Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ujnderhill Town Meeting

Underhill Town Meeting June 5,2007 7:30 pm

I give a lot of credit to all that served in the past and those now on
the board in the town of Underhill. Local Government can be very
interesting if anyone from the the town of Underhill
( Berry Lake) would show up!!!!!!!!DAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Highlights -
Town is looking at changing the way the recycling center is run.
A gentleman from Waste Management was there to look at the
town saving money for the town. The town is locked in their
contract for the next two years. W / M is building a recycling
center in Milwaukee that all bottles , cans, paper will all be
dumped into one bin and not separated. Wow That would
be seventh heaven in Underhill. Work in progress.

Town is looking at possible closing the road off of V by the
Recycling center. The road is a dead end road which ends
up by the bridge in Underhill. It is just a dump site for people
that are too lazy to take there garbage to the dump. I agree with some
on the board to close it down and turn it over to the land owners
along the road. The town can't put a gate up to stop the garbage ,
so just shut it down and save the time that board members
spend to clean up the garbage.

Berry Lake Lake grant- BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA,
where are the concerned people on BERRY Lake?

I think our town is going through changes and I think
it is for the good of the town.

Thank you Town board for your work.

The Sky is Falling

Chicken little , chicken little , the sky is falling.
Hey green wienie's, I thought hybrids were going to save the planet!
Honda to Discontinue Hybrid Accord SedanTuesday
June 5, 8:12 pm ET By Bree Fowler, AP Business Writer

Honda to Discontinue the Hybrid Verson of Its Accord Sedan,
Citing Disappointing Sales
NEW YORK (AP) -- With gas prices reaching record high
levels and increasing public interest in environmentally
friendly technologies, you would think that any car labeled
as a hybrid would sell easily.

Link from YAHOO Finance

But Honda Motor Co. on Tuesday announced that it will
discontinue the hybrid version of its Accord sedan, citing
disappointing sales.

Reaganomics was right, the market takes care of it self!!!!
Where is Al Gore and the government to prop up Honda with a subsidy?