Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Right Thing to Do

What is the right thing to do after this past election?

I say that for several reasons, no matter what is done , no matter
what good intentions , it's never right! The truth is never reported

by the main stream media!

Example one :
I take for example "welfare reform". Back in 1994 a new congress
was elected. They said that welfare needed to be fixed. It was not a
popular idea at the time, but it was something that needed to be
fixed. No, it may not have been a compassionet stance to take
thousands off the welfare rolls but to give welfare to the people
that really needed it was the main goal! If you need welfare you

need to get a job or further your education to better yourself.
Sounds like a great plan, and you know what, it worked! The
republicans brought it up and President Clinton signed it into law .
From the media point of veiw it was Bills idea and he got alot of the
credit! If it was not for the republicans it would never became law
and all the people off of welfare would not be productive citizines
today. The demacarts are the party of the people but a lot of
democrats didn't vote for it. Who is called anti poverty by the
main stream media, republicans!

Example two ;
The cival Rights act of 1964 which was signed by President
Johnson, the republicans are always said to be agaist civil
rights , but back in 1964 more republicans voted for civil
rights than democrats. If it wasn't for republicans voting for it,

it would never have passed! The democrats didn't have
enough votes by themselves to pass it.

From - Diane Alden Saturday, Dec. 14, 2002 Link

"Remember that the Republicans were the minority party at
the time. None the less, H.R.7152 passed the House on Feb. 10, 1964.
Of the 420 members who voted, 290 supported the civil rights
bill and 130 opposed it. Republicans favored the bill 138 to 34;
Democrats supported it 152-96. Republicans supported it in
higher proportions than Democrats. Even though those Democrats
were Southern segregationists, without Republicans the bill
would have failed. Republicans were the other much-needed
leg of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."

Why are republicans bad for helping get passed the Cival Rights act.
Why did no one ( main stream media) hold the dems feet to the fire?
Why is history still not told to this very day? Because the main

stream media still says republicans are racist!

example three;

Here inWisconsin newlyl elected congressman Steve Kegan.
From Charlie Sykes Link
MONDAY, Oct. 23, 2006, 9:27 a.m.IF A GAFFE FALLS IN

Take Kagen’s use of the word, “Injun,” as in: “Our excuse, uh, in
Oneida was, well we are on injun time. They don't tell time by
the clock. Our excuse here is I'm a doctor and we're never on time."

Fine he made a mistake but if a republican would of said it, it would
have been a blood bath . And what does the Native Americans
leaders say!

Foe the Milwaukee Journal Link

"Danforth and Washinawatok said there were many more
important issues to the tribes than the Kagen remark.
Washinawatok said Kagen had visited the Menominee
reservation many times and that she supports his candidacy.
Danforth said the Oneida tribe had taken no official position
on the congressional race."

Mainly the tribes said that because John Gard was fighting
agaist them on casino gambling in Madison, that they don't like him !
If Gard would of said that that they said they would be upset

and would of made sure John Gard would have been punished.
John Gard would have been racist! Steve Kegan OK , no big deal !

Example Four ; Hurican Katrina in 05

Right after Katrina hit, the media was camped out in New Orleans
at the Super Dome. Women were being raped , people were
commiting suicide, Murder was happening , all hell was breaking
loose! On the contrary, it wasn't really happening . The main stream
media made up those stories, and who is still the blame for Katrina,
George Bush !

Example Five; Jim Doyle , Wisconsin election 06

From Patrick McIlheran artical LINK

His artical starts out ;
In your heart, do you think Gov. Jim Doyle is honest?

If your answer is an unhesitating yes, move along.
There's a lot of news to read.
If you at least paused, it could just be
all those nasty TV ads, and there's a good chance you don't
trust Mark Green, either. He, too, is a politician, and other
nasty ads point out his sin: He is in the same Congress as
Mark Foley was and in the same party as Vice President
Dick Cheney, and he looks dorky talking in grainy slow motion.

The main point on all this, no matter what good things republicans
or conservitaves do , you never hear about it, you only hear they
are for big oil, they are corupt, they are racist , they are homophobs,
they are for the rich , etc , etc , etc by the media. The media never
reports when the Steve Kagens or Jim Doyles and others of the world

twist the truth, twist laws to there benifit or just plain lie about
I will say that republicans lost the last election. The voters got
shnookered and faked out big time with deceptive ads and just
sucked it up!

Now everyone in Washington is happy! The mass media is taking
credit for getting out of Iraq, the democrats took both houses and
the economy is good , they will solve the war and Iraq , it will be
said the dems can now walk on water . Hillary in 08!

From charlie Sykes
MONDAY, Dec. 4, 2006, 5:35 a.m.

In Wisconsin , now that Diamond Jim won the election, vehicle fee's
might go up 46 % , We need to tax chocolate chips ,we don't need to
tax Twix candy bars, elected officials in Madison get sick days for
being sick but only two have taken sick leave in years .

If the president on 08 is a democrat and the economy starts to go
south, it is George Bushs fault. If the economy is good it's because
a democrat was elected.

If we have pease in Iraq it will be because the dems got
elected in 06 and won the war!

Gasoline price high it's Bushs fault. Gasoline prices low
it's bushs fault , he 's trying to get elected again !

When it comes to the main stream media they will spew what
ever they want to paint conservatives or republicans as evil,
racists, homophobs , global warming , it's Bushs fault and on

and on!

I can only pray that the younger generation will take care
our great country after all the self absorbed ,canyass baby
boomers ( not all, but most) are gone. I give a lot of credit

to the World War Two Generation and all vets and people
in our military for preserving freedom . Most of the main
stream media are from the boomer generation and it
sure shows!

When taxes start going through the roof and people start
complaining, will the main stream media report it?
I doubt it , they will find some conservative and blame
them and most people will believe it!

I always believe in truth and honesty . I guess I am in the
minority. " We hold these truths to be self evident......"

People who watch the main stream media, remember ,
don't believe everything you see !

Also, main stream media , be carefull what you wish for ,
you may not like what you get.

God Bless the U.S.A.

What A Great Line

From Lance Burri blog , His opening paragraph says it all .

"I’m very grateful to the Democrats today. You wouldn’t
think that, but I am. See, I hadn’t been able to find my ass
for the past couple of weeks. And then the Dems came along
Tuesday and handed it right to me.

Read the whole artical here! Link

Thanks Lance

Friday, November 10, 2006

Veterans Day 2006

I would like to give thanks to all the Veterans for there
service for our country.

First I want to thank my uncles Ed, Roman and Ed , and my brother Jim
for serving our country. I may have missed some relatives or cousins
who served but I am sorry I did not remember their names. I am very
proud of what they have done to protect our freedom in this counrty.
They never really said much about their service but their courage and
beliefs is what makes this country so great. To all the men and women
that served , served and died , also to those that are now serving is
what keeps what we sometimes take for granted that much more valuable.

Yes , you have free speech,
Yes, you can turn away from our flag ,
Yes , you can burn the flag,
Yes , you may not believe in God!

6 : 30 p m (Had to update this part).
Yes, we can vote ,
Yes we are only married to one man and one woman,
Yes, in 45 states we have conceled carry (not in Wis),
Yes, we have the right to bear arms ,
Yes , we believe in God and This country,
and yes many more .

We have many freedoms we can take for granted or show respect
for, but that is the country all that served, fought and died for.

My youngest son has his heart set on going to the Air Force Acadamy,
how do I feel? I feel proud that his future is his and I can only be proud
of what ever or where ever his life may lead.

I did not serve for our country and will always regret not doing so.

For all that all of you have done , I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday to the Marines , they are 231 years old.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You 8 th Distict voters for Mr Kegan

Dear voters , I would like to thank you for voting for
Steve Kegan in the 8 th district in Wisconsin.

Mr Kegans son had a small problem at the airport in Appleton
and Mr Kegan doesn't even address the question .

From Fox 11 news in Green Bay. Link

Kagen's Son CitedNovember 9, 2006
The son of Congressman-elect Steve Kagen was cited
Wednesday for possession of drug paraphenalia.
Tommy Kagen, 21, received the $168 ticket at the
Outagamie County Regional Airport after security
screener found a marijuana pipe in his bags, according
to Sheriff's Capt. Mike Jobe. The incident happened at
about 5 pm. Kagen apparently was not with his son
when the citation was issued. Kagen issued a short
statement regarding the incident: "We're very
disappointed. It shows a lack of respect for the law and
our family," he told FOX 11. "When there's 650,000 dead
in Iraq, and a news editor thinks this belongs on television,
that's a sad commentary" on our news organizations.

From Charlie Sykes at WTMJ in Milwaukee. Link

FRIDAY, Nov. 10, 2006, 9:05 a.m.KAGEN: SAY WHAT?
Newly elected Congressman Steve Kagen
reacts to his son's drug paraphenalia bust by saying:
We're very disappointed. It shows a lack of respect for
the law and our family," he told FOX 11. "When there's
650,000 dead in Iraq, and a news editor thinks this
belongs on television, that's a sad commentary" on our
news organizations. Maybe he's getting PR tips from Gwen Moore.

Let me say what his son did is not important. First the media
helped him get elected by giving him a pass on all important
issues and now he's upset with them!.
What is important is that Mr Kegan was elected Tuesday and
he must address questions when asked , second there are not
650,000 dead in Iraq, all life is important but even Iraq puts
the number at 45,000 ( wheres the other 600,00),
he must of drank the Kool Aid .
"Mr Kegan", if I ask you about income tax relief will you tell
me I not smart enough to know about taxes and get lost?

Libs , remember don't always wish for things, you may not like
what you see , check your wallets and purse, you will have to get
along with less cash in your pocket in the future.

You Libs ,he's all yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Town Meeting Last Night

It amazes me how small goverment works.
Last night our township meet with a special meeting
concerning special funding for two updated water trucks
for our fire department and money for road repair for 2007 .
First I would like to say we have good people working for our
residents ( our chairamn and board members ) and good
people in our volunteer fire department .

Both proposals passed but I guess with the after thoughts
about tuesday's election I can see most people do not care
about goverment , Taxes , and or quality of life issues.
There were 5 of 6 members of our towns elected officials
present at the meeting , eight members from the fire department
( they needed the updated fire equipment ) and Drumroll please,

Two, thats right two residents representing all the people of Underhill!
Yes , the people from the fire department are residents but to me
they were there to get better equipment which they deserve !
Myself and one other gentleman from the whole town .
People should not b_ _ ch when their taxes go up, or complain when
they don't get good services from their local goverment !!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God we have people that care about them( Town Board members)
that are making good decisions for them.

People are correct when they say being conservative is difficult,
you get blamed for the poor , blamed for wars , blamed for not
having compassion (Katria), blamed for coruption in goverment
( even if the libs are corrupt also) , blamed for the bad economy
( 4.4 unemployment, high stock market- did you make money on
your 401 K), blamed for everything that you stand for!!!!!!

But if your a lib you don't have to make any tough decisions ,
just have compassion for everyone , blame Bush , it's Iraq.
To be a lib is the most GUTLESS position to have . Stand for everything
and do nothing about it!!!

I guess I was wrong , I guess people only care about goverment
when it hits their pocket books !!!!!!!!

It's your money people , wake up !!!!!!!

Thank God again we have good people in our local goverment !!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wisconsin Gasoline Prices

Wholesale crude oil price- $60.69 barrel
Wholesale Gasoline price- 1.5699 gal

Lowest Price Appleton- 2.29 gal
Lowest Green Bay - No price shown
Lowest in Wisconsin- Oshkosh 2.20 gal

Jackson Mo 1.95 gal


Jazz Band Concert - Gillet H S

Tonight don't miss the Gillett High School Band
concert .
They will have the UWGB jazz band playing
to open the show. I have two say the jazz band has
two great players , one on the trumpet and one in the
percussion section. I am very proud of my two boys playing
and all the rest of the kids playing in the band.

You have to understand Gillett is a small school but
we have a great bunch of future leaders attending .
All schools have problem children but I have to say most
of the students at Gillett have some great futures.
We are truely blessed with good teachers with great students.

Stop by if you have time.
7:00 p.m.
Gillett High scholl

Town Meeting Tonight

Tonight I will be attending a special town meeting concerning the
purchase of two trucks for the Fire department to upgrade
their water trucks.
Cost is around $94,000.00 for two.
The towns people will vote to autherize the town
spending $64,000.00 on a loan to purchase them.
They already have $30,000.00 already.

Aldo we need to authorize by vote on how much to borrow on road
repair for next year.

I fully understand we need better equipment for the fire
department but want to make sure we are getting the best
price for the best equipment . Did the fire department do
there homework?

Also we need the equipment , but how much am I going to
fork out in more taxes? Our assessed value went up 72% ,
will my taxes go up 72% ?

Also we have around 850 residents in our township.
How many residents will show up ?
At most monthly meetings for our township there are at most
one , two, or three people showing up at the last couple of meetings.

One person runs the recycling center (He's there to get paid) .

One person has been from the fire department ( he
wants to get two updated water trucks - $94,000.00).

And me, If I don't go no one would be there!

People BITCH all the time about Property Taxes
but never are interested in local goverment .

Don't get me wrong. The people we elected are good people
who care about our township! They care about spending in
our township! They are always there to do what they can to
better our our town. Their good people!

My problem is with the citizens who again BITCH but don't care.

I'll let you know tonight how many people care
about their township and let you know the results !

How True This Is

A quote from the Wall Street Journal opinon page .
BY DICK ARMEY Thursday, November 9, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST

If your a conservitve this makes a lot of sence.

If your a Lib or a true Dem, You say ;
"What does that mean?" "What? " " Can you explain that to me".

I've always wondered why Republicans insist on acting like Democrats in hopes of retaining political power, while Democrats act like us in order to win.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There Are Good People In Wis.

From the Wausau Daily Herald, Thank you for info...

There are people that do what RIGHT.
I love this!

Posted November 7, 2006

Hotel yanks CNN; says network is pro-terrorist
Wausau Daily Herald
ROTHSCHILD — Guests at one local hotel who switch on
the TV in search of the latest news no longer have CNN
as an option.The Stoney Creek Inn, 1100 Imperial Ave.,
in Rothschild has dropped the 24-hour news channels
CNN and CNN Headline News from its basic cable offerings.
Tony Magro, 76, of Barrington, Ill., stayed at the inn
Monday night and said he was told by a receptionist that
the hotel chain’s corporate office had issued a letter calling
for the removal of the channels because CNN aids terrorists.
“I’m not an activist, and I really don’t have any interest,
but that struck me as over the top,” Magro said. “I’m rather
zealous about my rights as an American citizen, particularly
when I’m paying for the service.”Magro, who was driving to
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the funeral of a friend when
he had car trouble Monday in the Wausau area, said he had
tried tuning in to CNN to find the latest news on today’s
mid-term elections.The channel was nowhere to be found,
and he received an updated channel listing from the front
desk today. The updated listing includes news channels
MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2.James
Thompson, owner and chief executive officer of Stoney Creek
Hospitality Corp., made the decision to remove the channels,
according to the inn’s corporate office in Des Moines, Iowa.
Thompson is out of the office today and was not immediately
available for comment.Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp. manages
10 hotels in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.
The 107-room inn near the Cedar Creek Mall opened in 1997.

Election After Thoughts

Reading several blogs , listing to the radio pundints with who
I have to agree with . I just want to say

Yes, the republicans lost last nights election,
Yes, the democrats did not win last nights election!!!!!!!!!!!!
( I should clarify for you Libs., we lost it for you , you didn't win it from us)
Yes , our taxes will go up,
Yes , coruption will continue in our Gov. office,
Yes, you should get to know Barbara Lawton,
Yes, the democrats have no direction,
Yes , I am for honest goverment,
Yes, I am for security for our country to protect our children,
Yes, I believe in the value of marrage(one man and one women),
Yes , all my Michael J Fox movies have been destroyed,
Yes, I believe the war in Iraq was and is right,
Yes, I hope the war on terror does not come to America,
Yes, I will not vent , scream, or go crazy,
Yes , I am a conservative and am proud of this country
Yes, God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. my life and my family will go forward and suceed ,
and yes , good luck to the people that voted for the democrats ,
they will never see it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fall Election

Great to see such a great turn out for the election, Not.

Kind of puzzled about how the people of Wisconsin accepted
the statas quo.

It will be interesting to see when taxes start going up,
gas taxes up, licence and user fee's going up, we will have
to pay for all that spending some how !

Who will those poor saps blame for the problems they will see
in the future!

Looks like we should have one honest person in madison
as A G !

Remember the name Barbara Lawton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Notes

Went to my township at 3:45 p m and was # 128 .

Poll workers say nomal off year election would be around
100 for the day .
Our township has a little over 800 residents.

Did the electronic machine, didn't take much time for me but
for some people it took some time.

In the major election in two years they might have
to purchase another one.

I was told the machine can do up 200 voters in one day.

A lot of people voted with paper ballots so save waiting time .

Now 5;45 p m , we will see what the results will be .

Did the base come out to vote?

My Concern

Going to take my mother to Green Bay shopping .
What a good son!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I leave I wondering how much voter fraud will go on
accross the country and in our state.

Why do the Dems need to hire 7000 lawyers for todays election?

How many Dead people will vote today?

"Acorn" seems to have been up to something?

How many hours ,days ,weeks or longer will we wait for results?
Dino Rossi. Washington State 2004 all over again !

Off to see mom and out to Vote , You all Have A Great Day!!!!!!!!!!

Town Meeting

Township meeting was at 7:30 last night.

We are lucky to have the people on our town board.

We are west of Gillett and have ( I thought I heard )
the highest property values in the county. It was our
familys choice to have lake front property so the taxes
we have to pay , we pay. The town board seem to know
they can only afford what they have money for.
We do not have a fancy town Hall, have a volunteer fire Department.
All together they are great people.

Thursday Novenber 9th, 2006 Special meeting
for two new chaises for water tank trucks for fire dept.
Estimated cost $94,000.00 Est. loan for chaises for
trucks $64,000.00.
Also spending for road work for 2007.

If you care about taxes be there to vote.

Long Weekend

Its been a busy weekend .

Should of put this out yesterday morning .

Saturday ;
Nascar Nextel cup practice - Why did that guy take out
Mark Martin 's car , it's only practice! What a dork !

Getting ready for Christmas , went through the
35 boxes of decorations we had in storage. I'll let
you know when we start putting it out , takes two days
to decorate , oh i can't wait.

Neighbors came over to help us hook up lab top to my
beautuful wife's lab top in her new office. Wow , half a bottle
of whisky and a half a bottle vodka gone !


9:00 am church , it's good to keep the soul refreshed.

Thanks neighbors for cutting trees for firewood for the fireplace.

Spliting wood and watching Packer game ,
that game stunk, they could of been 4 and 4 .

Nascar Race , Mark (Martin) what are you doing !!!!
Sorry , right now it's o k to let Stewart win, better than cry baby
Jimmy Johnson , only in my dreams, Mark Martin Wins!!!!!!

Watched colts and patriots game , good going Peyten!

Watched movie , Hoosers, didn't think it was a great as
people have said . Midnight ,should of went to bed sooner!

It's Nov 7th

Don't forget to vote .

My pedictions ;

Green 50% - Doyle 48%

VanHollen 56 % - Falk 42 %

Gard 51 % - Kagen 46%

Marrage Amendment Yes 55 % - No 45 %

Death Penalty Yes 51% No 49%


Just want to thank "amy" and "just d " for
commenting on my Blog. I may not agree
with all but everyone deserves their opinon.

P.S. , sorry Amy, I'll still vote for Gard, good try!