Saturday, November 06, 2010

Green Bay's Green Blikes Run-A- Muck

From the Green Bay Press. The headline,

Green Bikes could go the rental route

Green Bay's struggling "green bikes" program could be reborn next year under a pay-as-you-go approach with as many as 100 bicycles available citywide.

So Mr Zippin Pippin Mayor Schmitt wants to try it again.
The idea was to make bicycles available for free to the public to promote an alternative, eco-friendly transportation method.

About 26 bicycles have been stationed at various downtown locations, primarily in summer, with users expected to sign one out and return it later.

But the program has been plagued by thefts and vandalism.

So on the first round the bikes were free to the public, then stolen and vandalized. I am shocked that the bleeding heart liberal idea didn't work.

The city would need $300,000 to $400,000 to start the program.

Green Bay must have a surplus in their budget to want to spend money on a failed program a second time. Let's just take the 300K number. That's $3000 per bike. If it didn't work with free bikes from the city how will paying $3000 per bike make it work? So people steal Chevy Vega's but will not steal a Cadillac? You catch my drift?


You see what's going on here, Schmitt wants to leave a legacy and damned the torpedoes, he will make this work one way or another. Tax payers of Green Bay, bend over and let Schmitt jack your taxes up even higher. I wouldn't doubt he asks Brown County to split the cost.

One problem with the city's past efforts has been that users often were sporadic and impulsive, Schmitt said. The Trek program, he added, would allow serious environmental advocates to make bike-riding a part of their daily routines.

"It would attract the people we're going after," he said.

Doesn't that give you a warm soft fuzzy feeling in your heart, My, my! Attract more environmentalist to Green Bay.

Hey Mayor Schmitt, why not throw in a free ride ticket on the Zippin Pippin with every rental. People can rent bikes to go to Bay Beach.

When is Schmitt up for re election and will somebody run against him. Budgets are skyrocketing, the people spoke last Tuesday and the mayor of Green Bay wants to spend money he doesn't have on a program that will FAIL a second time. Mayor Schmitt, don't you have better things to do?

What's the definition of "INSANITY"?

Friday, November 05, 2010

Ribble, The Outsider

From the Appleton PC . An article about newly elected 8th Congressman Reid Ribble.

"One of the best things that could happen to President (Barack) Obama is what happened (Tuesday) night. This is going to make him a better president just like it helped Bill Clinton," Ribble said. "This might actually guarantee re-election. I'm fine with that. I know presidents take the credit when things are good and get blamed when they're bad. If we put 10 or 12 million Americans back to work and he gets credit for it, I'm fine with that."

Looks like the president has an ally in congress. I can't wait for President Obama's second term.

Minneapolis Choo Choo Costs More

From the Daily Reporter. Minneapolis Minn. choo choo costs more then thought.

The council last month gave Metro Transit the authority to increase the price of the construction contract with South St. Paul-based Meisinger Construction Co. to 10 percent above the $5 million price tag, or by $500,000.

How much the extra underground remediation work will cost is unknown, but “it’s likely we’ll finish above the 5 percent but within the 10 percent,” Thorstenson said.

What will the Wisconsin choo choo cost the people of Wisconsin if it is built?

Stop the Choo choo!

Stopping The Choo Choo

From JSOnline.

State temporarily halts work on train project

Barrett hints that legal action could ensue if halt becomes permanent

The state Department of Transportation has told contractors on the high-speed rail line between Madison and Milwaukee to stop work on the federally funded project "for a few days," in the wake of rail opponent Scott Walker's victory in the governor's race, Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi said Thursday.

Why did Jim Doyle sign the contact last Sunday?

Why is Barrett thinking of taking legal action?

If the project was just signed last Sunday, how many people were already hired for the project?

If Barrett and dems are so concerned about jobs, where are they on the 350 layoffs in Sheboygan for Kohler?

Who is going to pay for the 7.5 mil a year to run this train? Answer, every person in the state of Wisconsin!

Stop the choo choo! Go Scott Walker

Update from the Green Bay Press.

Shutting down the project entirely would require the state to repay any money already spent. Money received so far was to be used for engineering, design and track work, signals and communications, and drainage.

If the project hasn't started yet, how can money have been spent on track work, signals and drainage?

Jim Doyle had no right to sign any contracts if he is not the governor after January?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Scott Walker, Please CONTACT: Dan Rogers DNR Landscape Architect, 920-662-5139 To Save $3.26 Million Bucks

A way to save money in Wisconsin. From the WDNR. Scott Walker, STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!

State purchase using Stewardship funds to be called the Menominee River State Park and Recreation Area

MADISON Wis. -- The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board has approved the acquisition of 2,714 acres of land and 10.8 miles of Menominee River shoreline from Wisconsin Electric Power Company (WEPCO). The board action approved $3.26 million in Knowles-Nelson Stewardship funding to acquire the land along the Menominee River in Marinette County. If approved by Gov. Jim Doyle, this purchase will be added to the Menominee River Natural Resources area to create the Menominee River State Park and Recreation area of 4,833 acres and more than 17 miles of protected public shoreline.

The existing Menominee River Natural Resources Area includes 1,922 acres of land purchased by the Richard King Mellon Foundation and the Conservation Fund in 1997. The land, on the river’s west shore, was presented to the States of Wisconsin as a gift. A similar gift of 2,530 acres across the river on the east shore was given to the State of Michigan. The Menominee River is the boundary between Michigan and Wisconsin and passes through the center of the property.

A master plan describing development, management and operation of the entire project was prepared in 2000. Citizens, local government and state agency experts participated in the process.

Adverse environmental effects are not anticipated as a result of acquiring this land and the long-term beneficial effects will serve to preserve the spectacular beauty, and to guarantee public access and recreation on long stretches of the undeveloped Menominee River corridor.

The Department has prepared an Environmental Analysis and made a determination that an Environmental Impact Statement process is not required.

Comments on the Environmental Analysis will be received until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, November 26, 2010. Address comments to Dan Rogers, DNR Landscape Architect, Department of Natural Resources, 2984 Shawano Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54313; via e-mail at; or by phone at 920-662-5139.

Not Made In The U S A

Interesting article from Yahoo Finance.

Here are 19 Iconic Products That America Doesn't Make Anymore:

Rawlings baseballs

Gerber baby food

Etch a Sketch

Converse shoes

Radio Flyer's Red Wagon

You can go to the above link for the whole list.

I Couldn't Pass This Up

From The Appleton P C

State Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson said Wednesday he has no immediate plans to return to public office after losing his bid to become lieutenant governor Tuesday.

But he also laid the rhetorical groundwork necessary for a political comeback.

"I've knocked on over almost 90,000 doors in six years," he said. "I've served as an assemblyman and run for re-election. This job is very important to me, and it's even more important that I do the job well."

Let's see,

90,000 divided by 6 years,

divided by 365 days in a year =

41.09 doors per day every day Baby Face Nelson has been in politics.

Let's take it a step farther. If Nelson enjoyed Saturdays and Sundays with his family, he would knock on doors 261 days a year which would have Baby face knocking on 57.4 doors per day.

What a bunch of CRAP!

I know he can't prove it and I can't prove him wrong so for those young people who are thinking of running for office, Don't B S your way through politics. Eventually voters will see how phony you are! It will always catch up to you.

He's Not Even Gov Yet

From the Appleton P C

Walker's comments came as Kohler Co. announced 350 layoffs in Sheboygan County.

Walker said he had left calls with Kohler company officials "to figure out what we could do.

He made a call already to save Wisconsin jobs? He's not the gov yet! Unheard of from Diamond Jim Doyle. I guess the union voters didn't expect Walker to help even them! The rest of the article talks about the positive outlook experts have since Walker was elected. My question is, where were they before the election?

I'm Gonna Miss You Guys

Gosh, what am I going to do now with the elections from Tuesday being over? I feel so bad I'm starting to tear up, excuse me while I get a tissue.
Oh well, guess I can free up some space on my P C so I can delete some photos.
Good bye for now but I know we shall see them somewhere in the future.

Good Bye Baby Face Nelson.

Good bye Russ,

Good bye Dr. Kagen,

Good bye puppet, I guess I will retire the real picture of Nancy Pelosi's puppet of Mr Kagen. At one time this was one of the photos of Steve Kagen when you would search Google images for Steve Kagen.

That's right, I have to get a Ribble photo and hold his feet to the fire. Hello Reid Ribble, welcome to my blog. Photo from Google

Some U P Election results

From the Iron Mtn Daily News. Looks like Michigan is on the road to better times and a better economy.

The state-wide race for governor of Michigan resulted in Republican Rick Snyder defeating Democrat Virg Bernero. Gov. Jennifer Granholm could not run for re-election due to Michigan's term limits law. In Dickinson County, Snyder received 63.38 percent of the vote compared to Bernero's 33.61 percent.

Republican Dan Benishek of Crystal Falls has won the race to succeed veteran Democrat Bart Stupak in Congress.

Stupak had announced in April that he wouldn't seek a 10th term in Washington, after helping rescue President Barack Obama's health care plan.

Benishek is a general surgeon and political novice who tapped into the growing tea party movement and voter angst in northern Michigan's 1st District to beat 58-year-old state Rep. Gary McDowell of Rudyard, a moderate Democrat supported by Stupak

DETROIT (AP) - Republicans regained control of the Michigan Supreme Court by capturing two seats Tuesday, riding the same electoral wave that made the GOP victorious in all major statewide races.


Wayne County Judge Mary Beth Kelly and incumbent Justice Robert Young Jr. beat the three other candidates. The result means conservatives will form a 4-3 majority on the court beginning in January, after two years in which Democrats largely had control.

Oh No, Snow

Something I noticed over at the Lakeland-Times

Minocqua, Wisconsin, United States (54548) Lat: 45.87N, Lon: 89.71W
Wx Zone: WIZ010


Latest Reported Weather Conditions
Observed at Minocqua / Woodruff, WI
Updated 6:35 AM CDT THU NOV 4 2010

Weather Video




Snow Snow
Click here for
past hourly conditions
Humidity: 87%
Wind: NNW at 7 MPH
Barometer: 29.88 in.
Dewpoint: 34°F
Wind Chill: 33°F
Visibility: 2 1/2SM

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Scott Walker.


Get Out And Vote

If you don't vote you can't give your opinion on what direction our country should go.

Either go vote or keep your mouth shut!

Now get your butt out and vote!!!!!!!