Saturday, June 14, 2008

Your Typical Wisconsin Family

"Obama Meets With Appleton Family, Discusses Economy

POSTED: 11:14 am CDT June 12, 2008
UPDATED: 1:53 pm CDT June 12, 2008

Before his town hall meeting in Kaukauna, Obama is meeting with an Appleton family to discuss their family economics.

Ryan and Jenny Micke and their two children, ages 12 and 10, joined Obama on stage and fielded questions from him on stage at Kaukauna High School.

Ryan Micke, 29, works as a Boys and Girls Club unit director, and Jenny Micke, 39, is an educational assistant for a preschool. food and health care costs. Ryan Micke said their combined $37,000 annual income is barely enough to get by.

Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, asked the Mickes how they deal with rising gas," Obama Meets With Appleton Family, Discusses Economy - Milwaukee News Story - WISN Milwaukee

Since the messiah spoke to our typical Wisconsin family, I have to ask or make the following observation.

The following link is the 2006 financial report for the Appleton Boys and Girls club.

It does not show any payroll expenses so I will assume Mr. Micke is a volunteer and is not getting paid for his work. This then says Mrs Micke is the bread winner of the family making the $37,000.00 per year. Good for her.

She must of been rocking the cradle since their children are 10 and 12 and if it is their maternal children he was 17 and she was 27 when the first child was conceived, sorry that would of made him 16 and her 26!. Again I only make that observation from the above article. She is 39 and he is 29 and their oldest child is 12?

I will not make any assumptions on Mr Micke volunteer work. If I was Mrs. Micke, I would tell the young pup to get a real job and he could still help out at the Boys and Girls Club. Hey bud, get off your lazy butt and help your family, get a real job! Mrs. Micke must be towing the line and he must feel good for his non paying job. Isn't love strange?

Well since the Micke's pay no real income taxes on $37000.00, the messah will give them more free money from the real taxpyers of this country if elected.

Sorry, this is not your typical family in Wisconsin.

I only ask these questions since no else will.

The MSM sure didn't!

The typical Wisconsin family is not dysfunctional like some might show. The typical Wisconsin family is hard working regular people who don't give a rats rear end about felling good or meeting the messiah on stage! They work hard to take care of their families!

Alas it is election season and a sound bite or a photo op with the poor and down trotten is the norm for the next few months.

Who will be the next Typical Wisconsin Family on PARADE?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Southern Wisconsin Help

With all the damage in the southern half of the state this weekend, please do what you can. People are going through a lot but the people of Northern Wisconsin will do what we can to help our friends to the south.

Say a prayer that everyone is safe and damage is at a minimum.

If anyone needs a hand, do what you can.

We did not get the rain the south received so we must help our neighbors any way we can.

If any bloggers need some kind of help, let us know.

We will make no speeches , no grand standing , we are only here to help in any way we can.

We are there for you if you need us.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Lefts Answer

"Mpls. limits vehicle idling to 3 minutes" - Mpls. limits vehicle idling to 3 minutes
The Minneapolis City Council and Mayor R.T. Rybak approved changes Friday, to the city’s vehicle idling ordinance that aims to reduce air pollution. The ordinance limits most vehicle idling to three minutes, except in traffic.

"Most of the air pollution in Minneapolis Th nitrous oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the air. These chemicals are linked to increased rates of cancer, heart and lung disease and asthma and are the major source of human-caused climate change. Children are especially vulnerable to vehicle air pollution because their lungs are still developing, and they inhale more pounds of pollution per pound of body weight than adults do.

For the driver, reducing idling saves money in fuel. On average, a car will burn more than half a gallon of fuel for every hour spent idling. In general, 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting the car, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

"In these times of high gas prices, it’s a way for people to save fuel. If you’re sitting in an idling car, you’re getting zero miles a gallon. That’s not good for your pocketbook or the environment," Rybak added.

Engines generally pollute more when cold and driving a vehicle cuts warm-up time in half. Idling a cold engine actually pollutes more than driving it does and idling is harder on the engine.

An existing ordinance already applies to large diesel trucks and buses in Minneapolis, which in general limits idling of those vehicles to five minutes.

Does this law apply to winter also? You know sometimes Minneapolis can get to 20 to 30 below 0. So children, babies and seniors will freeze? This must come from Al Franken's hand book.Don't worry Wisconsin, our time will come and then we need to send these kind of people to Russia. Lefty idiots.

How long will people put up with this?

Drill here, drill now and pay less!

Baseball Prospect

Gillett High School Baseball 2008

Most RBI's for Gillett team.

Were told most RBI's in M & O Conference.

Named Team Captain

Voted to "All Conference Award" Baseball M&O Conference

341 batting avg

396 On Base %

Great 3rd baseman but did pretty well at pitching and any position the coach had him play.

If he wouldn't of got shelled at Brillion he would of had a respectable ERA.

Too bad the scouts didn't take a look at this guy. Does UW Milwaukee have a baseball team? It would be nice if he could play the minors.

Heck of a season Joe!

Way to go donut.

That's our son you know.

Milwaukee, Heavy Rain

"Super-soaker slams region
Twisters reported in seven counties, cars go floating as intersections flood, and torrents of storm water overwhelm sewers
Posted: June 8, 2008

A massive and drenching storm threw lower Wisconsin into a soggy chaos Saturday." JS Online: Super-soaker slams region

The only question I have is, will poop be dumped by MMSD into Lake Michigan in the coming days?

If I were to take a poll I wonder what would win?

Sewage dumped Sunday

Sewage dumped Monday

Sewage dumped Tuesday

Sewage dumped Wednesday

Sewage not dumped at all

The Direction of Wisconsin

From Owen at Boots and Sabers

Wisconsin GOP Platform

It is good to know what the republicans stand for.The platform was adopted by the GOP delegates.

An old friend told me something many years ago which I sometimes tell my sons.

"Do as I say and not as I do"

Will the leaders of the Wisconsin GOP do as they say?

Will they do something different?

Will they follow their platform or just want to get along with the libs?

"I voted for lower taxes before I let Jim Doyle raise them"

Just something to think about, please go to the link and read the full platform.

You Think We Have It Bad

From the Asian Badger and the Wall Street Journal.I work up in the U P and all the people are great. It sure makes you wonder here in Wisconsin what the future brings if we keep electing dems and RINO's. Look at the mess Michigan is in.


Granholm's Tax Warning
May 28, 2008; Page A16

It's no fun to kick a state when it's down – especially when the local politicians are doing a fine job of it – but the latest news of Michigan's deepening budget woe is a national warning of what happens when you raise taxes in a weak economy.

Officials in Lansing reported this month that the state faces a revenue shortfall between $350 million and $550 million next budget year. This is a major embarrassment for Governor Jennifer Granholm, the second-term Democrat who shut down the state government last year until the Legislature approved Michigan's biggest tax hike in a generation. Her tax plan raised the state income tax rate to 4.35% from 3.9%, and increased the state's tax on gross business receipts by 22%. Ms. Granholm argued that these new taxes would raise some $1.3 billion in new revenue that could be "invested" in social spending and new businesses and lead to a Michigan renaissance.

Not quite. Six months later one-third of the expected revenues have vanished as the state's economy continues to struggle. Income tax collections are falling behind estimates, as are property tax receipts and those from the state's transaction tax on home sales." Granholm's Tax Warning -