Saturday, October 29, 2011

Will Main Stream Media Cover Public Masturbation

From B&S via Dad29.

"City officials temporarily denied Occupy Madison a new street use permit Wednesday after protesters violated public health and safety conditions and failed to follow the correct processes to renew or amend a permit.

The permit, which expired Wednesday at noon, required Occupy Madison protesters to relocate from their current space at 30 West Mifflin Street, also called 30 on the Square.

A neighboring hotel’s staff alleged voiced concerns about having to recently escort hotel employees to and from bus stops late at night due to inappropriate behavior, such as public masturbation, from street protesters.

In addition, officials agreed further occupation should not be allowed to continue without restrooms on site to avoid further public health violations." Source: Boots and Sabers - The blogging will continue until morale improves...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

G W, World Series

Not that I am interested in the World Series. 

But I just happen to catch who threw out the ceremonial first pitch. 
It was George W. Bush.

I do have to say, this time he wasn't wearing a flap jacket. Still not a good pitch but again, no flap jacket.