Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kagen Watch

Catching up on this weeks mail.

Low and behold, it can't be,
no it really can't be,
no, no, it really really can't be,
Yes it can be, it is mommy, it truely is,
( that came from Miracle on 34th Street) !

A full color thick cardboard addressed to
"yours truly" or
"current resident.

Steve Kagen:
PROTECTING our families by securing our boarders.

I know a lot people have made some very good comments on this
but I would like to add a few of my own.

# 1 It says in the lower left corner
" This mailing was prepared , published and mailed at tax payers expense".
I know, I know, it has to be on there, but this is so worthless. This should of been paid out of his campaign fund! I am not well versed in McCain Fiengold but this looks like he's running for re election.

# 2 Back side, upper right corner.
"Above Rep. Kagen takes up arms and aims a pepper ball launcher, used by our Wisconsin National Guard in boarder areas".
A pepper gun, looks like a real gun to me from the picture. Did his staff make a mistake and call it a pepper gun. Couldn't they just not said anything? I can just hear Dr K talking to that gentleman at the time of the picture,

"A'm goen to get that girly man, ya, just like anold"

"Whese 's dat guy, i gottm in me sites".

# 3 I think his staff screwed it up again, this one is just too good!
below pepper gun picture
"Below, Rep.Kagen stands with our National Guard troops surrounded by confiscated drugs".
I hope his son wasn't there with him. Did they search everyone after they left the room?
Ya think they had other pictures of Dr K and our Nation Guard people? Maybe in a mess hall eating taco's?

You cannot make this stuff up.

Well bottom line,
the G man and his staff better keep this mailer because first, this should of been paid by his lackey donors and two, you will probably see these pictures in his campaign commercials.

I don't mind paying for important government information,
but this should be on Saturday Night Live.
AND WE PAID FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks DR K, I laughed my _ rs off.

Update 9:32 am
List of sponsors of HR4088 "the Save Act of 2007
Dec. 17,2007 - Mr. Stearns and Mr. Visclosky.

Nov.9,2007 - Mr. Marchant, Mr. Fortenberry, Mr. Campbell of California, Mr. Conaway, Mr. Hall of Texas, and Mrs. Drake.

Dec. 11,2007 - Mrs. Cubin, Mrs. Emerson, and Mr. Wolf.

Where is Dr K's name?

Oh it reads "Kagen backs billgranting more boarder surveillance"

Oh, how stupid of me to think he is trying to take credit for someones else's work?
I know his voting record is slightly different!!!!!!!!!

Frank School Well Abandoned

From the Town of Underhill web site.

A big part of history to many in this area.

Never forget your past when going into the future

Frank School Well Abandoned

The artisan well at the old Frank School
property on the corner of School and Kelly Roads in the Town of Underhill was
abandoned December 22, 2007. The well had been running continuously since about
1912. In early in October 2007, an anonymous complaint to the DNR about the well
led to a series of exploratory tests.

The tests showed that the water
flowing from the well was excellent. There were no traces of bacteria and the
nitrate level was “too low to test.” Unfortunately a well is required to have
more than good water. It also has to meet many physical codes. The initial
inspection showed 4 items that needed to be upgraded. They all seemed very
minor; one being replacing the seal on the top of the well. However when a well
professional came to fix those minor infractions bigger problems arose. First,
the well casing was filled with stones. We thought “so what” the water still
runs and he put a new seal on the top of the well. This caused the water to come
up along side the casing. Very bad news, that means the casing has a hole(s) in
it and maybe deteriorating. A couple weeks later we met at the well to dig along
side the casing to try and determine its integrity. About 3 feet down there was
a hole in the casing, very bad news. We dug farther and did not find another
hole. A reason for hope. However, when we cut off the casing below the hole and
put a new seal on top of the casing, water still came up along side the
casing.Next step was to get those stones out of the well casing. The Town of
Underhill had to hire a well driller to do this procedure. (The Town of
Underhill needed to do this in any case because if the well must be abandoned it
has to be filled with concrete "to the bottom.”) We hoped, after drilling the
stones out, we could put a casing liner in the well. This idea led to yet
another problem. Normally when a well is lined the interior casing is 2 inches
smaller that the exterior casing. So a 6 inch well takes a 4 inch liner and a 5
inch well takes a 3 inch liner, etc.. This well has a 4.5 inch casing and there
is no such animal as a 2.5 inch casing. So we thought maybe we could use a 2
inch casing. This idea was workable but unfortunately lining the well did not
guarantee it would work properly.

We discussed many options (with their
associated costs, some costing over $5,000, and probabilities of success) and
sadly came to the conclusion that the well had to be abandoned. Note: the DNR
man who had to handle the complaint about the well was as disappointed as anyone
that the only financially acceptable option was to abandon the well.

We need the people of Underhill and Berry Lake to find a
way to get the well back to it's original form.
I talked to our town chairman and offered my help to get this going.
More details to follow.

Farm Update

Farm update - as a service to agriculture.

To all the small farmers that might read this or any blog.
All farmers are welcome except those corn growing ethanol farms.
You guys find another blog!
We accept all readers except those mentioned above!
Oh and I don't like those curly q light bulb lovers either!

From the Green Bay Press

Posted January 5, 2008
Manure application risky in winter
Wait until there's no rain or melting snow, officials say
Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers
MADISON — With rain and warmer temperatures predicted over the weekend and into next week, state agriculture and water quality officials are urging Wisconsin farmers to avoid applying manure if rain is forecast for their area or snow is melting or expected to melt.
Oh no, where are you libs on this!
"What we apply on top of the snow this weekend is probably going to run off and get in ditches and sinkholes," said William Hafs, director of the Brown County Land Conservation Department. "I really think people should hold off applying manure to fields this weekend."
I would hold off , (sorry cannot complete this comment).

I do want to thank the many small farmers that built this country.
But alas, most are gone!
Link to full article

Just A Comment

From the Green Bay Press
Posted January 5, 2008
Presidential campaign turns confrontational
New front-runners face tougher criticism

It's about time someone gets confrontational!
By DAVID ESPO and PHILIP ELLIOTT The Associated Press
MANCHESTER, N.H. — Barack Obama, an Iowa winner seeking New Hampshire spoils, faced stepped-up criticism Friday from Democratic rivals now doubly determined to block his rise in the 2008 presidential race. Republican Mike Huckabee claimed momentum for a hurried five-day primary campaign.

Yada, yada, yada then in the last two sentences

However the nominating campaigns end up, some Republicans were already fretting over Iowa caucus returns that showed 239,000 Democrats turned out and only about 116,000 Republicans.
My first question , can we believe these numbers?

Second, were all 239,000 dems from Iowa?
Not that I would accuse a liberal of voter fraud!

Third could some of the 239,000 libs be libs or maybe Republican cross overs?
I don't know , just asking some silly questions!
Where's voter I D ?????????????
"November could be dark," said GOP strategist Scott Reed, voicing a concern that others in his party expressed privately.
Oh no, we are on the DARK side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on Scott, take care of your base like Fred Thompson
is doing and the election will be a for gone conclusion!
This conservative will not be hood winked into backing
a flip flopping, middle of the road, let's just get along with the libs
republican candidate.
Bring on someone with substance, with conviction, and with honesty.
Need I say more!
Maybe a diffrent day!

Link to complete article if you dare


From the Green Bay Press , Link

Posted January 5, 2008
Tribes won't shelter smokers from tax bite
Oneidas, others charge excise levy that jumped Jan. 1
My first question is what percentage of tribal members smoke some form of legal tobacco?
By Malavika Jagannathan
Buying cigarettes or other tobacco products on Native American
reservations doesn't save users from paying the $1 hike in taxes
that went into effect on New Year's Day.

Wisconsin now has the nation's 12th highest cigarette excise taxes in the country, which means smokers are paying more for cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco no matter where they buy them. Twelfth highest in the country, it feels like the 1st or 2nd highest to me!

Tribes in Wisconsin — including the Oneida Tribe of Indians — charge the state excise taxes on cigarettes, which rose $1 to $1.77 on Jan. 1 as part of the state's biennial budget signed into law late October. O K, so they charge the new increase tax on tobacco!

But tribes have agreements with the state to collect refunds on the excise taxes paid by customers: 100 percent on cigarettes sold to tribal members and 70 percent on sales to non-tribal customers. For other tobacco products, it's a 100 percent refund on sales to tribal members and 50 percent to non-tribal clients, according to a memo from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau on the cigarette tax hike.
OK, I see the word "REFUND",
verb (used with object) Like Taxing Smokes give back or restore (esp. money); repay.
Who's giving back here? make repayment to; reimburse. –verb (used without object)
Who's repaying who? make repayment. –noun
The state of Wisconsin repaying the tribe? act or instance of refunding.
I'm getting lost on this, is the state collecting any money?
5. an amount refunded.
Oh, it's Diamond Jim and I think we lost something again!
The refund provisions essentially "encourage Native American retailers to sell only taxed products" and keeps prices on reservations equivalent to those in off-reservation areas.
Wait one minute, They charge same taxes but can give refunds. I'm sorry , this does not compute! So again I ask, if they're charging the same prices and someone is getting a refund then is the state of Wisconsin getting all the TAX REVENUE?????????????
Wait, you ( I mean me as in Berry Laker, not you the reader) idiot, read on!
As of 2004, eight out of the 34 states with federally recognized tribes have state-tribal tobacco sales tax collection agreements, including Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.
O K that sounds nice.
Between July 2001 and July 2006, Wisconsin tribes collected more than $83 million in state excise taxes and were reimbursed for about $59.6 million — or 72 percent — of those taxes, according to the state Department of Revenue.
Lets see, 83 million - 59.6 million = 23.4 million dollars to the state of Wisconsin.

So they are charging the taxes but the state is giving
them 72 % of all money collected.
The state gave back 59.6 MILLION DOLLARS???????????????????

So the poor Native Americans have to use there own money to pay for the taxes on tobacco and the tribe gets the money back from the state! What do they do with the refund? Does each tribal member get a check for the amount of money they spend on tobacco?

Shouldn't tribal members not pay the tax. If they could save a $1.77 per pack, that's more money in their pocket for education, child care ,food, medicine, etc..
The Oneida Tribe of Indians does not plan to change its policy and will continue charging the state taxes, tribal spokeswoman Bobbi Webster said.
Will someone from the Onieda Nation ask Bobbi Webster for a check every year. Or will they ask where that refund is going? or do they have a system set up that tribal members skip the tax all together! Someone is getting this money.

Ah, you got to love this.

And yes I do go to casino's and partake in some minor gambling machines AKA (sorry only) quarter slots, sometimes dollar slots!

And yes, my protest agaist the state of Wisconsin was to quit smoking.
AAAAARRRR^%$%&*, I'm on DAY 5 , Thank you very much for asking.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Can You Believe It

As I sit here on Friday night, I think about my future endeavors.

I must truly be blessed to know new friends in this world.

People that I may not have meet face to face or not even talked
to over a land line or cell phone.

I always mean well but my luck has mostly been on the down side ( except meeting my beautiful wife)! I have heard that if you don't have bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all!

Times have changed and I can only hope I will do what is good , do what is right, and
do what goes with good character.
Character is doing something good when no one else is watching!

I'm a simple guy with simple ideas. I am passionate in my beliefs. I am not mean nor cruel but I am sick and tired of every ones opinions are O K but mine.

Time will tell if I can do someone in this world some good.

Time will tell when I can expand on my future to all that read this blog.

Geez, I think I'm up to five diffrent people reading this blog.
It will be no surprise to them!

It's time to rumble , let's rock n roll.

Stay tuned!

Playoff Predictions

My Predictions are a bit different than

Daily Takes

Pittsburgh over Jacksonville
San Diego thumps Tennessee
Washington beats Seattle
The Giants over the Bucs.

Gillett Boys Basketball

Gillett Tigers took one on the chin tonight 71 to 66 , something like that.

Well the Tigers ( maybe kittens tonight) seemed like they just started the season.
Couldn't handle a full court press , a lot of the kids looked tired.
Sloppy passing , Sloppy fouls, Sloppy play.

Oconto Blue Devils came to play

and Gillett forgot to show up!

If you men want to go to the dance ,

you better wake up and smell the roses!

Shake this one off boys and keep trying!

R I P Lee S. Dreyfus:

To one of our Governors of Wisconsin

Lee S. Dreyfus: 1926-2008
May He Rest In Peace.
I really do not know a lot about Mr. Dreyfus but all of us should be thankful
for him serving as one of Wisconsins Govoners.

May he be in a better place. God Bless his soul.

Link to JSOnline article

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

John Gard In 08

Just had a chance to look at Mr Gards web site.

It may be early and I may not be able to do a lot but I will do what I can.

"Help bring Wisconsin values back to the 8th district"!

Mr. Gard, "Bring Wisconsin Values Home"!

Let's RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please contribute.

It's Time to Get Serious

It's time to get serious about KAGEN IN 08.

We need to start now and get the ball rolling.

Thanks to the others who are getting things going ,

A BIG Thank You!

Imagine, your at the Packer game and the announcer says

" It's Time To Rumble"!!!!!!!!

Sorry , they do it better at the games.

It be a great commercial!

Here you go WISCONSIN ,

and those in the 8th district !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Gard for Congress.

LINK to Mr. Gards Web Site.

Those of us in Oconto County Back You

Better Late Than Never

Happy New Year to one and all.
Better late than never! Sorry, I did not get around to blog the last couple days.

Been on a little trip with my beautiful wife over New Years and had to get back on the road for work early this morning. Went to West Bend for a short notice one hour invitation on New Years Eve. Got to see what Barton is like since we used to live in West Bend. In fact I lived in West Bend twice, once in 76 and a second time in 84. Meet my angel in West Bend you know!

From reading all the blogs , with all the New Years resolutions to the 08 looks into the future, it sure gives a person that special feeling!

When you think things have gone to hell in a hand basket in 07, no Iraq is a victory, to the presidential race in Iowa and New Hampshire. Looking into the the future, you have to wonder what will the future bring in 2008? I am not making any guesses.

What will we leave to our children?

What will our future bring to our elected officials no matter who they might be? Sorry "Dr K" has to go!

You know things will be fine when you have the fine people that we have at the grass roots level of our state and our country!

Reading the "The Right Side of Wisconsin " to Badger Blogger to Blogger Beer to Boots and Sabers to Dad29 to Drudge Report to Marquette Warrior to McBrides media matter to Michelle Malkin toPatrick McIlheran toReal Debate to Rush Limbaugh ( yes, I am a ditto head), to everyone else I may have omitted but am sure glad I know ,(not personally but sometimes I do think I am very close and thankful for their existence)!

I am not sure what turn my life may take in 2008 but sure am glad I started this blog. Like I have told the "wise man" ( you know who you are) of the Blogs, I do not write this blog for my own self esteem or self gratification!

I am here to sometimes vent my frustrations at the MSM,

sometimes to vent my frustrations at my elected officials,

sometimes to vent my frustrations at my two GREAT sons,

and sometimes to tell anyone or no one just whats on my mind!

I hope that in thirty three plus years , maybe my children will learn something about me, when I meet my maker. The goal is eighty three, (everyone has to have a goal in life, one of mine is to make it to 83)!

Remember, the three most important things in life in this order are,

1) your God.

2)your family.


3) your job or interest!

To all, no matter your beliefs, to all, no matter your political affiliation, to all, no matter who you are or who you think you are, to everything and all that is important to you.

A very Happy New Year and may this new year bring you prosperity or happiness or both in this great year of 2008

God Bless you and God Bless the USA