Saturday, December 30, 2006

" Suprise, Suprise , Suprise " Diamond Jim

Shazammmmmmmm I thought our budget was balanced!
Didn't Diamond Jim tell us it was balanced ,
what a deficit of $400.00 per person in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!

Study sees big deficit
Accounting method differs from state's
Posted: Dec. 29, 2006

Linkv to full article from MJS

Madison - The state's financial books show that Wisconsin ended
the last fiscal year with a $2.15 billion deficit, under accounting
principles that are standard for private companies, according to
a report that the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance released Friday.

The $2.15 billion deficit - nearly $400 for each of Wisconsin's 5.5
million residents - is about what the state spends to run correctional
institutions or the University of Wisconsin System over a
two-year budget.

As put by some bloggers ,

Did Jim Doyle know about this?

Was Jim Doyle not told about the deficit and should someone
get fired for it?

Did Jim Doyle know about it and just lied to the people of Wisconsin?

Can we say Barbara Lawton ???????????????????????????????

Friday, December 29, 2006

A Time for Peace 9:00 p m

Well , in less than four hours the butcher of Bagdad
will be history. I ask the libs and candy's, is this what is
the right thing to do ?
Will the exacution of Saddam Hussein be the right thing
to do for what is right for humanity?
As a Christian , may God bless his soul.

I would hope and pray that Iraq will now know that they
are now free!!!!! Do you think that the people of the great U S A
know what the people of Iraq will now understand.

May my Lord and my God forgive him for his sins!

May Iraq now know what is right and what is good for their people !

May God Bless America and May God Bless Iraq !

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford R I P

Gerald R. Ford, 93, Dies; Led in Watergate's Wake

Headline via Drudge from Washington Post
Link for the article.

Also Michelle Malkin has some great information on

Mr. Ford Link

First let me say our prayers are with the family of Mr. Ford
and may his soul rest in heaven .
Mr. Ford took our country out of one of the most tested times
of this great country . To President Ford , rest well in heaven.

Gift Cards

Wendy from Boots and Sabers has the thought for the day
about gift cards Link
The reason I like his heads up is my two boys have been
holding gift cards and I wonder if they will get their full value.
For those of you (libs and candys ) he has some advice on
how to read your gift card.

Turn the gift card over and read the tiny print on the back.
It may tell you that you have x years to use the card, and
that after that the company may decrease the value of the
card by a certain amount each month or whatever.
Please note the date and the expiration date. Figure out a

way to use the card in the next one, two, three or whatever
years. Businesses don’t do this to make your life difficult.
They do this to prevent indefinite liabilities in their books.
It is a matter of simple bookkeeping (did you know
bookkeeping is the only word in the English language with
3 sets of double letters in a row?).

In short: Read your gift card. Use your gift card.
Don’t waste your gift card.