Saturday, October 22, 2011

#5 The Old Man Still Has It In Him, P-1 At Dega

1 5 Mark Martin Chevrolet 181.367 52.799 Leader
2 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet MyLowe's 181.360 52.801 -0.002
3 33 Clint Bowyer Chevrolet Chevy 100 Years 181.243 52.835 -0.036
4 21 Trevor Bayne Ford Motorcraft / Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center 181.010 52.903 -0.104
5 24 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Drive to End Hunger 180.918 52.930 -0.131
6 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet Diet Mountain Dew "Paint the 88" / National Guard 180.904 52.934 -0.135
7 27 Paul Menard Chevrolet Serta / Menards 180.655 53.007 -0.208
8 6 David Ragan Ford UPS My Choice 180.608 53.021 -0.222
9 99 Carl Edwards Ford Subway 180.210 53.138 -0.339
10 39 Ryan Newman Chevrolet U.S. Army 180.203 53.140 -0.341

Ribble Lovers Coming Out Of The Wall

 I received a comment from Reid himself or a Ribble lover, not sure. Ouch, I must of hurt his feelings. The post was

"Ribble Won, Kagen Lost"

 He left this to me this morning.

You need to educate yourself on current events and stop looking through whatever politically-colored glasses you've put on. Obama and the Democrats did NOT get us into the mess this economy is in right now. Lack of restrictions on Wall Street (not to mention a legislature controlled by lobbyists of wealthy special interest groups) caused the vast majority of the downfall. (Gee, I wonder who was in power at that point?!) I hope the 99% take back control soon.

[You might want to do a spell check before you post. Spelling and grammar mistakes make you appear more ignorant than you probably are. Then again, maybe not.]

Hears mi recponc

Reed, iz dat u? Iff nott u mus bee a Rubble lovr.

Sorri iff eye hitt a knerv. Iff eye hav rosee clord glASS's den u mus bee smokin da rong weed.

Eye stil luv yu u pour babi.

tanks fur stopen.


Barry Lakr

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Unauthorized Spending In Crivits


Crivitz School District: More teachers and fewer needless expenditures?

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2011 More teachers and fewer needless expenditures? The School Administrator with the help of the building and grounds supervisor has now purchased enough items that were not in the school's annual budget to easily pay for one full time teacher! 

He has bought computer equipment and a tractor with accessories that combined would pay the cost of another badly needed teacher.  He tried to sneak thru a new $15,000+ sound system but so far the School Board has stopped this unbudgeted expenditure. Now he wants us tax payers to pay a return or restocking fee for the sound system equipment he ordered without approval!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Blog, "Crivitz School District"

Seems what the media will not do ordinary citizens will. A new blog to the Crivitz area of Northeastern Wisconsin.

Crivitz School District: Welcome!

Welcome! This is a web site to help Concerned Crivitz Wisconsin School Parents get information about things that the Crivitz School District may not want the public to know. The opinions on here are my own and those of contributors.

Great to see someone report on the games they are playing at the Crivitz School board meetings. We shall see if the media picks up on this school board. Highly doubtful. 

Welcome Crivitz School District Blogger.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ribble Won, Kagen Lost

Local lawmakers speak out about job plan - WFXS, MyFoxWausau - News and Weather for Wausau, WI
Representative Reid Ribble also disagrees with parts of the President's plan.  But, he says lawmakers need to start working together.
So why does Reid Ribble have to "start working together", say what? 

Why does Reid Ribble always want to work with the democrats? Why doesn't he just work on passing bills that will save our country that the democrats sold us down the river on! Is he a moderate republican that just want's to be accepted in Washington or fix the problems that the democrats and President Obama put us in. Sorry, I forgot, Ribble rubbed elbows with the president at last years super bowl party at the white house. 

Ribble is a moderate RINO and will do or say anything to be a lifer in Washington . When he is done being a congressman, he will go back to being a lobbyist for the roofing industry. I will be shocked, just shocked when it happens. 

Mr. Ribble, you won,

Kagen lost on 2010.

 Did you forget that sir? I guess he did. Go ahead, work with the democrats and they will make mince meat of you. Then I will be SHOCKED!

Media Created It's Own Problems

A story from the president of the National Newspaper Association, 
A Minnesota voice for newspapers nationwide at a challenging time | West Central Tribune | Willmar, Minnesota
Newspapers are often the lone voice in calling for governmental transparency. Community newspapers take on the responsibility of gathering and printing the news that informed citizens need to know, not just the attention-getting stuff that is often more entertainment than real news. You won’t find citizen bloggers attending city council meetings on a regular basis, he noted.
So why are the newspapers in the media having problems with circulation and income levels dropping? I understand what newspapers are up against but most, not all newspapers created their own problems. 
From the above paragraph Mr. Anfinson admits part of the fault. Even though community and local papers attend city council meetings and bloggers don't, local newspapers generally do not tell the whole story, omit important items in local news and slant their views towards the ploitical party they believe in. Seems most have a political slant for left, liberal, democrat politicians. 

Reasons are too many to mention but since someone will question me on my comments here are a few.Did the MSM report people protesting in Madison this past spring that most were from out of state? When a heavy rain hit Milwaukee, Why will the MSM not report for example, MMSD from Milwaukee dumping 506 million gals of untreated human waste into Lake Michigan for example in July of 2010? How about the non story of the Crivitz school board not taking minute notes of their meetings? This has been going on the last several months and no one thought it was important to investigate or report. A blogger broke that story. 

If the media would just report the news honestly and drop their bias at the door, a lot of people would purchase the dead tree or online subscriptions of their newspapers.The media can cry all they want but their faults specifically lie with editors, owners and reporters. No one else to blame for their problems. But keep doing what your doing and see other forms of news reporting pass you by.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

GAB Meeting, Your Vote Does Count

I received this by E Mail. It's important to protect your vote. If you can be there or know someone who can, let them know.
We're Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign

On Nov. 9th the Government Accountability Board is having a meeting that everyone who is concerned about our elections should attend. They will be discussing and voting on a number of issues including:
1)  Student IDs
2)  Single signature recall petitions that can be sent over the internet
3)  Allowing citizens to vote a second time
It is at 9 AM and will be at their offices at 212 E. Washington or in the Capitol. We need friendly faces!!!!!!.
Go to: for more information 

On Thursday, Oct. 20th, there will be a discussion regarding the Voter ID bill.  This will be conducted by the 4th Street Forum, a live cable TV show featuring Rep. Jeff Stone, Kevin Kennedy of the GAB and a lawyer from the ACLU.  It is, as I understand, an audience participation program.  This will take place at Turner Hall, Milwaukee and start at 11:30.  For directions google in 4th Street Forum or Turner Hall.  If you can, pass the word and encourage  attendance, that would be helpful.  Plan to attend and possibly ask a question. 

FYI - This is an article from the Milwaukee Journal in regards to legislation two Assembly Democrats have proposed that would keep the GAB independent, non-partisan, ethical watchdogs.  PLEASE!!!!   We need to know how they think.


We're Watching is a group of concerned citizens who follow issues affecting Wisconsin elections

Strange Corn Field Circles In U P

From The Escanaba Daily Press.
HARRIS TOWNSHIP - A Bark River family remains flabbergasted over a pair of crop circles discovered on their property Thursday.
The Jorasz family found the two circles in a cornfield approximately one mile from their home off U.S. 2 and 41 in Harris Township.
"It's eery - everyone says this is really weird," Sue Jorasz said Friday.
According to Sue, one of the couple's six sons, Mark, was using a combine to harvest the cornfield when he noticed the circles. Mark then got on top of the combine, contacted his father and took pictures with his cell phone.
According to John Jorasz, upon his arrival at the field, he noticed what appeared to be perfect circles about 100-150 feet wide and 100 yards apart.
Wonder if Captain Kirk landed in the UP like he landed in San Francisco park in Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home?
Are we alone in the universe?
Did the farmers sons pull one over on their daddy? 

image from EDPress.