Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

It is a time to reflect this holiday season.

From hip replacement , to family legal problems ,
to complications from hip surgery , to selling our
bussiness , to bankruptcy and now starting a new
job in sales in 2007 , I can honestly be thankful
for all that I have . I have the greatest gift that God
has given me and that is my family. I often ask the Lord
why he has blessed me with such a great wife, great children
and a super little grandson. I am truely blessed with such
a wonderful giftthat I could and will never ask Him for anything
else .

It is a time to give thanks and reflect that our Lord
and Savior was born over 2000 years ago. It is he who
saved us for our sins. It was a babe in a manger that
gives us joy and love this Christmas season.
His love is in everyone's heart. It is said,
"to receive you must first give" .
He gives His love to all .

To all my family and freinds , to all our troops serving at home
and overseas, to our president and to this great country
of ours.

I want to say to you and your love ones,

Merry Christmas
May God Bless you
and may God bless America

Friday, December 22, 2006

Nice Story About Nice People

From Charlie Sykes show and the Milwaukee Journal

LINK to article

Generac workers get a holiday surprise

George Plehn, a factory worker at Generac Power
Systems Inc., was shocked to come home from work
and find a $31,000 Christmas gift in the mail.
It was a check from Robert and Patricia Kern.
Robert Kern, recently retired, was the founder of Generac,

a Waukesha County company that makes residential,
commercial and industrial power generators. This week,
the Kerns mailed checks to employees that easily added
up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The total amount
remains a mystery because the Kerns aren't talking about it,
but employees said some people got nearly $50,000.

You have to give Mr.and Mrs. Kerns a lot of credit for
doing something good. As with a saying I say to my family

"You must give before you can receive"

Now I would like to give you a quiz . Get a paper and pencil and
write down the amount of taxes these people should be taxed
on the money they received. Take the person who received
$50,000.00 .

What would be fair ?

10% should be taxed ? - $5000.00 should be paid !

20 % should be taxed? - $ 10,000.00 should be paid.!

25% should be paid? - $12,500.00 should be paid!

Remember , I asking what you think would be a fair tax,
not what reality is!
What is your answer_____________%

I will bet most of you Libs will not even be close!

Do you want to know what they will pay?
Scroll down for the answer!
Thanks Charlie for the numbers

Ahhhhhhhhhh first lets start with;

Federal Tax - single or married couples
average 25 to 28 % depending how much they make.

Fed Tax, O K lets use 25% = $12,500.00

Now Wis State tax 6.5% = $3250.00

Now S. Security tax 6.2% = $3100.00

Wait , Medicare tax is 2.9% = $1450.00

Thats 40.6% and you got it .

That equals, WOW = $20,300.00

Wait you Libs and Candy's, what if they buy something ,
a car,
a hot tub,
new furniture ,

Ok they spend $20,000.00 and pay , lets say
5% sales tax , that + $1000.00

Thats $21,300.00 just in taxes!!!!!!!!!!

Think About it ,
when you hear we need to tax the rich!
Who is rich? Taxes are just to high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can We All Say Jimmy Carter

Carter's Arab financiers

By Rachel Ehrenfeld from the Washington Times

LINK to article

Jimmy, Jim bo , Jimmy crack corn and I don't know
Carter has always had strange opinions on the middle
East. Anti Israel all the way. You kind of get the idea
from the article that back in the seventies money
seemed to (a lot of money) be flying around Georgia.
As in Wisconsin can we say Pay for Play?

Mr. Carter may be a good man, yes I respect him for
being the President of the U.S., but he was a complete
failure when it came to foreign and domestic policy.

Remember the misery index!!!!!!!!!

Suprise , Suprise , Suprise

"Shazammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm", as Gomer Pyle
would say.

Thanks to Drudge and My Way News, LINK

Report Says Berger Hid Archive Documents

Sandy berger caught stealing, destroying
and losing papers from the national Archives.

I thought the Clinton administration was the most
honest and trustworthy administration of all time.
As clean as the wind driven snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You libs and candy's , can you, will you admit
this guy is a crook and was protecting Billy from
something. What documents was he taking out?
Who was he trying to protect?

I guess you won't see this news from the main
stream media tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids Say The Funniest Things

Well , I was told by my son that I should not write
so much when I'm blogging. "Just do more links,
your articals are tooooooooooooooooooooo long."

I guess he's right.

At least I know now that someone is
reading my blog, even if it is only my two sons.