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Wisconsinites, Your God-Given Right

More from the Wisconsin paper of record, The Lakeland-Times.
"12/14/2009 11:46:00 AM
How easily Wisconsinites forget their basic rights

By James Gleason

It has become apparent over the last 20 years that the people of this state have forgotten their very rights of which this country was founded.

In this coming year, the gun rights advocates in this state are uniting in a movement that will campaign against any state representative, senator or legislator who does not support an individual's God-given right to keep and bear arms or their God-given right to self-defense.

That's right, a campaign against incumbents and candidates who do not support these rights.

Wisconsin has long been a state that is always the last to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to such issues. Now it would seem that through some corrupt movement of the city government of Milwaukee, just maybe there will be some legislation for a firearms carry bill in Wisconsin.

Well, let's not jump for joy just yet. Let's look at the means of infringement that will follow.

First, the Legislature will try to impose as many obstacles as possible to be able to exercise this God-given right.

Starting with a ridiculously unaffordable permit fee and then imposing a mandate on training that will again be ridiculously unaffordable to the average citizen. Without a doubt, following these will be gun and gun owner registration.

So let's look at these issues.

First, the United States Supreme Court has on many occasions stated that a person does not have to be permitted, pay a fee, be trained or registered to exercise their rights under the Constitution.

With that in mind, why doesn't the Legislature in Wisconsin set an example by adapting the Vermont system of firearms carry? This would make sense.

Instead, there is already talk of mandatory training. Why would you need to be trained to do something you already know? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use a firearm. Training should only be an option and nothing more.

There are already so-called firearms instructors lining up and weaseling their way to the legislative training with no other thought in mind than lining their pockets with greenbacks at the citizen's expense. Any legislator in support of these weasels will surely get compensation of some kind.

Being permitted, to exercise a right; makes that right nothing more than a privilege.

Therefore, Wisconsin should pass a no compromise concealed carry/open carry, non-permitted system such as Vermont's, which is the oldest recognized system in the country. If it works for Vermont it can work for Wisconsin. After all, if the legislators are only going to copy another state's system then why not Vermont's?

The unconstitutional firearms laws that plague this state are the cause of the high crime rates we enjoy today.

The gun-free school zone laws which have already been declared unconstitutional at the federal level do nothing more than assist criminals who ignore these laws anyway.

Why can't the legislators or this state understand that if the teachers and law-abiding adults at Columbine High School would have been armed the outcome would have been different and the massacre would have ended with fewer deaths or injuries?

The same goes with Virginia Tech. Do you think this cannot happen in Wisconsin? Think again.

The gun-free school zone law needs to be amended to read that no person may carry a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school used for the education of children in grades K-12, illegally or for unlawful purposes.

It is as simple as that.

This would allow law-abiding citizens to carry within the school zone for self-defense and for the defense of others.

The transportation restriction for firearms in this state are nothing more than an extension of the long arm of the already corrupt Department of Natural Resources trying to restrict and infringe on our rights.

A firearm must be unloaded, encased and out of your reach in order to be transported legally in Wisconsin.

With that in mind, if you are being carjacked, simply request that the carjacker wait until you have retrieved your firearm from the trunk or farthest out-of-reach area of your vehicle and load it before resuming the carjacking. I am sure the carjacker will understand and abide by your request. Or you can always just give up your vehicle with possibly your children and your firearm inside in an effort to save yourself.

Why should these legislators ever be allowed to put us in such a position? They shouldn't. It is abuse of authority and blatant infringement on our rights.

How about the law which states, that you cannot carry a firearm into a business that sells alcohol for consumption on the premises.

Let me bring to your attention the true story of former Texas legislator Susanna Hupp. I will quote a Wikipedia article which reads,

"On Wednesday, October 16, 1991, Hupp and her parents were having lunch at the Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen. She had left her handgun in her car to comply with Texas state law at the time which forbade carrying a concealed weapon. When George Hennard drove his truck into the cafeteria and opened fire on the patrons, Hupp instinctively reached into her purse for her weapon, but it was in her vehicle. Her father, Al Gratia, tried to rush Hennard and was shot in the chest. As the gunman reloaded, Hupp escaped through a broken window and believed that her mother, Ursula Gratia, was behind her. Hennard put a gun to her mother's head as she cradled her mortally wounded husband. Hupp's mother and father were killed along with 21 other persons. Hennard also wounded some 20 others. As a survivor of the Luby's massacre, Hupp testified across the country in support of concealed-handgun laws. She said that had there been a second chance to prevent the slaughter, she would have violated the Texas law and carried the handgun inside her purse into the restaurant."

Don't think this could happen in Wisconsin or to your family? Think again.

Look to the recent terrorist incident at Fort Hood. Again, Wisconsin paid the price for not allowing Americans to defend themselves. We lost two of our soldiers because even on a military base, our soldiers are not allowed to carry a firearm for self-defense.

What has happened to our country that we will allow our soldiers to carry a weapon in foreign lands but not here at home? God bless our soldiers who have lost their lives because of these ridiculous laws.

Another blatant infringement on our rights is the law that states you cannot carry a firearm into a building which is owned by the government or its subdivisions or in state parks.

This means you cannot protect yourself from a serial killer who may be stalking the state parks in search of their next victim, nor can you use the public bathrooms in city parks or on county trails. I guess you have to simply leave a yard biscuit on the lawn or disarm and leave your firearm lying on the grass outside the bathroom.

Maybe you could ask a passerby (who may even be a felon) to hold the firearm for you until you exit the bathroom.

Am I the only one who sees just how ridiculous these laws are?

I hope not.

This coming January when the new Legislature session begins, it is hopeful that the Castle Doctrine allowing a person to defend themselves and their families within their private property will pass legislation and become a law that will be signed into law by the governor. Keep in mind this is one of the most anti-gun governors Wisconsin has ever had. So don't hold your breath, he is not looking to do us any favors. He has an armed entourage at his disposal so he could care less about your ability to defend yourself or your family without having to worry about being sued by the criminal or the criminal's family for doing so.

Make an effort to become familiar with your rights and remember a right not exercised is a right lost.

Check out and sign the petition to repeal or amend these ridiculous laws and stop the infringement on our rights.

Call your state representative or state senator and demand that they support the Castle Doctrine and legislation for a no-compromise open carry/concealed carry non-permitted system here in Wisconsin. Tell them if they don't support your rights as afforded to you under the U.S and the Wisconsin constitutions, you will not support them at election time.

It is time we as law-abiding citizens take a stand. Wisconsin should stand united.

James Gleason, 46, is a sergeant for the Department of Corrections and currently resides in Chilton. He also has family ties to the Minocqua area.

" How easily Wisconsinites forget their basic rights

Barack W Bush Extends Patriot Act

From the Wisconsin paper of record, The Lakeland-Times. Where is the MSM and where are the rest on the left on this? You would think George W Bush is in office.
"2/18/2009 5:58:00 AM
Under the radar, Obama pushes for Patriot Act renewal
Feingold expresses frustration over Senate version
Richard Moore
Investigative Reporter

With key sections of the U.S. Patriot Act set to expire Dec. 31, the Obama administration - essentially tiptoeing through the corridors of Congress and using the raucous health care debate as cover - has quietly maneuvered for renewal of the controversial provisions, which he opposed as a senator.

Perhaps the most contentious measure is the business records provision, also known as the library provision, which allows the government to seek a court order forcing private entities such as banks, hospitals, and libraries to hand over "any tangible thing" - from library circulation records to medical records - officials think is relevant in a terrorist investigation.

This week, with time running out and no time to debate the bill on its merits, Democratic supporters of reauthorization in the Senate tried but fail to win House support to embed the provisions in a separate $626 billion Pentagon funding bill. The House has passed a bill with stronger civil liberties protections, but that version is not expected to survive."
Under the radar, Obama pushes for Patriot Act renewal

Ouch! That's gotta hurt.

Everything That Exists Belongs To God

A good clarification from Dad 29
"Friday, December 18, 2009
What the Pope REALLY Said About Ecology
One expects the press to miss the point when reporting on Papal documents. So here's a column which does NOT miss the point. Amazingly, the point was not 'to reduce carbon emissions...'
" Dad29: What the Pope REALLY Said About Ecology

NASCAR Makes It Official

From on the Milwaukee Mile
"Milwaukee Mile won't hold NASCAR races in 2010
By Sporting News Wire Service
December 18, 2009
08:14 AM EST

NASCAR is looking at replacing those races on the schedule."
 NASCAR.COM - Milwaukee Mile won't hold NASCAR races in 2010 - Dec 16, 2009

Where were politicians on this?

For Unto Us A Child Is Born

A reminder from Try 2 Focus for those in the Green Bay Area.
"Live Nativity Display Tonight
Posted by brvanlanen on December 18, 2009
This is very cool!

The Christmas story will be retold four times this evening in a tradition that began with the theft of a Nativity display 11 years ago at a church on Green Bay’s east side.

A Live Nativity presentation is scheduled for 5:30, 6, 6:30 and 7 p.m. at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, 120 S. Henry St."
Live Nativity Display Tonight « Try 2 Focus

Scab No More

From Yahoo Finance. Mrs Berry Laker would always call Saab, "SCAB"

"GM to discontinue Saab after deal talks collapse
GM to wind down Saab brand after deal talks with Spyker Cars collapse
By Dan Strumpf, AP Auto Writer , On Friday December 18, 2009, 9:32 am

NEW YORK (AP) -- General Motors Co. said Friday it will wind down Saab after talks to sell the brand to Dutch carmaker Spyker Cars collapsed.

GM said in a news release that issues arose during the sale talks that could not be resolved." GM to discontinue Saab after deal talks collapse - Yahoo! Finance

2010 Election Information

Thanks to Charlie Sykes and information from JSOnline
By Charlie Sykes
Story Created: Dec 18, 2009
Story Updated: Dec 18, 2009

Data on the Workforce Development Web site and reports published in the Wisconsin Blue Book show that as far back as 1966 manufacturing employment here has always been greater than government employment, until this year.

For the first time in state history, there are more government workers than manufacturing workers."
JIM DOYLE'S LEGACY | Newsradio 620 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Talk, Sports, Weather | Charlie Sykes

Will anyone use this information in the upcoming 2010 elections. This is bread from heaven who uses this against all local and state elections. And you wonder why your taxes keep going up? Dems, Diamond Jim Doyle and RINO's are running this state into the ground.

Wake up people.

Any who is paying for all this?

Blains, Just Buy Them Out

Blains is having a conniption fit. Blains is like our Mills Fleet Farm in Southeastern Wisconsin
From JSOnline.
"Farm & Fleet operator disputes use of phrase
By Bruce Vielmetti of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Dec. 17, 2009

For years, Blain's Farm & Fleet probably worried most about confusion with Mills Fleet Farm, another Wisconsin retailer whose name reveals the similarity of the two concerns - farm supplies, work clothing, tools and the like.

But Blain's new trademark lawsuit takes aim at a Minnesota company that also uses Farm & Fleet." Farm & Fleet operator disputes use of phrase - JSOnline

According the lawsuit, Runnings switched its identifier from Fleet & Farm to Farm & Fleet in 2002, well after Runnings knew of Blain's use of the phrase. The use is "in bad faith and blatant disregard for the rights" of Blain's, is "likely to cause confusion, mistake, and to deceive," the complaint says.

The action, filed in federal court in Madison, claims Runnings has engaged in unfair competition, trademark infringement and dilution, and service mark infringement. Blain's is asking that the court order Runnings to stop using Farm & Fleet and to destroy all products, labels, signs, advertisements and other materials that use Farm & Fleet.

According the lawsuit, Runnings switched its identifier from Fleet & Farm to Farm & Fleet in 2002, well after Runnings knew of Blain's use of the phrase. The use is "in bad faith and blatant disregard for the rights" of Blain's, is "likely to cause confusion, mistake, and to deceive," the complaint says.

In October, Blain's began selling online through its Web site,, and so its exclusive use of Farm & Fleet now extends nationwide, the company claims.

Runnings' Web site does not appear to offer online sales.

Where has Blain's been since 2002? So they now have a conniption fit because they have a web site up and running? They want "Runnings to stop using Farm & Fleet and to destroy all products, labels, signs, advertisements and other materials that use Farm & Fleet."

Drop the law suit or buy out Running's. I never liked Blains when I lived in southeastern Wisconsin. Always went to Fleet Farm in Menomenee Falls.

I would say this is just a way to drive Runnings price down so Blains can buy them for a song and a dance.

Grandma Needs A Background Check

From JSOnline
"U.S. Senate to consider background checks for child-care providers
By John Diedrich of the Journal Sentinel

Posted: Dec. 17, 2009
Related Coverage

Legislation calling for child-care providers across the nation to have comprehensive background examinations, including FBI fingerprint checks, was introduced Thursday in the U.S. Senate.

The Senate bill was authored by Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), who said background requirements vary greatly around the country.

"This bill will reassure parents that their children are being taken care of by qualified individuals in a safe environment," Burr said in a written statement."
U.S. Senate to consider background checks for child-care providers - JSOnline

Looks like grandma, aunt's and the fourteen year old baby sitter next door will have to have background checks done to watch your children for you and your spouses night out. Sen. Burr must be a RINO. Do you think I'm kidding? Look at CPSIA concerning rummage sales.

Looks like a 2010 campaign issue against RINOs and dems.

Congressman Steve Kagen Wearing Out His Welcome

Funding for milk farmers from the Green Bay Press Gazette doesn't seem to have any comments from Congressman Steve Kagen.
"Relief on the way for state dairy farmers
By LARRY BIVINS • Press-Gazette Washington Bureau • December 18, 2009

WASHINGTON — Wisconsin dairy farmers struggling to cope with low milk prices and high production cost should soon see some relief from the federal government.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture began distributing $290 million Thursday in direct assistance to dairy farmers. The one-time payments will be made under the Dairy Economic Loss Assistance Payment Program.

The amount of compensation per farmer will be based on twice the total pounds of production sold commercially from February through July of this year, up to 6 million pounds.

The payment comes from $350 million that Rep. Dave Obey, D-Wausau, and Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Milwaukee, helped secure in the Agriculture spending bill that President Barack Obama signed on Oct. 21. That includes $60 million for the federal government to buy cheese and other dairy products for food banks and federal nutrition programs.

Obey said the average Wisconsin dairy farmer with about 85 cows can expect to receive at least $5,000. Combined with the distribution of $175 million under the Milk Income Loss Contract, the average Wisconsin farmer will have received $13,000.

"Everyone understands that this does not make these farmers whole for the losses they have taken because of the historically low prices this year. But it might be the difference between getting by or going out of business," Obey said.

Milk prices paid to farmers dropped about 27 percent from the final three months of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009, according to the USDA. The average price farmers received for milk during the summer was about half their production cost.

By year's end, Obey said, the amount of assistance to Wisconsin farmers could exceed $250 million."
Relief on the way for state dairy farmers | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
Since Congressman Steve Kagen is on U.S. House Committee on Agriculture, why did the PG not get a comment from Steve Kagen? Is the paper running from Kagen, are they trying to ignore him? Maybe they just forget to call the congressman who goes to bat for us in Wisconsin.

Oh wait, Larry from the GBP (Gannett) wrote a longer article for Oshkosh. Seems they put a comment in by Kagen. Hey Larry, Kagens 8th district does not cover Oshkosh! Looks like Steve Kagen is wearing out his welcome at the Green Bay Press. Does Larry really see who Kagen really is?  I wonder? Here's the Northwestern article.

"Relief on the way for Wis. dairy farmers
By LARRY BIVINS • Gannett Washington Bureau • December 18, 2009

WASHINGTON - Wisconsin dairy farmers struggling to cope with low milk prices and high production cost should soon see some relief from the federal government.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture began distributing $290 million Thursday in direct assistance to dairy farmers. The one-time payments will be made under the Dairy Economic Loss Assistance Payment Program.

The amount of compensation per farmer will be based on twice the total pounds of production sold commercially from February through July of this year, up to 6 million pounds.

The payment comes from $350 million that Rep. Dave Obey, D-Wausau, and Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., helped secure in the Agriculture spending bill that President Barack Obama signed on Oct. 21. That includes $60 million for the federal government to buy cheese and other dairy products for food banks and federal nutrition programs.

Obey said the average Wisconsin dairy farmer with about 85 cows can expect to receive at least $5,000. Combined with the distribution of $175 million under the Milk Income Loss Contract, the average Wisconsin farmer will have received $13,000 .

"Everyone understands that this does not make these farmers whole for the losses they have taken because of the historically low prices this year. But it might be the difference between getting by or going out of business," Obey said in a statement.

Kohl said he hoped "these payments will bring a measure of relief to the hardships we witnessed in rural communities across our state and country."

Milk prices paid to farmers dropped about 27 percent from the final three months of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009, according to the USDA. The average price farmers received for milk during the summer was about half their production cost.

Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, also cheered the announcement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

"I have met with dairy farmers throughout Wisconsin, and they have told me that when the price of milk falls, they suffer," Kagen said. "These payments will help eligible dairy producers stabilize their operations during these tough economic times."

By year’s end, Obey said, the amount of assistance to Wisconsin farmers could exceed $250 million."
Relief on the way for Wis. dairy farmers | | Oshkosh Northwestern

Let's not forget who is paying for all this.

I'm So Excited, I Could Pee

From the Green Bay Press.

"Ifill to speak at St. Norbert College graduation in May
December 18, 2009

DE PERE — Gwen Ifill, journalist, author and moderator of PBS' "Washington Week," will deliver the spring commencement address May 16 at St. Norbert College.

Ifill, the bestselling author of "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama," moderated the vice presidential debates during the 2004 and 2008 elections. She will receive an honorary degree from St. Norbert College.

Ifill has covered six presidential campaigns, and during the 2008 campaign season, brought "Washington Week" to live audiences around the country."
Ifill to speak at St. Norbert College graduation in May | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

It's like a tingle down my leg, like Chris Matthews, a warm feeling right down to my toe when I see Gwen Ifill (from Wiki) will speak at the most liberal school of higher learning in Wisconsin, (how can you call it a catholic college) St. Norberts College.

The very Gwen Iffil who moderated the presidential debate in 08 while writing her book, "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama." Remember it was no conflict of interest.

Gosh, I can't believe it , Gwen Ifill coming to Green Bay. The grads will be awestruck with such platitudes as the most successful president in our lifetime, you are a part of history, oh my, I can't wait. Excuse me while I go and change my fruit of the looms, my slacks and my socks.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome To Mountain Wisconsin

"Welcome to the Nicolet National Forest"
Nicolet National Forest near Iron Mountain MI in the Upper Peninsula
The Nicolet National Forest offers you a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Towering pine and hardwood forests are interspersed with hundreds of crystal clear lakes and streams. Within a day's drive of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minneapolis metropolitan areas, the Nicolet is a place where you can truly "get away from it all" in the scenic beauty of the northwoods.

"Mountain is a community or populated place (Class Code U6) located in Oconto County at latitude 45.185 and longitude -88.474 (Mountain Panoramio Photos). The elevation is 971 feet. Mountain appears on the Mountain U.S. Geological Survey Map. Oconto County is in the Central time zone (GMT -6). Observes DST?"
Mountain, Wisconsin WI Community Profile / Oconto County, WI Data

Wisconsin, Dam Near Russia

From the Wausau Daily Herald.
"Updated: Hunters take Wis. officials to task over poor hunt
By TODD RICHMOND • Associated Press Writer • December 17, 2009

MADISON — State conservation officials should re-evaluate their deer population formulas and stop encouraging hunters to kill antlerless deer, hunters and lawmakers said during a hearing today.

The hunters and lawmakers pounded away at the Department of Natural Resources for hours, blaming the agency’s herd control measures for a weak November gun hunt.

The agency’s overzealous strategies have led to so many dead deer they have put Wisconsin’s $1 billion-a-year deer hunting heritage is in jeopardy, they said."
Updated: Hunters take Wis. officials to task over poor hunt | | Wausau Daily Herald

“We run the risk of ruining this state’s great deer hunting tradition for our sons and daughters,” said Tom Klieman, a Kewaunee hunter and member of Northeastern Wisconsin Concerned Deer Hunters.

Election time around the corner.
Legislators heading into an election year have tapped into the uproar. Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, D-Weston, called earlier this month for every DNR employee involved with deer management to be fired, a move Frank rejected.

Snowmobile Riders, Join A Club

A picture of the hard work snowmobile clubs in Wisconsin do on the trails. Here a club from Shawano County groom with their new groomer the last few days in the Shawano County area. A lot of trails are open but check your area to be sure.

"Krakow High Noon Riders"
Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs > Dynamic Menu > Snowmobile Clubs / Trail Information > Shawano

Keep up the GREAT work Krakow High Noon Riders.

For further club and trail information you can go to AWSC web site.
If you use the trails and your not a club member, join one. There are a lot of good people out there working hard including landowners who make your ride the thrill it is. Join a club or at least donate to a club in your area. Remember,
SAFTEY FIRST as you hit the trails! Please remember as you hit the trails that the weather has been warm and there is NOT ice underneath the snow on the lakes, rivers and ponds.

Enjoy Wisconsin. 

ESPN, NASCAR, Two Steps Back

"ESPN promotes Reid to lap-by-lap announcer
Punch returning to pit road as in-race reporter
December 16, 2009
03:14 PM EST

Marty Reid, whose 28-year career with ESPN has touched all forms of motorsports the network has covered, will expand his role and join analysts Dale Jarrett and Andy Petree in the booth as lap-by-lap announcer for ESPN's NASCAR coverage in 2010." NASCAR.COM - ESPN promotes Reid to lap-by-lap announcer - Dec 16, 2009

Returning to a role he helped define for ESPN for more than 20 years, Dr. Jerry Punch will join ESPN's team of pit reporters for 2010, working both Cup and Nationwide series races. Punch was lap-by-lap announcer for ESPN's Cup coverage the past three years.
All other members of the NASCAR on ESPN race coverage team will return in 2010, including analysts Rusty Wallace, Brad Daugherty, Tim Brewer and Ray Evernham, NASCAR Countdown host Allen Bestwick and pit reporters Dave Burns, Jamie Little, Mike Massaro, Shannon Spake and Vince Welch.

In addition to his expanded role with NASCAR, Reid will continue as the lap-by-lap announcer for ESPN's five-race IndyCar Series schedule, including the Indianapolis 500.

Dr Jerry Punch was a positive for NASCAR on ESPN. Not sure if Dr. Punch wanted this or was forced back to the pits. I thought the Nationwide races were a miss with Reid. Just didn't seem to be as good as Sundays in 2009. I'll give Mr. Reid the benefit of the doubt  but will have to take a wait and see.

First Allen Bestwick stepped down years ago and now Jerry Punch. Looks like two steps back in 2010 for NASCAR and ESPN.

Thanks Dr Punch for the GREAT announcing in 2009. I'll watch for you in the pits.

Thank You Steve Kagen

From Yahoo Finance.
"New jobless claims post unexpected increase
New jobless claims unexpectedly rise to 480,000, signaling labor market weakness
By Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer , On Thursday December 17, 2009, 8:36 am

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The number of newly laid off workers filing claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly rose last week as the recovery of the nation's battered labor market proceeds in fits and starts.

The Labor Department said Thursday that the number of new jobless claims rose to 480,000 last week, up 7,000 from the previous week. That was a worse performance than the decline to 465,000 that economists had expected.

The four-week average for claims, which smooths out fluctuations, did fall, dipping to 467,500, the 15th straight decline, viewed as an encouraging sign that the labor market is gradually improving. The four-week average is now at its lowest point since late September 2008, the period when the financial crisis was hitting with full force."
New jobless claims post unexpected increase - Yahoo! Finance

Wow! No On Roundabout

From the Peshtigo Times
"Peshtigo Board Opposes Town Roundabout Plan
At the Tuesday, Dec. 15 regular meeting, the Town of Peshtigo Board unanimously approved a resolution opposing a roundabout “being constructed on Schacht Road along with the Highway 41 expansion.” It declares also that complaints have been received and it will be a problem for Joy Trucking, Nelson Trucking, Aacer Manufacturing and Superior Ltd., as they have multi-axle trucks which will tear the Roundabout apart.”

It relates further that the system with stop signs works great as it is presently set up. It therefore requests that the construction of the roundabout be dropped."
Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper

If your from that area, it wouldn't hurt to call the board , thank them for their vote and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Michigan, You Can Thank Wisconsin

From the Iron Mountain Daily News.
"We Energies adjusts rate hike
By NIKKI YOUNK, Staff Writer
POSTED: December 16, 2009

IRON MOUNTAIN - Beginning Jan. 1, We Energies customers in Michigan will see their monthly energy bills increase by an average of 9.5 percent, instead of the previously planned average of 16 percent.

Percentages take into account both residential and commercial customers.

On July 3, We Energies announced that residential customers in Michigan would be paying up to 33 percent more on their monthly energy bills in 2010.

Customers would have paid an additional $11.50 per month beginning Jan. 1, an additional $24 per month beginning in July, and an additional $1.50 per month later in the year. The total per month increase would have been $37 per month.

However, Brian Manthey of We Energies Media Relations said that the company informed the Michigan Public Service Commission on Dec. 7 of its intent to reduce the Jan. 1 rate increase.

"We haven't changed the overall rate request," Manthey explained. "We decided that the first increase was too much of a jump at once."

Manthey said that the average residential customer in Michigan currently has a $89.50 monthly bill. With the new increase, the monthly bill will be approximately $98.

Under the previous plan, the average customer's monthly bill would have jumped to about $101, Manthey added.

Although We Energies will self-implement the Jan. 1 increase, further rate increases will have to be approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Manthey said that the rate increases are necessary to cover the cost of two new 615-mega-watt, coal-fueled generating units at Elm Road Generating Station in Oak Creek, Wis. The units will increase energy reliability to all We Energies customers, he added.

We Energies serves approximately 26,000 residential and 2,500 industrial or commercial customers in the Upper Peninsula, primarily in the Iron Mountain-Kingsford and Marquette areas.

Nikki Younk's e-mail address is"
We Energies adjusts rate hike - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News

People of Michigan, did you catch that, your still going to get the 16% increase , just not all at one time. Why did the reporter not stress that? Maybe she couldn't bring herself to scare the people of Michigan or she is liberal and doesn't mind when she see's people getting screwed over. Brian Manthey the X sports guy must really love his job. Were going to screw you, just not as fast! Wisconsin, Michigan, you just got to love having democrats in charge, especially those from Wisconsin. Will you in Michigan still send us a Christmas card?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

A special Happy Birthday to the love of my life today. Who else could put up with me.
She's 29 and still as beautiful as ever.


Happy Birthday Mrs. Berry Laker.

Today In Catholic Teachings

The Feastday of St. Valentine
"St. Valentine
Feastday: December 16

Martyr with a group, including Navalis, Concordius, and Agricola at Ravenna, Italy. There is some question as to whether they were actually martyred in that city (as St. Peter Chrysologus wrote that St. Apollinaris was the only person martyred at Ravenna); It is also possible that they can be considered synonymous with Valentine martyrs of that same era also declared to have died in Ravenna. "
St. Valentine - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

This Day In History 1773

"The Boston Tea Party, 1773

Victory in the French and Indian War was costly for the British. At the war's conclusion in 1763, King George III and his government looked to taxing the American colonies as a way of recouping their war costs. They were also looking for ways to reestablish control over the colonial governments that had become increasingly independent while the Crown was distracted by the war. Royal ineptitude compounded the problem. A series of actions including the Stamp Act (1765), the Townsend Acts (1767) and the Boston Massacre (1770) agitated the colonists, straining relations with the mother country. But it was the Crown's attempt to tax tea that spurred the colonists to action and laid the groundwork for the American Revolution. "
The Boston Tea Party, 1773

The colonies refused to pay the levies required by the Townsend Acts claiming they had no obligation to pay taxes imposed by a Parliament in which they had no representation. In response, Parliament retracted the taxes with the exception of a duty on tea - a demonstration of Parliament's ability and right to tax the colonies. In May of 1773 Parliament concocted a clever plan. They gave the struggling East India Company a monopoly on the importation of tea to America. Additionally, Parliament reduced the duty the colonies would have to pay for the imported tea. The Americans would now get their tea at a cheaper price than ever before. However, if the colonies paid the duty tax on the imported tea they would be acknowledging Parliament's right to tax them. Tea was a staple of colonial life - it was assumed that the colonists would rather pay the tax than deny themselves the pleasure of a cup of tea.

The colonists were not fooled by Parliament's ploy. When the East India Company sent shipments of tea to Philadelphia and New York the ships were not allowed to land. In Charleston the tea-laden ships were permitted to dock but their cargo was consigned to a warehouse where it remained for three years until it was sold by patriots in order to help finance the revolution.

In Boston, the arrival of three tea ships ignited a furious reaction. The crisis came to a head on December 16, 1773 when as many as 7,000 agitated locals milled about the wharf where the ships were docked. A mass meeting at the Old South Meeting House that morning resolved that the tea ships should leave the harbor without payment of any duty. A committee was selected to take this message to the Customs House to force release of the ships out of the harbor. The Collector of Customs refused to allow the ships to leave without payment of the duty. Stalemate. The committee reported back to the mass meeting and a howl erupted from the meeting hall. It was now early evening and a group of about 200 men, some disguised as Indians, assembled on a near-by hill. Whopping war chants, the crowd marched two-by-two to the wharf, descended upon the three ships and dumped their offending cargos of tea into the harbor waters.

Most colonists applauded the action while the reaction in London was swift and vehement. In March 1774 Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts which among other measures closed the Port of Boston. The fuse that led directly to the explosion of American independence was lit.

Take your tea and shove it.

You know the rest of the story.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trails North To Open

From the Lakeland-Times.
"2/14/2009 12:08:00 PM
The Vilas and Oneida counties' snowmobile trails will open this week.
Vilas snowmobile trails open Wednesday, Oneida's open Thursday
Stay on marked trails; caution suggested
The state funded snowmobile trail system in Vilas County will officially open At 8 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16. The Oneida County funded snowmobile trail system will officially open for the 2009-10 winter season at 8 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 17.

The use of caution is strongly recommended due to trails are in early season condition and more snow is needed. It is not recommended to cross any area lake until the route across the lakes have been clearly marked. For more information about trail conditions, call the area chamber of commerce or the snowmobile club located in the area you plan to ride." Vilas snowmobile trails open Wednesday, Oneida's open Thursday

Lied With A Straight Face

Congressman Ron Kind and Congressman Steve Kagen lied to everyone in Wisconsin.
They even lied with a straight face! Let me correct something, Kagen did say he was going to stick it to everyone and Kind danced around the issue. I'll stick with my title! No, they didn't raise taxes!
From James Wigderson at MacIver.
"Congress Voted to Hike Taxes, Again
By MacIver Institute on December 15, 2009 7:07 AM
By James Wigderson
Special Guest Perspective for the MacIver Institute

When is a tax cut not a tax cut? How about when it is actually a tax increase? " Congress Voted to Hike Taxes, Again - MacIver Institute

How can people vote for these two? I give up! You can go to the above link to get Jim's report.

Kagen's Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

From the Green Bay Press. Congressman Steve Kagen bragging about his golden eggs from his goose in Washington.

"Metro transit, library, YWCA, St. Norbert to receive Omnibus funds
Press-Gazette • December 15, 2009

The Green Bay Metro transit system, Brown County Library, St. Norbert College and the Green Bay-De Pere YWCA are among the recipients of funds from the federal Omnibus Appropriations Act."
Metro transit, library, YWCA, St. Norbert to receive Omnibus funds | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
The legislation provides more than $5 million in investments to projects, organizations and activities in Northeastern Wisconsin, according to U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton.
The goose in Washington DC laid a whole lot of golden eggs. $5 million worth of golden eggs.
Green Bay Metro will receive $1.1 million for buses and facilities, Kagen said in a statement released this afternoon.

St. Norbert College will get $910,000 for programs in science, technology, engineering and math.

The bill provides $300,000 for renovations and other updates at the Brown County Library, and $600,000 for the YWCA after-school programs.
Before everyone thanks you Congressman Kagen, let's look at your giveaways.
“These projects were requested by our local leaders who rely on me to bring federal funding back home,” Kagen said. “I am going to bat every day for families and businesses in Northeast Wisconsin and the results show.”
Let's call it what it really is, it's pay back for his special interest groups. Buses do not generate jobs! St Norbert's is the most liberal left leaning college in Wisconsin! It shouldn't even be a Catholic school! What education will create jobs? Wake up people!
The legislation is intended to provide immediate relief to families hit hard during the economic crisis as well as long-term projects to grow the economy.
What families will get immediate help? The family of city of Green Bay with new buses? The family of St Norberts College, yea sure, to pay for teachers raises? The family of the Brown County Library, so people can watch more porn on library computers? $600,000 for families at the Y? Is it to hand out condoms and the morning after pills to teenagers without their parents consent?
It also expands funding for services to veterans, including more mental health services, health care in rural areas and assistance to homeless veterans.
Who is getting the money to help the veterans? ACCORN, AARP's or the SEIU?

Notice how they say the money comes from the Omnibus Appropriations Act! This money is from the stimulus bill Kagen voted for this past spring to generate jobs. Let me correct myself, this is a second stimulus bill. And how many jobs will this create, ten, twenty, maybe thirty jobs?

And who will pay for this spending? Congressman Kagen, take a good look at who will pay for your special interest spending!

Our children and their children will pay for all this! Thank you Congressman Steve Kagen!

Let's look at Aesop's fable from Wiki.

== A man and his wife had the good fortune to possess a goose which laid a golden egg every day. Lucky though they were, they soon began to think they were not getting rich fast enough, and, imagining the bird must be made of gold inside, they decided to kill it. Then, they thought, they could obtain the whole store of precious metal at once; however, upon cutting the goose open, they found its innards to be like that of any other gooseBold text
[edit] Morals

* Greed destroys the source of good. * Think before you act. * Those who want too much lose everything.

The moral of wanting more and losing everything is similar to that of another Aesop fable called The Dog and the Bone. In the English language, "
The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Steve Kagen is killing his golden goose!

Wis Skiing and Snowmobile Condition Updates

Some snowmobile trails open but conditions not too good as of yet. If I find better links I will pass it on.

"Let It Snow

Wisconsin snow conditions brought to you by Old Man Winter. Get the lowdown on snowfall all across Wisconsin. Grab your snowboard, skis or sled and come out and play! Volunteer reporters from across Wisconsin continuously update this page, so check back often." - Wisconsin Department of Tourism Snow Conditions Report

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pulaski Wisconsin, You Knew This Was Coming

From TV 26 in Green Bay.
Jeeeeez, you had to call a TV station to walk on your side walk!

"Late Snow Removal Angers Apartment Tenants
NBC 26 Video
Late Snow Removal Angers Apartment Tenants

Many people in Northeast Wisconsin continue to dig out from last week's blizzard including some ticked off tenants in one Pulaski apartment complex. The parking lot, sidewalks and walkways were covered with a foot of ice and snow for nearly five days after the storm passed.

Jody Wagnitz says the last week has been miserable trying to get around her apartment. "Very difficult, I purposely did not go grocery shopping so I did not have to carry bags through mounds of snow and try to get into my apartment."

Wagnitz says it took until Saturday afternoon before her sidewalk was cleared of snow by the snow removal company hired by her landlord. The snow had blown and drifted, so much so Wagnitz says, their mail carrier refused to deliver Thursday. "We were unable to get mail on Thursday because it still hadn't been cleared."

Pat Femling, owner of the complex, says several attempts were made to clean away the snow. "We've always done the snow removal this is just an unusal circumstance, things came up and we were just not able to get there on our own and when you are relying on someone else to do it you are at the mercy of their timeline."

Tenant Doug Kabara says that's not good enough. "It's frustrating walking through snow waist deep in some places and all that If they're going to be landlords they should do their responsibilities right away." Femling says; "We have always gone out and taken care of the sidewalks, again this was an unusual situation." The owners have turned over snow removal of the sidewalks and walkways to the same company that clears the parking lot of their building.

Tenants hope the situation improves as the early winter weather season continues." Late Snow Removal Angers Apartment Tenants - WGBA -

OK, so we had one of the earliest, one of the heaviest snow storms in recent years dumped on us this past week. So a lady couldn't go shopping? So the mailman couldn't deliver her mail! What, was she waiting for her welfare check, food stamps. What lazy a$* people can't find a shovel and dig out like the rest of the people? If you look at the video it a small four plex. The landlord ought to cut off $10.00 a month on rent and make them do their own shoveling! Here's a shovel from Lowe's for $9.98. Hey lady, go use it!

16" Combo Poly Steel Shovel

Item #: 7875 Model: 1673300
$9.98" KLONDIKE at Lowe's: 16" Combo Poly Steel Shovel

Bet you she's a teacher or works for the school system or works for some part of local gov.! Probably voted for Obama! JEEEEEEZZZZZZ!!!!!!!