?

Yes.2 Union workers are more likely than their non-union counterparts to receive health care and pension benefits. More than eight out of ten union members are covered by health insurance and have a pension plan — versus fewer than half of those not in a union.

Why do I need a union now?

Big corporations and anti-worker politicians are attacking public employees and the services we provide. Their goal is simple: privatize our jobs, strip us of our rights and dismantle the public sector. They’re going after our wages, our pensions and our health care. And in 2005, newly elected governors in Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri took away the bargaining rights of all state employees. This can happen anywhere.
In Washington, D.C., and in state capitols across the country, it’s the same old thing: politicians side with the rich and powerful, and neglect the needs of middle-class families. Whether you are a public employee or work for a private company providing public services, we have to act now to stop the right-wing rush to lower our wages and benefits and eliminate our rights. That’s why building a strong union is so important now.

1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, Median Weekly Earnings of Full-time Wage and Salary Workers by Union Affiliation, January 2007. [Top]
2 Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Compensation Survey: Employee Benefits in Private Industry in the United States, August 2007. [

Time to pass the the budget bill!

Students Clueless Why They Were Taken To Protest

Seems these students from a Madison school have no idea why their teacher pulled them out of school to protest.It's worth watching.

Did they get parents to release the protest trip? What if a student was injured? What if a union rep threw a brick and hit a student? If the union is for doing what is right,


The Tax Payers Spoke Last November

A good read from Market Place about "we" the tax payers. 

Marketplace of Ideas Blog:

State employees specifically and liberals generally are getting an object lesson in how business has had to operate in the past couple of years. (A tweet from Walker yesterday said: “Spoke w/ workers who pay 50% of their health care premiums & others who had their 401(k) match suspended who would love our plan.”) That explains why the 85 percent of Wisconsin employees who do not get a paycheck from a unit of government have little sympathy for the 15 percent (a percentage far too high, by the way) who do.

A majority of that 85 percent made their opinions clear Nov. 2, as James Wigderson points out:

"Even less partisan taxpayers realize that public employee unions are a major contributor to the state’s wrong direction."

Media Slant In Every Headline, "Prosser Survives"

From The Eau Claire Leader.

If Prosser survived on 61% of the vote, what does that say for Kloppenburg? Doesn't show any media bias here.Remember to never believe something from the headlines.

Incumbent state Supreme Court justice survives primary - Leader-Telegram: Daily Updates:

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 9:10 pm

MADISON(AP) - Incumbent Justice David Prosser has easily survived a four-way primary for his state Supreme Court seat.
With 26 percent of precincts reporting, Prosser had 61 percent of the vote. Assistant attorney general JoAnne Kloppenburg had 22 percent. Public defender Marla Stephens had 10 percent, and family law attorney Joel Winnig had 7 percent."

Prosser, Kloppenburg Advance

Totals from WTMJ 620

Supreme Court REPORTING 98%

David Prosser (inc) 224,529 55%

JoAnne Kloppenburg 101,695 25%

Marla Stephens 43,854 11%

Joel Winnig 37,015 9%

Other notable area races.

Green Bay mayors race will be between Zippon Pippon Jim Schmitt and Patrick Evans.

Outagamie County Executive race will be Jack Voight and Baby Face Thomas Nelson.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Prosser Takes Oconto County Unoficial 100 % In


29 OF 29 Precincts 100%
1 Indicates Precinct Reported
Reporting Units
1 T Abrams W1-4 22 44 4 7 0
1 T Bagley 9 19 5 2 0
1 T Brazeau W1-3 82 135 32 35 0
1 T Breed 17 15 2 3 0
1 T Chase W1-4 16 51 7 8 0
1 T Doty W1&2 9 15 1 0 0
1 T Gillett W1&2 7 38 1 5 0
1 T How W1-3 4 24 2 2 0
1 T Lakewood 16 37 3 5 0
1 T Lena W1&2 9 22 4 2 0
1 T Lt River W1&2 10 22 0 4 0
1 T Lt Suamico W1-7 24 83 5 6 0
1 T Maple Valley W1&2 6 24 4 1 0
1 T Morgan 15 26 4 3 0
1 T Mountain W1&2 7 27 0 5 1
1 T Oconto W1-3 11 36 5 10 0
1 T Oconto Falls W1&2 8 36 3 2 0
1 T Pensaukee W1-3 13 26 5 2 0
1 T Riverview W1&2 13 39 4 0 0
1 T Spruce W1&2 5 19 8 2 0
1 T Stiles W1-3 10 42 3 3 0
1 T Townsend 16 41 8 3 0
1 T Underhill 8 18 3 2 0
1 V Lena 20 10 4 2 0
1 V Pulaski W5 0 0 0 0 0
1 V Suring 8 28 1 0 0
1 C Gillett W1-4 16 32 5 4 0
1 C Oconto W1-8 36 78 20 13 0
1 C Oconto Falls W1-5 13 45 3 6 0
Total Votes:

Looks like Lena is liberal left. Seems like the left must be all in Madison.

Guess You Can Throw Out Evolution

Fossilized foot bone proves ancient humans walked upright 3.2 million years ago - English "
14.02.2011 | Source: Pravda.Ru

Researchers say they have found a fossilized foot bone that proves human ancestors were walking on two feet 3.2 million years ago.

The fossil of the midfoot bone (fourth metatarsal) shows that Australopithecus afarensis had a permanently arched foot and walked essentially the same as modern humans, according to researcher William Kimbel, of the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University, and colleagues."

Not sure if the bone belonged to Adam or not. Only God knows.

Just a Reminder, P A T C O

Go ahead, make our day!

Will The Union Fans Back The Packers If They Go On Strike?

If the players stay out all season for 2011, will the fans back the players? No Super Bowl in Indy in Feb of 2012? No 2nd MVP for Aaron Rogers? Will the fans pay for non union players in Packer uniforms? 

Green Bay Packers players, alumni back Wisconsin union workers' rights | | Green Bay Press Gazette:

MADISON — Five former and two current Green Bay Packers players are standing behind state union employees."

The seven NFL Players Association members have signed a letter supporting the AFL-CIO’s efforts against Gov. Scott Walker's budget plan to end collective bargaining rights for nearly all public employees.

Their statement says Wisconsin has a "long standing tradition of allowing public sector workers to have a voice on the job," a practice that "has worked for the state since the 1930s."

Signing the statement are Brady Poppinga and Jason Spitz along with former players Curtis Fuller, Chris Jacke, Charles Jordan, Bob Long and Steve Okoniewski.

Wisconsin Wolf Depredation Costs Totals 2010

From the WDNR

Dated Febuary 10,2011.

Date Animal Lost P=Pet H=Hunting Pack Involved County Payments
a Control Actions
bZone 1

02/03 1 dog inj. (Redbone) H Peshtigo Brook Oconto $151.00
08/02 1 dog (Walker Hound) H Peshtigo Brook Oconto $2500.00
08/07 1 dog (Plott Hound) H Peshtigo Brook Oconto $2500.00
08/29 1 dog (Plott Hound) H Peshtigo Brook Oconto $2500.00
10/10 2 dogs(Walker&Bluetick)H Peshtigo Brook Oconto $4500.00

I took one area in Oconto County because I have been through that area. 

Total money paid out by the 4 + wolves in this area.,$12,151.00 

Where are we getting this money and why are we not addressing the problem? 
Here are some totals off the report.

Statewide totals.Agriculture.
47 calves killed, 5 calves injured, 16 adult cattle,
4 lambs, 2 sheep, 1 goat injured, 6 deer
25-27 packs
2-4 loners
17 counties $113,586.50

24 dogs killed, 14 dogs injured
21 packs
1 loner
17 counties $61,193.31
Non-lethal &
trapping at 1 location
–6 wolves euthanized

TOTALS Health and Safety Concerns
9 Health & safety concern
1 Threat to pets
7 packs 5 counties
Non lethal at 2 locations
15 wolves & 1 wolf-dog hybrid euthanized
(same animals listed in tables 5a & 5b)
47 farms (14 chronic)
Non-lethal 10 farms
Trapping 2 farms
2 wolves translocated
11 wolves & hybrids

Wolf Awareness Week Poster Contest, Time For Budget Cut

I think Governor Walker can cut this from the budget.

WDNR Weekly News Article - 2011 Wolf Awareness Week poster entries sought

Weekly News Article Published: February 15, 2011 by the Central Office

MANITOWISH WATERS, Wis. – Wildlife artists have until April 20, 2011 to submit entries for the 2011 Wolf Awareness Week poster. More than 30,000 of these posters are distributed nationwide to a variety of institutions and individuals, including schools, nature centers, zoos and more.

The Timber Wolf Alliance has published a much sought-after, full-color poster promoting Wolf Awareness Week since 1990, and the posters often become collectors' items following publication.

The theme for the 2011 posters is “Why Wolves? Wolves’ Role in a Healthy Ecosystem.” Artwork can be specific or general as related to the theme. Entries must have wolves as the subject (gray, Mexican gray, red), and, if included, should include accurate habitat depictions in their native environment."

Wisconsin Deadlines, Fishing Shelter Removal

WDNR Weekly News Article - Deadlines approach for ice fishing shelter removal: "

Weekly News Article Published: February 15, 2011 by the Central Office

MADISON – The first of a number of deadlines for ice anglers to remove ice fishing shelters from inland and boundary waters is this weekend. All ice fishing shelters must be removed from Wisconsin-Iowa boundary waters by Sunday, Feb. 20. This date, affecting the Mississippi River south of the Minnesota-Iowa border, is set to correspond with Iowa regulations.

The deadlines for the other two boundary waters are March 1 for Wisconsin-Minnesota boundary waters and March 15 for Wisconsin-Michigan boundary waters.

For inland Wisconsin waters, ice fishing shelters must be removed daily and when not occupied after the first Sunday following March 1 for waters south of Highway 64 and after the first Sunday following March 12 for waters north of Highway 64. For 2011, those dates are:

Sunday, March 6 for waters south of Highway 64.
Sunday, March 13 for waters north of Highway 64.
One exception to this rule is that on the Fox River downstream from the DePere dam in Brown County, ice fishing shelters must always be removed from the ice daily and when not in use."

Wolves Killing More.........

I never would of known that!

Wolves killing more dogs, livestock in state - JSOnline: "Wolves killing more dogs, livestock in state
e-mail print By The Associated Press
Feb. 15, 2011 10:28 a.m. |(2) COMMENTS

Madison - The state Department of Natural Resources says wolves are causing more problems for Wisconsinites.

A new report says wolves attacked animals on 47 farms last year compared to 28 farms in 2009. Twelve of those attacks were in Douglas County with 16 other northern Wisconsin counties reporting problems.

Wolves killed 34 dogs, 47 calves, 16 cows and six sheep in 2010. The DNR estimates the wolves cost farms a total of $114,000.

The agency's wolf expert, Adrian Wydeven, tells the Duluth News Tribune that the increase in attacks is because wolves are moving into new areas and because state officials have few options to kill wolves, which are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act."

State Workers Can keep Their Unions. What's The Problem?

Unions fight back against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's proposed bargaining rights changes | | Appleton Post Crescent:

Workers battle budget repair proposal

MADISON — Labor leaders said Monday that Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to end collective bargaining rights for the vast majority of public employees amounted to a declaration of war on unions."

I don't understand something. The state employees can keep their unions. Nobody is taking their unions and the union leaders away from the rank and file. They can keep paying their union dues and can keep paying their union leaders the 100's of thousands of dollars they receive.  

They just have to vote once a year to keep themselves in their protective union. What ere theyafraid of? Are the leaders afraid the rank and file will want to keep their dues and dump the unions? 

This from WQOW.

Total wage increases could not exceed a cap based on the consumer price index (CPI) unless approved by referendum. Contracts would be limited to one year and wages would be frozen until the new contract is settled. Collective bargaining units are required to take annual votes to maintain certification as a union. Employers would be prohibited from collecting union dues and members of collective bargaining units would not be required to pay dues. These changes take effect upon the expiration of existing contracts.

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - Employment - Job Seeker

It's alway good to be prepared.

If the Wisconsin state workers don't want to play ball like the rest of the tax payers then we might as well get information out there so people can replace them when they quit or if they strike should be fired! There are plenty of qualified people in Wisconsin to step into any state jobs at the drop of a dime. And probably at or less then proposed by the Governor. 

Job seeker page at - Employment - Job Seeker:

"Welcome to the jobs site. To search for jobs, enter a keyword and/or select a category. For further help, please see Search FAQ."

Prosser Takes Lead

David Prosser took the lead at my polling place this morning. How do I know that you say? 

Well, it was 8:45 am and I went to vote and low and behold was the # 1 voter. No kidding. Polls were open for an hour and forty five  minutes and I was the first one. 

Since nobody else voted, I put Prosser in the lead. I am surprised that the liberal lefties have not been out to vote yet. 

David Prosser

Manitowoc Council, Union Leaders Not For Workers

Manitowoc council votes for layoffs | | Green Bay Press Gazette:
Mayor is expected to veto proposal

MANITOWOC — With a 7-3 vote Monday evening, the City Council moved a step closer to potential layoffs — for about six months — of 29 municipal union workers, including 14 from the streets division of Public Works."

So the council can;t find items in their budget to cut to keep these people's working? So their union leadership would rather have 29 people laid off and on unemployment. You see, it's only about the union leaders power and the rank and file be damn d. 

So why do the rank and file support their leadership if they end up losing their jobs? How long will the rank and file prop up the jobs of their leadership when they don't care about them? 

Show Your I D And Vote

Polls open at 7:00, so get out and vote. 

Each election keeps getting more and more important. 

Don't forget to show your photo I D. It;s not mandatory but you may just irritate some lefty poll worker.

Prosser for Supreme Court Judge.