Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wow, My Home Town

"Pulaski students under lockdown Thursday afternoon

Officials at Pulaski High School instituted a security lockdown on Thursday afternoon.

The step was taken after school officials were notified that a home invasion occurred in the village of Hobart. The home is the residence of a Pulaski High School family, according to a letter to parents from superintendent Mel Lightner.

“For the safety and security of all students at Pulaski High School, a lockdown was instituted,” the letter said. “With the cooperation of the Hobart and Pulaski Police Departments, it was deemed safe to allow the students to leave at the end of the day.”

According to police, three men forced their way into the home with a small handgun. The men separated a mother and her young son, then took a safe with them after they couldn’t open it. The woman was told her children would be in danger if she didn’t cooperate.

Police are currently searching for the home invaders who are thought to be driving a beige-colored, fou-door vehicle. The suspects are three young males of Asian descent. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pulaski or Hobart Police Departments.

Lightner said the students and staff at Pulaski High School conducted the lockdown in an exemplary fashion.

“We are extremely proud that our students took this lockdown very seriously,” he wrote. “As always, the safety of our students remains a top priority.”" Shawano Leader

Chop you tube test 2

This Is One Of My Favorites

It's snowing II

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Christmas Song

It's Snowing

Joe on the lake has a favorite song By Gayla Peevey

Friday, November 07, 2008

UW Milwaukee Danny Glover

"When: Friday, November 7th, 7:30PM
Where: UWM Union Wisconsin Room

Join us for an “Evening with Danny Glover” as he shares his insight and passion for human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. Once known only as a Hollywood actor, Glover has stepped effortlessly into the role of humanitarian and has been defending human rights for more than three decades. His work stretches the globe to raise awareness of several important issues: civil rights and apartheid, the death penalty, globalization, AIDS in Africa and now the Iraq situation. Glover will discuss a number of current, critical issues that affect us all.
Sponsored by UWM Union Programming, UWM Union Sociocultural Programming, Third World Action, Students for a Democratic Society, and others. Tickets may be purchased at the UWM Bookstore by calling 414-229-4201 or 1-800-662-5668. For more information, contact UWM Union Programming, 414-229-3728." UW-Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society: Danny Glover @ UWM, 11/7

Wonder if my son will learn something, oh that's right he studies on Friday night,

I wish I could be there. All the world is better now since the seas have risen.


From JSOnline
"State pension fund loses $10 billion in October

By Cary Spivak of the Journal Sentinel

Posted: Nov. 6, 2008" State pension fund loses $10 billion in October - JSOnline

The state's public employee pension fund lost another $10 billion in October alone, making it a virtual certainty that - barring a dramatic turnaround in the stock market - retirees' pension checks will shrink next year.

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board had assets of about $62.5 billion on Oct. 31, down more than $25 billion since the beginning of the year. The SWIB portfolio is now about the same size as it was at the end of 2000.


How did this happen? Call congress, need to print more money. Was 750, then 850, and then over 1 trillion, Need more bailout money.

The public employee's should be screaming about this. Oh, forgot the bailout money will fix it. Do I hear 2 trillion dollars?

534 and 274

From the G B Press
"State regulators OK new Green Bay area code
Starting in 2011, new customers will be assigned 274

By TODD RICHMOND • The Associated Press " State regulators OK new Green Bay area code | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
MADISON — New telephone customers in northern Wisconsin will be assigned to new area codes, state regulators decided Thursday.

The decision comes as the Wisconsin Public Service Commission grapples with a dwindling supply of numbers in the wireless world.

"Usable telephone numbers are a finite resource," PSC Chairman Eric Callisto said.

New customers in the 715 area code, which covers roughly the northern half of the state from Eau Claire to Marinette, could get a 534 number as soon as mid-2010. Current customers will keep 715.

New customers in the 920 area code, which includes the Fox River Valley and Green Bay, will get a 274 number starting in late 2011. Existing customers will keep 920.

The changes mean people will have to dial 10 digits to make any call. They won't face any new fees, according to the PSC.

Callisto said cell phones and other wireless communication devices as well as more homes with multiple lines are gobbling up phone numbers in area codes statewide.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

McCain, Please

From Real Debate.
"McCain said he didn't expect there to be any repercussions for his heated rhetoric on the stump. "I think that most of my Democrat friends understand what politics is about and won't hold it against me" Real Debate Wisconsin

Time to join the Democratic party, please.

Republicans R I P

R I P Republican Party.

It is time the conservative movement go in another direction. With the pounding the republicans took in 2006 and 2008, it is time to throw the last shovel of dirt on the grave of the GOP. It's sad, the party that began in Ripon Wisconsin can only now be a distant part of this countries history. Ronald Reagan must be turning in his grave.

Why did this happen? How did this happen? It happened to men and women who went to Washington and forgot how they got there. They forgot their beliefs. They crawled on their hands and knees to become popular, to be friends with the left, to think and even beg the MSM to like them. They were sent to Washington to do the work of the people. They promised change, they promised less government, they promised to do the will of the people. What happened is they turned away from conservatism. With power comes greed and greed runs ramped in our capitol.

When republicans had the chance to make a difference, they fell to money and power and thought the people back home would not notice, would never hear or see. They just wanted to get along. They became moderate and centrist. They passed No Child left behind. They passed campaign finance reform. "We need to take the money out of politics. They went on vacations with Lobbyist Jack Abramoff and thought it was just fine. In 2006 it was Mark Foley. In 2008 to win a presidential election we had to reach out to moderates. To reach out and beg for voters that would never vote for us in the first place. We were ignored until Sara Palin gave us hope. Sara Palin spoke for us and to us, hope for the conservative people of this country. And what now, those same republicans are trashing her.

On a personal note, talking to people in my area, they equate republicans as racist, rich, Mark Foley, nuts who lie,cheat, earmarks and can't be trusted. Remember Bush 41, Read my lips, no new taxes. The skin heads last week were told to me, "they are typical republican". No matter what a republican does they get the bad press and people are sick and tired with the name republican. Their beliefs is anyone with an "R" by their name is scum. Get out of Iraq, it's Bush's fault, greedy republicans. They are only for the rich! A bunch of crooks! The media has painted the republicans so negative that anyone with an "R" is dirt. The press did their job and people believed everything they hear no matter what the truth could be.

Sorry, I'm just tired of those that are republicans that gave up their beliefs and ruined the Grand Old Party. I' m also tired of being called radical and a nut for my beliefs just because I was considered a republican.

I am not a republican. I am conservative. All the pundit's are saying we need to work with the moderates, we need to work with the democrats, we need to reach across the aisle. We need to move to the middle.

As conservatives, we will not move to the middle.

As conservatives, we will not seek moderates.

As conservatives, we will protect life and especially the unborn.

As conservatives, we are for less government not more.

As conservatives, we will not accept the country club blue blooders.

As conservatives, we will not give up our freedoms that our forefathers gave us.

As conservatives we do not spread the wealth, you earn what you have and what is yours is not the governments.

We need to change to a new name for conservatives. The media painted the republicans so negative that anyone with an "R" is dirt.

Where do we go from here? We go forward with conservatives like Palin, like Rush, what Ronald Reagan would expect of us. How do we do that. We need to first tell republicans we are not a part of their party and that includes money!

Maybe it is time for a "Conservative" party. We will become our own party.

It may take years but at least it will be our party. We need to first accept our party, We need to plan our party. We need to take the movement forward. It will not be easy. We will be called names, be smeared, will get negative press, ignored, beat up, again it will not be easy. Oh forgot, that's already happening to us who are conservatives. Money, not a problem! We need to find a leader, a true conservative in politics, maybe the Governor of Alaska.

Governor Palin, will you lead our party?

The CONSERVATIVE. Party, the movement begins.

Anyone else interested, let me know.

To the Republican Party, R I P!

Wha's Going On

I thought the sea would rise and all is good in this country?

Stocks tumble, lose 10 percent in 2-day rout
Thursday November 6, 6:15 pm ET
By Tim Paradis, AP Business Writer
Wall Street extends decline as Cisco comments, retailers' sales add to recession worries

NEW YORK (AP) -- Wall Street plunged for a second day, triggered by computer gear maker Cisco Systems warning of slumping demand and retailers reporting weak sales for October. Concerns about widespread economic weakness sent the major stock indexes down more than 4 percent Thursday, including the Dow Jones industrial average, which tumbled more than 440 points." Stocks tumble, lose 10 percent in 2-day rout: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

How's your 401 K doing?

Back From Michigan

Got back from my U P sales run, Did I miss anything?

Congratulations to Barack Obama and Steve Kagen.

Cheep pot and embryonic stem cell research Upper Michigan. Wow, I didn't think Michigan was that radical.

"November 5, 2008, 8:01 am
Michigan Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Expands Stem Cell Research
Posted by Jacob Goldstein " Health Blog : Michigan Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Expands Stem Cell Research

In Michigan, embryonic stem cell research is more controversial than medical marijuana — but, ultimately, Michiganders approve of both.

Proposal 1, a medical marijuana initiative, passed by a margin of 63% to 37%, with 87% of precincts reporting, the Associated Press reports this morning. The bill legalizes the use of medical marijuana by patients with “debilitating medical conditions” when approved by a physician. Michigan will become the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana use.

Proposal 2, a measure likely to expand embryonic stem cell research in the state, passed — but by a much narrower margin than Proposal 1. The vote was 52%-48%, with 87% of precincts reporting, the Detroit Free Press reports. The measure allows researchers to use embryos from fertility treatments to create embryonic stem cells, provided that the embryos would otherwise be discarded.

That work, which involves the destruction of the embryo, is legal under federal law (though not funded by federal research dollars). But it’s been banned in Michigan under a state law that prohibits the destruction of embryos in most circumstances.

I like the following quote from a doctor.
I am a physician living in metro Detroit. I am preparing for an epidemic of newly-diagnosed, advanced glaucoma cases among young men 15-25 years of age who live in the Ann Arbor area….Prop 1 should help them.
Comment by DrJM911 - November 5, 2008 at 10:44 am

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wisconsin 8th Congressional Voters, Spread The Word

The following link is from the podcast from Mark Belling at WISN 1130 am Milwaukee.

Obviously the press in the 8th district would not pick up the gaff, lie or what ever about Steve Kagen's wife chumming with Laura Bush.

The segment begins 2 or three minutes into the segment.

Mark does a good job explaining the Kagen stupidity.

Mark calls Steve Kagen a goof and a liar.

If your a voter in the Wisconsin 8th district you need to give it a listen.

We need to send Steve Kagen back to private practice.

If you know a voter in the Wisconsin 8th, please pass it via my blog post or e mail your friends the link from the Belling podcast. Also Charlie Sykes has a post about this same store , here is his link
Link to October 31st Mark Belling podcast.

Need to thank all who brought it to everyone's attention this past week.
Jessica McBride
Mark Belling
Charlie Sykes