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Oconto County Facing Reality, What Will The Unions Do

Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper:

"Oconto County To Cut $1 Million From Payroll

“Our General Fund is down from $9 million to $6 million in less than two years,” Administrative Coordinator Kevin Hamann warned Oconto County Board at their meeting Thursday, Jan. 20. Acting on his advice, the board directed their Personnel & Wages Committee to create a plan to eliminate enough county positions to save $1,083,079 in county tax dollars in 2012.

“It doesn’t mean we’re going to do it,” Hamann said, “but they have to start looking now.”

With the generally poor economy, property values have not risen and property tax collections have not increased in the last several years. The county has been drawing from the General Fund to balance their budget, the enabling resolution said, to the tune of $1,083,079 taken from various fund balances in the adopted 2011 budget, $725,000 of fund balances in 2010, and had a $615,567 net decrease in the general fund according to the 2009 audit.

“We cannot continue to do that without jeopardizing the financial condition of the county,” Hamann declared.
“We have now come down to the point where we may have to eliminate positions to make the budget work"

When there's no money left, what's next? Will the union employees fight for their pay or work with Oconto County to save as many jobs as they can. The line in the sand is drawn, who will cross it? Should be interesting to see how Oconto County and all other municipalities in Wisconsin face budget shortfalls in the future and who will give in. 

Damn'd if it will be the tax payers of Wisconsin with higher taxes!

Now That's A Packer Fan

From an E Mail

A woman from Wisconsin had 50 yard line tickets for the Super Bowl. As she sat down, a man came along and asked her if anyone is sitting in the seat next to her.

"No," she said, "the seat is empty."

"This is incredible," said the man. "Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the world, and not use it?"
Somberly, the woman says, "Well... the seat actually belongs to me. I was supposed to come here with my husband, but he passed away. This is the first Super Bowl we have not been to together since we got married in 1967."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that, that's terrible. But couldn't you find
someone else - a friend or relative or even a neighbor to take the seat?"

The woman shakes her head, "No, they're all at the funeral."

Michigan Stink Bug

State warns of stink bug problem - | News, Sports, Jobs, Michigan - The Daily Mining Gazette:
February 4, 2011 - AP

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Department of Agriculture is warning farmers about something small that could cause big problems for them. The MDA is putting out the word to growers across the state to watch out for the brown marmorated stink bug."

Why J Lo, She Doesn't Even Know Him

Seems some people going to President Obama's Super Bowl party, he's never meet.

Very Interesting.

Obama's Super Bowl Party Sounds Like a Nightmare - New York News - Runnin' Scared:

"All the people he has to put up with during work? At least he invited new American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez and her husband Mark Anthony. But J.Lo told Extra that she didn't know why she was even invited to the game because she doesn't even really know the president. So on top of spending it with his random coworkers, he has to entertain new 'friends?' Torture!"

Obama, Internet Coming To U P

From the Ironwood Daily Globe
Obama to visit Upper Peninsula
"2/5/2011 12:30:00 AM Email this article • Print this article

MARQUETTE (AP) -- President Barack Obama will visit Marquette on Thursday to talk about expanding Internet access, the White House said Friday.
If he was going to talk about internet to people who don't have it, why doesn't he go to Gwinn?

Why not L'Anse or Newberry or why not Naubinway, why Marquette?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Big Sis AT Super Bowl

Homeland Security Secretary Inspects Super Bowl Site, Says Fans Have ‘Shared Responsibility’ for Security at Game and Across the Country |

"( – Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to Dallas earlier this week to personally inspect the massive security operation surrounding the 45th Super Bowl game and to announce the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign.
“We are partnering this year with the NFL on our ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign and launching that NFL partnership right here at the Super Bowl,” Napolitano said during a press conference on Monday at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas where Sunday’s game will be played."
So Big Sis tells fans at the super bowl "If You See Something, Say Something”

Here's the plan. Packer fans say they see a weird and rowdy fan in a black and yellow jersey, they should turn them into authorities. That means we empty Dallas stadium of all Steeler fans. 

What an idea! 

Why Vote For David Prosser

A reminder why you should vote for David Prosser for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice? Need I remind you where this started and who will end it with your vote. We need people like David Prosser!

From our Revolutionary Leader

Jump In Eight Days

Enjoy the U P.

Eight days until the jumps - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News:

February 4, 2011

There are 8 days until the Island Resort & Casino's 2011 International Ski Federation Continental Cup at Pine Mountain. The tournament will take place Friday, Feb. 11 through Sunday, Feb. 13."

Link to more info.Image from Kiwanis web site. 

To fly like an eagle. 


Administration Touts 69, 200 New Jobs

Canada Adds 69,200 Jobs, Four Times More Than Forecast - Bloomberg:

By Greg Quinn - Feb 4, 2011 11:51 AM CT

"Canada’s job creation in January was more than four times the median forecast, pushing the Canadian dollar to its strongest level since May 2008 and adding to evidence the country’s economic recovery may be accelerating.

Employment rose by 69,200 and the labor force increased by 106,400, Statistics Canada said today in Ottawa. The jobless rate rose to 7.8 percent from December’s 7.6 percent, as more people sought work. Economists forecast 7.6 percent unemployment and job growth of 15,000, according to the median estimates of 25 and 26 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News."

Oops, sorry I was talking about Canada, not the U S.

Tea Party, Conservatism Disorder Linked To Easting Venison

Deer prions could jump, study says - JSOnline:

Scientists fear chronic wasting disease protein could spawn new human illness
By John Fauber of the Journal Sentinel

"New laboratory research suggests that prions from chronic wasting disease in deer could infect people and create an entirely new kind of brain disorder."

We all knew they would find the reason why people attend Tea Party rallies and show respect for Ronald Reagan..Can you see the headline. 

Right Wing Disorder Linked To Eating Venison. 

2011 Santelli Rant, And He's Right

From Business and Media Inst.

Rick tells it like it is ,The Modern Day Tea Party Leader!

Santelli Slams CNBC Panelists for Spinning Jobs Report

"CNBC's Rick Santelli even lashed out at some of the CNBC 'Squawk Box' panel that were discussing the latest jobs report."

Ouch, Unemployment

Why Is 9.0 Unemployment,

Not Good

Watching CNBC and yje kool aid drinkers are blaming weather. How can unemployment drop to 9.0 % and only create 35,000 jobs?

Here from Yahoo Finance

On Friday February 4, 2011, 8:31 am
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The unemployment rate dropped sharply last month to 9 percent, the lowest level in nearly two years. But the economy generated only 36,000 net new jobs, the fewest in four months.

The January report illustrates how job growth remains the economy's weakest spot, even as other economic indicators point to a recovery that is strengthening..

Friday's report offered a conflicting picture on hiring. Unemployment fell because the Labor Department's household survey determined that more than a half-million people without jobs found work. The department conducts a separate survey of businesses, which showed tepid job creation. The two surveys sometimes diverge.

Gillett Wis Schools Under Alert

Gillett schools under alert after threat against students | | Green Bay Press Gazette:
FEBRUARY 4, 2011
The Gillett School District is under high alert this morning after authorities received a report of a threat to the safety of students Thursday afternoon."

UPTS Disease Spreading

Brown Co. executive candidates target unions | | Green Bay Press Gazette:

3 agree employees must bear greater share of benefit costs

Three candidates for Brown County executive Thursday agreed that the county must reduce the cost of government, and that unionized workers should bear a greater percentage of the cost of their benefits."Seems

UPTS, Unions Pay Their Share is spreading across Wisconsin. It would be nice if more people would catch it. 

Wis Main St Program, A Waste Of Tax Payer Money, Ask Gillett

State Commerce shift could affect Main Street efforts - Leader-Telegram: Front Page:

Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 12:03 am
By Chris Vetter Chippewa Falls News Bureau
CHIPPEWA FALLS - It would be a shame if the Wisconsin Main Street Program lost funding as part of Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to replace the Department of Commerce with a public-private hybrid, said Jim Schuh, a spokesman for Wisconsin Main Street Alliance, a nonprofit lobbying group.
'It seems contradictory to the governor's statement about Wisconsin being open for business,' Schuh said. 'It would be a terrible thing for the state (to cut), because the program has been so successful.'"

Sounds like a good idea to me. Dump the program. The state of Wisconsin is what 3 Billion in the hole, get rid of this city and town welfare program. 

So a non profit lobbyist says it's a good thing? Where has tax payers money given to these cities for Main Street programs worked in Wisconsin? I remember a couple years back Gillett received piles of money to upgrade it's town. Money was spent for limo rides, flower pots holders and more and what business moved to Gillett? Do get me wrong, I like the area of Gillett, My two sons graduated from the HS but even the people of Gillettt would have to admit, the program did nothing for the area. 

The do-gooder's that think they are experts on bringing business to their cities and towns have no clue about economic growth. Most not all Main Street programs , let me put it this way, too many people were caught with their hand in the cookie jar and the tax payers flipped the bill. Main Street Program would buy the cookie jar and there were no cookies left to sell. 

Dump the welfare Main Street Program.

Will Wis. Republicans Run Away From Ethanol

Governor Scott Walker's wind turbine bill dead | | Appleton Post Crescent:

Comments (0) Recommend Print this page E-mail this article Share
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MADISON — Wisconsin's Legislature will not take up Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to toughen wind turbine regulations during a special session the governor called to pass that bill and others, spokesman for legislative leaders told The Associated Press on Thursday."
Looks like the republicans are wavering. 

So will the Wisconsin Republican legislature who were voted in by the people of Wisconsin last November buckle to the ethanol special interest groups? 

I have no problem with ethanol, I just want people to have a choice, to buy or not buy it. Why does it have to be mandated by the state of Wisconsin? If it's so good, let it stand on it's own merits! 

Wisconsin, Get Out And Vote For Prosser

A good reminder from the Northwoods Patriots

Northwoods Patriots



Four Wisconsin Supreme Court judicial candidates will be on the statewide ballot each vying for a ten-year judicial post.

Currently the WI Supreme Court is 4-3 conservative. On the ballot will be Judge David Prosser who has served on the State Supreme Court for 12 years. He is a judicial conservative, devoted to the constitution and rule of law.

The other three candidates are liberal. You will be asked to vote for two.
Casting two votes for Supreme Court Justice dilutes your conservative vote.

There will be a large Democrat turnout in Milwaukee for a local election, presumably casting votes for liberal candidates."

Wis Politics Just A Memory

From Boots and Sabers
"Capital Times Buys WisPolitics
Some more media consolidation...

The Capital Times Co. of Madison has acquired, the online subscription political news service.

The joint announcement came Thursday from Clayton Frink and John H. “Jack” Lussier, president and chairman of The Capital Times Co., and from WisPolitics.

Jeff Mayers will continue as president of the non-partisan, Madison-based news service, and JR Ross will continue as the editor. WisPolitics will continue to operate under the same name and from its current offices on the Capitol Square."
I will be surprised if WisPolitics continues as it has. I see it changing to another prop for the left to purge conservative thought and honest non political reporting To back the unions, liberals and democrats like the rest of the Main Stream Media. 

Watch the righty blog list go, more union press releases and puff pieces for the left. 

Food for thought, you cannot believe everything you read or hear from the MSM. , 

Thanks Wis Politics for the GREAT memories.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

KFC Chinese Commercial, Never Guess Who's In It....

Real Debate Wisconsin: KFC Chinese Commercial....: "

They are not going to like this one."

Hope the California state rep doesn't see this either!

Somebody tell Rush!

Madison Democrat Thanks Bass Pro Shop For Not Coming To Green Bay

A Press Release from Madison Liberal Democrat Brett Hulsey. Notice the civility in his press release. Also notice how he thanks Bass Pro Shops for not bringing their company to Wisconsin. 

For Immediate Release Contact: Rep. Brett Hulsey
February 3, 2011 (608) 266-7521
Statement on the Passage of the Dirty Water, Dirty Development Act, SB 10
Representative Brett Hulsey today issued this response to Governor Walker’s assertion that the State
Legislature passing the Dirty Water, Dirty Development Act, SB 10, constituted his “Ashley Furniture
“I find the Governor’s mentioning the Ashley Furniture factory (pictured below) fairly bizarre, considering the
damage it suffered last year in a major flood.
The Governor promoted special legislation to stop citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to
disagree with government decisions to please a well-connected developer.
This is another example of politicians telling professional DNR staff and scientists to build in wetlands. The
results are clear - more flooding, higher damages, and hurt businesses and neighbors. Developing on wetlands
is not wise. They are wet, and they flood frequently.
We thank Bass Pro Shop for being smart enough to not build on wetlands and hope we can find another
location for them to build in Wisconsin to create jobs without destroying wetlands.”
Bass Pro Shop will never come to Wisconsin if Wisconsin has environmental wacko's like Hulsey and the rest. Why would BPS want to sit and litigate with the WDNR and lefty fringe groups looking to expand in the state. Ask Hulsey why Menards built a warehouse out of state and not by Eau Claire? Come on Brett, tell me? 

Don't you just feel proud to be from Wisconsin. How many people from Wisconsin would of gotten a job from Bass Pro Shop. I think all the people of Wisconsin should thank Representatives Brett Hulsey, Louis Molepske, Chris Danou, and Nick Milroy for losing Wisconsin jobs and economic growth by replacing them at their next election. They are the dirty four who sent a letter to Bass Pro Shop telling them to stay out of Green Bay and Wisconsin.

Say What, Reid Ribble At White House With Doyle and Barrett, Say It Ain't So U.S. Rep. Ribble: To represent Green Bay Packers at White House Super Bowl watch party

"U.S. Rep. Ribble: To represent Green Bay Packers at White House Super Bowl watch party

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Reid Ribble (R-WI) announced today that he will do his best this Sunday to represent Packer-nation at the White House as he and his wife, DeaNa, attend the President’s annual Super Bowl watch party.

Congressman Ribble intends to bring some emblems of our beloved Green and Gold for other attendees supporting the Packers.

“We’re going to do our best to represent Packer-nation,” said Congressman Ribble. “President Obama may be a loyal Bears fan, but we’ll try to win him over for at least this one game.

Congressman Ribble added that events like these are a way to get to know other members of Congress outside of the typical political event of Washington, DC.

“Football is about as bipartisan of an event as you can find. If there’s a Packers game on, and you’re a fan – it doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is. On Sunday, as America’s Team goes to Dallas, all of Green Bay and Wisconsin will be united.”"
Oh brother, sleeping with the enemy! This tells me Ribble is turning RINO already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will count the days when I will tell you Ribble folks, 

"I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I accept your apologies in advance!!!!!

Stevens Point, Students Offered To Watch Mating Ritual

UWSP offers prairie chicken watching - WAOW - Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports:

Posted: Feb 03, 2011 3:50 AM CST

- A University of Wisconsin campus will offer bird watchers a chance to observe prairie chickens' mating ritual this spring."

Will they have to get parents to sign off on this? 

Cheese Ketchup On The Line For Super Bowl

Wisconsin, Pennsylvania govs bet on Super Bowl - WAOW - Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports:

"MADISON (AP) -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett have struck up a friendly wager on the Super Bowl..

Frontier Airlines Coming To Rhinelander

The Rhinelander Daily News - Online news and information for the Rhinelander, Wisconsin region:
Frontier to offer jet service in Rhinelander
New carrier to replace Great Lakes Airlines
"Frontier Airlines has been awarded the essential air service contract for the Rhinelander/Oneida County Airport. The official announcement is expected to be made in a news release from the airline sometime today.

Frontier will replace Great Lakes Airlines who has provided the service since June 2008. The service will offer two flights a day from Rhinelander to Milwaukee. The big news in the pending service agreement offered by Frontier is that they will be using 37-seat Embraer ERJ-135 jet aircraft. Great Lakes has been using turbo prop airplanes — not jets."

The Loss Of True Environmentalists

A good examination of aestheticists in Wisconsin concerning for example the Bass Pro Shop loss in Green Bay.from Richard Moore.

Yes, it's anti-special interest legislation - Richard Moore:
February 3, 2011 at 9:23 AM
Ah, the radical aestheticists.

"The truth is, there aren’t very many true environmentalists left anymore."

Polaris Starts 1 & 2

I 500 link

Kammi Racing takes pole - Sault Ste. Marie, MI - Sault Ste. Marie Evening News:

"Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. —
Shelbyville’s Doug Kammeraad posted the best time in Tuesday evening’s time trials with a speed of just over 91 miles-per-hour, locking the #10 Polaris into the pole position slot when the green flag drops for the 43rd running of the I-500 Snowmobile Race on Saturday.
Kammeraad was the only one to even break the 90-mile-per-hour mark during the first wave of qualifying runs, deciding to pull his machine from the track in the final minutes Tuesday evening when it became clear he had already locked up the top position. The second place sled, the #20 Polaris of Kalkaska’s Tyler Nickels, posted the next best speed during the initial round of qualifying at 89.608 mph and will start in second on Saturday."

Yea baby, Polaris # 1. 

In case your looking for a GREAT # 1 dealer.

Try Cozzy's in Marinette.

First Lady, Gaffe or No Clue

Charlotte charred by FLOTUS roast reference - Molly Ball -

Charlotte residents were ecstatic to hear this week that their city was selected to host the Democratic convention. But there was one line in the e-mail announcement from First Lady Michelle Obama that made locals say, "Huh?"

In listing Charlotte's many virtues, Obama named southern charm, hospitality, diversity — "And of course, great barbecue."

Say What, BBQ?

"A local Associated Press reporter quoted a barbecue expert, retired University of North Carolina professor John Shelton Reed, who said that Charlotte for barbecue was 'like Minneapolis for gumbo.'

The gaffe was enough to make you wonder whether the White House had simply cut and pasted Southern clichés to create the first lady's announcement."
I say no clue.

Packer = Conservatives (republicans), Steelers = Liberal (democrats) ??????

Another great read over at Marketplace of Ideas Blog:

"Ah, now that's one aspect of this great rivalry I hadn't considered: the politics. Green Bay (unwittingly?) has become the football representation of the Republican party, whereas a team like the Chicago Bears have become an arm for the Democrats. This isn't the first time that politics and sports have intertwined, so this may not come as a surprise to many. …

With the Windy City's 'First Fan' in the White House, Chicago sport teams will undoubtedly attract the ire of those looking for another way to oppose the President. Jay Cutler, Derrick Rose and Ozzie Guillen all will be synonymous with Obama, Pelosi and Clinton. And eek, what will happen if Rahm Emanuel is elected mayor?"
One point Steve at Market Place missed is The Pittsburgh Steelers' owner, Dan Rooney is an ulta liberal and best buds with our president.

Talk about right vs left.

Another reason, GO PACK!!!!!

Global Warming In The Nicolet Forest

Some temps across Wisconsin and the UP.

Antigo Wis.  6 below
Iron Mountain Mi  9 above
Madison 6 below
Waukesha  2 below
Crivits 2 above
Where I live in the Nicolet National Forest 2 above
Strange, only the Lord knows why or should I ask Al Gore?

CNBC At Oshkosh Truck

CNBC was in Oshkosh on Wednesday.

Insight on Oshkosh's manufacturing of defense vehicles, with CNBC's Carl Quintanilla.

Iron River Mi, X Games Gold

Baumgartner wins X Games gold - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News:
"Baumgartner wins X Games gold
January 29, 2011

ASPEN, Colo. - Competing despite a broken collar bone, Iron River's Nick Baumgartner took his first Winter X Games gold medal in the men's snowboardcross.

'Fifteen screws and a plate, but nothing was holding me back today,' Baumgartner said.

Baumgartner's victory ended a five-year winning streak for reigning X Games champ Nate Holland of Squaw Valley, Calif., who finished third.

Baumgartner's son Landon was in attendance, watching his dad compete in person for the first time."

Marquette Mi, Investigation NMU Continues

Federal agents, campus police continue to investigate NMU threat - | News, Sports, Jobs, Marquette Information | The Mining Journal

"Federal agents, campus police continue to investigate NMU threat
February 2, 2011 - By JOHN PEPIN Journal Staff Writer

MARQUETTE - Campus public safety officials, along with federal agents, are continuing to investigate a threat deemed credible, posted on a blog site, that shut down Northern Michigan University today, with police saying classes may not resume Thursday.

No arrests have been made, but police are interviewing witnesses and have developed a possible suspect from Marquette County.

'We are currently looking at a person of interest, the investigation is ongoing,' said Mike Bath, director of NMU Public Safety. Bath declined to reveal the gender or any other details about the possible suspect.

Police are looking at the threat as possibly still active."

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mrs B, Just Like At Mole Lake

The good old days at mole lake when they had the blue grass concerts.Late 70's to mid 80's.

Eagles Interview

Found this on You Tube about the Eagles. The quality is not the best but was interesting. Not sure what year this was but was again interesting.


Press Release from MICHELLE LITJENS, 56th Assembly District


FEBRUARY 2, 2011
(608) 266-7500


Madison – On Wednesday, Representative Michelle Litjens (R-Vinland), along with her
Republican colleagues, supported a measure that will keep more money in the pockets of
the drivers of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the minority party voted to delay final passage
of the bill.

“Last session, former Governor Doyle and the now minority Democrats decided
that they were qualified to dictate what type of auto insurance the citizens of Wisconsin
should purchase. They obviously did not get the message from the election last
November. This bill would repeal this flawed idea and allows individuals to make their
own choices,” said Litjens.

In the last state budget, certain mandates were placed, by Democrats, on auto insurance in
Wisconsin that raised the cost of auto insurance by as much as 33 percent for Wisconsin

“This is one of the reasons I ran for office. Wisconsin will go from having the
highest auto insurance liability requirements in the country to one of the lowest which
means lower premiums for all of us. Right now, we could use as much extra cash in our
pockets as we can get,” Litjens said.

The Democrats’ increased minimums regressively affected low and middle income
families all across the state, forcing families to pay for coverage that they didn’t need.

Litjens said “AB4 is one more bill I am supporting to create a better climate in
Wisconsin for consumers and companies.”

Representative Michelle Litjens represents Wisconsin’s 56th Assembly District and is
serving her first term in the State Assembly.

Looks like they got it right with AB4. 

Thank You Representative Litjens

Walker Rebuilds Zoo Interchange First, Cut Out Green Bay Roundabouts Second

From Badger Blogger

Badger Blogger » Blog Archive » Zoo Interchange gets a boost:
"Posted on Wednesday, 2nd February 2011 by Patrick Dorwin
I totally missed Scott Walker’s first State of the State Address last night, and with all of the snow coverage, I totally missed the story that Scott Walker announced that the Zoo Interchange rebuild time table has been moved up. You will remember that Gov. Jim Doyle, at the urging of Mayor Tom Barrett and many Milwaukee politicians, delayed this much needed rebuild by about 10 years, this before last years closure and emergency repairs of the interchange due to the crumbling ramps, that became known during the election cycle as the Barrett Bypass.
Money and resources are being diverted from the major I-94 North-South freeway construction. This will delay much of the ongoing construction, but the Zoo Interchange is the busiest and most important interchange in the state, and this work needs to be done.
h/t: Mark Belling."

Two Points, I wonder if this was pay back to Barrett and the rest of the left in Milwaukee. Second, if he needs to save DOT money , Redo the expansion of the Appleton to Green Bay upgrade. 

I don't have a problem, HWY 41 up north needs it. What we don't need to spend money on all the roundabouts planned for the area. 


The Bright Side To The Snow Storm, Lower Gasoline Prices

Flight cancellations top 5,000 for 2nd day - Yahoo! Finance:
           Flight cancellations top 5,000 for 2nd day as winter weather freezes travel
The Associated Press, On Wednesday February 2, 2011, 11:59 am EST
Flight cancellations topped 5,000 for the second day Wednesday as ice and snow continue to bring airport operations to a crawl across much of the U.S.
Over 5,500 flights in or out of the U.S. have been canceled Wednesday as of 11 a.m. EST, according to flight tracking service FlightAware. Most were scratched well in advance of the fast moving storm. Boston's Logan Airport was closed briefly Wednesday morning, but reopened shortly after 10 a.m."
Look at all the jet fuel and gasoline that was not used for the last two to three day.

The bright side to this is gasoline prices might be driven down from high inventories.

you never know

Van Hollen, Health Care Law Dead In Wisconsin

From the Washington Post.
State officials divided on meaning of judge's health-care ruling

"By Amy Goldstein and N.C. Aizenman
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
A day after a federal judge struck down the government's plan to overhaul the health-care system, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued a stern statement: 'This means that, for Wisconsin, the federal health care law is dead,' and that his state 'was relieved of any obligations or duties' to carry out the statute."

I have and if need be will be hard on JB but today I have to give him credit for standing up for the people of Wisconsin!

Thank You Mr Van Hollen, Now don't back down or get RINO on us. 

Jim Doyle and Democrats, Money They Didn't Have

A good read from Richard Moore at the Lakeland-Times

Questionable accounting by Doyle administration cost state $45.3 million:

 "/1/2011 1:43:00 PM E
Questionable accounting by Doyle administration cost state $45.3 million
Administration transferred cash it didn’t have; spent money, charged bills to next fiscal year
Richard Moore Investigative Reporter
Wisconsin's current state budget turned a brighter shade of red last week, falling in the hole by another $45.3 million because of questionable accounting practices - Republicans called them deceptive - by former Gov. Jim Doyle's administration, the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau has reported
For one thing, the administration lapsed monies into the state's general fund from accounts with insufficient cash to cover the transfers. In other words, the administration conveyed money into the general fund that didn't exist."
You need to read the rest to see what and how they did it.

Reading this makes you wonder why the people of Wisconsin would vote for democrats that gave us this mess.Start with why vote for Tom Nelson in Outagamie County Executives race?. 

Why vote for a democrat for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, Why vote for democrats who bankrupted the state of Wisconsin. 

Sorry, go read Mr Moores article and hope your blood pressure doesn't go up! 

Pics From Beer Town Storm

Link to some pictures from JSOnline 

No Show = 50% Water Increase Charge

From the Shawano Leader

"No one other than public officials came to the hearing Tuesday afternoon at Bonduel’s Village Hall on the Water and Sewer Utility’s proposed 40 percent increase in water rates.
Wow, you got to wonder about the people of Bonduel, no one showed up?
With no other information to consider and no resident comments taken, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission will make a decision to approve or deny the request within the next two weeks."
Under the proposal, rates for industrial customers would increase by 35 to 55 percent depending on the customer category. Commercial rates would increase by 42 or 56 percent also depending on customer category within that rate class. Those rate increases also include the public fire protection charge.
35 - 56 % increase, go ahead, charge us more!
Utility revenue has been relatively flat over the past few years, but customers are using less water. Berndt estimated that conservation measures have decreased usage and revenue by about 5 percent in the past few years.
So at the end of the article it comes out. People used less water. Water revenue down and they need more money. If they used less water, wouldn't the cost go down?

You get what you give. No show's in govornment gives you a tax increases.

Will Outagamie CTY Voters Elect Tom Nelson, Are They Insane

Outagamie County executive candidate Tom Nelson willing to fight for county's portion of tax dollars | | Appleton Post Crescent:

"Outagamie County executive candidate Tom Nelson willing to fight for county's portion of tax dollars

County executive hopeful's vision stresses stability

Thomas Nelson sums up his vision for the county in one word: stability."

"Outagamie County is a relatively well-run county," he said. "We have a triple-A bond rating. We're under the levy limit. And we have one of the lowest per capita spending rates in the state. So the challenge is to accomplish stability."

Nelson is one of six people seeking to succeed retiring County Executive Toby Paltzer. A Feb. 15 primary election will reduce the field to two finalists for the April 5 election. The position, which carries a four-year term, is nonpartisan.

The primary threat to the vision is a reduction in state aid, Nelson said.

I question the sanity of the voters of Outagamie County. The results of the election will show if they believe in big spending, raise your taxes liberal like Tom Nelson or send him back to a private and out of politics future job. Nelson talks about state aid reduction ? Who created the budget deficit in Wisconsin? Nelson and his fellow democrats bankrupted the state, robbed state funds, taxed hospital beds and now wants voters to elect him county executive. 

The voters last November gave Nelson the thumbs down when he ran with Tom Barrett for Governor. Why in their right minds would they put him in charge of Outagamie County ?

I will ask again, are the voters in Outagamie County insane?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How Would This Work Today In Milwaukee

Chevy Volt from Obama Motors

Wisconsin Eye

Walker Speech Link

Starts at 7:00 pm

Why Not Dump, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Listening to Wisconsin Eye on the special Session on SB ^. Watching the Joint Committee on Finance.
Seems Shilling D LaCrosse and Taylor D Milwaukee seems to be running at the mouth. Does anyone else talk?

Update. let me clarify, If these two democrats are concerned about jobs, why did they destroy this state with the last two years of them and Jim Doyle?

They seem to be discussing creating jobs through the new commerce department. With all the wasted money in DWD and I am no expert but maybe they should dump DWD and put it into the new Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. I still don't see what good DWD does. 

Here is from their web site..

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development:
"The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development is the state agency charged with building and strengthening Wisconsin's workforce.

2011 Wisconsin Bear Hunting Drawing

From the WDNR.

2011 Bear Drawing Complete

The 2011 Class A bear drawing is complete. Notices to successful applicants were mailed yesterday. Applicants may check their drawing or preference point status on-line by accessing their DNR Customer account, calling DNR's Call Center at 1-888-936-7463 (toll-free, 7 days a week, 7am-10pm), or visiting a DNR Service Center. Drawing winners may purchase their Class A bear license beginning March 9, 2011.

There were 103,853 Class A Bear license applications this year. Of the 103,853 applicants, 27,793 requested a license and 76,060 requested a preference point only.

A total of 9,005 customers were successful in this year's bear drawing. The minimum number of preference points required to draw a license were:

Zone A - 1,127 people with 6 points who wanted a kill tag were awarded a license and 89 with 6 points who wanted a license were NOT awarded a license. Everyone with 7 points or more got a license in Zone A.

Zone B- 43 people with 8 points who wanted a kill tag were awarded a license and 606 with 8 points who wanted a license were NOT awarded a license. Everyone with 9 points or more got a license in Zone B.

Zone C- 233 people with 4 points who wanted a kill tag were awarded a license and 1,161 with 4 points who wanted a license were NOT awarded a license. Everyone with 5 points or more got a license in Zone C.

Zone D - 20 people with 7 points who wanted a kill tag were awarded a license and 917 with 7 points who wanted a license were NOT awarded a license. Everyone with 8 points or more got a license in Zone D.

Total licenses by zone: Zone A - 3,465; Zone B - 1,510; Zone C - 2,550; and Zone D - 1,480.

Read more about the 2011 bear quotas and harvest permit levels: .

You are subscribed to Black Bear for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Link to map of the Zones.

How Can A Candidate Be A Non-partisan Supreme Court Justice

Mark Belling is discussing this and I remembered this article from the Ashland Daily Press.

The Daily Press - Ashland, WI > News > Candidate seeks to be fair, non-partisan justice
"Candidate seeks to be fair, non-partisan justice
Wisconsin Supreme Court primary nears
Staff Writer
Published: Monday, January 31, 2011 12:08 AM CST
Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg started out studying international relations and working with social service programs on the east coast before delving into law in 1985, at which time, she moved from upstate New York to Madison, attending the University of Wisconsin Law School.
'I taught legal writing there, which paid my tuition, and I interned for (Supreme Court) Justice (Shirley) Abrahamson while I was there,' Kloppenburg said, noting that she also clerked for Judge Crabb, chief judge of the federal district court in Madison."
How can you work for two of the most liberal judges in Wisconsin? 1 st Abrahamson, if she can will block everything Scott Walker and republicans will do to create jobs and fix the Wisconsin economy. Look what four liberal assemblymen did for Bass Pro Shop in Green Bay? 

2nd, Barbara Crab, who in 1991 ruled in  permitting Casino gambling. Where did that get us? 

Anyone can say they will be a fair, non-partisan justice but will  Kloppenburg take her direction from Abrahamson, from Crabb?  It would be a train wreck if we get a 4 - 3 democratic split on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Forget voter ID, forget creating jobs, hello more litigation in Wisconsin.   

If you care about the direction of Wisconsin you need to vote for David Prosser to protect your freedom in Wisconsin.   

Tell your friends and neighbors. 

This is IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Is This Milwaukee ???

Images from Google. 
Don't worry, these are from the UP where they know about deep snow.

P R, Pro-Life Wisconsin: Roundy's/Copps: NARAL Donation

Seems someone made a bad decision at store level. Press Release from Pro Life Wisconsin from WisPolitics. Pro-Life Wisconsin: Roundy's/Copps: NARAL donation will not happen again: "February 1, 2011

Merely six days has passed since we posted the list of businesses sponsoring NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsins Roe v. Wade celebration, and five days has passed since we asked pro-lifers to contact Roundys/Copps regarding their sponsorship. Roundys is the corporate parent of Copps and is based in Milwaukee. We specifically targeted Roundys from NARALs list because it is a Wisconsin company, and a boycott of Roundys 155 stores would have the greatest impact.

We received official confirmation of Roundys official position regarding pro-life/pro-abortion donations:
Copps and Roundys Supermarkets have never made the decision to support either pro-choice or pro-life organizations, events or campaigns. We have left those decisions of support up to our individual customers and employees. "

But we had to press further what exactly transpired for Copps to be listed as a NARAL sponsor? What steps are being taken to ensure it didnt happen again?

What we found out: Without authorization (since it is against corporate policy), a Copps store manager donated a $25 gift card to NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin for their event. Roundys acknowledged the donation should not have occurred. The employee has been reprimanded and all store managers been informed of Roundys official position to ensure that such a donation will not happen again.

This admission from Roundys is a result of a deluge of pro-lifers calling and emailing their offices. The Roundys spokesperson told us they have been responding to pro-lifers for hours. THANK YOU! This incident is further proof that pro-life boycotts work. Not every company responds in five or six days, or even a couple months like Kohls did, but the combined efforts of pro-lifers certainly are at work here.

When Copps/Roundys admitted the donation was a single $25 gift card, we realized (yet again) how pathetic NARAL is. Their listing of corporate sponsors may look impressive, but $25 here and there certainly wont prop up the abortion industry for long. Especially when pro-lifers make it known they will not shop somewhere that bankrolls abortion.

I bet a new policy where Store mgrs. will have to get written authorization from headquarters for anything over .05 in the future. I wonder if the mgr even knew who NARAL even was?

P R, Why Support Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), Wis. Voter ID

Why we need Voter ID in Wisconsin. WPC helps you understand what the left is not telling you and where the left is wrong. Important to go to the links to see the truth about Voter ID. If you want your vote to count in future elections, read and understand.

The WPC has issued this release as a response to objections that have been raised to this proposed voting reform over the past several days and in order to aid public understanding on this important matter.

For Immediate Release:
January 31, 2011
Ross Brown, 608.770.3062
Kirsten Lombard, 608.237.7034
Norm Reynolds, 414.529.2428

The Wisconsin Patriot Coalition

(Madison) – Over the past week, One Wisconsin Now and other progressive organizations have
ceaselessly broadcast disapproval of efforts by Republicans at the State Capitol to bolster the integrity
of elections in this state. By contrast, the Wisconsin Patriot Coalition (WPC) wishes to express its
support for Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), a proposed measure that would prudently require photo ID to vote in
public elections. Currently under review by the Senate Committee on Transportation and Elections after
a public hearing on January 26th, the bill would provide an important first step in comprehensive voting
reform and reduce a substantial risk of identify theft currently posed by loose voting policy in Wisconsin.

Free, fair, honest elections are crucial to a properly functioning representative republic. However, a
variety of investigations and convictions in Wisconsin prove that voter fraud does occur in this state. A
report on the November 2004 election by the Milwaukee Special Investigations Unit makes plain, for
example, that in that election “reports of more ballots cast than voters recorded” were true. Finding
such offenders is often impossible, though the damage they do in undermining public confidence in
elections and, ultimately, government is substantial and lasting.

SB 6 would assist in verifying legitimate, registered voters at the polling place, thereby minimizing fraud
damage before it occurs. The WPC hopes that before being advanced to the Wisconsin State Senate
for a vote, the bill will be amended in such a manner as also to protect elections at the point of voter

With voter rolls publicly available, infrequent or sporadic voters remain at profound risk of having their
identities stolen during an election. In Wisconsin, where voter turnout generally remains well under 50
percent, even in high-profile, national races, the only way in which such a crime generally becomes
detectable is if the actual, registered voter shows up unexpectedly, at which point, fraudulent use of his
or her name by another is revealed. Other types of fraud are facilitated by high turnouts. While photo ID
would not eliminate the risk of all voter fraud, it would certainly make it more difficult to commit.

Voter ID is normal, prudent practice across the United States. Currently, 27 other states require some
form of ID to vote in public elections. Three additional states, including Wisconsin, are pending.

Opponents of SB 6, such as One Wisconsin Now and a number of prominent Democrats at the State
Capitol, have repeatedly raised the specter of voter disenfranchisement. In doing so, they have notably
defined disenfranchisement along lines of income and race. The WPC maintains that income and race
are false divides that should fool no one. The real boundary line must finally be drawn between
legitimate and illegitimate voters. Getting proper ID into the hands of any and all legitimate voters is far
easier to achieve than cleaning up a loss of public confidence that will inevitably result from failure to
exclude or preclude illegitimate votes.

In fact, WPC would remind critics of SB 6 that even one fraudulent vote disenfranchises two legitimate
voters. A simple example illustrates this point: Two legitimate voters each cast a ballot for Candidate A.
An illegitimate voter casts a single ballot for Candidate B. The single illegitimate vote not only cancels
out Candidate A’s advantage but also the express will of the two legitimate voters whose ballots had
provided it.

As a service to Wisconsin citizens, the WPC has created a list of potential concerns about SB 6, along
with logical responses to them. We have posted this list on the websites of several of our member sites,
including but not limited to:

The Wisconsin 9/12 Project

Sauk County Tea Party

We hope this resource will prove helpful to those attempting to understand the issue of voting reform
and the potential impact of the measures SB 6 would implement.

The WPC is comprised of local conservative grassroots groups based in communities across
Wisconsin. It exists specifically to develop and advance: legislation that adheres to unalienable rights
and individual freedoms as recognized by the founders of this nation; the framework for limited
government set forth within the United States Constitution; free-market solutions; and educational
initiatives that inform the public on such legislation, principles, and solutions.

Mandatory Bill Would Require All To Buy Gun

Via Drudge
Bill would require all S.D. citizens to buy a gun | The Argus Leader |
"Five South Dakota lawmakers have introduced legislation that would require any adult 21 or older to buy a firearm “sufficient to provide for their ordinary self-defense.”
The bill, which would take effect Jan. 1, 2012, would give people six months to acquire a firearm after turning 21. The provision does not apply to people who are barred from owning a firearm."

Rhinelander Mayor Backpedals On Background Checks

From the "dog ate my homework file"

The Rhinelander Daily News - Online news and information for the Rhinelander, Wisconsin region:
Last Updated: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 9:19 AM CST
In ad, Rhinelander mayor urges background checks for all gun sales

The shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has given rise to a new wave of calls for stricter gun regulations, and Rhinelander Mayor Richard Johns was seemingly on the bandwagon last week, with his name attached to a national call for more gun control.

But Johns apparently didn’t know he was on the bandwagon, saying he knew nothing in advance about his name’s appearance in a full-page ad in The Washington Post by the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) calling for mandatory background checks for all firearm sales.

Such checks would compel all gun sales to be conducted through federally licensed gun dealers, meaning citizens would no longer be able to conduct private firearm transactions among friends and family.

Johns’s name appeared as a member of the group, along with four other Wisconsin mayors: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, St. Francis Mayor Al Richards, and West Bend Mayor Kristine Deiss.

The group published the ad as an open letter to President Barack Obama and members of Congress.

Sure, sure, I put my name in the Washington Post every week, Doesn't everyone else? More comments from John's and a good history lesson of the gun control liberals who want to take away our God given rights. See the above link to Richard Moore's article.

It's Scott Walkers Fault, Watch for Snow Plow Work Stoppage

So southeastern Wisconsin is getting a snowstorm of the century. 

Listening to Charlie at 620 WTMJ and Jon Byman. They just announced MPS ( Milwaukee Public Schools) is closing 30 min early. Wow, breaking news. 

Charlie then asks what are people going to do tonight and it was mentioned everyone will watch the State of the State Address. 

It's Scott Walkers fault. 

Way to go Governor Walker, you planned this storm to get more liberals to watch your speech tonight. 

KUDO's Mr Walker.

PS, I would home someone monitors the state workers. Hope they don't pull what happened in New York City a couple weeks ago. You know, snow blades up and long breaks. We are talking liberal left leaning dem union workers! Look what the dems in the assembly did for Bass Pro Shop in Green Bay. I shouldn't even have to say such a thing but we are dealing with liberals who lost in November. Anything is possible.

PSA, Menominee CTY Mi., Bookmobile Schedule

Bookmobile schedule for February - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press

"Bookmobile schedule for February
January 31, 2011

MENOMINEE COUNTY - The Menominee County Bookmobile will be making the following stops for the month of February:"

Beecher Wis, Joe Stern Back In Politics

From IntelTrends Wis.
Stern announces candidacy - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News:
"Stern announces candidacy
January 27, 2011
BEECHER, Wis. - Joe Stern, a real estate investor from Beecher, announces his candidacy for the position of Northern Joint Municipal Court Judge. The court's jurisdiction is the towns of Athelstane, Beecher, Dunbar, Niagara and Pembine.
Stern is a graduate of UW-Milwaukee with a bachelor of the arts degree in political science. While attending the university, Stern interned with U.S. Congressman Jerry Kleczka. After graduating, Stern worked for several general practice law firms as a paralegal and has demonstrated expertise in the areas of litigation and real estate. He is a former real estate broker and stationary engineer. After a decade in property management with The Shoreline Co., he began investing in real estate in Northern Wisconsin."

Loses 300 + jobs, Now Working For Minnesota

The Spooner Advocate - Spooner, WI > News > Pay up, says rep
"Pay up, says rep
Published: Sunday, January 30, 2011 10:40 AM CST
State Rep. Nick Milroy (D-South Range) recently contacted Gov. Scott Walker to request that the governor work with the state of Minnesota to resolve the income tax reciprocity issue.
Income tax reciprocity is a common tool used by states, particularly those bordering each other, whose residents live in one state but work in another. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty abruptly ended the agreement between his state and Wisconsin, ultimately causing the program to end effective January 1, 2010. "
So last Week Milroy sent a letter to keep 300+ jobs with Bass Pro Shop out of Wisconsin and now he wants Wisconsin to pay Minnesota? 

He may live in South Range Wisconsin but he sure is doing a lot to kill and bankrupt Wisconsin jobs and it's economy.

Will somebody run against this guy? What were you voters thinking by putting this guy in office!

Pallin Not Palin Takes 4th At Winter X Games

Pallin lands in fourth at Winter X Games:
 "1/31/2011 12:27:00 AM 

Pallin lands in fourth at Winter X Games
IRONWOOD -- Kyle Pallin, 19, of Ironwood was so nervous before his first Winter X Games snowmobile snocross race in Aspen, Colo., that he almost threw up.
As it turns out, there was no need to be nervous.
He finished in fourth place after barely making it through his heat and overcoming a poor starting spot in the final.
Pallin battled for a spot on the podium -- in either second or third place -- which caught the attention of ESPN."

G B School Superintendent, Looks Like A Double Dip?

Green Bay School District Superintendent Gregory Maass to step down | | Green Bay Press Gazette

"Green Bay School District Superintendent Gregory Maass to step down
Green Bay School District Superintendent Gregory Maass will step down from his position at the end of the school year, spokeswoman Amanda Brooker confirmed Monday night."
Maass is also one of three finalists for the same job at a school districtin Marblehead, Mass.
In a letter sent to staff Monday, Maass said the decision to leave was “deeply personal” and under consideration for months. Maass characterized his departure as a retirement, despite pursuing employment elsewhere.
“While I make this decision to retire, I look forward to other opportunities I might have — including consultant work and relocating to the East Coast,” Maass said in the letter.

Wonder if Mr Maass can see the writing on the wall on the next budget dip for the Green Bay School district? How well will Mr Maass leave the Green Bay School district? Financially sound or deeply in debt ?  

Can we assume that Mr Maass will now draw retirement money from Green Bay? 

Can we also assume if he takes a job on the east coast he will in effect draw two salaries? Retirement and pay? 

Would this be called a double or triple dip?

By the way, didn't he help get Tony Evers elected state school superintendent. 

Hey, Send Some Snow Up Here - Weather News | Major Northeast Snow, Ice Storm into Groundhog Day:

"The storm is beginning to hit the Plains now and will focus on the Midwest Tuesday. However, snow and ice will streak eastward into the Northeast during Tuesday as well."

You know they call this northern Wisconsin and we get a dusting of snow? Hope all will be safe and warm through the major storm to the south.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Divine Help For Sunday's Game

Antigo Daily Journal News Stories:

"Clergyman with Antigo ties helping Pack
Jan. 31, 2011

Rev. Jim Baraniak always looks to the divine for assistance, but he’s also seeking a bit of down-home help as he prepares to address the Green Bay Packers hours before next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Antigo native, who serves as a chaplain to the Packers, is asking friends for suggestions in what to tell the team as part of his homily delivered shortly before the game.

“I’m looking for some help,” Rev. Baraniak says in his weekly Internet blog. “Feel free to use your thoughts and prayers, challenges and affirmations, to inspire the Green and Gold on to victory.”

The team will hear the same readings as everyone else in Catholic churches that day, but Rev. Baraniak said he wants to tie the readings in with a homily that addresses the importance of the Packers’ situation."
There's more at the ADJ

Super Bowl Pep Rally Thursday

With the big flap over the parade in Green Bay (listened to Jerry Bader at WTAQ 1360 this morning) if the Packers win Sunday or should I say lack of parade. Seems Pittsburgh must of been to Super Bowls before.
A pep rally in Pittsburgh?

Super Bowl pep rally set for Thursday:

"Super Bowl pep rally set for Thursday
Monday, January 31, 2011
By Katie Park, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In preparation for the Super Bowl, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will spend Thursday shredding a giant cheese head in a pep rally.

The 'Shred the Packers' rally, hosted by Mr. Ravenstahl and County Executive Dan Onorato, will take place Downtown at noon at Forbes Avenue and Ross Street, according to a news release from the city. It will include live music, free food and drinks and Steelers giveaways.

Fans have the opportunity to win prizes in three contests: best sign slogan, best player lookalike and best Steelers apparel. Contest participants should arrive at the stage by 11:45 a.m. Thursday, the release said.

Mr. Ravenstahl and Mr. Onorato have declared this week 'Steelers Victory Week,' encouraging fans to wear black and gold all week.

After the pep rally, fans can receive free pizza and participate in a competition between Green Bay and Pittsburgh to break the Guinness World Record for most simultaneous high fives. The high five contest will begin around 1 p.m. in Market Square."
So where are the Wisconsin or maybe Green Bay leaders on a pep rally for the Pack. Just because Green Bay is a small town, does anyone ever come up with a big idea once in a while?

Wow, free pizzas, contests, what are they doing in Titletown? Not much unless I missed something. Looks like Pittsburgh has one up on Green Bay. So people in Green Bay are bitching about a parade and Steel fans are having fun.

Hancock Mi., Who Won The Wife Carrying Race

The bear rolls over - | News, Sports, Jobs, Michigan - The Daily Mining Gazette:

Heikinpäivä events draw a crowd
January 31, 2011 - By GARRETT NEESE,

HANCOCK - Thousands of revelers turned out Saturday for Heikinpiv celebrations in Hancock.

Events had taken place for weeks leading up to Saturday for Heikinpiv, the festival celebrating the midway point of winter.

Saturday morning's parade ranged from Finnish figures such as St. Henrik, the patron saint of Finland, to a couple dressed as 'John Lennoniemi' and 'Yoko Onomaki.'

D'Andra Kero, 9, of Hancock got to ride with City Manager Glenn Anderson and this year's Hankooki Heikki, or parade marshal, Esther Pekkala, after winning an essay contest.

'It was fun seeing all the people,' Kero said.

After the parade was a series of events, such as snow volleyball and wife-carrying. Dan and Katie Kayser of Houghton were the first to try the latter competition, in which they ran a timed course including pouring coffee, cleaning rugs and beating each other with switches.

'We heard about it on the Heikinpiv website, and we thought it sounded pretty cool,' Dan said. 'It was fun.'"
Will have to look forward and maybe see this next year.

Ribble Releases Statement On Healthcare Ruling U.S. Rep. Ribble: Releases statement in response to Florida judge ruling healthcare law unconstitutional:
"U.S. Rep. Ribble: Releases statement in response to Florida judge ruling healthcare law unconstitutional

Contact: Brandon Moody

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Reid Ribble (R-WI) today released the following statement in response to a Florida judge ruling the health care law unconstitutional.

“It’s no surprise that a Federal Judge ruled parts of President Obama’s Healthcare Law unconstitutional today. Make no mistake, we need reforms to our healthcare system, but an individual mandate forcing Americans to buy insurance is not the solution. Though I support certain ideas contained within this law, we need to scrap it and start again with real reforms that will lower costs and increase the quality of care. The healthcare law is simply too expensive, saddles us with too much debt, and has already proven to increase our healthcare costs.”"

NASA Launches Ham The Chimp, 1961

Today in History: Monday, Jan. 31, 2011 - Sault Ste. Marie, MI - Sault Ste. Marie Evening News:

"Today's Highlight in History:
On Jan. 31, 1961, NASA launched Ham the Chimp aboard a Mercury-Redstone rocket from Cape Canaveral; Ham was recovered safely from the Atlantic Ocean following his 16 1/2-minute suborbital flight."
And I was only 3 1/2 at the time

Pickford Mi., Walleye Winner

Richmond wins Walleye Jamboree - Sault Ste. Marie, MI - Sault Ste. Marie Evening News:
"Richmond wins Walleye Jamboree

Posted Jan 31, 2011 @ 11:21 AM
Pickford, Mich. —

PICKFORD — Roger Richmond of Pickford used an orange and chartreuse spoon tipped with a minnow head to coax the winning walleye out of 4-foot of water in Munuscong Bay to take first place and $600 in the 2011 Sault Area Sportsman Club's Walleye Jamboree.
“It was fun,” said Richmond. “That's the biggest fish I ever caught.”
Richmond took the 7.10 pound walleye around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday and he had plans for all those Benjamins: “I need some new tires for the truck.”"

2nd Judge rules On Healthcare

From Drudge.

Judge rules healthcare reform unconstitutional | Reuters: "U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson, appointed to the bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, ruled that the reform law's so-called 'individual mandate' went too far in requiring that Americans start buying health insurance in 2014 or pay a penalty.

'Because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire act must be declared void. This has been a difficult decision to reach, and I am aware that it will have indeterminable implications,' Vinson wrote."

Suder On Wisconsin Dems Killing 300 + Jobs

From the office of Scott Suder
Project thwarted by Assembly Dems had already received DNR approval
Madison – Late this week, Missouri based Bass Pro Shops announced they would no longer be building one of their stores in Green Bay amid unfounded criticism from several Democrats in the State Assembly. Despite the Democrat’s best efforts, Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) stressed on Friday that Assembly Republicans are committed to rectifying the situation and bringing jobs to Wisconsin.
“This fight is far from over,” said Suder. “Assembly Republicans remain committed to delivering what voters demanded last November, and that is jobs.”
The project, which had already been approved by the State Department of Natural Resources, would have brought hundreds of jobs to northeast Wisconsin at a time when the area is struggling with near double-digit unemployment.
According to Bass Pro Shops, each store employs 300 full time employees, and the building of their facilities requires hundreds of construction jobs.
“Liberal Democrats in Madison scored a death blow to northeast Wisconsin’s economy by winning a battle for the far left agenda,” said Suder. “It is shameful that a handful of lawmakers—none of whom represent the district where the store was to be built—have successfully kept hundreds of struggling Wisconsinites from getting back on their feet and finding work.”
On Thursday, Democrat Reps. Brett Hulsey (Madison), Louis Molepske (Stevens Point), Chris Danou (Trempeleau), and Nick Milroy (South Ridge) wrote a letter to the founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops, Inc., urging them to keep their store and their hundreds of jobs out of Wisconsin.
I would hope the republican party and the people who live in their districts find canidates to replace these four in their next election. These four and the democratic party of Wisconsin will do anything to make Walker and republicans look bad. They will go to any length to stop the economy and jobs for Wisconsin.  

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Polaris Sleds # 1

Watching X games on ESPN and could only wish for a Polaris sled from Cozzy's in Marinette. 

It's just a wish!

Time To Stay Out Of Oshkosh

From Dad 29

"Motorists who do not adequately remove frost from windshields and side and rear windows, and those who fail to remove snow and ice from the outside of their vehicles may be stopped by Oshkosh police and could face a fine of $175.30. 'Police will not ignore these,' said officer Joe Nichols, a spokesman for the Oshkosh Police Department."Common sense would dictate, time to stay away from Oshkosh.

I know they are rebuilding HWY 41, might as well add a wall around Oshkosh to keep the flakes in and the rest of us safe.

The World and Social Networking

A good read from INTELTRENDS.

The role of social networking websites in global unrest
January 29, 2011© Inteltrends
By Steve in Wisconsin
January 29, 2011
During the anti-government protests following Iran’s 2009 election it was reported that protestors were using social networking sites, such as Twitter, to muster their forces. Iran accused Western powers of having a hand in the rebellion and coordinating these activities via the internet. The same social networks played a role in ‘color revolutions’ in Europe and elsewhere.
Allegations that Facebook, Twitter, and Google in particular, serve the interests of intelligence agencies abound; Twitter serving primarily in rapid communications of short messages and instructions.
Social networking played a role in ousting Tunisian president Zine Al Ben Ali. So much so, in fact, that Egyptian authorities quickly shut down the internet at the onset of the uprising there this week.
There's more, read on.